Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 2
Washington 3
WP: Tavarez (2-4)
LP: Herrera (0-2)
S: Beimel (1)

–Any time you take two of three, it’s a positive. I’m going to keep telling myself that.

–Micah Owings wasn’t bad, though. You can’t ask for much more out of your fifth starter than five and a third, four hits, one run. I wish he hadn’t walked so many (four), which caused his pitch count to rise, but I’m not going to complain about that effort out of a fifth starter.

–**&&%#%#$&*%#@!&&(%#! TOS*

–Headline at ESPN: “Nats sneak by Reds after Phillips’ gaffe in eighth

–Here are the two guys at the top of the Reds order: .250/.302/.426 and .238/.294/.301. Pattersonesque. Is there any wonder the Reds can’t score any runs?

–Everything else was a negative. I’m too frustrated after watching this mess to enumerate all the negatives about today’s game. Let’s just forget about it, and go on to Kansas City.

–TOS* The Reds can’t score any runs, even against the worst pitching staff in baseball. Does anyone think this brand of baseball is fun to watch?

–Please hurry back, Joey Votto and Edwin Encarnacion. Please? I’m begging you.

–As Muddy Waters (and many, many others) sang so memorably: “I’m going to Kansas City. Kansas City, here I come.”

*This Offense Stinks.

22 Responses

  1. Mr. Redlegs

    You made a typo in the title. It should read Titanic Struggle Recrap.

  2. Y-City Jim

    Why do speed guys make Baker blind to reality? They are like a drug to him. WILLY TAVERAS AND JERRT HAIRSTON ARE NOT GOOD BALLPLAYERS!

    I know the options are few but bat these guys lower in the order and at least play Dickerson in CF versus RH pitching.

  3. Steve Price

    It’s not just the first two guys’ OBP:

    Hairston .302
    Taveras .294
    Phillips .347
    Gomes .389
    Hernandez .327
    Bruce .304
    Gonzalez .266
    Rosales .309

    Phillips’ OBP is okay (better than expected) and Gomes’s is high, the others are poor, if not pathetic. Hernandez’s could be better, too…not as bad as the others.

    It’s not like htis is a surprise…how many predicted this in preseason?

  4. Andy

    Ok, just want to give a quick reality check here …. About a month ago we were all calling for Dickerson to get benched against right-handers in favor of Nix. Lets face it, platooning in centerfield at this point is tantamount to re-arranging deck chairs. Dusty is playing the hand he’s been dealt by Walt who’s the real culprit in this mess.

  5. pinson343

    There sure were a lot of negatives. I saw something on the video hilites. On the ground ball to 3rd base by Guzman that scored Willingham with the Nats’ first run, Josh did not get a good jump off third, when the ball reached Hairston he was a long ways from home. But either the ball took a hop at the last second or Hairston just took his time smothering it, making an upward movement with his arms. By the time he was set to throw, it would have been a close play but still makeable.

    Anyway I honestly don’t know whether that was such a bad play but in any case though I like him as a sub, JHJ is not an everyday player. Then again, Rosales isn’t any better at third. I don’t even want to discuss the Taveras situation.

    Our lack of depth for position players has been exposed. After this series our bullpen does not seem as deep as before, of course there’s an obvious move there (send Lincoln to AAA, he’d pass waivers) but it’s not going to happen soon.

  6. AnnapolisRed

    1. Dreadful loss today.
    2. If Massett was available to come in with the bases loaded he should have started the inning. Herrera should have pitched the sixth and seventh, Massett the eighth and either Massett or Weathers or Rhodes in the ninth.
    3. Terrible decision by Phillips to try for the double play at first, he had no chance, but Rosales did a horrible job at first as well. Instead of coming off the base and knocking it down he came sprinting off the base trying to catch it on the fly.
    4. Something needs to be done with this offense. Call up, trade, I don’t care what but something has to happen. I can’t take it anymore.

