It’s the “I love beating the Cardinals” edition of the RN game thread….

Bronson Arroyo versus Brad Thompson engage in a battle of wills tonight as the Reds look to continue what they started last night. In his last two starts, Arroyo has pitched 17 innings and given up just two runs. We can’t ask for any more than that, so I’ll be satisfied with 8 innings of one-run ball tonight. Won’t you?

B-R has the preview. Discuss the game here!

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  1. Matt B.

    Thompson hasn’t pitched since May 17th. The Reds’ offense better take advantage of his rust.

  2. Y-City Jim

    I cannot believe Burton is coming back. They sent him down to try and fix him. Plus won’t he go back down on Saturday to make room for a starter?

  3. Matt B.

    Probably, unless they give Masset a spot start.

  4. BigRed Tube

    Which Bronson Arroyo will show up to night???

  5. BigRed Tube

    Burton needs a couple weeks to figure it out.

  6. Kyle

    I wouldn’t be against Masset getting a start. I’d rather see them go to Maloney though, just because he has earned it in AAA. Is he even on the 40 man though?

  7. BigRed Tube

    I would be interested to see how Maloney would perform in the big leagues, he has some talent.

  8. Jason

    Jay in the 2 hole tonight to hopefully see more fastballs.

  9. REDS1

    Didn’t the Enquirer imply it would probably be Maloney?

  10. Jason

    Yeah, I keep hearing Maloney doesnt have ML talent, lets find out.

  11. Jason

    John Fay hinted at it, in regards to Maloney.

  12. REDS1

    New here. And not planning jump off the bandwagon soon. I maybe violating the etiquette here.

    But asking before the first pitch were are we all from??

    Fort Wayne here.

  13. Y-City Jim

    I certainly would take Maloney over Thompson. I agree it is time to see what Maloney does against MLB hitters.

  14. WORLD

    Hi guys.

    From New York City.

    Jason: The Maloney experience is about to begin. Book it.

    And I’ve shown considerable restraint in not calling in to find out what’s the story on Joey Votto. I’m as curious as anyone else.

    How is everyone? I’ve been in Paris.

  15. REDS1

    Votto seems to be a closely guarded state secret.

  16. REDS1


    My brother-in-law is completing his doctorate at Iowa and jost got a Psychology position at Toledo.

  17. Jason

    Well, Iowa to Toledo might not be that awful for him then.

    Everytime I think Broyo is going to be good Broyo we get bad Broyo and visa versa. I REALLY think we get good Broyo tonight.

  18. Y-City Jim

    Zanesville, Ohio

    Home of:

    Richard Basehart (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)
    Mark Dantonio (Michigan State head football coach)
    Zane Grey (author)
    Kevin Martin (NBA-Sacramento Kings)
    Jay Peyton (MLB outfielder)
    Dan Patrick (ESPN)
    Michelle Redman (LPGA)
    Fred Taylor (Ohio State head basketball coach-last NCCA championship)

  19. Jason

    Y-City-I thought Dan Patrick was from my hometown of Dayton, OH?

  20. Jason

    Wikipedia says we are both wrong…Mason, OH. I do know he went to UD.

  21. Y-City Jim

    Patrick actually just lived in Zanesville for a while as a child. He wasn’t born here.

  22. nick in va

    Coming to you live from near Richmond, VA.

  23. Kyle

    Baton Rouge, LA. Looks like it might be bad Arroyo thus far. Although he did give up a run i the first in his last two starts I think.

  24. Y-City Jim

    I sure hope Arroyo is going to get in some kind of groove. A good one preferably.

  25. Y-City Jim

    Does every game have to include a George and Chris pity party for the Reds woes? We know that it has been tough due to the injuries.

  26. Brian

    Coming live from Erie, PA. Laynce Nix needs regular playing time.

  27. Matt B.

    It’s really that hard to believe none of the Molinas have made an All-Star team? Really, George?

    And what the heck is up with Phillips’ swing and followthrough? If you’re hurting that bad, take yourself out of the lineup. We don’t need any of this tough guy crap.

  28. Jimmy James

    I feel pretty good about Bronson after that inning. I think he’s going to be alright tonight.

