Disaster. The less said about this weekend, the better.

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  1. Glenn

    Disaster says it all. The effort just wasn’t there.

  2. Y-City Jim

    15-13 for the month. Without this meltdown in Milwaukee, the Reds might have been 18-10 or 17-11.

  3. BigRedMike

    The Reds need to make sure they win at least 1 game in St. Louis. Another sweep would not be a good thing at all for this team. Losing Votto for an extended period of time is a huge setback.

  4. daedalus

    there’s this myth that sept games are more important than games now. when we’re looking up at milwaukee and st. louis in sept, people will realize this series was the season.

  5. Y-City Jim

    It is vital that this team/organization pick itself up by its britches. Votto is out indefinitely. Management needs to realize playing Ramon Hernandez at 1B is not a solution over the indefinite long haul. Isn’t Edwin due back? Get Rosales’ butt over their at 1B. Let’s call Stubbs up for a cup of coffee and see how he does in CF. Split time between him and “I’m an overrated base stealer” Tavares. If nothing else this team needs to win some games so Votto doesn’t have something else to worry about.

  6. Ted Johnson

    Lets not overreact like some Reds fans seem to want to do, it’s just 3 games.

  7. earl

    Eh, I’m not throwing in the towel. Milwaukee seems to be the real deal, they have been playing well and it showed. They have got a bit more pitching than you would expect and their line up is just as good as last year. Friday night Looper threw a good game. Saturday the Reds got some runs early and Harang stunk up the joint. Sunday they couldn’t get a hit when needed, Owings came out really flat and some base running mistakes bit them.

    The last two series they run into disappointment, they have bounced back. They got the top of the staff going this week in St. Louis, so lets see how it goes.

    I think they need to get Gomes some more at bats. Dickerson is getting on base quite a bit, so he probably deserving of some more playing time. I’d get Gonzales down to 8th in the lineup.

    I don’t want to be a front runner or anything, but both Owings and Harang have both gotten litup pretty good in their last couple of starts. Hopefully it wasn’t a hangover from those couple of odd outings they had.

  8. earl

    Oh yeah, anyone seen a date for Eddie E’s return? I’d think he would be doing a rehap stint for a week or two before coming back.

  9. Chris

    I’m watching a Sunday ESPN game for the first time in forever. (My wife’s a Cub fan). Why in the world would they add Steve Phillips to the booth? Joe didn’t provide enough stupid comments on his own?

  10. Chris

    In other news, Eric Milton is dominating the Cubs. I really hate baseball sometimes. 😀

  11. Glenn

    I’m not throwing the towel in yet, but the problem with the lack of offense needs to be addressed real d***med quick.

  12. RedBlooded

    I don’t want anyone who says this is the season on my team. Season’s are neither won or lost is a weekend in May. Season’s can be lost by those throw in the towel when there is a little adversity any time of year.

  13. John

    I’m with Glenn. I’m not throwing in the towel yet, but Walt needs to make a trade for some offense instead of sitting on his hands.

  14. AnnapolisRed

    Jim-Hernandez is the least of the problems.

  15. AnnapolisRed

    John-Who do you suggest they trade and who should they get? Just curious. It is real easy to say make a trade, but who do the Reds have that they can afford to give up that anybody wants?

  16. AnnapolisRed

    Hal McCoy is reporting that Fisher is likely to be sent down when Volquez is activated tomorrow. That makes zero sense to me. He has looked good. Send Lincoln or Burton down.

  17. Chad Dotson

    Burton has options. He should be the one to go.

    Lincoln doesn’t have options, but I can’t imagine that anyone would claim him off waivers.

  18. pinson343

    If they send Fisher down, it will really tick me off. He’s been a positive and needed addition to the bullpen, and has come thru in big situations.

    Burton and Lincoln have been ineffective all season.

  19. pinson343

    If the Reds can manage to split the series against the Cards, this road trip won’t be a big deal. If they get swept, then we’ll remember it as the 2009 meltdown.

