It’s the “Let’s salvage something out of this road trip” edition of the game thread….

Even with a win tonight, the Reds will still head home with a losing record on this road trip. Nothing can change the disaster that was the series in Milwaukee, but winning three out of four in St. Louis would certainly help get the taste of Brewer out of our mouth.

Aaron Harang is pitching tonight, which is a good thing. Chris Carpenter is pitching for the Cards, which is a bad thing. Keep those fingers crossed, as this one is shaping up to be an interesting matchup.

Here’s B-R’s preview; discuss the game here!

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  1. taoistlumberjak

    I’ll be darned if I don’t understand what A-Gonz is saying.

  2. David

    With a win and Milwaukee loss, the Reds will be only a game and a half out of first. That’s a great thing considering they lost three games to Milwaukee last weekend. Currently the Brewers are being no hit through three innings. Josh Johnson is fantastic.

  3. bmattuk

    It would sure be nice if the Reds could get some early runs on Carpenter before he settles in.

  4. Kyle

    If the Reds could win this game, I think we could chalk this up as an average road trip. No real shame in going 3-4 when you play at Milwaukee and at St. Louis. It will be a very difficult task tonight though. Harang has to pitch great, which he has not done for awhile.

  5. Kyle

    An 8 pitch inning to start things off.

  6. bmattuk

    Why does George Grande feel the need to inform us every pitch that the runner isn’t going?

  7. Y-City Jim

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a color man that was an ex-MLB hitter rather than ex-MLB pitcher all the time?

  8. Mark in CC

    Hey Pee Wee watch what you wish for.Maybe we could get Joe Morgan back.

  9. bmattuk

    Thank God La Russa insists on hitting the pitcher 8th. Whew.

  10. bmattuk

    How many times has Gonzalez’s bat slipped out of his hands this year?

  11. bmattuk

    Never mind George pretty much answered it.

  12. Y-City Jim

    Is Gonzalez any worse of a hitter with a bat out of his hands than he is with the bat in his hands?

  13. Chris

    I’ve figured out the problem with Brantley. As to pitching only, it’s not ignorance. It’s over-certainty. I think he knows what he’s talking about, and can almost articulate it. But he starts from a position, and doesn’t EVER deviate from it, no matter what the evidence shows.

  14. Anthony in SE OH

    C.C. or Santana seem like they probably have the best chance of actives right now.

  15. REDS1

    As good as Carpenter is that might be enough support right there.

  16. mhopp

    Well there’s the runs Carpenter needs…lets hope we can get a few then see the bull pen…great news on Maloney BTW

  17. REDS1

    Pujols is good but I am not sure about Harang. Lots of baserunners.

  18. Anthony in SE OH

    Hairston swinging at the first pitch! You have to make Carpenter work, or you aren’t going to get to him.

  19. Chris

    (I’m a little behind). That “tech talk” made Brantley look like he was 4 feet tall.

  20. Y-City Jim

    Absolutely totally unrelated but I watched Kung Fu as a kid – David Carradine hung himself.

  21. GregD

    Maloney on Saturday was baseball’s worst kept secret.

    Why are Marty and Mercker sitting so far apart?

  22. GregD

    Does Burton still go down on Saturday?

  23. Y-City Jim

    Nice play by Hairston.

    Based on last night’s conversation between George and Cowboy, there is probably 100+ empty Coke bottles between them left by Brantley.

  24. REDS1

    Can’t watch this one tonight so I am Gamecasting it. Does the ump have a tight zone?

  25. earl

    Pujols is a freak. He clobbered a couple of pitches against Cueto last night really hard that I doubt any other hitter right now in baseball could drive like that. The only other right handed power hitter that I know that had similar control over the strike zone like that was Frank Thomas when he was at his peak.

  26. Y-City Jim

    Does Burton still go down on Saturday?

    That may be the big secret.

  27. GregD

    I see the Braves made the first big trade of the regular season, and proved that it is possible to make moves before July.

  28. Y-City Jim

    How many are ready to throw up after that Dusty comment by Brantley?

  29. BigRedMike

    Do you think any team would take Taveras off the Reds hands?

  30. BigRedMike

    What did he say about Baker?

    Harang is pretty wild tonight.

  31. REDS1

    I don’t see anyone giving up anything substantial for him. He does not get one enough (obviously).

  32. Chris

    No, Mike. Nobody wanted him six months ago, and he’s no different now than he was then. (Well, he’s supposedly hurt now).

  33. Kyle

    This is about what I expected tonight. Too bad they pitched to Pujols.

  34. earl

    I wonder if the Red Sox would be interested in taking on Alex Gonzales for a loner. They have all sorts of issues at shortstop both at the plate and the field. If the Reds are looking to deal guys that are at the end of the contract, that perhaps could be a club might go for a SS.

  35. Y-City Jim

    Baker was DFAed by the Cardinals.

  36. BigRedMike

    Getting rid of Agon would make me happy.

    I agree in regards to Taveras, just hoping that someone would take him.

  37. GregD

    Right, six months ago, the Rockies couldn’t get anything for him. Now that he’s injured and owed $4M next year, I doubt you could throw him into a packaged deal.

  38. REDS1

    The Reds are 2 for 18 so far tonight.

  39. Kyle

    As much as I hate the Cardinals, they have had some really bad luck with the Mulder and Carpenter injuries over the last few years. They could have been really good.

  40. Y-City Jim

    My hatred for Pujols continues to grow.

  41. Y-City Jim

    What kind of dopey throw was that?

  42. Y-City Jim

    He can give off any Gold Glove Award for this year.

  43. Y-City Jim

    substitute kiss off for give off.

  44. Anthony in SE OH

    Carpenter making a run for a CG shutout with this pitch count.

  45. Kyle

    Good job by Harang to limit the damage. Not a great start for him tonight, but pretty solid. Lucky to work out of a few of these jams. Unfortunately his offense has only had someone on base for about 4 pitches the entire game.

  46. mhopp

    This is a Albert P. and Chris Carpenter game

  47. mhopp

    Sad showing by Reds offense, when is Bruce going to sit…when he goes under .200?

  48. Drew nelson

    Why will sitting Bruce help him? Let him keep learning, you can’t learn anything sitting on the bench.

  49. Anthony in SE OH

    What a good pick up nix was

  50. Kyle

    Harang ends up with an impressive line. I guess we have to hope for a miracle in the 9th.

  51. Y-City Jim

    If the Reds would have just walked Pujols everytime, they win 1-0.

  52. mhopp

    Thanks for the Patterson reference Chris, that’s who I was thinking of :poke: :-(( :poke: :-((

  53. Chris

    This game sucked. On the positive side, we only had to listen to this broadcasting “dream team” for 2:20.

  54. Y-City Jim

    I wonder how many hitting instructors Bruce has in his ears. While I am no big Jacoby fan, he is the hitting instructor and he is the only one that should be working with Bruce. I don’t know if and how much the Reds use video but you have to think sitting Bruce down in front of a TV to watch his swing would have to have some benefit.

  55. mhopp

    Carpenter did pitch well, it wasn’t just that the Reds weren’t hitting well. :-(( :emotion:

  56. mhopp

    Mudcats winning 10-3 so that will be 9th in a row…Heisey only 2-5

  57. AnnapolisRed

    I do not understand why Pujols is not walked every time. It is pure stupidity to pitch to him with two outs and a runner at second or two outs and a runner on first. Just walk him!