Stupid Cubs.

Hairston 3b
Dickerson cf
Phillips 2b
Nix lf
Hernandez c
Bruce rf
Gonzalez ss
Rosales 1b
Owings p

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  1. rusty

    could the best hitters be batting 9th for both teams ?

  2. Chris

    Greetings from section 421. Cub fans slightly outnumbering Reds. Keith Urban fans outnumber both.

    Welsh awarding the Harvey Haddix Award as I type.

    Beautiful night for baseball. Let’s hope they get to Big Z early and get in his head.

  3. Jason

    Ahh, I love me some 400 section. Enjoy, Chris. Stupid Cubs fans…

  4. Jason

    Weird, FS Ohio is doing telecast from the top of the Riverboat.

  5. Glenn

    Owings vrs Zambrano…I’m not felling good about this.

  6. Jason

    Yeah, the pitching matchups dont bode well for our Battling Redlegs this weekend.

  7. Y-City Jim

    Cubs suck.

    I’ll be back after some dining with family and friends.

  8. CeeKeR

    I won’t be chiming in much tonight, but “stupid Cubs” needs to be said at least one more time!

  9. Chris

    My kid is already squirming and rubbing his eyes. I may be in the car by the 5th inning.

  10. Kurt Frost

    I haven’t been able to criticize Dusty too much this year, but the flipping of Hairston and Dickerson makes no sense at all.

  11. mhopp

    Just tuned in…no surprises so far :poke:

  12. Chris

    Owings is aiming it. And taking a million years between pitches, at least until Pole woke up and came out.

  13. Jason

    Yep, GG and Welsh along with “hep hep, Daddy Wags” and “isnt that right, Jessie? hep hep” are on the top of the riverboat tonight.

  14. preach

    Owings is getting seriously squeezed. He should have been out of this one early. Hope Z gets the same strike zone.

  15. Chris

    Kid is safely strapped into a baby bjorn (attached to his mother). I can relax and enjoy a bunch of little dudes swing for the fences.

  16. preach

    Can’t really tell if Z is going to be squeezed. He is blowing it by guys down the middle and they are swinging at everything off the plate.

  17. mhopp

    Better 2nd inning than 1st that’s fo sho

  18. mhopp

    Marty talking about Reds possibly taking Alex White in the draft…what you think? He went to my church, never met him but my pastor knows him well.

  19. preach

    Owings has settled in. Rough first innings are not unusual for him. I like having Nix bat cleanup.

  20. mhopp

    at least they’re making Z work 50 pitches through 2.2 ip

  21. Chris

    Jumbotron showed GG and Welsh on the kiss cam.

    Meanwhile, I’m sitting next to a fat, drunk, idiot who leeps elbowing me and talking like he’s some sort of ladies’ man.

  22. Kurt Frost

    I’m watching the game in HD in my air conditioned house. Keep us updated on the fat drunk guy.

  23. Chris

    He and I may well be tumbling over the section 421 overhang here in a minute. Look for the guy doing a rear naked choke on a tub of guts as they both plummet to their doom – that’ll be me. I’ve had it.

    Oh, come on, Owings.

  24. mhopp

    Can the Reds even score against a decent pitcher? Z hits a HR :poke:

  25. Chris

    Okay, crisis temporarily averted. That lump took a call (speakerphone, natch), and just took off, with a boast to his pals that he was “getting the hookup” with Diamond Club seats.

    Their loss is our gain.

  26. Chris

    The guy is literally hiccuping, like he’s Barney Gumble or something.

  27. mike

    Is the last time the Reds were no hit really 1971??
    That being the year the team was no-hit twice?

    6/23/1971 vs Philly and Rick Wise (the Reds did get 1 BB)
    6/3/1971 (no hit in the same month) vs the Cubs and Ken Holtzman (the Reds did BB 4 times)

    The last time the Reds had only 3 base runners was, oh right that just happened vs Carpenter and Stl

  28. WORLD

    This looks like a AAA lineup for the Rojos.


    Hairston 3b
    Dickerson cf
    Phillips 2b
    Nix lf
    Hernandez c
    Bruce rf
    Gonzalez ss
    Rosales 1b
    Owings p

    Rose 3b
    Griffey rf
    Morgan 2b
    Foster lf
    Bench c
    Perez 1b
    Concepcion ss
    Geronimo cf
    Billingham p


    Reds ’09. AAA all the way!!!!!

  29. mhopp

    Gameday froze, I can’t listen due to a media error and the game is blocked out on MLB.TV and it’s too early to listen on the car radio.

    What happened to Gonzo? DP?

  30. Chad Dotson

    Just finished watching Virginia blow a NCAA Super Regional game. Allowed Ole Miss to score in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game (tying runner reached on E4), then a 12th inning walkoff homer. Frustrating. Virginia led the entire game until there was one out in the ninth.

    It’s like being a Reds fan.

  31. mhopp

    Oh, goodie!! Can Owings HR off Z like Z did off Owings?

  32. mhopp

    Owings usually goes south in the 6th…look out :-((

  33. Chad Dotson

    I went to a couple of Reds/Cubs games two years ago, and I swore I’d never do it again. Ugh, Cubs fans….

