It’s the “Help, Johnny Cueto!” edition of the game thread….

Cueto makes his first start of June tonight, fresh off a brilliant April and May. The Reds are struggling a bit right now, and this road trip has started almost as poorly as it possibly could have.

Only a win tonight and tomorrow will put the team back on track. It’s up to Johnny Cueto and a cast of thousands tonight. They’ll face former Reds Kyle Lohse.

Lineups below the fold; discuss the game here….

Jerry Hairston 3B
Chris Dickerson CF
Brandon Phillips 2B
Jay Bruce RF
Ramon Hernandez 1B
Laynce Nix LF
Alex Gonzalez SS
Ryan Hanigan C
Johnny Cueto P

230 Responses

  1. Waiting on a call up

    Maloney or Bailey?? Why doesn’t Walt Jocketty call us to decide? Check out my site to look at their last performance. Both pitchers killed it in their last outing, posting shutouts against solid teams.

  2. Jimmy

    Jimmy is available out of the pen or for a spot start. Jimmy can bat cleanup or in the 8 hole. Please Mr. Jockety, let Jimmy be a Red.

  3. aaron

    The Braves have released Tom Glavine wanna take a chance on a past his prime HOF lefty? For Less than 1M (his salary this year)

  4. Jason

    Ok, am I alone here, or is GG and the Cowboy a odd pairing?

  5. brublejr

    That is the absolute worst pairing possible, Jason

  6. Jason

    Well, you know I love me some Brantley, but you also know I loathe (it really is a so bad, its entertaining-strongly dislike) me some GG. This should be one hot mess of a telecast.

  7. Jason

    I would pay serious cabbage to hear GG and Marty do just one game together, heck, just one half inning.

  8. REDS1

    I think we discussed last night what that combination might produce.

    Hello all.

  9. REDS1

    A couple of strikeouts and and pickoff. Pretty ugly.

  10. Anthony in Indiana

    Hell why not give Glavine a shot we could use another lefty in the pen. Especially for that price………maybe a sell a few tickets and few jerseys… win Castellini…..

  11. Kyle

    I don’t think Glavine is excited to come to Cincinnati so he can be a LH bullpen guy. I don’t think there is any need for him in a Reds uniform. Would rather see the younger players get chances.

  12. Matt B.

    Man, I am starting to think that Nix’s start to this season isn’t an aberration.

    It sounds like Dusty is mad at Taveras, according to Grande. That’s good news for us fans.

  13. mhopp

    Hanigan again…sure would hate to see a .326 batter higher in the line up (eye rolls) but hey that’s just where Dusty has the catcher hit (eye rolls again)

  14. mike

    this team must lead the league in getting picked off and getting thrown out at home
    the team is also below major league average for SB%

    I know it’s been mentioned before but does the base running coach on this team hurt or help this team?

  15. mhopp

    Waiting for the callup: clearly Maloney is the better choice given he is a lefty, has been more consistent, has shutout a better hitting team in last outing and has not been given the chance that Bailey has.

    More on Chris Heisey…goes 2-3 tonight now up to .388 average, can this guy do anything wrong? He’s even made some great defensive plays in the last week. Frasier looking good too.

  16. mhopp

    Cards having similar problems with injuries as Reds

  17. mike

    gotta love when a guy/pitcher with a career -45 OPS+ (.204 OPS) who’s been on base 7 times over 2 years in 78 plate appearances gets a hit

  18. Kyle

    The Reds are certainly getting some breaks. Would be nice to capitalize.

  19. REDS1

    Big two out hit for Brandon. He is really getting the job done.

    Where are we in double plays? Seems like the Reds ground into a lot of them.

  20. Matt B.

    Why would you slide into second head-first when you have a broken thumb?

  21. AnnapolisRed

    Bruce 1-21 on the road trip, 5 for his last 41!

  22. Kyle

    Big hit for BP after the Reds almost blew a nice oppurtunity. And a SB to get into scoring position as well.