  29. Matt B.

    Since when did the Reds pitchers learn to get hits? Harang has been getting hits, and Arroyo now with the 2B.

  30. REDS1

    Too bad nobody else is getting any hits.

  31. Matt WI

    Owings gives hitting lessons on the side for extra cash.

  32. Sean

    I think Matt may be on to something there..

  33. Y-City Jim

    I wish they would stop talking like Hernandez never played 1B before. He played it a lot in winter ball. He’s not inexperienced at the position.

  34. REDS1

    Man this guy is annoying! A big at bat here.

  35. Jimmy James

    Man, get this guy out already.

  36. Y-City Jim

    14-pitch AB. A freakin’ inning to one hitter. Thank goodness it resulted into an out.

    George must be thirsty for a beer.

  37. Jimmy James

    I like the high cuffs on Taveras, but he needs stirrups.

  38. Jimmy James

    Raise your hand if you wish Pujols were a Red.

  39. Jimmy James

    Why does Grande say Pull-hols?

  40. REDS1

    Impressive Jimmy James. Normally, the only kinesthetic activiy I get during is a Reds game is…1. going to the fridge for a beer. 2. Lifting beer to mouth to drink.

    Good call on just walking him bye the way.

  41. REDS1

    I think anyone is going to get a big lead everytime they don’t hold you on (not just Albert).

  42. GregD

    I believe Thompson is currently on the AAA DL.

  43. BigRed Tube

    Does anyone else here have a Fantasy Baseball team??

  44. Matt WI

    Here we go. Let’s string some more hits.

  45. Jimmy James

    Sac fly by Nix. Last year’s LF wouldn’t have done that!


  46. GregD

    They should have let Burton go to AAA as planned and called up another reliever temporarily until they needed a Saturday starter. Manual would probably be my first choice, followed by Roenicke. Each are on the 40-man roster.

  47. Matt WI

    Did I just hear that right? Hernandez stole?

  48. Y-City Jim

    Why lord!!!!! A Ramon Hernandez SB. What an embarrassment for the Cardinals.

  49. REDS1

    Boy you don’t see that everyday. Or maybe ever again.

  50. Jimmy James

    That’s really an outstanding slide by Ramon there. And he gets a stolen base!

  51. Y-City Jim

    Baker got a free lesson on why not to hit and run with Gonzalez.

  52. AnnapolisRed

    Got started on the thread late. Why would you screw around with Massett and start him? In my mind he has surpassed Weathers and is the RH 7th/8th inning guy with Rhodes as the lefty.

  53. Matt WI

    Of course Hernandez won’t be able to score on anything but a triple!

  54. Y-City Jim

    Career stolen base #8 for Hernandez.

  55. GregD

    Are there many guys on this team that he should hit-and-run with? This team has more strikeouts than last year’s team.

  56. Y-City Jim

    This isn’t your typical Cardinals team.

  57. Matt WI

    Yeah baby. Fear the back of the line-up! Even though it’s the middle of the line-up due to injuries.

  58. Y-City Jim

    Are there many guys on this team that he should hit-and-run with? This team has more strikeouts than last year’s team.

    Good point.

  59. AnnapolisRed

    Post #41-The ONLY position Hernandez plays in winter ball is first base. He never catches in winter ball.

  60. REDS1

    I am thinking Bronson is going to do it again.

  61. GregD

    Yeah, Masset isn’t a spot starter option at this point,IMO.

  62. Matt WI

    Grrr. National League baseball for you. Oh well.

  63. Y-City Jim

    Post #41-The ONLY position Hernandez plays in winter ball is first base. He never catches in winter ball.

    Which makes a lot of sense. He would be physically unable to play any more if he was behind the plate during winter ball.

  64. GregD

    First time up, Arroyo used his lessons learned from Owings.
    Last time up, he followed Phillips advice. 🙂

  65. AnnapolisRed

    Bronson hit it hard right back up the middle. Credit the pitcher for fielding his position. I can’t complain about that.

  66. AnnapolisRed

    Chris-I missed it, what do you mean?

  67. Matt WI

    Nice one Greg. It’s funny because it’s true.

