An old friend* once said, “I’m glad we are here together in our nation’s capital”. He was onto something. Is there anything more fun than going on the road to play the Nationals?

That’s all I have to say about that.

Aaron Harang takes the hill tonight, while Washington will counter with Shairon Martis (I have been assured that Shairon is not, in fact, a woman). If the offense continues trending downward, we’re going to need Harang to come through with a standout performance tonight. Johnny Cueto showed us last night that it’s possible to shut down the magnificent National offense. Hopefully, Harang can do the same tonight.

Here’s the B-R preview. Discuss the game here!

*He also said, “cause I was a gazillionaire, and I liked doin it so much, I cut that grass for free.” I don’t know what that has to do with the Nationals, but here we are.

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  1. GregD

    Sutton has been on the DL a couple of times that the Reds have need a call-up. He’s been playing the past week+ now…should he get a callup in place of ?Rosales?

    He’s only played 25 games this season, 5 with the Houston organization before the trade. 275/404/513 avg/obp/slg

    Last season he hit 317/408/523 in 133 AA games.

  2. GregD

    Willy Taveras batting 2nd??
    3 RHB in a row leading off the game.

    Jerry Hairston Jr. 3b
    Willy Taveras cf
    Brandon Phillips 2b
    Laynce Nix lf
    Ramon Hernandez 1b
    Jay Bruce rf
    Alex Gonzalez ss
    Ryan Hanigan c
    Aaron Harang p

  3. GregD

    Chad – you were right (so far) in one of your earlier podcasts – Dickerson is playing better than Taveras offensively & defensively this season.

  4. GregD

    Taveras vs. Dickerson


    In April 262/351 (avg/obp) & 689ops
    In May 269/307 (avg/obp) & 640ops (average went up, walk rate way down, K-rate way up)
    In June: 0-for-11, 0bb, w/0 sb & 1 cs
    2009 Total: 250/307 & 622ops


    In April 205/321 (avg/obp) & 662ops
    In May 271/417 (avg/obp) & 813ops
    In June 269/387 (avg/obp) & 733ops
    2009 Total: 246/375 & 739ops

  5. RiverCity Redleg

    I’m surprised Gomes isn’t getting any starts at first.

  6. RiverCity Redleg

    Why does Hannigan always bat 8th? He’s the only player hitting over .300, yet he always bats in front of the pitcher. Why?

  7. GRF

    He is the catcher River, catchers bat 8th. 🙂

    Confess I do not know if Shairon(?) is a lefty or a righty, which might explain Dickerson sitting, but then Nix is playing so I would guess RHP. To me the bigger concern is that Taveras still does not look right. Wish they would have dh’d him, let him get healthy and then see if he could recapture at least the April form when he was somewhat useful.

  8. mhopp

    I’ve been asking that myself River…just more silly Dusty mentality…more to come X(

  9. Kyle

    It is quiet in here. Really need Harang to pull out a win tonight. I’m still upset about that Cubs game, we could be trying to go back to 6 over if we’d won that.

  10. Kyle

    Congratulations to the Virginia fans. I heard their play by play guy interviewed on a local radio and really liked him a lot. Evidently the Virginia coach got his start as an assistant for Maineri (LSU’s coach) and the two are pretty close. I like Virginia and all, but I hope they have to advance out of the loser’s bracket after Saturday.

  11. Kyle

    An over the hill Ronnie Belliard just feels right on the Nats.

  12. Matt B.

    Willy – you don’t need to try to one-up Dickerson on every play.

  13. renbutler

    Terrible effort by Taveras. Trying out-Dickerson his teammate…

  14. doug

    Willy Taveras has to go.

    Still, its nice to have had a long day doing draft coverage and then to be able to sit down and watch the Reds. Last night was crazy because the draft was going on while the game was on and I was doing coverage for two different sites.

  15. renbutler

    Hmmmm. Matt and I are apparently on the same wavelength…

  16. Ramrod

    I’d love to be negative about Taveras, or the lack of Joey Votto in the lineup. But you know what, we’re 2.5 out of first place! Obviously we’re always sticklers, but I’m just happy to be able to watch a WINNING team for once. Let’s have fun!

