Edinson Volquez is back, and he’s excited.

Edwin Encarnacion, on the other hand, isn’t back yet. But he will be taking regular batting practice this week in St. Louis. After that, it’s off on a rehab assignment before he returns to man the hot corner for the Redlegs.

9 Responses

  1. RiverCity Redleg

    Did Castillo go back down for Volquez?

  2. Glenn

    Haven’t heard yet but I’ll bet its Carlos Fisher. Wish it were Lincoln, but…

  3. Matt WI

    Apparently Dusty Baker sees sending players to the DL as the equivalent of making sure kids aren’t faking sick to skip school:

    “That’s how you want them, tired,” Baker said. “You want guys to refrain from going on the DL. That’s how it was in San Francisco. They worked a lot harder on the DL than they did off the DL. If you go on the DL, you have to work.”


  4. brublejr

    They better not send down Fisher…that would be sending one of the better options out and keeping two guys who can’t get anybody out.

  5. Y-City Jim

    Why is the return of Edwin taking so long?

  6. Chris Garber

    I heard he’s lacksidasical. 😮

  7. Chris Garber

    But seriously, Baker wants EE to get into some sort of a groove before he gets back on the field, which makes pretty good sense to me. If he smokes the ball 3 games in a row, he’s only a couple hours away.

    “Edwin is going to at least be a couple of more weeks,” Baker said. “He was hitting .127 when he left so he has to go get some at-bats. I already talked to him about it. I said I’d rather you over ready when you come back than under ready. We can’t and he can’t afford to struggle when you get back.”

  8. Y-City Jim

    Burton is optioned to Louisville.

  9. Y-City Jim

    I heard he’s lackadaisical.

    He needs to take smiling lessons from Brandon Phillips then everyone would think he is a star.