  68. Jimmy James

    Wow, Bronson has a lot of movement on his pitches tonight.

  69. Jimmy James

    They’re talking about Lou Brock, but he couldn’t steal bases any better than Ramon Hernandez.

  70. mhopp

    This is such a mismanaged team if they’re bringing up Burton (who never went down) without Maloney or Manuel

  71. Y-City Jim

    Lou Brock looking exceptionally good for a 70-year-old. Heck! He looks exceptional for a 35-year-old.

  72. GregD

    Whatever reliever they bring up will be sent down Sat for a spot starter…probably Maloney.

  73. Chris

    Two separate kudos for Dusty Baker today:

    1. This quote: “I haven’t had my infield together for I don’t know how long,” said Baker. “All four have been gone at one time or another. We’ve held together because of our extra guys. Our extra guys have done an outstanding job. But how long can we expect our extra guys to perform like this? That’s the question.”

    He really gets it – you can’t overexpose guys like Hanigan, Rosales, JHJ, Dickerson(?), Gomes. You need to slot them into situations where they can excel, and keep them out of positions where they won’t.

    2. Putting Bruce in #2 hole is pretty smart, assuming the leadoff guy gets on. Either J sees fastballs, or Willy runs wild (as J waves at curveballs). Either way, it’s better than the previous situation.

  74. pinson343

    Just got on here. Bringing Burton back makes no sense.
    I praised the Burton move to AAA last nite, so now they undo it. The bullpen needs a long reliever – why not bring up Ramirez or someone who can do long relief, and stick to the plan of getting Burton back on track ?

  75. Matt WI

    Brantley keeps worrying about the fact they’ve called for rain tonight. He assures us it’s still beautiful.

  76. Chris Garber

    Red, I was referring to that ball down the 3b line that was called an error. I still don’t see how Thurston missed it.

  77. Y-City Jim

    Hernandez – 67% success rate in steals
    Brock – 75% success rate in steals

  78. GregD

    Homer Bailey is starting for Louisville tonight, so I doubt they bring him up to pitch on 3 days rest.

    He is into the 8th inning, 2 hits, 2 walks, 8 Ks and no runs allowed. Bats winning 6-0

  79. AnnapolisRed

    #92-Lincoln is the long reliever

  80. Y-City Jim

    Looks like a decent pitch count for Bailey as well.

  81. GregD

    George must be reading my comments on this blog.

  82. AnnapolisRed

    Oh, sorry. I thought it took a bad hop on him.

  83. Chris Garber

    GregD made a great point earlier. The 2009 Reds are striking out 6.90 times a game. The 2008 Reds, with the much bemoaned A.Dunn, K.Griffey, and C.Patterson, struck out 6.94 times a game.

    This year’s club is hitting 1.10 HR a game. Last year it was 1.15.

  84. BigRedMike

    “2. Putting Bruce in #2 hole is pretty smart, assuming the leadoff guy gets on. Either J sees fastballs, or Willy runs wild (as J waves at curveballs). Either way, it’s better than the previous situation.”

    The problem is, Bruce’s OBP is now under .300 and Taveras is not getting on base anymore. I would not mind seeing Nix in the two hole. With Bruce’s power, I would rather see him in the 5 or 6 spot.

  85. AnnapolisRed

    They don’t need Maloney until Saturday so no reason to bring him up today. I would have preferred to see Burton stay down, but evidently they feel like he’s a better option than any of the other relievers in AAA.

    Brewers are down 10-1

  86. mhopp

    Bailey in a 3hit SHO against Pawtucket through 7.1 but 2 runners are on and 108 pitch count…Sox AAA team not good offense IMO. Stubbs 2-4

    Heisy 1-3 with 2BB @ .383 now. Frazier 3-4 @.338 now. Travis Wood (best ERA in league at 1.34 6ip 3h, 1BB and 6SO

    I like what I see in the minors again :love: ….oh, and McPatterson 2-4 with a HR :emotion:

  87. AnnapolisRed

    #103-Is this year’s team scoring more runs than last year’s at this point in the year?

  88. mhopp

    Bailey finishes 8ip with 0er 2BB and 8 SO 118 pitches…many balls at the beginning but got better as game went on.

