A little trip around the internets as we wait for the Reds and Natinals to get it on tonight….

–Saulton is asking if the Reds can stay alive. What do you think?

According to Mark Sheldon, Edwin Encarnacion went for an MRI yesterday. He has taken batting practice for several days, but his left wrist remains sore. This is not a good turn of events.

–I missed this the other day, but Doug has an interesting look at Matt Maloney’s debut using Pitch F/X.

–If you’re in the DC area, Daedalus has a few requests for you in advance of this week’s Natinals series.

–They have no chance to emerge victorious, but Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto are holding their own in All-Star voting.

MLB draft starts today. It’s a very important draft for the new Walt Jocketty administration. I hope Jocketty doesn’t fall asleep and miss a pick.

–The Enquirer has put together a database of local players who have been taken in the MLB draft.