  23. mike

    I never realized how bad a hitter Cueto has been.

    Looking at active players who’ve played for the Reds, here are the worst hitters with at least 50 PA adjusting the OPS for position
    1 Darnell McDonald -.336 .475 .811 44
    2 Dewayne Wise -.331 .484 .814 46
    3 Chad Moeller -.290 .417 .707 49
    4 Jason Ellison -.274 .549 .823 56
    5 Matt Belisle -.182 .193 .374 88
    6 Brady Clark -.181 .674 .855 242
    7 Edinson Volquez -.178 .182 .359 88
    8 Aaron Harang -.176 .192 .368 406
    9 Corey Patterson -.169 .582 .751 392
    10 Johnny Cueto -.149 .210 .360 77

    and the worst overall, not adjusting, which of course is all pitchers
    1 Edinson Volquez .182 88
    2 Aaron Harang .192 406
    3 Matt Belisle .193 88
    4 Johnny Cueto .210 77
    5 Ron Villone .254 94
    6 Ryan Dempster .270 70
    7 Kyle Lohse .351 66
    8 Elizardo Ramirez .354 42
    9 Brett Tomko .367 177
    10 Bronson Arroyo .412 274

  24. AnnapolisRed

    Not a smart play by Phillips even though he was safe.

  25. REDS1

    Now why steal there? I don’t get that.

  26. mhopp

    Why did he steal 3rd with 2 outs? Unless there is an error it was a waste… it’s not like Hernandez will get an infield hit

  27. Jason

    Hey! Bruuuuuuuce! Great to see him get a big hit!

  28. AnnapolisRed

    mhopp-Hanigan is hitting seventh tonight, that is perfect. Where do you want him to bat?

  29. Matt B.

    Too bad Bruce didn’t take second when Phillips took third. It might be 4-0 instead of 3-0 right now. Hopefully Nix can knock him in.

  30. mhopp

    What cable companies does everyone watch the Reds on in the OH area?

  31. Kyle

    Bruce walked. But its nice to see him actually standing on a base regardless.

  32. mike

    the steal also opened up the door for them to pitch around Bruce

  33. Matt B.

    We have Time Warner in the Dayton area.

  34. REDS1

    Bruce probably didn’t take second because the steal attempt wasn’t anticipated.

  35. Kyle

    Big inning from BP there. Reds really need this game with Carpenter pitching tomorrow.

  36. AnnapolisRed

    Mike-Pitch around? They didn’t pitch around Bruce. The guy couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat right now. Stealing second was fine, the bad play was stealing third.

    Matt-Can’t blame Bruce for not stealing second when Phillips stole third because Phillips went on his own. That was the wrong play so there is no reason for Bruce thinking about stealing second.

  37. mhopp

    Hanigan-I’d have him bat 5th…with a high batting average I’d want him to get more at-bats…it might only be 1 more per game…plus he is a little faster than Hernandez…just like everyone else is.

  38. Jason

    Annapolis- Oh boy, this guy is obviously asleep at the whell tonight, shouldve known better, thx.


  39. mhopp

    I moved from Eastern NC to the Western foothills and now am blocked out from watching 2 teams on MLB.TV The Braves and Reds…this sux as I can only listen to Marty :poke:

    We have Charter Communications here…I’m checking with them right now to see if I can watch the Reds games

  40. Matt B.

    When I played baseball, I was always taught to keep an eye on the lead base runner in case he did decide to take off. But whatever, it’s not that big of a deal, as long as Cueto continues this performance.

  41. Chad Dotson

    Cueto’s throwing a lot of pitches, but no runs through three. He continues to give the Reds a chance in every game he pitches.

  42. mhopp

    Looks like I may be able to watch the Reds on FSN South or FSN Tennessee…fingers crossed

  43. mhopp

    Marcus Macbeth pitching for Pawtucket against Bats right now.

