Here we go again:

It sounds like the Reds will ride it out short-handed until Willy Taveras is 100 percent. I asked Walt Jocketty if it was to point where the Reds needed to get another outfielders in.

“Not yet,” general manager Walt Jocketty said. “Hopefully, (Taveras) will get better everyday. That’s why we kept him out. He’s not quite 100 percent.

“I hope we don’t have to, but we’ll see.”

Put Willy Taveras on the stupid disabled list. He has already cost the Reds one game, and now the Reds are going to play short-handed because Jocketty is petrified of making a move. Taveras isn’t good enough to screw around while we wait on him to heal (heck, Drew Stubbs would likely produce as well or better than Taveras right now).