A little trip around the internets as we wait for the Reds and Natinals to get it on tonight….

–Saulton is asking if the Reds can stay alive. What do you think?

According to Mark Sheldon, Edwin Encarnacion went for an MRI yesterday. He has taken batting practice for several days, but his left wrist remains sore. This is not a good turn of events.

–I missed this the other day, but Doug has an interesting look at Matt Maloney’s debut using Pitch F/X.

–If you’re in the DC area, Daedalus has a few requests for you in advance of this week’s Natinals series.

–They have no chance to emerge victorious, but Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto are holding their own in All-Star voting.

MLB draft starts today. It’s a very important draft for the new Walt Jocketty administration. I hope Jocketty doesn’t fall asleep and miss a pick.

–The Enquirer has put together a database of local players who have been taken in the MLB draft.

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  1. RiverCity Redleg

    We really need to have a good series vs Washington. I only wish Leatherpants was still there to beat down as well.

  2. Dan

    Thoughts on the draft?

    2 guys on Baseball America had a mock draft and in it the Reds picked P Alex White from UNC. At the end the guy who made the pick said he thought it was the best pick he made in the whole draft.

    White scares me. His own ERA this season (4.13) is worse than his team average ERA (3.61).

    Mike Leake of Arizona State has done nothing but produce. His stats look like Strasburg’s stats this year. But… he’s only 6’0″ 180. (Or, if you believe thebaseballcube.com, 5’11” 160!)

    Anyway, judge for yourself:

    Leake (2007-08): http://www.thebaseballcube.com/players/L/Michael-Leake.shtml
    Leake (2009): http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/m-basebl/stats/2008-2009/teamcume.html

    White (2007-08): http://www.thebaseballcube.com/players/W/Alex-White.shtml
    White (2009): http://tarheelblue.cstv.com/sports/m-basebl/stats/2008-2009/teamcume.html

    There are plenty of other possibilities, of course, but I think these 2 are very much in the mix, and they make for an interesting contrast.

    Looking at the numbers, I really want Leake. I love low-hit, low-HR, high-strikeout guys, and he is that.

    What do you all think?

  3. Dan

    Ugh, my comment is “awaiting moderation” for some reason. That happened to me over at Doug’s site too. Have I been flagged for abusive blogging?? 😉

    Anyway, I was just saying that I’m very intrigued at the large difference between Alex White of UNC, and Mike Leake of Arizona St, two guys who are possible Reds picks today.

    White throws harder (mid-90’s) and is bigger but hasn’t had as good a year as Leake. (In fact, his own ERA is 3.61 while his team cumulative ERA is 4.13 this season.)

    Leake is small for a pitcher and throws in the low 90’s, but has jaw-dropping numbers this year — almost Strasburg-esque.

    I’d LOVE to get Leake, but what do you all think?

    There are plenty of other possibilities too, of course.

  4. Dan

    Crap, I got White’s numbers backwards there — White’s ERA is 4.13 this year, while his team’s overall ERA is 3.61. Sorry about that.

  5. doug

    Your comment was flagged at my site because it contained more than 1 link. I have Leake barely ahead of White, but think the two are pretty much interchangeable. Leake is better now, White can be better in the future. Its the classic upside/floor argument with those two guys.

    BTW Chad, Jocketty will have very little to do with the draft. Most GM’s just hand the draft off to their scouting director. Chris Buckley has been running our draft for the past few years. I have full faith in that guy and his staff. We have had plenty of talent in the system since he started this thing.

  6. Dan

    OK, thanks Doug. I didn’t realize that would get flagged.

  7. Matt WI

    I’m hoping that yesterday will be a “good” off day for the Reds to let them regroup. Previous off days have been momentum killers (think the off day before the San Diego series), so maybe this will end the momentum of losing.

  8. Bill Lack

    And the software sometimes just decides to send comments to moderation..it’s happened to the editors…

    Doug, I think you have to question last year’s draft at this point…it’s looking pretty thin thus far.

