Stupid Cubs.

Go Matt Maloney.


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  1. Brian

    Soriano lf
    Theriot ss
    Lee 1b
    Fox rf
    Johnson cf
    Soto c
    Scales 2b
    Fontenot 3b
    Dempster p

    Hairston 3b
    Dickerson cf
    Brandon 2b
    Nix lf
    Hernandez 1b
    Bruce rf
    Gonzalez ss
    Hanigan c
    Maloney p

  2. Mark in CC

    I can’t believe I have a stupid Cubs ad in the lefthand corner above.

  3. Brian

    First start by a Reds lefthander in 2009 and the second in over 200 games. That is quite odd.

  4. Mark in CC

    Great catch. That should help Matt’s confidence.

  5. mhopp

    For the first season ever I’m going to be able to watch the Reds games…team BP!!!! He’s out!!

  6. mhopp

    I’m going to be able to watch the Reds on a TV rather than at MLB.TV…no freezing up or anything!

  7. Matt B.

    Wow, the Reds defense is really picking up Maloney. Great plays so far by Dickerson and Phillips.

  8. Mark in CC

    Good start for Maloney. He set the tone coming in on Theriot and Lee.

  9. mike

    it’s one thing to not start lefties but it’s been a long time since the Reds had a GOOD start by a lefty.

    August 11 2007 was probably the last good start by a lefty for the Reds by Bobby Livingston

    Before that it was all Claussen and Milton

  10. Mark in CC

    Speaking of Reds’ lefties, anyone noticed Eric Milton Is doing prett well. Go figure.

  11. Matt B.

    So it’s good that Hairston scored, but really, Mark Berry? There isn’t much of a point in sending him in the first inning with nobody out. His judgment as a third-base coach is more than questionable.

  12. brublejr

    That was a great slide into the plate by JHJ.

  13. mhopp

    Beating a former team mate in Ryan Dumpster would be nice

  14. Mark in CC

    Not to bring up old issues but you just never saw that kind of emotion since Casey left.

  15. brublejr

    I was thinking the same thing Matt

  16. Matt B.

    Nice heads-up running there by Dickerson.

  17. mike

    hmm…more thought on lefties

    Have the Reds had a good lefty starter since Gullett?

    Most of the great Reds lefty starters are from the past
    Hahn, Rixey, Raffensberger, Elmer Smith, and Gullett

    but in the last 30 years?
    Charlton, Neagle, Swindell, Price and Browning are about it

  18. Mark in CC

    It is early to gamble there, but it was Soriano too.

  19. Mark in CC

    They might want to think about extending Ramon’s contract.

  20. mike

    I think Milton is doing well because he’s always been a HR/fly ball pitcher and now he’s pitching in a place that’s hard to hit HR. Plus it’s only been 4 games and he’s allowed a TON of baserunners. I expect him to implode at any moment

  21. MinorLeaguer is an understatement

    As much I like to see Maloney in a Reds’ uniform, can you send him back down here to Louisville when you are done? I am in the press box now and Ramon Ramirez is getting roughed up pretty good, down 4-1 heading to the 4th. Go Reds and Bats! If you care about mediocre baseball written by a mediocre writer, check out my site.

  22. brublejr

    Listening to Hal and Marty right now…they were talking about Votto and if he will be back after 15 days and Dusty said “no way” That is not a good thing for this team.

  23. mike

    Maloney just threw 4 or 5 changeups in a row to Soriano. His changeup is impressive

    I also think he isn’t getting the calls from the up. At least 3 called balls to Fontenot and Dempster seemed like strikes to me and then the called strike to get Dempster seemed like a ball. He threw 2 pitched to Fontenot that got more of the plate but were called balls.

  24. brublejr

    JHJ got charged with 2 errors on that one play play last inning. One for allowing the runner on, the other throwing error allowing the other runner to advance…that sucks. At least Maloney was able to work through it.

  25. Mark in CC

    Alot of pitches. Hopefully he settles down with a couple of innings under his belt.

  26. Y-City Jim

    They might want to think about extending Ramon’s contract.

    But not for the money he is making now.

  27. Mark in CC

    If they sign him for the same it adds $4 million to the payroll. I am not sure they can pass on his production for that.

  28. brublejr

    I agree Mark and Jim…I would consider resigning him after this year, but NO where near the money he makes now. I agree with Mark around the 4 mil range would be about right.

  29. brublejr

    Nice 1-2-3 inning, he really needed that bad.

  30. Mark in CC

    That inning helped on pitch count.

  31. Mark in CC

    He is making $8 million, the Reds are only paying $4 million. I don’t think they can get him for $4 million but he might ask for $8 million for one year $6 million per for 2 years.