    Other than Chris’ wife, of course.

  34. Chris

    Gonzales GIDP. As predicted by about 20 different people in my section.

    Jesse has been confirmed in the riverboat, right behind GG.

  35. mhopp

    Wonder how long Crusty waits to get the bull pen up?

  36. mhopp

    Oh he’s got the bull pen busy…and it’s Burton, :emotion:

  37. Chad Dotson

    If Owings can get out of this, it’ll be a pretty good six innings, all things considered.

  38. Chris

    The crowd isn’t noticably pro-Cub. Mostly a bunch of drunks not paying any attention to the game but having a good time … so essentially a Wrigley crowd.

  39. mhopp

    Who’s excited about tomorrow’s start? I’m really pulling for that kid, been wanting him to come up for a while now.

  40. Chad Dotson

    Absolutely HORRIBLE baserunning by Dickerson. That’s one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever seen on the basepaths.

  41. Matt B.

    I find it ironic that Welsh is somewhat complaining about Soriano’s OBP as a leadoff man when the Reds have Willy Taveras. Throw in some complaints about him, too, please, Chris.

  42. Chris

    Jay has been on all 3 times, if I’ve been paying attention.

    Really? Pulling Big Z? Nope. Lou sure is a slow walker, though.

  43. mhopp

    Carolina’s 8 game winning streak in jeopardy along with Heisey’s 13 game hitting streak down 5-1 after 8

  44. Chris

    Don’t look now, but Roseales’ numbers are looking pretty bad.

  45. Chris Wilson

    Adam Rosales’ AB music is Ants Marching, thus making him Chad’s favorite player! Not to mention, Chad thinks he is good looking!

  46. mhopp

    Pinella preserving the lead…something Dusty needs to learn

  47. mhopp

    I’d might rather keep masset in the game…I don’t know I guess Dusty is right on this one.

  48. mhopp

    Now who does he bring in? Burton? Lincoln?

  49. Jason

    So I guess GG and Welsh are taking the FS Ohio “helicopter” out of the ballpark tonight, according to GG of course. ❓

  50. Jason

    Youve got to be japing us on that, right?

  51. Jason

    Well, I guess i did see a Majewski T-shirt jersey a couple years back. It was a T-shirt jersey, right?

  52. mhopp

    You know I must say that there are quite a few pitchers that have come to the Reds in the last few years who have done better than where they were before. Guess the pitching coaching isn’t too bad…where did this Nick Massett and Auther Rhodes come from? ERA’s below 1.0 ??

  53. Jason

    Why is their a shop advertisment at the top of RN page? Are you slowly turning this over into a Cubs Blog, Chad? 😉

  54. mhopp

    Juan Fransisco now with 11 HR and 40 RBI’s but only .245 BA

  55. Y-City Jim

    Soriano makes Dunn look like a Gold Glover!!!!!

  56. mhopp

    Nix bad in the clutch :poke: :-(( :emotion:

  57. Y-City Jim

    When I left to go dine with family and friends, I had the radio broadcast on. If I was a new fan to the Reds and heard the putrid negativity coming from Marty Brennaman night after night, I would switch teams. I think the man needs counseling. He was running on Owings big time, and Owings had a decent night especially for being the no. 5 starter.

  58. Y-City Jim

    Time to jack one out of the place, JB.

  59. Y-City Jim

    Does Dickerson’s range compare with Taveras’ or is it a Gonzalez-type deception?

  60. Y-City Jim

    Have we had much of a discussion on this “Reds looking for a 3B” bull crap? Is Encarancion never coming back?

  61. Y-City Jim

    How can you broadcast from that far away?

  62. mike

    Dickerson’s range in CF has been better than Taveras’s this season and for his career in CF

  63. Chad Dotson

    Good question on Dickerson’s range, Jim. I don’t know the answer, but I know he’s made a couple of catches tonight that LOOKED good.

  64. mhopp

    What’s Hanigan’s minor league stats?

  65. Chad Dotson

    JHJ swings at ball four. Terrible. That would have gotten a runner into scoring position.

  66. Y-City Jim

    Based on the limited number of games they have played this season, Taveras has a RF of 3.00 and Dickerson a RF of 2.33 but would the number of games Dickerson has played in LF naturally reduce his RF since the CF takes charge?

  67. Chad Dotson

    And he swung at ball four again…but is bailed out by a wild pitch.

    Terrible AB by JHJ, yet he reached base. I love baseball.

  68. Y-City Jim

    I’d love to have a mic on a Cubs fan right now.

  69. mhopp

    this team can NOT score runs without Votto and Bruce hitting

  70. mike

    Here are the minor league #s that I love about Hanigan

    .376 AAA (4 seasons)
    .405 AA (3 seasons)
    .362 A (2 seasons)
    .368 H-A (1 season)

    .383 career minor league OBP in 2121 PA
    a number of times he BB more than he SO

  71. mike

    I should also add his career Major League OBP is ALSO .383 in 202 PA

    those are great #s

  72. pinson343

    When you get a break like that, you’ve got to take advantage. Phillips and Hanigan were clutch tonite.
    As for the rest of the lineup …