  9. preach

    and I noticed that when I changed computers I went to moderation as well.

  10. doug

    Bill – Yonder Alonso is a top 25 prospect in baseball. Zach Stewart is in AA and has been flat out dominant. Matt Fairel is pitching incredibly well. JC Sulbaran is doing the same. Cody Puckett is killing the ball in Dayton. Really, last years draft could produce 3 Top 100 prospects by years end with Sulbaran, Stewart and Alonso.

  11. doug

    blazers, the key for Mesoraco is going to be how his defense progresses. The numbers look ugly in Sarasota, but his peripherals are fine. He is showing solid plate discipline and good power for the league he is in. He has a 12% walk rate, 21.5% strikeout rate and an isolated power of .148. Those are solid to better numbers and project future performance pretty well at the plate if he can maintain them. He also has a 20% line drive rate. The numbers at face value don’t look good, but underneath and more in depth, he is doing fine at the plate. Its the defense thats going to make or break him.

  12. Bill Lack

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I like the three you mention…(Sulbaran, Stewart, and Alonso), but I’m still in wait and see mode on Fairel (though he’s been by far Dayton’s most effective and consistent pitcher) and Puckett had an incredible May, but was not good in April and has come back to earth in June. You didn’t mention Buchholz, who skipped a level, but I hear major questions about his defense.

    I sure wouldn’t compare it with the ’06 or even the ’07 draft, at least not at this point.

  13. doug

    Fairel, at the very least, provides strong depth. We can talk about his ability to translate to the majors, but you used the term ‘thin’ making me think that there wasn’t a lot of depth. Fairel certainly gives that I would think. As does a guy like Puckett.

    Buchholz is playing out of position, but I don’t really consider him a SS so the fact that there are concerns about his defense doesn’t concern me much because I never expected him to play SS.

    Still, there are a few guys I want to see play who haven’t yet. Either way, I think with the top 3 guys mentioned that if no one else were doing anything at all, I would still like the 2008 draft because the Reds got three premium talents in that draft.

  14. Chad Dotson

    Doug (comment 5)…I know, re: Jocketty. Just making a snarky comment, as usual. 😀

  15. nick in va

    I wish I could make it to DC to join some Reds fans for a game.

  16. GregD

    NEW YORK — Philadelphia Phillies closer Brad Lidge has gone on the 15-day disabled list because of a sprained right knee…Philadelphia filled the roster spot by purchasing the contract of catcher Paul Bako from Double-A Reading.

  17. GregD

    From (asst GM) Bob Miller’s chat last week:

    bob_miller: Bray is actually on the minor league disabled list and not the Major League disabled list. To put him on the 60-day at the Major League level we would have to recall him and place him on the Major League DL. Then he would get Major League service, which would make him a free agent a year earlier, which wouldn’t make sense. Bill is out for the rest of this year and we hope he’ll be ready for Spring Training next year.

    So, it different than I thought. I didn’t know 40-man roster players who were out for the year in the minors could be on a 60-day DL without accumulating major league service time.

    Do you think anyone would claim him if he was placed on waivers?

    lnate5: When will you be promoted to General Manager?

    bob_miller: I guess I know my wife’s user name online now. Thanks for asking honey. I’ll be home at 6 tonight!

    redsgolfer: If in pennant contention, would a lefty starter be on the agenda?

    bob_miller: Not if the lefty isn’t better than the righties we have.

    This is the type of answer I like to hear. Too much is made over not have a LH this or a RH that, IMHO. Too bad they didn’t take that approach in looking for a middle-of-the-order bat in the offseason.

  18. pinson343

    GregD, I don’t think Bray would pass waviers. So he’s on the 40 man roster to keep him from accumulating major league service time. But I wonder if that’s worth it, it isn’t as if he’s going to get big bucks in arbitration.