  32. Y-City Jim

    IF they sign him for $4 million that would be a pay cut for him. He is currently making $8.5 million with Baltimore picking up about half that salary.

  33. Y-City Jim

    I’m not even sure if I would pay $4 million for a slow guy with a .729 OPS.

  34. Mark in CC

    With the economy still bad that could help a little.

  35. Mark in CC

    With the job he has done in the field in addition to good and clutch hitting, and assuming Votto is gone a while he might be the team MVP at this point.

  36. Mark in CC

    Maloney might be more comfortable out of the stretch.

  37. Bill Lack

    After Dusty’s comment about Votto, I’m not expecting him back before the AS break…and that’s a problem.

  38. Mark in CC

    You need two catchers. Where the Reds be right now without both? Is Castillo the answer.

    Maloney better take Dickerson out to eat.

  39. Matt B.

    The Reds really didn’t need to sign Taveras. Sigh, I hope Dusty actually pays attention and keeps Dickerson in CF, based on both his offense and defense recently.

  40. brublejr

    Crap! Good thing Dickerson threw him out last play

  41. Mark in CC

    Wow that throw was big. Could be 3-2.

  42. Y-City Jim

    FOR SALE – slightly injured CF – goes by name Willy – has largely underused HAVOC abilities – plays too shallow – has some difficulty finding 1B

  43. Bill Lack

    The Reds are lucky to have two good ones, few teams have them. Tatum is a good defensive catcher and would be a decent ML backup. I can’t see investing that much in Hernandez and I’m thrilled with the job he’s done this year and was completely wrong in my expectations.

  44. Mark in CC

    Dickerson, Nix, Bruce, Votto (fingers crossed) make them very lefthanded and vulnerable.

  45. Mark in CC

    Howed Gonzo get on, I was watchin Texas College baseball game?

  46. mhopp

    What and When did Dusty say something about Votto?

  47. jello

    Gonzo tried his best to ground out to third but ended up doubling to left field

  48. Mark in CC

    Sounds like he said it to Hal McCoy. Said he wouldn’t be back in 15 days.

  49. brublejr

    @mhopp – McCoy and Marty were talking about it on the radio, when Hal asked Dusty if Votto would be back in his 15 days and Dusty said “no way”

  50. mhopp

    I sure wish we knew what was going on…hope it’s not a bad diagnosis

  51. brublejr

    From McCoy: “When he comes back, he’ll have to go out and do some minor-league rehab,” said Baker. “He ain’t The Natural, although he might be close to being natural. Wish I had more to tell you, but I don’t. All I can say is that he won’t be back when his 15 days on the DL are up.”

  52. brublejr

    Is it just me or is carrying 13 pitchers about the dumbest thing you ever heard of for a national league team?

  53. Y-City Jim

    Edwin wasn’t back in 15 days either. 39 days and counting for him.

  54. Mark in CC

    Pretty dumb. What happened to Burton getting some work?

  55. Y-City Jim

    Is it just me or is carrying 13 pitchers about the dumbest thing you ever heard of for a national league team?

    If you need that many pitchers on the roster then your game management is questionable.

  56. Bill Lack

    But EE had a chipped bone….you know when that’s going to heal…with Joey, no one has any idea what’s the matter, so you have no way of knowing how long it’ll be.

  57. Mark in CC

    If it is anxiety you better hope for 2009.

  58. Y-City Jim

    I guess they pronounced Burton cured after his bus ride to Louisville and back on the same day.

  59. Kurt Frost

    They should hook Joey up with an 8 to 5 job, give him three kids and a fat nagging wife. Now that’s anxiety. He’ll be dying to get back to baseball.

  60. Y-City Jim

    Janish has that ball. Of course, if Gonzalez had taken two steps and flopped on the ground all Reds broadcasters would be anointing him with the Gold Glove.

  61. brublejr

    They sent down Castillo.

    I’ll put this out there again…Why the hell is Taveras not on the DL and call Stubbs up? What is it going to hurt, he won’t be a super two and only losses one option year, but if he can’t perform by then they will have to cut him loose anyways.

    Get him some experience! Free Stubbs

  62. Mark in CC

    Welsh giving Maloney kudos, Marty was saying opposite earlier. Marty is getting almost tough to listen to.

  63. brublejr

    @ Jim…Yes why do they keep saying how great Gonzo is defensively? Is this something management has ordered the media to do to justify keeping an inferior player on the field?

  64. Y-City Jim

    Very nice debut for Maloney. Should be able to give the Reds seven innings tonight.