  20. AnnapolisRed

    Chad-That is why I said send Lincoln down, send him down and pray somebody claims him.
    I don’t want to get rid of Burton, but I would like for him to figure it out in Louisville and not Cincinnait.

    Pinson-I agree with you. We will know a whole lot more a week from this morning.

  21. Bill Lack

    Rosales at 1B? I’d rather have Hernandez there and Haningan behind he plate (based on our current options).

  22. GregD

    Jocketty failure to land another big bat this offseason is now coming back to haunt this team. They talk about pitching depth, bullpen depth, bench depth. They’ve got half the players (or more) on their roster who can play 4+ positions. But Votto goes down with an injury and there’s no depth there. They no longer have the offense to compete. They’re left without a legitimate, consistent middle-of-the-order bat.

    And he also made a mistake being so tunnel visioned on needing a RH bat.

    And I think you’ve got to at least give it a go with Gomes bouncing back in that role at 1B instead of Hernandez.

  23. GRF

    From the glass is half full perspective, if you had told me we would be 4 1/2 games out with Votto, EE, Phillips and Volquez all having missed time I would have taken it. Next two weeks are critical, but if we can weather that storm (no reference to David intended) EE should be back and Votto might be back. Let Gomes get some at bats at first, give Dickerson some more regular at bats and move Gonzalez down to the 8 spot. We have talked up our pitching all season, time to see if they can carry us for awhile.

    All that having been said, if they send Fisher down over Burton or Lincoln I am going right back to my usual pessimism and despair.

  24. Glenn

    I’d rather see Rosales over at 1b. That way we’re not burning up both catchers. Catchers need fresh legs and playing 1b is not resting those legs. Rosales is an infielder. Even though he’s done a pretty fair job, Hernandez is not.

  25. GregD

    I hope that Harang’s weekend game was just an outlier, and not a side effect of pitching underground through a 2-hour rain delay so that he could get an out in the 5th inning vs Houston.

  26. RiverCity Redleg

    1st, I’d rather see Gomes at 1B before they put Rosales there. But, Hernandez has done a great job there defensively.

    2nd, you can’t blame too much on Walt for the lack of bench depth w/out Votto. Not many teams’ offenses could sustain w/out their best hitter. Do you think St Louis would put up the same numbers w/out Pujols or even Milwaulkee w/out Braun. You just can’t plan for your best hitter to be out for an extended period. You just do the best you can.

    3rd, Anyone that says, that was the season, is an idiot. There are 4 months left and plenty of baseball to be played. There are too many other thing to still happen for this series to be the deciding factor. Granted, it is possible that we look back at the end of the season and say that this was the beginning of the end. But there will be plenty of other things to blame it on, if that’s the case. Hopefully, this is just a speedbump and we can regain some momentum in St Louis. Go Redlegs!

  27. GregD

    If Braun was hurt, they’d still have Fielder.

  28. Matt WI

    Man the road record for this team got snapped right back into place didn’t it? I fully agree that if a team is going to be competitive, all of these games matter. However, season isn’t over, even competing isn’t over. 3.5 games in June is just fine, especially w/o Votto. The Reds have some kind of fear of success it feels like. I’ll know we have a really, really good team when I stop having to worry if they’ll drop four games every time they climb near contention. Good news is, Volquez pitches well tonight and the Reds win.

  29. AnnapolisRed

    Greg-Who do you suggest that Walt should have picked up?

    RiverCity: You went 3-3. I just hope somebody tonight can do the same thing!

  30. GregD

    There were a handful of free agent hitters available in the offseason. The organization’s insistence on finding a RH bat caused them to overlook hitters like Raul Ibanez or Bobby Abreu (or Adam Dunn for that matter.)

    Then, obviously, there’s a larger market once you look at the trade market. I couldn’t possibly begin to list all the options available there. My thoughts were to move someone like Phillips &/or Arroyo in a deal (or separately) for the big bat Walt wanted, then sign Orlando Hudson to play 2nd.

  31. AnnapolisRed

    I’m not sure I would like that.

  32. Chris Garber

    I’m not sure they can send Lincoln down, even with waivers. They might need to DFA him? I wish I knew these rules.