  44. Jason

    Looks like I have my most annoying new FS Ohio Reds regular commercial in, Safe Autos “Justin Case”. The commercial and more importantly “Justin” irks me, but it also reminds me of Colin Cowherd who grates my nerves to no end.

  45. Kyle

    Nice. 8 pitch inning, which could mean Cueto can go 7 instead of 6.

  46. Glenn

    Yeah Chad, Taveras might not want to look over his shoulder. With Dusty being a little annoyed about T telling him the hammy was OK and Hairston hitting in leadoof spot, his playing time could get seriously ate into.

  47. mike

    Chad no doubt Cueto has given the Reds a chance in most games he’s pitched

    Starts keeping the team in it (defined as Game Score over 50)
    9 Cueto
    5 Volquez, Harang, and Arroyo
    2 Owings

    Bad starts (Game Score <= 40)
    4 Owings, Harang and Arroyo
    3 Volquez
    1 Bailey

    The Reds are 19-7 (scoring over 3 runs only 1 time in the losses)
    The Reds are 3-13 in the bad starts

    The Reds are 3-13 in the bad starts adn

  48. AnnapolisRed

    Hopp-Hernandez has done a good job there. I would keep Hanigan right where he is. Saying Hanigan is faster than Hernandez is like saying the Terrapin Turtle is faster than the diamondback.

  49. Jason

    Mhopp, i understand your frustration. When I moved to Toledo from BG (20 miles), I moved into a “Tiger” market and my cable company only carried Tiger games, but the thing of it was is that it was also a Reds market but they didnt carry FS OHIO, and since it was so they were blacked out in my area on Extra Innings Pkg, etc. I called, wrote letters to the cable company and FS Ohio along with local radio sports radio stations and the next year they picked it up. The summer of 2007 was awful needless to say w/o being able to watch my Reds games, but looking back if I was ever to miss a season 07′ wasnt a bad one to miss.

  50. AnnapolisRed

    Matt-But with two outs you can’t just go because the other guy goes because if you get thrown out the inning is over.

  51. REDS1

    Jason: And ’06, and ’05 and ’04 etc..

  52. AnnapolisRed

    The MLB blackout rules are archaic and stupid. When I lived in Indiana the games would be blacked out if they were on ESPN because the game was on Fox Sports Ohio, even if we didn’t get Fox Sports Ohio. How are they supposed to draw new fans if the new fans can’t watch the games.

  53. Jason

    Thanks for the reminder, Chad. I was going to check out the radio side tonight, but when I saw the combo of GG/Cowboy on the TV side I decided to check out that dynamic. This is me flipping to radio.

  54. Chad Dotson

    I agree, and I can’t believe they can’t fix the blackout rules. This is 2009, after all.

    On the other hand, I’m not sure I want them to fix the rules. I should be in the Reds market, but for some reason MLB says I’m in the Natinals market. Even though A*** D*** plays for the Natinals, I don’t mind those games getting blacked out.

  55. REDS1

    In Fort Wayne on Verizon Fios we get Fox Sports Indiana. They cover about 2/3 of the Reds games.

  56. Jason

    Annapolis- I ran into that in South Bend on way back from Milwaukee on Sunday. We popped into a BW3 and they said Reds are blacked out in their area, ugh.

  57. Chad Dotson

    I don’t care how well he has played so far, it will be a disgrace if Raul Ibanez is a starter in the all-star game. Raul Ibanez?

  58. Jason

    Chad, do you have the extra innings pkg?

  59. Y-City Jim

    Clinging to a 4-0 lead? Since when is a four run lead clinging, George?

  60. REDS1

    Is a trip to the Reds Hall of Fame worth the $$$? Thom is always bragging about it.

  61. BigRed Tube

    Chad Philly is a big market with a lot of voters.

  62. Jason

    REDS1-Go. Go. Go. It is worth every penny.

  63. mhopp

    It looks like I can see the Reds on FSN Sports South…check out the website:

    They have the Reds, Cards, and Braves…and I downloaded a schedule of Reds games carried, it states some are on FSTN (FSN Tennessee) and some are on SPSO (FSN Sports South I guess?)…I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch FSTN but I’m only about 100 miles from the TN border.