  65. REDS1

    #69 I am a teacher in an urban school I know anxiety some days. I am assuming for Votto it is something more than anxiety. But it is frustrating.

  66. Y-City Jim

    Even if they DL Taveras it will be Hopper that guess the call-up.

  67. Y-City Jim

    Actually my bad. I keep forgetting Hopper is injured.

  68. brublejr

    Either way would be better than a player that can’t run when that is his only asset.

  69. Mark in CC

    There has to be some anxiety being the number employee in a multi-million dollar corporation, having every move you make on and off work scrutinized by thousands of people a day, and do it at Age 25.

    Every mind creates its own anxiety.

  70. brublejr

    This has been a good outing for Maloney. You really can’t expect much more out of him. I would run in out in the 7th but with a kinda short leash.

  71. REDS1

    Agreed brublejr. Outstanding performance and short leash.

    It would be nice if our offense would actually score some runs. All of ours tonight are unearned and Dempster is no ace.

  72. Bill Lack

    Is Hopper injured? He’s not on the DL on the Big Board and I didn’t see a transaction in June…

  73. REDS1

    His second of the year. He crushed that thing.

  74. GRF

    That hurt although it looks like he got squeezed on the first pitch.

    Still a great effort.

  75. Y-City Jim

    I stand corrected, Bill. I just checked the box scores from this month and he has been playing.

  76. Jose

    did anyone else get the aflack trivia question right?
    george and chris are pathetic
    they thought eric milton might be the last lefty to win 10 games for the reds
    even i knew it was claussen in 05

  77. Y-City Jim

    Hope tonight is one of many Reds wins due to the left arm of Matt Maloney.

  78. Bill Lack

    no biggie…I just hadn’t heard that. I think they’re rotating outfielders, which is why Heisey isn’t up…I guess.

    Another nice job by Herrera.

  79. brublejr

    You have to love what he gave tonight.

    Good job Danny!

  80. Mark in CC

    Is Hanigan still considered a Rookie?

  81. brublejr

    Yeah, Bill, I heard that as well…is there really anybody standing out for ROY as of now in the NL.

  82. Y-City Jim

    Anyone who can elicit a positive remark from Marty should be ROY.

  83. brublejr

    I would say so Mark…his only time was last September and he didn’t get that many games then either.

  84. brublejr

    Does anybody else think Owings steps too much toward third base when he swings, or is it just me?

  85. Mark in CC

    He has been up two season and played over 30 games last year. He came up in August last year when Bako was released. He was up in September in ’07.

  86. brublejr

    @Mark…Hanigan only had 85 AB’s coming into this year…

  87. Mark in CC

    Logan Parker is playing the outfield tonight at Carolina.

  88. Y-City Jim

    The preseason picks for ROY in some publications wer Andrew McCutchen, Colby Rasmus, Mat Gamel, Dexter Fowler, and Cameron Maybin. If Hanigan is still a rookie, his overall stats beat that group substantially.

  89. Mark in CC

    Isn’t it time for Masset to take the righthanded 8th inning role?

  90. Bill Lack

    Frazier’s off tonight, for Carolina, isn’t he?

    I like Masset too, but you KNOW that Dusty’s going to ride Weathers until he dies…

  91. brublejr

    I was thinking the same thing Mark!

    @Jim, Agreed, right now…McCutchen could be really good the rest of the season though…

  92. Bill Lack

    And honestly, WEathers has been…well, I’m not going to say it and jinx him right now…you know.

  93. Mark in CC

    According to

    Determining rookie status:
    A player shall be considered a rookie unless, during a previous season or seasons, he has (a) exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in the Major Leagues; or (b) accumulated more than 45 days on the active roster of a Major League club or clubs during the period of 25-player limit (excluding time in the military service and time on the disabled list).

    Hanigan should be good.

  94. mhopp

    Yeah, I’d rather have Masset than Stormy any day in a 1 run game against a team in the division…only Dusty :poke:

    Although I applaud him for removing Maloney when he did

  95. Y-City Jim

    Crap. Maloney’s win is slipping away.

  96. mhopp

    Louisville came back to win 5-4 on a Dorn HR.

    Why Dusty, why do you not think…Masett is lights out and should be in there in a 1-run game!! :poke: :-((

  97. mhopp

    Oh that’s right, Weathers is the more “veteran” than Masset :poke:

  98. brublejr

    Crap! Now the offense is going to have to wake up

  99. Ramrod

    I feel bad for Maloney. Deserved a win.

    Sigh… Stormy.

