Chris Heisey is 24, a 17th round pick in 2006, reportedly plays a pretty decent OF and has gotten better at every level he’s played…

Billings (R) .289/.364/.409/.773 (21)
Dayton (A) .289/.350/.436/.786 (22)
Sarasota (A+) .287/.381/.438/.819 (23)
Carolina (AA) .366/.447/.599/.1.046 (24)

Those are impressive numbers and the most impressive thing, IMO, is that his numbers keep going up. He’s not as young and hasn’t moved up as quickly, but the numbers are very reminiscent of Jay Bruce‘s minor league numbers.

I watched him in Dayton and have to admit, he didn’t impress me that much. But he’s sure looking like he’s a true prospect at this point.

Sure seems like it’s time for Chris to move up to AAA, he seems to have proven all he can at AA.

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  1. Doug Gray

    I still think he has a lot of Chris Denorfia type of player in him. He needs to move up though, but we will see Hopper/Mcdonald for a while longer I am sure.

  2. GregD

    Heisey was just named Southern League player of the week for last week.

    Heisey and Frazier should both be bumped up a level, IMO.

    And McDonald, Hopper, Barker, Bankston, etc should not be the reason either of them remain in AA.

  3. Steve Price

    Jay Bruce was in the majors at age 21. Bruce was age 20 in AA. Heisey is four years older than Bruce was at this point.

    That’s not to say he can’t play, but I think Doug is probably about right in Heisey’s analysis.

    As for how good a player can be at a young age, and keep this in mind when discussing Bruce…

    The 1970 MVP was a 22 year old who batted .293 with 45 homers and 148 rbi in a depressed offensive era of baseball. Bruce is 22 now.

    His name is Johnny Bench.

  4. wanderinredsfan

    Uhhh….I don’t see much improvement in the numbers from Billings to Sarasota, excepting for the fact that the competition has gotten better. For me, he is tearing up AA so far this season, but I am more apt to consider this an anomoly, rather than his true nature/average. Let’s see where he’s at come mid-July before we start the ‘free Chris Heisey’ charge. If he’s still lighting it up, then yeah, the Reds have to get rid of McDonald, Hopper, and whoever else is blocking his promotion to AAA.

  5. Glenn

    There seems to be more ML prospects in the Reds system than I’ve seen in years. Maybe even as far back as the BRM days.

    There’s a temptation to run these guys up to the bigs as soon as possible, but I’d resist that. IMO the team should be in this for the long run, not like we did during Leatherpants’ era. Let the prospects mature in their own time in the minors and not risk crushing their confidence by bringing them up too soo.

  6. GregD

    Yet if they are not being challenged at the level they are at (Heisey hit .556 last lat 10 games & Frazier .500), why leave them in AA? Or how long would you leave them in AA?

    Heisey is hitting .366 and I think he’s been on base every game except for 1 or 2 games.

    From Billings to Dayton, there is improvement in his SLG.
    From Dayton to Sarasota, there is improvement in his OBP.
    Plus, Bill’s numbers excluded his age 23 numbers at AA. He was promoted last year for 19 games and hit .316 with an .835 OPS. Between A+/AA last year he hit:

    This year, so far, improvement across the board. And throwing in last year’s numbers, he’s had over 290 plate appearances in AA.

  7. daedalus

    agree heisey should be in AAA and think he and frazier will both be by the all star break.

  8. AnnapolisRed

    By the way it was Burton that was sent down.

  9. mike

    Heisey was on Sickels’s “others to watch” list for the Reds

    I always like to watch these players because they often become the 4th OF, utility guy or middle reliever that can be very useful

    his others to watch were
    Alex Buchholz, Scott Carroll, Zach Cozart, Ramon Geronimo, Ryan Hanigan, Danny Ray Herrera, Jeremy Horst (a sleeper!!), Ben Jukich, Sam Lecure, Devin Mesoraco, Adam Rosales, Juan Carlos Sulbaran, Justin Tuner, Pedro “Don’t call me Frank” Viola, Sean Watson, and Byron Wiley.

  10. mike

    oops I mis-wrote. Sickel’s did add Heisey to the Reds top prospect list, taking him off the others to watch list.

    14) Chris Heisey, OF, Grade C+: Like the speed, gets on base, could be solid fourth outfielder.

  11. mhopp

    I’ve watched Heisey at Carolina and Chattanooga last year. He hit good last year and even better this year. He does need to be moved up to AAA to see if this is an anomaly or not. I think he can do it, plus it may create some competition…with Stubbs. BTW, Heisey is batting .380 this moment after going 1-2 so far this evening

    How about freeing Maloney? Good grief, he’s dominating good hitting teams at AAA!!!

  12. doug

    Awesome analysis Glenn.

    For those thinking we would be ‘rushing’ Heisey to AAA, don’t forget he also spent some time in AA last year. Here is his combined stat total in AA:
    .364/.429/.599 with 15 steals, 1 caught stealing, a 9.3% walk rate and a 9.9% strikeout rate (BB and K / PA) in 301 plate appearances.

    That’s not ‘rushing’ a guy. That’s placing him somewhere that he is clearly ready for.

  13. eric

    Heisey needs to move along to AAA or be traded. Otherwise they are not returning any value from someone who has demonstrated that he, at a minimum, deserves a chance at AAA. It will be incredibly difficult for Heisey to get past Stubbs due to the amount of money which has been invested in Stubbs. If they have no intention of allowing Heisey to move on with Stubbs in the way, then they had better get some return while the guy is hitting almost .380 in AA. Granted this is all on the assumption that since both Stubbs and Heisey can play all the outfield positions and are almost the same age that they are competing for the same spots.

  14. Robert

    Chris Heisey is living American Folk Tale….If any of you have seen the movie “Iron Will” The tale of a young Alaskan boy that participated in a death defying dog-sled race to save his family farm for his widowed mother after the untimely accidental death of his father, you will see the parallells with the Chris Heisey cinderella story…Chris Heisey is the oldest son of a Mennonite family from Lancaster, Pa..He was an early chidhood education major at Messiah College studying to be an elementary schoo teacher. Chis’s Father was the sole breadwinner for the family of five and Chris was devoted to helping his mother take care of Chris’s severely disabled younger sister. Tragically, Chris’s father was dignosed with “Lou Gerrihgs” disease and passed away just prior to Chris getting drafted out of college. Just as in “Iron Will”, Chris represents his families’ last, best hope as well as his fathers dreams. Chris in as completly honest, hard-working, loyal and clean living as anyone short of diety that’s ever walked the planet. He’s as “squeeky” clean as they get and he is fearlessly ascending the ranks through his God given talents, his love of the game, and the sense of purpose he has given the hope he represents to his loved ones…Folks, this kid is the genuine article…The real deal..Through and through…If you ever wanted American kids to want to grow up emulating a sports hero, Chris Heisey is the guy…And, if you want to watch someone make something happen on the baseball field, at any level you put him, watch Chris Heisey…Chris Heisey can and will do what he’s doing now at any level…He’s the kind of guy you can take right now, pinch hit him in the MLB allstar game, and he’ll hit an RBI extra base hit…No kidding..That’s who this kid is….

  15. Brian

    Robert – mostly right on about Chris, but Chris’ father did get to see Chris play in Dayton, and listened on the audio stream to his bump up at Sarasota. I wish you could have met his dad.

  16. Robert

    Great to hear…I did know his dad…I’m glad to be wrong about that…I was away playing ball during that time…I am also glad you agree that this kid’s the real deal…I can’t wait till he starts showing his ability to “go yard” consistently/constantly..