    I also hope that homerun was the turning point for our boy Jay Bruce!

  17. mdccclxix

    Bruce is pulling pitchers back into the strike zone. + he’s batting 6th.

  18. mike

    Re: The Reds 1-2 hitters
    also interesting Kurt is that only 1 player on the Reds roster has a worse OBP than those two. Gonzo

    Hanigan, Dickerson, Gomes, and Janish have much higher OBP, 3 of those aren’t in the lineup and Hanigan is at the bottom of the order

  19. mhopp

    mike: I can’t help but wonder if Dusty really puts winning first? I mean is he more worried about what he promised someone or whether everyone gets an equal chance based on his opinion? What you said about the OBP of the 3 players on the bench and Hanigan is exactly why Dusty Baker sucks…let’s be honest, he sucks. I’m glad they’re better than last year and I know there are players missing but Dusty’s handling of the line up is inexcusable :poke:

    Great play by Harriston ❗

  20. mhopp

    I just looked and Hanigan has a .400 OBP and is followed by the pitcher and Harriston and Will T….both of which have a poor BA with RISP :-((

  21. Y-City Jim

    If I am not mistaken, the two worst Reds’ OBP are the top two in the order.

  22. mhopp

    I think Dusty sees everything upside down…perhaps he’s using some kind of reverse psychology on opponents…Dunn picked off by Hanigan!

  23. Y-City Jim

    Dunn relives the tradition of great Cincinnati base running.

  24. mhopp

    Hopefully Bruce is getting better…amazing what a day off can do…should have done it earlier

  25. BigRedMike

    Yeah, but, Taveras is fast, so he needs to be at the top of the lineup. Hairston is Hairston, Dusty’s boy, who cares if he can actually get on base.

    The thing is, I am not sure who would be good at the top of the order with this lineup. Dickerson should be playing every day, but, Taveras will play there no matter what.

  26. mhopp

    another reason not to have a .300 hitter batting in front of the pitcher…he just got wasted by being put on base!

  27. mhopp

    Hanigan with .400 OBP batting 8th…that needs to be addressed with Dusty, especially given the fact this team has trouble scoring!

  28. mike

    I gets better
    Taveras hasn’t gotten on base since May 27th and is 0 for 18 in that stretch
    and since May 15th (almost a month) his #s are so bad makes McDonald look good
    a .152 OBP and a .278 OPS in 67 plate appearances (not including todays 0 for 3)

    if he bats anywhere it’s 8th or 9th and that’s only if there is a need to put him in the lineup at all

    Hairston’s June #s aren’t much better. .242 OBP/.415 OPS also not including todays 0 for 3

  29. mike

    the thing about Hanigan is that while he might not end up being a very productive hitter he’s shown he can get on base at EVERY level. He’s patient, hits singles and draws BB.

  30. Y-City Jim

    Mother Nature is wreaking some of her own HAVOC. She could teach Dusty and the Reds a thing or two.

  31. mhopp

    well mike, Dusty obviously has a different opinion of the line up and baseball altogether. I really need to email Jon Fay or someone about this. It’s pathetic

  32. Y-City Jim

    mhopp, just try and text a message during Reds Live like “Free Dickerson” or something.

  33. BigRedMike

    I did not realize Taveras has been that BAD, that is putrid. If the Reds could get a couple additional bats and get Votto back, the Reds could win the division with the good to great pitching.

    Harang is looking good tonight. Efficient.

  34. REDS1

    Willy T. is just horrible right now. Man, you guys are really in love with Ryan Hanigan. His numbers will come back down to earth really soon. He just doesn’t have enough AB’s yet.

  35. mhopp

    Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis winning… :-(( :poke: :emotion: ❗

  36. mhopp

    Harang at 105 pitches vs top of the line up?