  89. AnnapolisRed

    Kevin Gregg just gave up a two-out, two-run home run to Jeff Francouer in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game. I like our closer better than the Cubs.

  90. GregD

    Probably the game for Bailey.
    8 shutout innings, 4 hits, 2 walks, 8 strikeouts.

    McDonalds with a HR & a single
    Sutton fresh off the DL with a HR
    Stubbs & Barker with two hits each

    & it must be slow base-runner gets a steal contest in the Reds organization tonight, because Kevin Barker picked up his first SB of the season.

  91. Y-City Jim

    At 118 pitches after 8 innings, I would say Bailey’s night is done. Nice work tonight. Homer.

  92. AnnapolisRed

    Great to see Bailey pitch that well. Now I want to see him consistently do that. I have not read since this morning has there been an update on Volquez? Starting to rain in St. Louis.

  93. Mark in CC

    Looks like there have been empty seats in St. Louis the last 2 nights. I don’t remember that often in the past.

  94. pinson343

    #98 I suppose, as of last nite, Lincoln is the long reliever. But I think of a long reliever as someone who could start, someone who could go 5 innings if needed.

    Either way they should have left Burton at AAA.

  95. Y-City Jim

    Tendonitis for Volquez. 15-day DL.

  96. GregD

    Why are Heisey and Frazier still in AA?

  97. Chris Garber

    I used totals for 2008 because they’re much easier to find. Would looking at June 2 2008 tell us something different?

  98. REDS1

    Well probably won’t walk Pujols here. Big at bat.

  99. Y-City Jim

    Probably should have walked him.

  100. REDS1

    Misplayed in left field. Probably gave Cards a run.

  101. AnnapolisRed

    That is just plain stupid. Why in the world would you throw him a strike. Actually, why wouldn’t you just intentionally walk him? Bad pitch by Arroyo, but I blame Dusty on that one. JUST WALK HIM.

  102. Mark in CC

    Why don’t they just walk him. They used to do that to Bonds, why not Pujols?

  103. Chris Garber

    I’m not at all clear how a guy goes on the DL with a back strain and comes off with tendonitis. Any ideas on that one?

  104. AnnapolisRed

    115-They don’t need anybody to start (Lincoln has started before I believe, but I might be wrong), regardless Lincoln and Herrera can both go three innings.

  105. Y-City Jim

    I think that ball hit by Pujols exceeded the speed of light. Man! Did he drill that thing.

  106. Jason

    Marty killing Nix on that last play…hard.

  107. REDS1

    He should be killing Nix. It really was an error.

  108. Matt WI

    Marty’s more pissed about the way the home-team scores it a hit for Pujols so he keeps the RBI.

  109. Y-City Jim

    I’m not at all clear how a guy goes on the DL with a back strain and comes off with tendonitis. Any ideas on that one?

    Welsh insinuated that maybe it wasn’t that bad but that Volquez had never experienced anything like it. I think it is a good thing that Welsh isn’t the team physician.

  110. BigRed Tube

    Brewers are getting pounded by the Marlins 10-1!!

  111. mhopp

    Do you really want Lincoln to go 3 innings? There are plenty of good pitchers in this organization and no excuses for not having someone who’s doing better than Burton and Lincoln.

    Oh well, Marty on a rant now about the scoring of Nix

  112. AnnapolisRed

    Chris-All I’m saying is I believe this team is outscoring last year’s. Strikeouts not quite as much, but close, Home runs down, but scoring more runs (although I think it is close), so despite not having EE, Phillips and Votto off and on the entire year this team is STILL scoring more runs than the Dunn, Griffey, Phillips team (isn’t Griffey hitting .200 in Seattle?)

  113. BigRedMike

    It was not well played by Nix. Arroyo did not get the pitch down enough to Pujols.

  114. Mark in CC

    Juan Francisco walk off 10th inning homer. 1-0 Carolina

  115. Jason

    Yeah, he is all kinds of steamed on that being called a hit. Let me guess, Captain Chipiness is giggling through the telecast talking about his next door neighbors fruit cake…again, ugh.

