Let’s take a quick trip around the internets….

–Everyone already knew this, but it’s official now: Matt Maloney will be making his major league debut on Saturday. I’m looking forward to it. Maloney has certainly earned the opportunity.

–If you missed this item that Justin linked yesterday, you must go read it. It is just astounding. The Reds have lost players to the disabled list for more days than anyone else in the majors over the last seven seasons, and it really isn’t close. Can it be simply coincidence, or bad luck? Or do the Reds have some fundamental issues with training/conditioning?

Doug asks whether the Reds should be pursuing Matt Holliday. My answer to that question is a resounding no. It would take too much to get him, and we’d only have him for four months. No, thanks.

–On last night’s broadcast, they had another one of those lame text-an-answer questions. This one was about the recently-released Tom Glavine, and whether the Reds should pursue him (short answer, again, is no). Well, Buster Olney says that Glavine deserved Junior Griffey’s fate.

–C. Trent is easily amused.

–We’ve had it linked in the right sidebar for a while, but since Rob Neyer mentioned it, seems like a good time to note this site, a clearinghouse for MLB contract info. Very informative.

–Also informative, of course, is Redleg Nation‘s exclusive Salary Chart, Big Board and Draft Trackers (check out the links to all of them in the right sidebar). Many of you may not be aware of these; check ’em out. Fellow editors Tom and Bill put a lot of work into keeping those updated, all in the name of ultimately making RN your one-stop shop for Reds info.

–A press release from the Reds that is definitely worth sharing:

CANNED FOOD DRIVE: Fans attending the Reds vs. Cubs games this weekend are asked to bring a non-perishable canned food item to the game…drop it in designated collection barrels at GABP gates…and receive two tickets to the June 17th Reds vs. Braves game. Through a partnership with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, all canned goods collected will help local Cincinnati neighbors in need. In addition, each fan donating can enter a drawing to throw out the first pitch at the June 17th game.

Good cause, free tickets. Sounds like the proverbial win-win situation.