  37. REDS1

    Hopefully he is on a short leash. Anybody in the pen? No tv tonigt

  38. mhopp

    We know they’ll come back down, that’s why he should be batting higher in the line up…by the time they come back down Votto and/or EE should be back.

  39. REDS1

    Hopefully he is on a short leash. Anybody in the pen? No tv tonight.

  40. mhopp

    I can’t see anyone in the pen, I doubt it.

  41. Y-City Jim

    Hanigan’s MLB numbers are pretty much in line with his MiLB numbers. The question will be how he will hold up under the fatigue of catching a full MLB season. Of course, if Votto comes back, Dusty won’t hesitate to send Hanigan back to the bench regardless of his numbers.

  42. REDS1

    As Dusty’s agent, who trolls Reds blogs in search of opposition to crush, I continue to maintain Dusty is doing one heck of a job. I believe he is looking for his 4th Manager of the Year Award.

  43. mhopp

    I didn’t realize that R. Zimm was still only 24 and this is like his 4th full season.

  44. Chad Dotson

    And Zimmerman is a University of Virginia guy, like me.

    Here comes Dusty, that’s all for Harang. Rhodes against D***?

  45. REDS1

    Nick Johnson has an actor look-alike: Vincent D’Onofrio, Vince Vaughn’s chunky, hard-working brother in The Breakup. Google him.

  46. mhopp

    I think the team is doing okay considering the injuries but luck sure has gone their way. Dusty deserves some credit but I’m not sure about mgr of the year…Cardinals have done good with key injuries.

    Tying run on…is it Stormy?

  47. REDS1

    I would expect minor league numbers to run ahead of major league ones. At least for a few years. Wouldn’t you?

  48. mhopp

    Whew it’s Rhodes…good Dusty (write that compliment down everyone!!)

  49. mhopp

    Dunn is cussing quite a bit tonight…he’s frustrated for sure, great job by Rhodes again!

  50. Y-City Jim

    A lot of managers would be contending for NL Manager of the Year if they had the Reds’ quality pitching. This offense would continue to stink no matter what but playing a clown like Taveras over Dickerson after Dickerson’s performance last week is just blatantly stupid. At the very least, platoon them.

  51. Y-City Jim

    Is that the caddy from Happy Gilmore pitching for the Nationals?

  52. mhopp

    Notice Beimel’s tattoo’s are not on pitching arm, owners probably wouldn’t like that considering the minor risk of damage to a $mil arm…not that he’s that great but he’s had some good years.

  53. Y-City Jim

    I would expect minor league numbers to run ahead of major league ones. At least for a few years. Wouldn’t you?

    Search several players in Baseball Reference and compare their MLB and MiLB numbers. MiLB numbers prove to be a good indicator of MLB performance.

  54. mhopp

    Reds had 6 base runners tonight…2 Hanigan, 2 Bruce, 1 Gonzolez, and 1 Nix for being hit.

    Of those only 1 was in the top 5 in the line up, Nix after being hit…there’s something wrong with that and this isn’t the first time it’s happened

  55. REDS1

    Fair enough Y-City. However, 95 AB on the season is not large enough sample yet.

    I will take anyone who can hit!

  56. Chad Dotson

    The question is, “What do you give up for DeRosa?” I wouldn’t give up much. EE will be back eventually. No need to give up someone who might contribute over the next two or three years, just to get a couple extra wins this year.

  57. Mark in CC

    Willingham would be a nice pick-up, plus he could be thurd catcher.

  58. Y-City Jim

    Who is LF has drug the average down?

    DeRosa isn’t necessarily tearing things up though the RBI total looks nice.

  59. REDS1

    Bruce and Gonzalez haven’t been hitting worth a nickel. In a lineup full of subpar hitters not all of the .220 hitters can hit at the bottom.

  60. Kurt Frost

    ‘DeRosa isn’t necessarily tearing things up though the RBI total looks nice.’

    It won’t look so nice if he comes to Cincinnati and no one is getting on base in front of him.

