Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 2
Milwaukee 3
WP: Looper (5-3)
LP: Cueto (4-3)
S: Hoffman (12)

–Ramon Hernandez had two of the Reds’ five hits, one of them a two-run homer that accounted for all of the Cincinnati “offense” tonight.

–Johnny Cueto didn’t pitch his best game, but he certainly pitched well enough to win. Seven innings, three hits, three runs. His control was not there tonight — 4 walks — and that was the difference between a good start and a great start for Cueto (well, that and one bad pitch to Prince Fielder).

–Laynce Nix made a great throw to nail a runner at the plate.

–The offense was just bad tonight (with the sole exception of Hernandez). Five hits? That won’t cut it.

–Joey Votto left the game in the second inning…again. This is getting tiresome. Of course, I’m sure it’s more tiresome for Votto than anyone.

–Not the way I wanted to start the road trip. This was a winnable game, but the offense couldn’t get on track.

–Brandon Phillips pinch hit in the top of the ninth, no outs, no one on base. So what did he do? He bunted, of course. Not a smart move at all, especially with the Reds down 3-2 and within a homer of tying the game.

–Bud Selig really needs to get rid of this unbalanced schedule. I’m so sick of seeing the Brewers every other series.

–Start time tomorrow is 7:05 pm. I will be at my daughter’s gymnastics recital for most of the game, so I’ll have to follow on my phone. It’s an important game for the good guys.

Wahoowah! Stephen Strasburg, who is going to be the first selection in this year’s draft, lost for the first time all season tonight in the first round of the NCAA baseball tournament. Why am I mentioning it? Because my alma mater, the Virginia Cavaliers, are the team that finally knocked off Strasburg. After a stirring victory in the ACC tournament championship last week (and after getting royally screwed by the tournament selection committee), the ‘Hoos are looking pretty good right now.