Johnny Cueto and the Reds take on A*** D*** and the Natinals tonight in my old stomping grounds, Washington D.C. After this series, the Reds will go to Kansas City and, frankly, if the Reds don’t emerge with a 4-2 record against these also-rans, it might tell us something.

Or not. Who cares? I’m going to watch the Reds and cheer for them anyway. I’m a sucker.

Here’s the Baseball Reference game preview. Discuss the game here!

UPDATE: The Reds have selected Mike Leake, a RHP from Arizona State University, with their first pick in the 2009 MLB Draft. Initial impression: strong selection for the Reds. I’m a fan of Leake.

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  1. preach

    I haven’t seen who the rotation is when we face the Royals, but that is not a lay down series depending on who we draw. The staff is pretty good. If Soria was healthy they would have a pretty decent staff.

  2. preach

    Oh, what I meant to add was that you know how we tend to play to the level of our competition (San Diego anyone?)

  3. Chad Dotson

    My initial impression: I’m pretty happy with the selection of Leake.

    He’s a college guy, so less risk, and he reminds me of Roy Oswalt and/or Tim Hudson.

  4. Chad Dotson

    What I like about this pick is that it speaks volumes about the Reds drafting philosophy. Leake is “only” 6’0″, and pitchers of that size have been overlooked forever.

    This shows the Reds are thinking outside the box, and this guy has the goods to be a real pitcher someday.

  5. Mark in CC

    Might have another Micah Owings bat

  6. mhopp

    Look who’s pitching tonight and he’s only 5’10” and possibly not quite that tall…pretty good for being a “small guy”…then you have Bailey.

    Confidence and mental ability has a lot to do with the rise of a player to the big show…good choice for Reds. I wanted Alex White but only because he’s from where I lived in Greenville, NC

  7. pinson343

    The Nationals lousy record won’t help us, they might give us trouble. They have a good offense, and who knows how we’ll do against their young pitchers.

  8. Singer

    I like that he is listed as a plus, plus poise guy and has a plus changeup. It seems that the changeup is finally making its importance stick in the organization.

  9. Matt B.

    There are many things I like about Leake. First, in 2006, he was drafted in the 7th round by the A’s, who, of course, have a great track record with respect to pitchers. Second, Leake’s not a guy that relies on overpowering stuff and scouting reports indicate there’s a low risk for potential injury. I especially like the comparison to Tim Hudson (sans the injuries). Also, the fact that he’s in college should allow for a smoother transition to minor league baseball.

    Overall, Leake may not be a guy with incredible, overpowering stuff, but he clearly has the stuff and the control to pitch at the major league level. It sounds like the Reds made a well-researched, low-risk pick. Even if he doesn’t turn into an ace or number two starter, it undoubtedly sounds like he can contribute positively on the major-league level.

  10. Mark in CC

    Another reason Jocketty wanted him is he can play center when Dusty boggles the roster in an extra inning game.

  11. Mark in CC

    Griffey just hit #600 again on FOX

  12. mhopp

    Are they going to be able to get this game in?

  13. Mark in CC

    My radar shows the rain moving out and nothing behind it.

  14. pinson343

    GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS from Fay’s notes. You’ve probably already seen this, but anyway:
    “Joey Votto worked out Monday and again today in Cincinnati. Votto, who is eligible to come off the DL Sunday, could begin a rehab assignment at any time.” But Dusty still would not put even an approximate timetable on his return.

    “ENCARNACION UPDATE: An MRI on Edwin Encarnacion wrist confirmed that he had a setback. “He’s not going to out on a rehab,” Baker said. “He’s going to take some more treatment.
    That hand is tough thing
    … He won’t hit for a few days.”

  15. pinson343

    Some amusing statements from Adam Dunn also in Fay’s notes. He refused to respond to BP’s dig at his defense. Said that BP ought to move on, that he (Dunn)is not with the Reds anymore.

    Dunn’s in a 3 for 38 slump.
    Wonder if he breaks out of it in this series.

  16. pinson343

    Leake looks like a very solid pick at the least, maybe a steal. Like the command of 4 pitches and the “plus plus” poise. We could use more of that.

  17. pinson343

    From the Reds Farm Report:
    HOMER: PITCHER OF THE WEEK: RHP Homer Bailey (Louisville) was named International League Pitcher of the Week. He was the only pitcher in the league last week to record 2 victories without allowing a run (14.2ip, 11h, 0r, 2bb, 14k). This marks the 2nd time this season Bailey has been named IL Pitcher of the Week.