  116. Y-City Jim

    If Marty and George had a baby sportscaster, would we finally have the happy medium?

  117. Matt WI

    Y-City, let us never speak of such a creature again.

  118. AnnapolisRed

    mhopp-If Lincoln is pitching three innings that means (usually last night was an odd circumstance) your starter probably got pounded. What great long reliever is down in AAA that should be called up? Guys are long relievers for a reason, they can’t start and they can’t pitch in the late innings. Lincoln will be fine in that role.

  119. Jason

    Ha! Nicely done, Y-City. This is me tipping cap. 😀

  120. AnnapolisRed

    Horribly played by Nix, should have been an error and no RBI. Funny though if that was Brandon Phillips he would have been crucified on this board (and I like Nix).

  121. Chris Garber

    That official scorer really is full of it, though. They called the one ball an error to protect Thompson’s ERA; now Pullholes gets an undeserved RBI.

    I keep meaning write about this sometime – the official scorer situation is one of the more ridiculous historical artifacts in sports. It boggles the mind that the home ballclub gets to hire some local part-timer, who sits in a room full of sportswriters, making “official” decisions that directly affect players’ salaries, bonuses, etc. There is absolutely no reason MLB can’t hire a true, dispassionate professional to make those decisions.

  122. BigRedMike

    Is anyone else tired of watching Gonzalez attempt to hit?

  123. REDS1

    Let me also well-put Y-City.

    Maybe we should have sacrificed?

  124. AnnapolisRed

    Chris-Totally agree on you. I actually thought Rosales should have been credited with a double (Chad that is why I was confused by your question, I had no idea they called it an error) and the Pujols hit was clearly a single, error, no RBI. Not even close.

  125. REDS1

    When exactly did Marty become “Grumpy Old Man”? Was there a crucial moment? Or just years of losing?

  126. AnnapolisRed

    Reds1-Marty isn’t half as grumpy as some posters on here, that is why I always laugh when people complain about Marty. :p

  127. Jason

    When he was forced to work with The Bad Boy Steve Stewart.

  128. GregD

    Manual is frequently pitching 2-3 innings at a time and having a great past two seasons.

  129. Chris Garber

    Red, I just thought it was interesting that this club was supposed to be “getting away from the all-or-nothing, too many strikeout” offense – yet is whiffing more then before.

    2009: 4.54 R/G (League average is 4.58)
    2008: 4.35 (League average was 4.54)

    So it’s a definite improvement, so far. I give Micah Owings all the credit. 😀

    But in all seriousness, it may be as simple as: Hernanigan > Bako, and Everyone > Patterson.

  130. REDS1

    Was Stewart that bad? I remember so many people complaining about him. But I didn’t think he was so bad. I do remember always sounding so condescending toward him.

  131. Jason

    I didnt like him bc he was horribly bland, but give the guy credit he had HUGE shoes to fill.

  132. AnnapolisRed

    Chris-Strikeouts may be up too because of all the reserve players they have had to play. I am actually stunned they are scoring more runs this year with the team they have.

  133. GregD

    2009 team through 50 games compared to 2008 team

    Through 50 games this year, Reds batting
    1942PA, 1697AB, 227 runs, 55 HR, 345 K, .256/.331/.412(743ops)

    Last year’s team after 50 games:
    1896PA, 1672AB, 216 runs, 55 HR, 300 K, .256/.328/.415(743ops)

  134. AnnapolisRed

    Good throw by Bruce and he would have been out.

  135. REDS1

    Thurston is killing us! Outfield play not-so-solid tonight.

  136. Jimmy James

    Arroyo is going to give up a stupid run here, then the rain will end the game. Crap.

  137. Y-City Jim

    Anyone ever listen to Krukow and Kuiper on the Giants broadcasts? I hear they are hilarious.

  138. Chris Garber

    I am also surprised that they’re scoring more, with this motley crew.

    Stewart was inoffensive to me, but I was out of town at the time.

  139. Jimmy James

    Where did you get those stats, GregD?

  140. AnnapolisRed

    Christ, what the hell was Taveras doing. That is inexcusable.

  141. GregD

    Why does Taveras play so friggin SHALLOW

  142. Y-City Jim

    Was the throw bad or did it hit the seam between the dirt and turf?