    I don’t have cable TV but I’ll get it if it means watching the Reds, especially since they’re above .500 and it’s June!

  64. Matt Steele

    So I skipped out of watching the Reds on tv tonight to try and see Randy Johnson win his 300th….. Then Mother Nature had to explode… it was insane… rain, hail, wind, lightning etc etc

    Anyway, glad to see K-ueto! pitching well

    I wouldn’t mind taking a flyer on Glavine, besides I feel like he could teach a few of our pitchers a thing or two

  65. mhopp

    Reds Hall of Fame is not that great but it’s worth the $$ as I think it’s a lifetime thing for under $20

  66. Glenn

    Albert is just the best. Their not going to stop him, just try to contain him.

  67. Chad Dotson

    I do have the extra innings package, but it forces me to watch the Nats games on the MASN channel. Last year, those games weren’t in HD, so every time they played the Reds, it was standard definition.

    I can’t believe I’m complaining about not having HD. Sorry. It could be much, much worse.

  68. mhopp

    Heisey off his game at 2-5 tonight with an infield single. Jordon Smith went 8 with 3er and 7hits, Alonzo 2-4…pretty good.

    How about Layance Nix?

  69. AnnapolisRed

    Great catch and throw by Nix. Terible call by the second base umpire. He was clearly out.

  70. mhopp

    Another miserable call by MLB umpires…this year has been terrible for that, both for and against the Reds

  71. BigRed Tube

    They need to test Albert to make sure he is HUMAN!

  72. Glenn

    I’ve seen more bad calls this year than I have in a lifetime of watching baseball. that’s 2 tonight that weren’t even close.

  73. REDS1

    Brantley is saying bang-bang. But he was out. No harm though.

  74. AnnapolisRed

    mhopp-How can you say the Reds Hall of Fame isn’t that great? Do you hate everything? Reds Hall of Fame is phenomenal.

  75. Glenn

    That wasn’t even close enough to be rated as bang-bang. Just awful.

  76. Y-City Jim

    I hope Cardinal fans curse the name of Cueto like we curse the name of Pujols. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Jason

    Yeah, 100 games is great in HD, but it makes me dislike standard definition even more than I already do. I want to look into how many games most cities get in Hd in comparison to Cincinnati. Im guessing we are right there in the middle.

  78. Drew Nelson

    JC has really done well, how come he was off the radar throughout his minor league years?

  79. mhopp

    Are the Dayton Dragons A ball or high A?

  80. BigRed Tube

    Theres about 130 Dodger games in HD

  81. REDS1

    In the Midwest League with Fort Wayne’s Tincaps (sometimes referred to as the ‘pot heads’.

  82. Jason

    Whoa. Pittsburgh Pirate fan favorite, Nate McLouth traded to Atlanta.

  83. mhopp

    I guess I don’t have anything to compare the Reds HOF with…I think they were still adding things when I went.

  84. REDS1

    Cueto’s at 100 pitches. His last inning perhaps.

  85. Kyle

    3 middle-level guys who are either going to never pan out or get traded for 3 more mid-level prospects if there is any inkling that they might be serviceable.

  86. BigRed Tube

    If Cueto make it through the inning thats more than enough.

  87. mhopp

    There is guy named TJ or Terry Hose who got beat by the Dragons tonight…he’s from where I grew up in MD and then went to East Carolina when I was living in the same town, met his family and talked at length with them. He’s doing pretty good except for 2 times, one of them tonight.

  88. Glenn

    Geeze the Pirates didn’t even get a major leaguer out of the deal. Nate the Great was the only reason folks came to the ballpark. There’s gonna be some empty stands in P’burgh.

  89. BigRed Tube

    Is Cueto exiting the game right now??

  90. Glenn

    BTW, I don’t see the Reds taking Glavine but the Cards might.

