Chris Heisey is 24, a 17th round pick in 2006, reportedly plays a pretty decent OF and has gotten better at every level he’s played…

Billings (R) .289/.364/.409/.773 (21)
Dayton (A) .289/.350/.436/.786 (22)
Sarasota (A+) .287/.381/.438/.819 (23)
Carolina (AA) .366/.447/.599/.1.046 (24)

Those are impressive numbers and the most impressive thing, IMO, is that his numbers keep going up. He’s not as young and hasn’t moved up as quickly, but the numbers are very reminiscent of Jay Bruce‘s minor league numbers.

I watched him in Dayton and have to admit, he didn’t impress me that much. But he’s sure looking like he’s a true prospect at this point.

Sure seems like it’s time for Chris to move up to AAA, he seems to have proven all he can at AA.