  143. Jimmy James

    If Taveras had sprinted after that ball, it would have been an easy out!!!!!

  144. REDS1

    Willy starts in and then over his head! Ugh! Some bad play here.

  145. Chris Garber

    I can’t beat Bruce up for that one. He went a long way, fast, and got rid of it quick.

    Willy, on the other hand, just effed that up. Pitching and defense, and so on.

  146. mhopp

    Now Dusty comes out? It’s a little late now, common sense told you Arroyo was losing it fast. Dam Dusty X(

  147. Jimmy James

    Taveras may have just lost this game for us.

  148. AnnapolisRed

    Bronson was not happy. He looked out to center before he left.

    Jim-Giants broadcasters are really good.

  149. Chris Garber

    That’s how I played the outfield in high school. My best position was DH.

  150. earl

    I think he went one too many batters with Arroyo. Dusty should have gone to a live arm with 2nd & 3rd and 1 out.

  151. Jimmy James

    Bronson should be unhappy. Taveras cost him two runs.

  152. AnnapolisRed

    MHopp-Do you blame Dusty for global warming? That wasn’t his fault. It was a routine fly ball that our CF misplayed.

  153. mhopp

    I blame that on Dusty, Taveras playing shallow and Arroyo losing it fast…idiot

  154. AnnapolisRed

    Earl-Easy to say now, but he was pitching pretty well and we used most of the bullpen last night. I didn’t have a problem with it.

  155. Y-City Jim

    If you instinctively take a step in, maybe your brain is telling you that you should play deeper in the first place.

  156. Jimmy James

    I don’t blame him for global warming, but the way Dusty goes through toothpicks, I blame him for the deforestation in the rain forests.


  157. Jason

    His pitch count was climbing, but you cant really crush Dusty on that. It was all Willy.

  158. AnnapolisRed

    mhopp-Why does every other post blame Dusty for something (and I don’t like Dusty and I think it was his fault for not intentionally walking Pujols, but you are over the top).

  159. Chris Garber

    Red, are you talking about Krukow and Kuiper? They are quite good.

  160. AnnapolisRed

    MHopp-There is your boy throwing two wild pitches. I am sure that is Dusty’s fault.

    Funny one Jimmy!

  161. GregD

    Taveras doesn’t get good enough jumps to play as shallow as he does.

  162. Jimmy James

    Thank you Willy Taveras and Carlos Fisher.

  163. Jason

    I will have to check out this, Krukow and Kuiper. I heard they were quite bad just the other day.

  164. Jimmy James

    No, they’re great, Jason. Isn’t one of them on MLB The Show?

  165. AnnapolisRed

    Chris G-Yes I am. They are great, love them. Very underrated, probably because nobody wants to watch the Giants.

  166. Chris Garber

    This is Milwaukee redux.

    Me, I put the blame on the players. BUT, I keep hearing from beat writers, announcers, and former players (i.e. experts) that the manager can control his team’s focus, preparation, and performance on “the little things.”

    Regardless of who’s to blame, they ain’t getting it done tonight. Sloppy field, sloppy play.

  167. Jason

    And these guys do the radio side for the Giants?

  168. AnnapolisRed

    #175-That is why I played first base. I was horrible at judging fly balls.

  169. Chris Garber

    Krukow was on a video game a few years ago. May still be.

    I watched them a lot when I lived on the West Coast. Giants games seemed to run longer than Padres and Dodgers games, for whatever reason.

  170. GregD

    I got the numbers from baseball-reference dot com

    2009 from team totals.
    2008 from batting game log, copied game 1-50 to excel, and summed the columns

  171. AnnapolisRed


    Chris G.-I agree with that and like I said, I don’t think Dusty is the greatest manager in the world by a long shot, but it wears me down to see every move critized and called idiotic. Not EVERYTHING he does is dumb. It’s kind of like the boy who cried wolf, when there is something to truly be critical of (like not walking Pujols) it kind of gets lost in all the sound and fury of the other 100 posts ripping Baker for making the correct move or at least not a wrong move.

