Games played on Sunday, June 7

Triple – A

Louisville 4 (28-28) – Lehigh Valley 1 (23-33)

For the second consecutive start, Homer Bailey went out and was dominant.  Bailey pitched 6.2 scoreless innings, allowing 7 hits and no walks while striking out 6.  Over his last 2 starters, Homer has gone 14.2 scoreless innings, allowing 11 hits and 2 walks while striking out 14.

Drew Stubbs and Drew Sutton had 3 hits each in the win.  Stubbs was 3-5 with a double and 2 runs scored while Sutton was 3-4 with 2 doubles and a run scored.  Wes Bankston went 2-4 with 2 runs batted in. 

Double – A

Carolina 2 (32-25) – Jacksonville 0 (27-31)

Travis Wood continues to impress.  In this game, Wood pitched a complete game, shutout, allowing just 3 hits and striking out 11.  He did all of this on just 107 pitches.  Wood is now 5-3 with a 1.22 ERA on the season.  In June, Wood has pitched 15 scoreless innings, allowing just 6 hits and 1 walk while striking out 17!  Earlier in the year, control was somewhat of a problem.  Wood has walked 30 batters on the season.  However, Travis has walked only 1 in his last 3 starts combined.

Todd Frazier and Zach Cozart supplied the offense for the Mudcats.  Both had 2 hits with one of those being a solo homerun  Cozart’s homerun came in the 6th inning to break a scoreless tie.  It was Zach’s 6th homer of the season.  Frazier’s blast came in the 9th to add an insurance run.  Todd’s homer was his 4th of the season.

Class A Advanced

Tampa 10 (24-29) – Sarasota 5 (22-32)

Tampa scored 8 runs in the first two innings of this game with all 8 runs  being charged to Reds starter Jerry Gil.  Gil gave up the 8 runs on 7 hits and 3 walks in 1.1 innings pitched.  He struck out 2 and watched his ERA balloon to 7.74 on the season.

Jason Bour went 2-4 in the game with a 3-run homer, his 2nd of the season.  Justin Reed, Jake Kahaulelio, and Neftali Soto had 2 hits each for the Reds in the loss.

Single – A

Dayton 3 (23-33) – Great Lakes 2  (29-27)

The boxscore says that J.C. Sulbaran was the scheduled starter, however, he never threw a pitch.  Perhaps Bill or someone can fill me and everyone else in on what happened here.  Andrew Bowman instead came in and made the “start” and pitched 5, scoreless innings, allowing just 1 hit and 1 walk while striking out 7.

Cody Puckett, Kevin Coddington, and Yen Kuo each had a hit and an rbi in the Dragons victory.

12 Responses

  1. doug

    Sulbaran warmed up in the bullpen, then had to sit for an hour and a half because of a rain delay. I guess they thought it was a bad idea to send him back out to throw, so Bowman stepped up to the plate big time.

  2. Bill Lack

    Man, want to see a bad offensive lineup? Check Sarasota…yikes. When do we start talking about Travis Wood getting moved up to AAA?

  3. GregD

    Cozart is on a 12-game hit streak w/HR in 4 of his past 5 games.

    I think it is time to start talking about Wood moving up. They were waiting on his control to come around, and it definitely has over the past 4 games:
    First 8 games: 45ip, 1.60era, 1.29whip, .78k/ip, 1.3 k/bb
    Last 4 games: 29ip, 0.62era, 0.72whip, .86k/ip, 8.3 k/bb
    He has 25 K’s to just 3 bb his past 4 games.

    I’d love to see it all start to click for Bailey. Perhaps another sign of maturity? Instead of pouting about his most recent MLB outing or Maloney bumping ahead of him on the depth chart, he is just getting to work and getting guys out.

    And our old friend Gary Majewksi was pitching against Louisville Sunday. He’s barely even getting it done at AAA right now.

  4. Mark in CC

    Majewski seldon gets mentioned when the injury factor of the WBC is discussed, but he was probably the first to have his career wrecked by it.

    How long do you think the Jerry Gil experiment continues? A 7.73 ERA, 60+ hits in 40 = innings and strike outs and walks are both at about 30. Sounds like they are taking some innings away from someone who could use them.

  5. GregD

    Gil had 3 consecutive outings of 1 ER or less before yesterday’s blow-up. Most of his other outings were also bad.

    I would imagine part of the reason he was given a shot was because they did have room on the roster & in the rotation.

    My guess is that this experiment will end shortly after the draft. Sounds like they have their eyes on a couple of college pitchers, and there are a couple of guys in Dayton that are probably going to get promoted soon.

  6. GregD

    Could tonight be Matt Fairel’s last start in Dayton?

    Last 3 games: 18innings, 7h, 0er
    The 35th round draft pick put up a 2.61 ERA in April & a 2.27 ERA in May.

  7. mike

    baseball prospectus has been writing a lot about Reds minor leaguers of late and today they write about what I considered another failed high draft pick (see our lame high school catcher pick) until this year…..

    they said
    Travis Wood, LHP, Reds (Double-A Carolina)
    Sunday’s stats: 9 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 11 K
    A second-round pick in 2005, Wood lost a lot of velocity when the Reds revamped some big mechanical issue in his delivery, and as a guy with fringy velocity, a great change and control problems, he put up a seven-plus ERA last year at Double-A. This year, the 22-year-old has dropped nearly six runs off that mark, as in his last four starts, he’s given up two runs over 29 frames. He still doesn’t throw especially hard, but he’s added a 2-seamer and a cutter to his mix, and he’s looking very much like a guy who could fit in towards the back of a rotation.

  8. zblakey

    Any word on why Heisey left the game early?

  9. jason1972

    Every time I am ready to write Bailey off he strings together some really good starts. I think he has just too much talent not to arrive eventually. His problems are probably just mental at this point, mostly that he tends to fall apart when he gets into trouble.

  10. Bill Lack

    I think Matt Fairel’s getting skipped in the rotation b/c they’re worried about his # of innings. Remember, he didn’t pitch after the draft last year.