  18. mhopp

    Holy crap the top 5 hitters in the Reds line up are all right handed…no RLRLRL?

  19. mhopp

    Homer looks good this year in the minors, I think they still need to leave him down there until he is lights out regularly….he’s still very young

  20. mhopp

    Good grief the nationals are 25 games under .500!!! I’m glad I’m not a Nationals fan :p

  21. pinson343

    This is definitely our righty lineup. Dusty wants to see Taveras and Hairston wreaking havoc, might as well try it against a young lefty.

  22. Jason

    Is it me, or is it look very dark at Nationals Park?

  23. Jason

    …and yes I realize there was bad weather in the area, its the lighting there im speaking of.

  24. pinson343

    I agree with keeping Homer at Louisville. Want to see him become consistently dominant there.

  25. Y-City Jim

    Is any pitcher ever lights out consistently at any level?

  26. Y-City Jim

    Whew! No damage. Must have been the clogged bases.

  27. pinson343

    According to GameDay, Cueto was getting squeezed. Everything at the knees a ball, and ball 3 to Harris was right over the plate.

  28. pinson343

    Jim, Hmmm. I’d like to see Homer pitch more consistently, outside of his streaky dominance.

  29. Jason

    “hep hey hep hep, no that would be, jessy”…drink.

  30. mhopp

    What was that look on Cueto’s face when running to first? Please tell me he’s not hurt!

  31. Y-City Jim

    Is Taveras playing because their is a LH on the mound or because Dusty thinks he is better than Dickerson?

  32. mhopp

    Because Dusty thinks he’s better :poke:

  33. REDS1

    According to Gamecast Hannigan is now 3 for 16 RISP.

  34. mhopp

    Where would the Reds be without Hernandez at 1B?

  35. mhopp

    Hanigan doesn’t have many RBI’s but appears to be very consistent at getting on base…plus great defense

  36. Y-City Jim

    Better inning. Cueto still doesn’t seem satisfied based on the look on his face.

  37. Y-City Jim

    There is about as much chance of Willy Taveras charging this offense as there is of the economy recovering by next week.

  38. Y-City Jim

    Could the top of the line-up be any lamer?

  39. pinson343

    Taveras and Hairston both called out on strikes on a curveball in the same spot. Was Hairston paying attention ? Not very havocy.

  40. mhopp

    Y-City: Perhaps the Reds can get a bailout?

  41. Mark in CC

    Jack McKeon just went to the podium to announce Florida second round pick. Wish he were in Washington instead.

  42. pinson343

    Our 5 righties at the top are 0-10.

  43. Chad Dotson

    I love baseball but, good grief, this game is boring. A bunch of nobodies on both teams, with limited exceptions.

  44. REDS1

    Nothing drops an era like the Cincinnati Reds offense.

  45. mhopp

    pinson343: What 5 righties?

    Also, Reds take Boxberger…who is good but has control issues.

    Tie game :poke:

  46. Mark in CC

    What do you think, 5000 people there?

  47. Kurt Frost

    “According to Gamecast Hannigan is now 3 for 16 RISP.”

    and I’m 0-2 with the wife this week. What do both of these have in common? Small sample size baby!!

  48. REDS1

    What it means is I am still not convinced. If he drives in one here….

  49. REDS1

    That looked like the Cubs game Sunday.

  50. mhopp

    Cueto is great…works a walk. I love the way that kid plays the game!

  51. Chris Garber

    What was Welsh referring to re: Dunn and Marty? There’s apparently no love lost there, but I’m curious as to which one holds the grudge. I have my suspicions, of course. Hint: It’s not the guy who has a right to hold one.

  52. mhopp

    Pitcher gets a walk on 4 pitches and your lead off hitter strikes out on 3…he needs to sit

  53. Chris Garber

    Wily’s just pathetic. Let’s be honest about it.

  54. Kurt Frost

    I’d be willing to bet Adam Dunn doesn’t waste on second thinking about Marty the Orange.

  55. REDS1

    Does Herr Detwiler have one more in him?

  56. Mark in CC

    Dunn does look fat again. I thought he lost weight.

  57. Jason

    Self High 5 for Team Phillips!! Way to be BP!

  58. REDS1

    It does appear to be an unnatural color.

  59. Chris Garber

    Marty just plays a lot of golf. And while sizable, that bouffant doesn’t block the sun the way a wide brimmed hat would.