  7. Kurt Frost

    I hope you aren’t expecting Baker to change the lineup. I seem to remember Patterson batting leadoff until his obp went all the way down to the .190’s.

  8. JerBear

    Phillips is right…they shouldh ave lost all 3 games. I’m not sure this teams is going to be in the race come July 30th with this offense. They have great pitching, and there’s a big part of me that thinks they need to go for it this year. You may not have this quality of pitching again next year or in two years.

    Hairston Jr. and Taveras aren’t everyday big league players and they are at the top of your order. Even if Votto comes back, you don’t have guys getting on base in front of him.

    I’d like to see Christian Guzman on the Reds. I think they may help the leadoff situation quite a bit. I can understand if the Reds don’t make any moves before middle July, but I think they could really help themselves by trading for a guy like Derosa.

    One final note…I was driving around Wednesday night and turned the game on the Radio in the 8th inning. Marty Brennamen announcing who I think is one of the greatest announcers of all time. But there is a pitching change and as they go to break Marty doesn’t announce the score…They come back from break and Marty doesn’t announce the score for like the first 30 seconds upon returning from break. I get frustrated and walk into Meijer’s because I’m kinda in a hurry…so I still don’t know the score.

    I get back and they are starting the banana phone because it’s starting to rain (when the Reds were up 2-0 in the ninth) As Brennamen is introducing the banana phone he doesn’t mention the score!!!?

    Now I’m not one of those dumb fans who is going to send Marty an email berating him for not telling the score…but I think Marty is slipping a bit. I was tempted to send them a friendly emai, but in the end I was like that’s not worth the time to bother them! I still love his play by play, but for a great broadcaster to not give the most important piece of info about the game…I just wonder where his head is.

    It’s something I’ve noticed before as well I think particularly when there is a pitching change. He’ll just announce that their is pitching change and we’ll back after these announcements. If you’re tuning in not knowing what’s going on it’s sort of frustrating…

    Anyway, just venting….Hopefully Marty will start telling the score!!

  9. Chris Garber

    I had EXACTLY the same experience tonight, JerBear. Freakin’ Marty went 10+ minutes, a pitching change, and an inning turn w/o giving the score. I was practically screaming in the car, and had to check the g/d score on the Blackberry going 70 mph down the freeway.

  10. JerBear

    Chris I wonder if someone has brought this up to Marty. You can be the best announcer in the world but if you don’t tell the score your announcing is useless.

    I’ve been noticing though more recently that he has been leaving out some valuable info when announcing the game. I can kind of understand that within the play-by-play, but when it comes to just not announcing the score, I wonder if his focus is a little gone.

    I guess a little part of it is that Marty and Thom are so critical of the players at times maybe they need to be called out a bit on their own profession. I haven’t listened to the two of them together a whole lot, but they are by far the most critical announcers I’ve heard in the big leagues together. Unfortunately, I think Thom has learned from his dad and taken it to the next level with the negativitiy.

    One thing to have a critical Marty, but the two of them together sometimes…I don’t think they realize how ridiculous they sound at times.

  11. Y-City Jim

    They need to team Marty and George in hopes that they react like matter and antimatter and annihilate each other.

  12. brublejr

    The next couple of weeks will be an indicator where this season is going to head. The only team they are playing with a winning record is Toronto. If they don’t win 12-14 of the next 18 games…they are going to be in trouble. (@KC, ATL, CWS, @TOR, @CLE, ARI) Next month brings many tough series, and without the big guys in the lineup there is no way to compete. Quick look at July: After ARI which starts in June the next 20 games are against all teams over .500. (STL, @PHI, @NYM, Mil, @LAD, @CHC)

    I find it hard to believe that they will be in contention without a run the rest of this month…Some moves are in order to keep this team afloat.

  13. GregD

    I think the past couple of weeks has been an indicator of where this season is going.