  91. mhopp

    Schumaker may be sitting for a few games knowing Tony LaRussa

  92. Matt WI

    I’ve only been listening for one inning, but Marty is on fire. Ripping the Reds for only throwing fastballs to Rasmus, ripping the Cards for allowing that runner to try and steal. Seriously Marty, they make pills for this sort of thing.

  93. mhopp

    5’6″ throw-in from Hamilton trade sportin’ a 1.69 ERA! Meanwhile both other players are on DL

  94. Jason

    Yeah, he was the fan favorite there easily, I would feel for the fans out there, but we are talking Pittsburgh here.

  95. Kyle

    Its pretty bad when the only guy talented enough to be a fan favorite is nate mclouth. Is the Pirates slogan: “Hey, we have a nice ballpark”?

  96. Jason

    Kyle-It really does seem to feel that way.

  97. BigRed Tube

    Herrera is a midget I met him at the Padres game and I was towering over him at 5’11”!

  98. Matt WI

    they’ve still got Freddie Sanchez in Pittsburgh. For now.

  99. REDS1

    Dancing fairies? Brantley seriously. You should not be admitting that.

  100. Jason

    GG and Cowboy talking about Dancing Ferries in your head, priceless.

  101. Glenn

    You think the Reds ownership has been stingy at times, try watching the Pittsburgh francise.

  102. Y-City Jim

    The best thing Pittsburgh could do is blow up Mt. Washington so as to improve the access to and from downtown Pittsburgh. Maybe some fans would show up then and they could increase payroll.

  103. Jason

    Yeah, they make the Mike Brown look like a geni….wait, slow down jason.

  104. mhopp

    I think Marty may be going senile, or else Joe for all those years managed to keep him calm. I listened to them starting in 1983 and that was mostly how I followed the Reds until the last few years with the net…gotta love the net!

  105. AnnapolisRed

    Bruce has been awful for a long stretch now to be brutally awful. I think he is 1-23 now on the road trip and 5 for his last 43. He needs a couple of days off.

  106. Glenn

    When I was attending WVU several years ago we used to make the hour trip up to watch the bucs. Lets just say we didnt have to fight anyone for good seats.

  107. BigRed Tube

    Its not to surprising Pirates trade away all the talent they ever get

  108. mhopp

    Marlins have had the lowest Salary for years and compete regularly…although it’s hard to see good players leave, and it shows in their stands. Their salary is at the bottom again this year at $36 mil, half the Reds salary!

  109. Y-City Jim

    If American is ever invaded from the west, the safest place would be Pittsburgh. The invading forces would be held up for days in traffic on I-279.

  110. Glenn

    Your right Jim…not an attractive town.

  111. AnnapolisRed

    I still love Marty. He says what he thinks. He desperately wants the Reds to win, but he is far from a homer. He sounds like some of the posters on this board sometimes, but it’s only because he cares so much (like everybody on this board)

  112. Y-City Jim

    It Laynce Nix Night in St. Louis!!!!!

  113. mhopp

    Nix with 2 in a game…you know I don’t mean to down him but he does seem a little “pumped” I saw him close up at the Mudcats stadium, nice guy and I didn’t know who he was then.

  114. BigRed Tube

    Nix is getting it done!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  115. Jason

    Yeah, that Y-City is a big bowl of yuk-yuks.

  116. Glenn

    When this season started did anyone think Nix and Hanigan would contribute this much.

  117. AnnapolisRed

    Hanigan is a machine. Janish has hit the ball hard tonight as well. He deserves to play again tomorrow. I feel a great outing by Harang tomorrow night. Bruce needs a day off.

  118. Kyle

    Nice, barring a Danny Graves appearance, the Reds have at least split this series. If they could somehow manage to win against Carpenter tomorrow, it would turn this into a decent road trip. Certainly not good, but decent.

  119. Chad Dotson

    Nix made that bad defensive play last night that cost a run, but he has been a man possessed tonight. He’s been great offensively and defensively.