  60. mhopp

    Juan Fransisco 4-5 tonight…avg up to .257 .997 OPS in June…SO rate still about the same as last year

  61. Mark in CC

    Cueto issn’t real sharp tonight, glad he is facing Washington.

  62. mhopp

    Dickerson just lost his job in CF for a while, even if Willy Patterson never gets another hit.

  63. Chris Garber

    Was that catch really great, or did he take a goofy route to that ball?

  64. pinson343

    The Taveras at bat was worse than pathetic. Detweiler had just walked Cueto on 4 pithces,and Taveras swings and misses at 2 high fast balls on the first 2 piches. Then on a fastball right down the middle, strike 3 swinging. Basically, Detweiler pitched to Taveras as if he (not Cueto) were the opposing pitcher. Then he walks Hairston on 5 pitches.

  65. mhopp

    Cueto getting comfortable…I tell ya that kid sure does battle and can pitch, need to sign him NOW

  66. Jason

    It looked pretty good to me, need to see replay though.

  67. mhopp

    Reds drafted in 2nd round LHP Dan Joseph out of Univ of Houston

  68. mhopp

    I thought Bruce had that one :emotion:

  69. Chris Garber

    Used to like that “sprinkles” commercial. Now, the poor man’s Wanda Sykes’ voice makes my skin crawl.

  70. pinson343

    I was hoping Hanigan would get on, to see if they would intentionally walk Cueto to pitch to Taveras.

  71. mhopp

    Ondrusek at AA Carolina has faced 45 batters in relief and has yet to give up a run 6’7″ tall RHP

  72. mhopp

    Heisey crushes his 11th HR in top of 12th…avg .370

  73. pinson343

    Whew !!! Either Cueto isn’t throwing any changeups tonite, or they’re calling his changeup a slider on GameDay.

  74. pinson343

    Taveras looks overmatched by major league pitching.

  75. mhopp

    Nationals might be bad enough to where there are more Reds fans than Nationals fans in the park…Jim B. :p

  76. Chris Garber

    As an entertainment product, the 2009 Reds are awful. I’m going to see what’s on Tivo.

  77. pinson343

    WOW ! Cueto’s been sharper, but he’s pitched a good game.

  78. southroadredsfan

    Ok guys, maybe a girl or two…
    Who has been more consistent this year? Cueto or Arroyo?
    Its almost a given quality start or better with John on the mound.
    I like he a lotta.

  79. mhopp

    The 2008 and for the previous several years the Reds were quite entertaining…if you were rooting for the opposing team ❗

  80. mhopp

    Cueto or Arroyo…hmmm? That’s a tough one…I’m gonna guess Majewski?

  81. mhopp

    someone will want Villone at the trade deadline that’s for sure

  82. mhopp

    I was just wondering how much longer Rhodes can keep it going. :poke: :-(( :emotion:

  83. Kurt Frost

    The wife and I are laying here watching thr game and they showed Weathers in the bullpen. The wife says ‘oh no, gasoline warming up in the bullpen.’

  84. mhopp

    I still say Rhodes should primarily be used against lefties

  85. mhopp

    …just waitin’ to be lit up!

    Why not Masset in a close game?

  86. pinson343

    Weathers ???!!!! I thought he’d bring in Masset.

  87. mhopp

    Masset is not “veteran” enough X(

  88. pinson343

    Weathers threw him a fastball the last place he expected it, right down the middle.

  89. pinson343

    The people who stopped watching have missed some entertainment value.

  90. pinson343

    Taveras owes us a steal of second.

  91. pinson343

    Hairston takes 2 pitches, and that butthead isn’t running.

  92. pinson343

    I should have shut up. He ends up running as it’s 3-0 to Hairston.

  93. REDS1

    I don’t blame Washington on that one. But a win is a win.

  94. mhopp

    close call on that strike…but it’s the 😀 side of the score board for the Reds

  95. mhopp

    The Reds deserve to play a bad team for once…seems like they’ve had to play a lot of tough teams of late

  96. pinson343

    Seems like pretty much everyone left, I’ll take it as a sign of confidence in our bullpen, or fear of watching Weathers.

    Anyway yes a win is a win and we needed that one. Taveras did everything he could to keep the Nats close.

  97. earl

    That Dukes guy is really strong, not a great hitter, but he didn’t even look like it was that hard a swing on that homer tonight.

  98. Matt B.

    Dukes isn’t as strong as you think, great sometimes he gets some good swing but I still think he is not that of a good hitter