Interesting first day of the 2009 MLB Draft. Here’s a recap of what the Reds accomplished yesterday:

Round 1: Mike Leake, RHP, Arizona State University scouting report:

As a six-foot righty, people may want to overlook Leake as a big-time pitching prospect, but they might be missing the boat. He can throw four pitches for strikes and his poise is off the charts. He may not be that big, but he’s athletic, strong and durable with an extremely efficient delivery. He’s done nothing but perform with the Sun Devils and whoever looks past his size could have themselves a steal.

–I’m very satisfied with this pick.
ESPN scouting report.
–Cincinnati’s press release on Leake.
Leake has a blog.
Doug Gray’s thoughts.
–Reds scouting director Chris Buckley on Leake.
Some quotes from Leake’s conference call with reporters.
–Justin has some thoughts.
–Apparently, there is no truth to the rumor that he is Kelly Leak‘s son.


Round 1 (supplemental): Brad Boxberger, RHP, University of Southern California scouting report:

Boxberger definitely improved his Draft status with his first several starts. While many had seen him as a reliever in the future, he’s emerged as a legitimate starting prospect with his performance. The key has been his ability to maintain his velocity deep into his starts, something he hadn’t done in the past. And while his command is still a little inconsistent, it’s better than it has been. Combine that with a full repertoire of pitches and if Boxberger keeps it up, he’ll seriously enter the first-round conversation

ESPN scouting report.
–At first, I thought the Reds had drafted this guy. It woulda been a lot cooler if they did.
Doug’s thoughts.


Round 2: Billy Hamilton, SS, Taylorsville HS (Mississippi) scouting report:

Hamilton is the quintessential high-risk, high-reward athlete at this level who is sure to interest many in June. A three-sport star in Mississippi, he’s got all sorts of tools, though his hitting approach is a bit crude and he’s got some holes in his swing. But the bat speed, strength and running speed would make any scout at least intrigued, especially if you think he can stay at shortstop. Someone will take a chance on that — and that they can sign him away from his football commitment to Mississippi State on Draft day.

Doug’s thoughts.


Round 3: Don Joseph, LHP, University of Houston
Doug’s thoughts.

6 Responses

  1. RiverCity Redleg

    The last relief pitcher we took out of the University of Houston didn’t work out so well for us. Oh well, hopefully that means we’re due.

  2. per14

    Stockpiling college pitchers has always been my strategy for the draft. I know little about these particular pitchers, but I’m happy to see the Reds going that route.

  3. GRF

    The comparisons between Leake and Hudson certainly are encouraging.

    That having been said it is so difficult to evaluate the MLB draft, and in particular all the signability issues that go with it. Just glad they seem to be generally committed to building the staff.

  4. GregD

    That having been said it is so difficult to evaluate the MLB draft

    I don’t think the MLB draft will ever get the hype or primetime attention of the other drafts just because of this. Even most fanatics don’t know who most of these draftees are, and the best picks won’t likely be in the majors until 2011.

    Compare to the NFL draft, where every Saturday is a national day of watching the college football, and the players drafted from those teams typically play their first year, and many from the earliest rounds can be starters.

  5. GRF

    Agree Greg, they are trying to make it more user friendly, but most of us have never seen these guys play and the gap between the draft and when the players actually will produce makes it hard to get too excited (compared to the 1st round guy in the NFL who could be the starting RB next season, or Antoine Smith who could be the starting RT or largest employee at Old Country Buffet).

    Disappointed to see BA put us as one of three teams in the “convince us” category, but even they really like Leake.