  120. Glenn

    I agree let’s give Bruce a day off to clear his head.

  121. mhopp

    Marty has been with the Reds forever…he’s originally from NC. Here gomes Gomes

  122. Jason

    Yeah, W or L tomorrow night I am really wanting to see Harang pitch well.

  123. Kyle

    I actually thought Hanigan would do a good job as the second catcher (not this good). I didn’t even know who Nix was.

  124. AnnapolisRed

    Chad-I just like his demeanor. He looks like a guy you wouldn’t want to screw with LOL.

  125. Chad Dotson

    And let it be known that we started the “Free Laynce Nix” movement here at RN. ๐Ÿ˜€

  126. Glenn

    I had no idea Hanigan could hit and I too had never heard of Nix. Guess WJ does know what he’s doing…sometimes.

  127. mhopp

    AnnapolisRed: Just being honest about Nix…very likable guy but really pumped. He was the only player who would pick up a ball that got dropped by a kid fan and throw it to him…him and EE seemed to be the best with the fans…BP signed a lot of autographs too.

  128. AnnapolisRed

    So what are you getting at? ARe you trying to say he’s a steroids user? If you are, that is BS.

  129. earl

    Depending on who the Cubs start, I could see a couple of days of Johnny Gomes for Jay Bruce this weekend as they will probably see Sean Marshall and Ted Lilly.

  130. mhopp

    Yep, Bruce needs to sit…he’s done really good in the past when he gets a day off. Why not when you’ve got Dickerson and Nix? Sheesh Crusty Baker please :poke:

  131. AnnapolisRed

    I remembered Nix with the Rangers. He was a big time prospect that got hurt.

  132. AnnapolisRed

    I would definitely sit Bruce against a lefty (at least now). He is woeful against lefties. The only problem is that isn’t a very good OF with Gomes and Nix out there. I guess you could put Nix in right. You could also play JHJ in the OF and Rosales at third.

  133. mhopp

    I don’t want to use those words, this is a public forum…lets leave it at that out of respect for him.
    Nix had 4 other 2 HR games in his career? I never have really looked at his stats.

  134. Kyle

    Lilly pitched tonight so we should miss him and Zambrano. Getting Bruce a day off wouldn’t be a bad thing. It is tough to do with all of the regulars that are out though.

  135. BigRed Tube

    If Bruce sits tomorrow does that mean Taveras in or Gomes??

  136. Glenn

    I’m still not sold on Dickerson as an everyday player, but Bruce needs time to regroup.

  137. REDS1

    Dusty’s doing a great job tonight.

  138. AnnapolisRed

    Interesting note on the Cardinals broadcast, David Weathers home schools his kids.

  139. mhopp

    Ichiro at 27 games straight now…that guy is fun to watch hit, he’s always 2 steps out of the box by the time he hits the ball.

  140. AnnapolisRed

    Hopp-Out of respect? You are the guy insinuating it not me. We aren’t dumb.

  141. Y-City Jim

    Taveras is borderline DL with that hammy issue. I wish they would DL him and call up Stubbs for a taste of the bigs.

  142. Glenn

    Their probably the smartest ones on the block.

  143. Kyle

    If I sat Bruce right now, I’d go with Hairston, Dickerson, and Nix/Gomes in the outfield. Let Taveras sit for a few days until he feels like running full speed.

  144. Jason

    Its hard to argue that Dusty isnt doing a really good job with this team with all of the injuries, etc this team has gone through of late. Some of those lineups are just plain ughly, he’s getting the most out of what he has, no doubt.

  145. mhopp

    I say the OF can be Dickerson in CF, Gomes in RF and Nix in LF but that’s assuming there is a RHP on the mound…Carpenter tomorrow

  146. AnnapolisRed

    Dickerson has really played well after a slow start. He has been very patient at the plate and is hitting the ball hard.

    Big Red-You could play Hairston in the OF and Rosales at third. I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave Hanigan a break tomorrow as well and caught Castillo.