  61. mhopp

    Brian: Would Dusty play DeRosa if he came to the Reds? The Reds have a decent Lefty CF that could platoon but it’s not happening. Another 3B would be nice…With a chipped bone, I don’t think EE will be 100% until about late July or even August…a bone chip that is healing with just a cast can be slower to heal than if they would have done minor surgery.

  62. mhopp

    If the Reds were looking for LHP’s why did they only get 1 so far?

  63. Y-City Jim

    DeRosa splits (RH/LH) are pretty drastic. Derosa’s numbers with RISP are much higher than his season numbers. You know that isn’t going to continue.

  64. REDS1

    I don’t have TV. Has anyone said how long this delay might be.

  65. Y-City Jim

    Did the fans go home when the delay hit? I see less than a hundred in the stands.

  66. Y-City Jim

    I tried looking at the DC radar but couldn’t tell where the ballpark was in relation to the rain.

  67. Kurt Frost

    “I don’t have TV. Has anyone said how long this delay might be.”

    A couple of hours.

  68. Matt Steele

    doesn’t look good on radar

    (The stadium is in the South/Southeastern part of DC near the Anacostia River at the Navy Yard)

    They might have to suspend this and play it before tomorrow’s game

  69. Y-City Jim

    Why can’t they just call it a game?

  70. Y-City Jim

    FSOH should show Law and Order during rain delays.

  71. Y-City Jim

    Boston in position to beat the Yankees yet again.

  72. mhopp

    St. Louis stomping Fla 13-4 :poke:
    Colorado beating Milwaukee 3-2 😀
    Chicago tie 1-1 with Houston 😐
    Not even any AA or AAA games to follow 🙁

  73. Glenn

    Is that the rule, once you start an inning it has to be finished?

  74. mhopp

    Astros win in bottom of the 9th Cubs lose!

  75. jdarts84

    Brewers are losing again as well. Has anyone gotten word on whether they’re gonna finish the game tonight or tomorrow?

  76. RiverCity Redleg

    Any Cubs loss is a good night!

  77. RiverCity Redleg

    They just cut back to the ballpark on FSOH and the tarp was still on the field, then cut right back to showing highights of other gmes. Doesn’t look good.

  78. rusty

    looked at the radar looks like it should stop around 1130 id say depending on how the feel is somewhere between a 12 and 1215 start time

  79. Kurt Frost

    “Is that the rule, once you start an inning it has to be finished?”

    Once an inning has started the home team has to bat, unless they are winning.

  80. GRF

    Looking at that SI article, the combined numbers for LF and 3B really are terrifying. If we could get league average production from those positions, it could make a huge difference.

    Derosa is not a great player, but he produced last year and he is not on a great offensive team in Cincinnati. Plus he will not tie up any long term money. If you can get him cheap (Indians are looking for starting pitching, how much of a prospect is unclear) he would not be a bad rental if EE is going to be out 6-8 more weeks,

  81. GregD

    BS #1.

    That was a pretty long delay. Why not go to another reliever in that situation?

  82. mike

    if the Reds lose it’s all on Dusty

    who throws their pitcher back out there after a 1+ hour delay?

  83. mike

    I think this proves it. Dusty DOES NOT manage to win
    He manages to keep players happy

  84. Kurt Frost

    they would probably be better off losing right here since they play again in 16 hours.

  85. mike

    a few people have asked about people in the stands
    they just panned over most of the stadium (they didn’t get RF but everything else)

    I saw about 15 people (not kidding)

  86. REDS1

    That was Cordero’s first blown save correct?

    3 stinkin hits against these guys. I truly believe our hitting gets worse on a daily basis.

  87. mike

    Kurt I agree Taveras seemed to not be really paying attention to that fly ball and nearly missed it. Odd.

  88. mike

    I turned on the sound for this game (because it was the Washington TV broadcast) and was surprised to hear Dibble doing color

  89. REDS1

    Who is going to pitch next for the Reds?

  90. renbutler

    This is the type of game that pretty much sums up the last ten years of Reds baseball.

  91. REDS1

    While the ushers are checking tickets they should check those of the guys wearing Reds uniforms because their hitting does not resemble that of major league players.