    – 3-7 vs. Mil, StL, and ChC while scoring very few runs
    – scoring 9 runs in 3 games against Was, who was allowing 6 runs per game prior to this series

    Who’s going to DH when they play AL teams on the road?

  14. GregD

    I caught the beginning of the game on the radio last night. Marty hates Micah Owings worse than Thom. His descriptions of the game are still solid, but his tone with respect to certain players is downright acidic.

    Maybe, MAYBE it’s justified if Owings was expected to be the team’s ace, and instead he was pulling a Josh Fogg this season. However, he is the #5 starter w/ a 4.64 ERA who still needs to cut down on his walks.

  15. brublejr

    You’re right Greg, they are over critical of Owings…I think Marty is a little jaded by the poor pitching for the past so many years. Does he have control problems, yes…has he been a servicable 5th starter, hell yes. I’ll take him over most mid-rotation guys of the past 10 years.

  16. Sultan of Swaff

    “Does anyone think this brand of baseball is fun to watch?”
    Do you want to be entertained or do you want to win? Do you want another bat or do you want to keep the farm system stocked?
    I for one don’t care what the aesthetics are so long as we’re winning. Aside from yesterday, it’s a great feeling to know your pitching gives your team a better chance to win most days than the other guys. We just gotta hang in there until we get healthy.

  17. Sultan of Swaff

    And it’s not who you play it’s when you play them. If we have Votto and EdE back, I like our chances against any of those >.500 teams next month.

  18. David

    The question is, when will Votto and EdE return. It is hard to say. EdE had a setback and won’t bat for a few days. Nobody knows what’s going on with Votto, except that it is stress related. I don’t want to speculate on what is ailing Joey, but most stress related problems i.e. panic/anxiety disorder, personality disorder, clinical depression, etc. aren’t resolved quickly, and medication does not affectively treat most personality disorders.

    To stay in contention the Reds MUST make a move – or two – and most importantly, the Reds need to throw the first punch in the fight.

    I think that comes by way of Dye/Holliday/etc.

    Shortstop should not be a position the Reds look to upgrade – sorry folks. Gonzalez’s UZR/150 is 3rd in the NL behind JJ Hardy and Jimmy Rollins. Paul Janish’s UZR/150 is a touch below Jimmy Rollins. The two make a formidable defensive pairing and are suitable hitting 8th. Not every SS has to have HanRam’s offense.

  19. Matt WI

    I just don’t feel there is anyway the Reds could win 12 of the next 18 unless Votto and Edwin are back. That would be amazing. I think 10 of 18 is more realistic, and it keeps them over .500. But I think I agree with Greg (#13)… this is probably what one can usually expect out of this team on offense, which isn’t that surprising to us except for that small run in May when they were actually scoring 5 and 6 runs a pop.

  20. GregD

    The Reds have a 5-man rotation, under control or under contract for at least the next two years.

    They have Bailey, Maloney, Ramirez, Lecure in AAA. (and Thompson on the DL.)
    They have Wood, Smith & Stewart pitching well in AA.
    2-3 good starters in each of their A-ball teams.
    Both their first round picks & 3rd round pick were pitchers.

    You’ve got to “cash in” some of those chips for help at the major league level, right?

  21. West Coast fan

    The games where Rosales starts at first are enough to make me turn the game off right away. He’s hard enough to watch at third not to mention when he comes up to bat. I have lost confidence in him. Brandon probably shouldn’t have tried for a double play but AR’s attempt at making the play was painful to watch. Can someone else relieve Hernandez at first?

    Marty being so critical of Owings is crazy talk. There is no reason why the Reds shouldn’t have won that game yesterday.

  22. Dallas

    It seems like the mentality of a lot of people on this board is to be as negative as humanly possible. That way if the Reds crash and burn later, they can be the first to say “I TOLD YOU SO!”

    As of today the Reds are three games over .500. This time last year they were three games under .500. That’s improvement, and it’s a shame that so many of you will ignore progress in order to be as stubbornly negative as possible.