  147. Kyle

    It will be amazing if Ichiro holds together long enough to get 3000 hits. If he stays healthy, he should get to 2000 by the end of the year. Would be a very tough accomplishment to get another 1000 (I think he’ll be 36 at the start of next season).

  148. Glenn

    I don’t think Taveras is going to get a second chance to BS Dusty on the subject of that hammy. he won’t be back until Dusty says he’s healed. Taveras’ play went a long way in losing that game last night.

  149. earl

    I’d give Gomes a start if it was me. I think Taveras must be still nicked up or else Dusty would be playing him. Dickerson does work a count and gets on base.

  150. Y-City Jim

    It’s nice to bash on the Cardinals for a change.

  151. Matt WI

    Save it for tomorrow’s game fellas. Save it for tomorrow.

  152. Glenn

    Great night tonight for the offense. I hope this doesn’t me they’ll only have 2 hits tomorrow.

  153. Y-City Jim

    LaRue warming up to possible pitch.

  154. BigRed Tube

    I would think they would wait an extra game to rest Hanigan after this series or put Hernandez at catcher and rosales at 1st hairston at 3rd

  155. earl

    BP is going to have to stay hot for awhile for the Reds to keep going. He really gets some power for a guy his size.

    I’m almost buying a bit of Votto being gone maybe hurting Bruce at the plate. I think teams would be a bit more pressed to use the LOOGY on Bruce like both the Brewers and Cards did if they had Votto right in front.

  156. AnnapolisRed

    Someone the other night was saying how strange it was they released him. Now we know why.

  157. Glenn

    Better save some of this for Harang tomorrow night.

  158. AnnapolisRed

    BigRed-Hernandez could probably use a day as well. Off day coming up on Monday.

  159. BigRed Tube

    I love an old fashioned beat down!!

  160. Glenn

    What kind of knucklehead is still using steroids when they know MLB is testing everyone. Geeze! He probably should have been released for having a bad case of the dumb A.

  161. Kyle

    An awesome game from Brandon Phillips tonight.

  162. REDS1

    I remember the Reds blowing a lead like this against the Cardinals a few years back. I think Weathers threw for part of it.

  163. BigRed Tube

    Who has the better bullpen REDS or CARDNIALS ??? ๐Ÿ˜€

  164. Glenn

    Good night guys I feal a rack attack coming on.

  165. mhopp

    A sore hammy quickly become a pulled hammy and a pulled hammy can quickly become a torn hammy…remember Griffey?

  166. BigRed Tube

    At least Hernandez has been playing at 1st , we don’t have a day off till Monday

  167. Y-City Jim

    Griffey was pretty much shredded hammy.

  168. mhopp

    Geesh, and Mallet wasn’t that good…although doing better this year I think…the Reds let him go?

  169. mhopp

    Griffey’s was ripped off the bone…ouch X(

  170. mhopp

    Come on Fisher, blow em away…just don’t see Mr. Albert!

  171. Jason

    He was released on Friday, his suspension starts when he signs a ML contract.

  172. AnnapolisRed

    Get somebody up NOW. Do not screw around with this game.

    It was graves not weathers that blew the Cards game.

  173. BigRed Tube

    No need to PANIC all is well!!

  174. AnnapolisRed

    Another bleeping bad call. He was out easy. WTF is going on with these umpires.

  175. AnnapolisRed

    It was a great play by Fisher and he was out. Wasn’t even close. Great job by Hanigan blocking the plate.

  176. REDS1

    REDS win. Nice game tonight. Let’s get 3 of 4 tomorrow.

    Harang needs a good one.

  177. mhopp

    This one belongs to Reds…glad they let Mallet go

  178. BigRed Tube

    Mark another one down in the WIN COLUMN!!GO REDS!!

  179. Jason

    Smiling Scoreboard! Btw, GG said that at least 3 times tonight. I think he read Paul Daugherty’s blog this morning.