  92. REDS1

    Wouldn’t the score more represent a 10-8 loss if it represented the last 10 years of Reds baseball.

  93. pinson343

    Too bad Masset wasn’t brought in to close it out, after the rain delay.

  94. Y-City Jim

    Anyone know where to check on the value of Reds memorabilia from the 1970’s?

  95. mike

    listening to Dibble is somewhat surreal.

    He just admitted he was a Dead Head to the guy calling the game for Washington who I guess was a 70s Bay Area DJ.
    Then he went on to make comments on online poker playing and the government

    They finally showed the right side of the stands and there are about 20 people behind the dugout. There are 3(!!!) people behind home plate

  96. renbutler

    BTW, we need a new thread called “Day Two: Reds at Natinals.”

  97. southroadredsfan

    We need the bats here!!!!

  98. pinson343

    Masset is nasty. Dusty is an idiot. We should all be asleep after a 2-0 win.

  99. mike

    only 42 times in the last 50 years have the Reds gone extra innings have this few base runners

    The last time September last year vs Arizona. The Reds won a 2-1 game in 10 innings with only 6 base runners

  100. mike

    Pinson I agree 100%

    Masset has been great this season but also been on a roll
    so instead after a 2 hour delay he brings his closer back in the game….ugh

    it’s only 9:30 for me so I’d be watching the ends of the As and Giants game…not asleep after a 2-0 win 🙂

  101. mike

    and more on Masset

    Since April 28th Masset has not allowed a run!
    In that time he’s 2-0 with a 0.00 ERA, striking out 14 in 13 1/3 IP allowing only 9 base runners (5 on BB). Hitters have a .311 OPS against him during that stretch

  102. Matt B.

    I was just about to climb into bed thinking this game was either over or called because of rain when I heard that it was still going on.

    And I promptly get out of bed to see the Reds go ahead 3-2! GOMES!

  103. mike

    I hate extra innings on the road.

    even if the Reds score….Dusty will probably throw Lincoln out there to “shut them down”

  104. mike

    Matt B…..I’m watching it on TV and saw your post before it happened!!?!??!

  105. Slattspub

    Thank God Gomes came through. At one point do we start strictly running the squeeze play every time we have a runner on third with less than two outs?

  106. renbutler

    Even when Hairston does something right, he manages to screw it up.

    Let’s close this out now!

  107. Matt B.

    Haha, sorry if I spoiled it for you, Mike. Are you watching on FSN-Ohio, too? I don’t know why I would be ahead of you.

    It looked like the tag on Hairston at 2nd was a phantom tag, but whatever.

    It’s too bad Chad isn’t around to see his buddy Stormy go for his first save of the year.

  108. Kyle

    It says on ESPN game tracker ‘Hairston out stretching at second’? Did he get thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double? Also, why did Gonzales not go to 2nd on the passed ball or Bruce score on the double play? I’m just glad I saw it was 3-2 before realizing the double play happened.

  109. pinson343

    Matt B, I saw your post even before GameDay regsitered Hanigan’s DP.

    I’m glad, becasue that DP would have given me heart failure. How did that happen without Bruce scoring ?

  110. Kyle

    Why? He is 0-5. Lob the ball over the plate before you walk him.

  111. renbutler

    The Reds should hire that dork in the stands as the new mascot. Something very endearing about him!

  112. renbutler

    To answer the questions about the double play, it was a 4-3-6-4-6 double play, and Bruce barely led off third the whole time.

  113. pinson343

    Whew ! I thought Zimmerman was going to get on, and then Dunn would hit a 3 run homer.

  114. Matt B.

    Pinson – The second basemen threw to first quickly to get Hanigan out, and then Gonzalez was caught in a run-down between first and second. Bruce had an opportunity to make it home (possibly), but overall, it was just a combination of bad luck and bad baserunning (e.g. I get out of bed just for this crap…). I was about to post to complain about the baserunning play when Gomes came up big.

    At least the Reds won, and I hope they aren’t too tired to break out the brooms tomorrow.