  172. Y-City Jim

    Gary Radnich still has a show in the Bay area as well, doesn’t he? I remember when he was in Columbus as a TV sport newscaster. He broke the mold and was pretty funny.

  173. AnnapolisRed

    #201-I blame steroids for the Giants games running longer LOL

  174. Chris Garber

    Banner ad running atop

    “Vote Bengie. Vote Giants.”

  175. Chris Garber

    Mike, who’s usually around here, lives in the bay area. As I recall, though, he turns off the sound and listens to music. But that may just be with George and Brantley. 🙂

  176. AnnapolisRed

    After watching the replay not only did Taveras come in on the ball but then he didn’t bust it to make up for his initial error. He was flat out drifting for the ball.

  177. REDS1

    Man am I tired of seeing him getting out! What is Willy hitting in the last 15 games? .150 Maybe.

  178. mhopp

    bring Gomes in or game over. Bruce can’t hit lefties but once again Dusty will throw the game away to help an individual try and work through problems…this is Dusty’s main problem

  179. Kyle

    I’m glad I defended Willy Taveres last night. He is making me look like a genius.

  180. JerBear

    Nice at-bat by Dickerson. He really shows some nice plate discipline. He works the count fairly well. An interesting player. Now might be the time to let him play every day or 4-5 times a week. It sounds like he’s relaxed from all accounts.

    Man Willy Taveras is really starting to live up to his detractors criticism. He is just not a good hitter. How did he go so bad after that 5-5 game in Arizona?

  181. Jason

    Willy has been speeding downhill fast since Arizona.

  182. Jason

    JerBear-I completely agree on all fronts on #213.

    Mmhopp- ” ” ” ” #211.

  183. REDS1

    I now also agree with pinch hitting for Bruce last inning.

  184. REDS1

    Who is your favorite Cardninal of all-time?

    I will go with Ozzie.

    Another injury for the Reds? Is that possible?

  185. JerBear

    This is one of those games where I start to think, how in the world are we winning any games with these lineups?! We just don’t have the horses a lot of nights.

    Is Hairston Jr. hurt by the way? I thought Dusty was not giving Hairston enough rest with Hairston being prone to injury.

  186. REDS1

    Winning these games? I would say smoke and mirrors. I actually think the manager is doing a good job.

  187. Jason

    JHJ had a really solid week last week, even with his power #’s.

  188. Y-City Jim

    Wouldn’t it be weird if the simple act of traveling to Louisville and back cured Burton’s pitching issues?

  189. JerBear

    Burton is back and dominating! Maybe he just needed a day or two away from the team.

    Micah Owings game winning grand slam coming up in the next few innings.

  190. Chris Garber

    None of this would’ve happened if Paul Janish was still alive.

  191. Chris Garber

    223 – put Willy on that shuttle. Lincoln too.

  192. Chris Garber

    At some point I’m going to start wondering about the Reds medical staff again. There have been a ton of injuries, and very few have been the traumatic, Ray-King-sitting-on-Austin-Kearns variety.

  193. JerBear

    Good game in Atlanta vs. Cubs if you have…5-5 in the 12th. At least the Cubs kinda stink these days.

  194. Y-City Jim

    and very few have been the traumatic, Ray-King-sitting-on-Austin-Kearns variety.

    Wonder if Kearns still has nightmares about that?

  195. REDS1

    I think maybe we call up all of Louisville and send down all of Cincinnati. And in two weeks everyone will be healthy again and we will be ready to go. 😉

  196. mhopp

    looks like burton forgot about his demotion…YES, they need to bring up part of Carolina and part of Lousiville and with few exceptions, you’d have a better team. A better manager would be nice.

    I think luck is the primary reason the Reds have won, and taking advantage of mistakes other teams gave.

  197. Jimmy James

    Ryan Franklin has the best goatee in America.

  198. Glenn

    I have to disagree. That goatee looks disturbingly weird.

  199. Jimmy James

    The Reds are going meekly into the night.

  200. REDS1

    Only 1 K all night and just two runs.

  201. mhopp

    Oh well, at least Bruce got to work on hitting lefties :-((

  202. REDS1

    Not so good tonight. But tomorrow is a new day.