As predicted by Bill in the most recent episode of the Redleg Nation Radio podcast (and in the comments prior to that), last year’s #1 draft pick Yonder Alonso has been promoted to AA Carolina.

Alonso certainly deserves the promotion. We’ll see how he responds to Southern League pitching.

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  1. brublejr

    It will be interesting…Middle of the order in Carolina should be stout with Alonso, Heisey, and Frazier!

  2. Mr. Redlegs

    What does this mean for Logan Parker?

  3. Sultan of Swaff

    He’ll be fine. With Frazier, they’re just true baseball players. No long slumps, a bad night is 1-4 w/ a walk. Those kinds of guys are what we need.

  4. GregD

    I believe Bill said in an earlier thread that Parker was playing some games in the OF recently.

  5. Tackapalooza

    I’ll start the conspiracy theory…

    The timing is suspicious. Alonso’s already on the 40-man roster. We don’t know why Votto is gone but reading between the lines it’s far less medical than we were first led to believe.

    I’ll go ahead and make the ridiculous predictions. By the end of July, unless we’re leading the division, Yonder will be with the big league club. Additionally, I don’t expect to see Votto back this season.

    I hope that I’m wrong on both counts, and I’ve been wrong many times before so take this with a grain of salt. 😀

  6. Mr. Redlegs

    Who will be moved from Carolina to make way for Alonso?

  7. GregD

    bublejr – let’s hope that Frazier and Heisey aren’t in AA much longer. Folks holding them back are Bankston, Barker, and Hopper. Fine people indeed, but they shouldn’t be blocking the development of folks who could be called up to the big league level this year.

    If Yonder has a great 2-4 weeks, and Votto is expected out much longer than the 15 days, does Alonso skip AAA? He is already on the 40-man roster…

    Also, regarding the 40-man, Bray’s spot could still be opened by pushing him to the 60-day DL. So anyone not on the 40-man could be added without having to make a 40-man cut.

  8. Jose

    i honestly wouldn’t rush Alonso
    he may be almost the right age to come up
    but you may risk losing his confidence…
    it could boost his confidence…
    but if it backfires there goes a top prospect

  9. GregD

    They may not have to move anyone from the AA roster. Looks like they’ve got at least 3 players on the AA DL & their bench (according to The Big Board on this website) is 2 catchers and an infielder.

    Looking at the AAA roster, they’ve got two guys in Cincinnati to replace DL’d players (Rosales & Castillo) and two guys on the AAA DL (Valaika & Sutton). So there’d be room to move someone up the ladder.

  10. Phill

    Who was the last Reds prospect to jump from AA to the Majors? They’ve been very very fickle about moving their top guys as slow as possible through the ranks. I seriously doubt they would jump Yonder all the way up.

  11. GregD

    Hmm. I think DanO put an end to that. Perhaps it was the year that all their starting pitchers got hurt, and they had to dip down to AA for Josh Hall before his time?

  12. wanderinredsfan

    Tackapalooza, you couldn’t be further from the truth when you write: “We don’t know why Votto is gone but reading between the lines it’s far less medical than we were first led to believe.” Mental Health is just as important medically, as any physical ailment; in fact they are commonly associated. The BRAIN is the most enigmatic organ to diagnose, and more importantly it controls EVERY other organ’s ability to perform. Votto’s problems should not be taken lightly and we should all hope for a speedy and full recovery. Please leave the ‘arm-chair’ diagnosis and predictions to yourself, especially when you aren’t privy to any new information regarding Votto or his condition.

  13. Steve Price

    It’s far more common to move hitters from AA to the majors than pitchers from AA to the majors. Pitchers are almost always one step at a time. Major prospects can go from AA to the majors or may have a short AAA period.

    Adam Dunn spent 55 games at AAA. Austin Kearns spent a total of 59 over four seasons; he played in AAA one game during his rookie season at age 22, and the other 58 after he was a major league rookie.

  14. Mark in CC

    Think this could be a precursor to a Votto replacement after the All Star game if he can’t recover?