  100. Bill Lack

    Am I the only one that thinks taht Dickerson didn’t need to leave his feet? Once he did, he had no chance on the throw…

  101. brublejr

    I hate the fact Maloney doesn’t get the much deserved win… :poke:

  102. mhopp

    Gee Dusty, now we’ve got to get the lead back. Why does he do this crap? Just terrible management…you do everything to hold a lead. You bring your best in if it’s a 1-run game. This is why I hate Dusty so much, I know the history of Weathers and Dusty does too….terrible management ❗

  103. Mark in CC

    Couple of the dives the last two nights have been questionable.

  104. Bill Lack

    Maloney had thrown 39 pitches in the 2nd inning and ended up somewhere around 90…that’s a nice job of being pitch efficient after the 2nd.

  105. mhopp

    I agree Bill, I think he did at the last minute as there was some confusion as to who was going to get the ball

  106. Mark in CC

    So is Maloney still on the team tomorrow?

  107. Jimmy James

    Welcome to the big leagues, Matt Maloney!

    You have joined a long list of starting pitchers who have had their wins taken away by David Weathers blowing a game!

  108. mhopp

    Yeah don’t worry Matt, everyone knows Dusty sux and doesn’t know when to bring in what pitcher. I guess they’ll hurry Volquez back and send Matt down :-(( :poke:

  109. Y-City Jim

    Dickerson must be watching the Tech Talk where Alex Gonzalez discusses how diving after balls makes Reds broadcasters profuse massive amounts of man love for your defensive prowess.

  110. REDS1

    Weathers had done a great job this year! I we could score some runs that would be nice.

    Phillips with a K.

  111. Mark in CC

    Dorn hits 2 run homer in 8th to give Bats a 1 run win.

  112. Ramrod

    BP’s batting philosophy boggles my mind. Anyone remember that quote? Something along the lines of “I’m here to hit the ball, not take walks.” Had to do with him having some horrid average if he gets to a 3-1 count, where the avg major leaguer is near like .400 with a 3-1 count.

  113. mhopp

    What’s the line on Zachary Stewart? This kid is pitching his 4 start in Carolina and has to give up a run…pretty good so long as he improves his efficiency as he hasn’t gone past the 7th yet

  114. REDS1

    How do you blame Weathers giving up a run on Baker?! Nobody pushes all the right buttons all the time. Right now this is not a first division starting lineup….period.

  115. Mark in CC

    2 innings, 0 runs, 4 stikeouts. Left 2 runners stranded in second. Cozart just homered.

  116. REDS1

    Somebody please tell me how we are going to score another run tonight.

  117. mhopp

    Just saying, in a 1-run game against a division rival you bring in the lights out people in the 8th…that would be Masset. Weathers has a history of doing what he just did. If there was a 2 or 3 run lead then you bring Weathers in. This team doesn’t score many runs so you better hold the lead if you have one late.

  118. Mark in CC

    Cordero does so well in non-save situations. Dusty, Dusty, Dusty.

  119. mhopp

    No I mean is Zach Stewart highly touted? He was drafted in the 3rd round last year and is moving up fast. I like many of the players for Carolina…that seems to be where the majority of the Reds minor league talent is right now.

  120. mhopp

    That’s what I’m saying Mark but I guess Dusty may be thinking of bringing in Masset if there is extra innings…which of course if he’d have brought him in in the 8th we wouldn’t need extra innings…Dusty, Dusty, Dusty.

  121. Mark in CC

    Doug on did not have Stewart listed in his top 40 preseason.

  122. Mark in CC

    Stewart has 3-inning no hitter.

  123. Ramrod

    Woo! Let’s go Johnny. Throw on your sombrero and let’s do this.

  124. mhopp

    No reason Gomes shouldn’t be in the line up and Bruce sitting.

  125. AnnapolisRed

    I had to tape the game so I was catching up on my DVR. Two questions, why was Maloney sent out to start the seventh inning? He was skating on thin ice all game so I was mad before the inning started that he was out there and was even madder after the home run and then why Weathers instead of Massett in the eighth? That made no sense. If not Massett then why not Rhodes (he can get lefties and righties out). Laynce Nix has looked terrible at the plate tonight, Jay Bruce not much better and Chris Dickerson has played the best game in CF we have seen since Eric Davis. I wonder if Willie Taveras knows who Wally Pipp is.

  126. mhopp

    Florida’s #1 prospect coming up against Stewart next, he walked him last time…kid is batting .500 but only 3rd game

  127. Jimmy James

    People keep saying it, because he’s had a couple of bad outings this year…but for his career, Cordero has pitched better in non-save situations than in save situations.