  115. Matt B.

    I was about to post to complain about the baserunning play when Gomes came up big (e.g. I get out of bed just for this crap…).

    Apparently it’s so late that I can’t see what line I’m clicking. Bad sign.

  116. mike

    Not watching it on FSN-Ohio. I live in San Francisco, CA and have the cable MLB package so was watching the Washington tv broadcast which I guess is FSN-Washington(?)

    Weathers was wild and made it interesting by walking a guy but the Reds get this one despite Dusty

    and Pinson it was a crazy play that Bruce didn’t score on. They got the runner in a run-down between 1st and 2nd and Bruce did the right thing. They checked Bruce during the entire run-down.

  117. pinson343

    Walking Nick Johnson was really dumb of Weathers.
    A walk was as bad as allowing a HR in that situation,so grooving one right down the middle is better than ball 4.
    Either way Zimmerman was up as the tying run, exactly what we didn’t want.

  118. pinson343

    OK, thanks Mike. Bruce makes baserunning mistakes sometimes and I wanted to know that.

  119. pinson343

    Thanks to you too Matt B. Get some sleep.

  120. pinson343

    Well as they say a win is a win but mostly these last 2 games have shown that the Nats always find a way to lose.

  121. pinson343

    I’m going to complain more about our manager after the recap is posted.

  122. mike

    the last time the Reds won an extra inning game with this few base runners was 2004!

    9/30/2004 the Reds beat the Cubs 2-1 (Prior struck out 16) and the Reds had 8 base runners.
    In the 12th, Dunn singled, stole 2B, Kearns struck out, Bragg ground out but Dunn moved to 3B and Valintin doubled in Dunn

    Tonight, Bruce walked, Gonzo was safe on Villone’s (ex-Red) error, Bruce went to 3rd on a passed ball, Hanigan hit into a DP and Gomes doubled

    Harang was the starter in both games for the Reds
    In the two games he combined to pitch 14 2/3 allowing 1 run and got two no decisions

  123. pinson343

    Mike I remember that game. It was one of 3 wins in a row by the Reds over the Cubs, and knocked the Cubs out of contention for the wild card.

    The one run we scored off Prior was on a HR by Austin Kearns (in the 8th inning ?)

    Javy had a lot of game winning hits for us, I miss the LLM.

  124. mike

    I should also add about Javy that he’s one of the great Reds pinch hitters of all-time

    Here are the Reds with the most games with a pinch hit (not pinch hits, GAMES with a PH)

    Jerry Lynch 77
    Lenny Harris 65
    Dave Collins 57
    Tony Perez 44
    Hal Morris 44
    Gordy Coleman 43
    Javier Valentin 42
    Bob Thurman 41
    Jeff Branson 40

  125. pinson343

    Lynch was great, a key factor in our winning the pennant in 1961. As for Javy, I’d love to know how many game winning PHs he had.

    Then there was Art Shamsky. To quote Wikipedia:
    Shamsky tied a major league record by homering in 4 consecutive at bats for the Reds on August 12 and 14 of 1966. Perhaps most remarkable, the first three home runs were hit in a game in which he was inserted in the ninth inning, as a pinch hitter. He homered in that appearance and remained in the game to hit home runs in his next two extra-inning at bats, extending the game each time. The feat made Shamsky the first player in Reds history to hit two extra-inning home runs in one game. He is also the only player in Major League history to hit three home runs in a game who was not in the starting lineup when the game began. The fourth home run was hit as a pinch hitter in the next game.

    BTW the Reds lost the xtra inning game that he extended twice with HRs.

  126. Kurt Frost

    I can’t believe Chad didn’t stay up and post the recap…the game was so short and exciting! 😀

  127. AnnapolisRed

    Hanigan is also 3-20 with RISP.

  128. AnnapolisRed

    Bringing Cordero back in was just stupid. Who does that?

    Bruce is terrible on the bases. He didn’t tag up when Gonzo hit the long drive to center either in the (can’t remembe what inning). Should have been on third with two outs.