  128. Mark in CC

    If Wally Pipp had Dusty as a manager Lou Gehrig would have lead the world in consecutive games pinch hitting.

  129. Y-City Jim

    Walt Jocketty looks like a non-deceased Gerald Ford.

  130. mhopp

    AnnapolisRed —exactly what I’ve been saying…not bringing Masset in probably cost the extra innings and the Maloney mistake only adds to that idea…just more poor management that’s all.

  131. mhopp

    Why does every left handed Japanese hitter hit like that?

  132. Mark in CC

    Alexander Smit on Dl with blister and back.

  133. mhopp

    Yep, Smit was doing great…is a lefty but something happened last night with him, got hit a little.

  134. AnnapolisRed

    I did not think Maloney pitched all that great personally. I watched the Dickerson catch five times on replay and there is no way he catches that ball without diving. I have no clue what some of you are talking about.

  135. Mark in CC

    When you consider the nerves of his debut, and the 5 change-up strike out of Soriano I thought he did great.

  136. AnnapolisRed

    He was bailed out about three or four times by unbelievable plays or bad baserunning. I didn’t say he was terrible and he deserves another start, but I don’t think it was as great as some are making it out to be.

  137. AnnapolisRed

    Although it was miles better than Homer Bailey would have done so I should just shup up and be happy.

  138. Mark in CC

    Hairston came in hitting .253. It seems like he has done better than that.

  139. mike

    Zach Stewart is a real prospect. He’s one of the top 10 prospects in the Reds system right now. I don’t really know what “highly touted” means but he IS a serious prospect.

    Before the season the Reds top pitching prospect were probably

    Thompson, Ramirez, Maloney, and Buck

  140. AnnapolisRed

    Mark-He got off to a really bad start but he has been doing pretty well since then.

  141. AnnapolisRed

    I would hit Rosales here. Nix .154 against Lefties. Rosales to third, Hairston to left.

  142. AnnapolisRed

    Who is worse against lefties? Nix or Bruce.

  143. AnnapolisRed

    Man he has looked terrible tonight. You have to hit Rosales here. You guys are right about Taveras. Why play shorthanded? Makes no sense.

  144. Jimmy James

    Sweet Lou gonna leave the lefty in to face Hernandez?

  145. mike

    Re: Hairston hitting .253

    He has done better than that.
    95 OPS+ on the season while playing pretty good defense at 6(!!!) positions
    The 95 OPS+ is deceiving because in April he was AWFUL and in May he was GREAT

    He had a .901 OPS in May (batting .342) in 115 PA
    He does seem to be slumping in recent days but the ENTIRE team seems to be

    In the last 7 days (6 games) the Reds team OPS is a wretched .612 (.204 avg)
    In the last 7 days only 3 players have hit. Phillips, Nix, and Hanigan
    Check out the rest of the team

    0.533 Chris Dickerson
    0.433 Alex Gonzalez
    0.376 Ramon Hernandez
    0.364 Jay Bruce
    0.328 Jerry Hairston
    0.305 Adam Rosales

    Bruce hasn’t even been the worst hitter over the last week, which is amazing really

  146. AnnapolisRed

    We need a home run this inning. That is the only way we are going to score. Jay Bruce is due and he hit it hard last time up.

  147. AnnapolisRed

    I will give Bruce credit that even though he can’t buy a hit right now he is still getting on base.

  148. Jimmy James

    Well, we gotta chance here. Bruce at third with one out.

    IBB to Hanigan, probably the first of his ML career.

  149. Jimmy James

    I agree about Bruce, and I’ve always thought that was the mark of a great player. It’s why walks are so important. Even when you are slumping, you can still contribute, and walks don’t slump.

  150. mike

    Baker jumping up and down like a little kid….cool

    Bruce draws a leadoff BB and the team wins because of it!

  151. tyler

    What’s with Bruce and never wanting to slide…good win either way

  152. mhopp

    Has anyone even seen Votto in the dugout?

  153. Glenn

    Good win tonight. I think the Reds may have ripped off the White Sox in the Ken Griffey, Jr trade. Masset’s been terrific all year.

  154. AnnapolisRed

    Love it! I thought Bruce was dead but Fontenot had to throw over Bruce. I will take it! Great crowd tonight as well.

  155. AnnapolisRed

    mhopp-I doubt that he’s in the dugout.

  156. Ramrod

    Votto isn’t with the team Mhopp. He stopped by yesterday I believe, and Dusty said he won’t be back after the 15 day DL stint is over either.

  157. Glenn

    This team needs Votto back in the worst way!

  158. mhopp

    The Votto situation is making me depressed :emotion: