Good stuff, Walt Jocketty!

Today the Reds placed on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to 5/17, RHP Edinson Volquez; optioned to Louisville RHP Ramon Ramirez; designated for assignment OF Darnell McDonald; recalled RHP Carlos Fisher (#46) and RHP Homer Bailey (#34); selected from Louisville the contract of OF Jonny Gomes (#31).

Bailey made 8 starts at Class AAA Louisville and went 3-5, 4.57 (45.1ip, 46h, 17bb, 43k, 9hr)…he will start for the Reds tomorrow night vs the Indians.

Fisher made 13 apps for the Bats, all in relief, and went 2-0, 2.00 (18ip, 11h, 4bb, 21k, 0hr)…when he pitches will be making his Major League debut.

In 37g at Louisville OF Jonny Gomes hit .282 and leads the team in HR (9) and RBI (27)…a non-roster invitee to spring training camp, he was reassigned to Louisville the day before Opening Day.

Obviously, we aren’t happy about the Volquez injury which necessitated Bailey’s callup, but the fact that Jonny Gomes is here (in place of McDonald) makes the Reds a little better offensively than they have been for the last month and a half. If Gomes is platooning in LF with Laynce Nix, it makes the Reds passable out there, at least until the Reds can come up with a long-term solution for the position.

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  1. preach

    Obviously I would take Gomes over McDonald any day, but I hope Nix is given an opportunity to win a full time job. It is nice to add some right handed pop from the bench.

  2. Dan

    Woohoo! Thank you, Walt! You have to respect someone who can (finally) admit a mistake.

    I’m eager to see how this goes! I’m illogically high on Gomes, perhaps, and I hope Dusty gives him a real chance, at least vs. LHP’s. (And not just a pinch-hitting chance here and there — a real 4-AB’s-per-game chance vs. lefties.)

    I will also predict that his defense will at least be adequate. His error rate and range factor per 9 innings in the outfield are both markedly better than Adam Dunn. (They’re a little below average, but for a corner OF w/ power, that’s OK w/ me.)

    Go Jonny go!

    I’ll be seeing my first Reds game in person this year on Wednesday. Here’s hoping we face a lefty!

  3. brublejr

    It’s about time…I am not super high on Gomes but he really brings a much needed element to this team. I think bringing up Fisher is a darn good move too. He will really help the middle innings and be able to pitch 2 or 3 innings when needed, plus he brings some more power pitching to the pen also. Bailey will be up for one start and then be back down if Volquez is healthy so that isn’t as big as a move as the other two. Now, it is time to look at getting rid of Gonzo and things will really be looking up!

    GO REDS!! 😀

  4. Jared

    I figured out how to play MLB 2k9 on Xbox and Gomes pinch hit a 3 run homer in the bottom of the 7th to (finally) win my first game. But then again, Dickerson went 5-5 with a single, 3 doubles and a homerun in the next game, so it may not be the best simulation.

    If this roster were permanent, you could figure Bailey giving you a good start alternating every game with a no-chance loss (so say we’re winning 40% instead of 60% of games every 5 days). With Gomes or Nix replacing McDonald, I’d say we’re about breaking even.

  5. GRF

    I am guessing Rosales when EE comes back.

    Do not know much about Fisher, what is the story on him?

  6. mike

    Fisher was drafted in the 11th round in 2005 out of Lewis-Clark State
    He’s been a starter during most of the minors but was converted to a closer this year. I don’t know why he was converted.

    He’s 26, throws in the low 90s
    Here are his career minor league numbers

    1.53 10.7 3.23 0 AAA (2 seasons)
    4.12 7.7 2.26 21 AA (2 seasons)
    2.20 9 5.86 7 A_adv (1 season)
    2.76 7.3 3.21 27 A (1 season)
    4.19 7.5 2.37 8 Rook_adv (1 season)

    He’s been lights out this season after being converted to a reliever

  7. earl

    “So who’s out when EdE returns?”

    I think it should be Alex Gonzales, but I doubt they will go that way.

    The Reds can always sub for Gomes late in games and sometimes it will even be good to do match up wise with either Dickerson or Nix.

  8. Sultan of Swaff

    Probably Janish because both Hairston and Rosales have pop and play more positions.
    Here’s hoping Fisher takes over for Lincoln. That 2 year deal we gave him is looking pretty dumb right now.

  9. nick in va

    Good to see Gomes called up. I agree with Earl, I’d also like to see Gonzo sent packing when EdE returns.

  10. Jason

    This is me giddy and thankful!! Will be down at the old ballyard Saturday and Sunday and hope to see my first W of the year (0-3) along with hopes of seeing Votto back in the lineup. I am not uber high on Gomes, but I really think he will bring an added boost to clubhouse and lineup w/ Nix. And as for Darnell McPatterson, well…I got nothing because Ive gotta believe even you knew that you didnt belong on a major league roster at age 30. Those AB’s..eek.

    Its about time, Walt. Go Redlegs!!

  11. Steve Price

    Encarnacion is still a ways away, I think. Rosales’s average should continue to fall, even if his hustle remains.

    We need Janish for shortstop. I believe he and Phillips are the only two on the team through a couple of levels that can really play the position now.

  12. GregD

    When he’s not in the lineup, Gomes will be the first RH bat off the bench now, instead of Owings.

    I agree that if the roster looks as it does today when Edwin is healthy, then I’d send an infielder down. I can’t disagree that A-Gon should be considered for that demotion (though I doubt he’d accept the assignment.)

    Here’s to hoping Bailey’s 2009 gets off to a great start. If you recall, he collected his first ML win in his major league debut was against the Indians. He got out of his own bases loaded jam in the 5th to preserve the lead.

    Yes, Cleveland’s 4 best hitters (in terms of 2009 performance) are either switch hitters or left-handed. However:
    vsRHP – 264/345/403
    vsLHP – 283/376/473

    David Huff is going for the Indians on Saturday. This is his second appearance. In his ML debut, he was lit up by the Tampa Bay Rays.

  13. GregD

    Enquirer blog has tonight’s lineup (vs RH Reyes & his 6.88 ERA) posted:

    Taveras CF
    Hairston 3B
    Bruce RF
    Phillips 2B
    Nix LF
    Hernandez C
    Rosales 1B
    Gonzalez SS
    Arroyo P

    A Nix/Gomes platoon in LF with a healthy Votto & Encarnacion would not be a bad lineup.

    When Votto is back, wouldn’t you just slide Bruce to the #4 spot (at least vs RH) instead of back to 5th?

  14. preach

    Under random posts I saw the title: “Reds sign Joe Mays”. It could be worse, I suppose.

  15. Mark in CC

    I haven’t seen so much excitement here since the last time Adam Dunn passed wind in the Reds Dugout.

  16. Dan

    That WAS exciting, Mark! Adam Dunn passed excellent wind.

  17. AnnapolisRed

    Bruble-If Bailey has a good start he may be up for more than one start. It isn’t like Arroyo and Owings have been lighting the world on fire. The problem with those two is if they aren’t ON they get lit up because their stuff is mediocre, while Volquez, Cueto and Harang can be off and still keep you in the game because of their stuff. Hopefully we see the Homer Bailey we drafted this time.

  18. GregD

    If they could bottle that up, they’d have the best selling air freshner, by far!

  19. RiverCity Redleg

    Who wants to start a “Free Drew Stubbs” campaign? This is assuming, of course, that we were wrong about Jonny Gomes and he goes up there and stinks up the joint. I just being proactive here.

  20. pinson343

    Hallelujah !!!
    And that includes bringing up Carlos Fisher, who is the best candidiate within the organization to help our struggling bullpen (other than moving Owings there).

    My guess is that when EE returns, Rosales gets sent down, unless he starts doing some serious hitting. Dickerson seems to have settled down, I expect him to stay as a reserve OF unless he reverts to the form that lost him the starting job.

    I wonder if Votto is available as a PH tonite.

  21. per14

    This *could* be a decent line-up.

    Taveras CF
    Hairston/Janish SS
    Votto 1B
    Phillips 2B
    Bruce RF
    Nix/Gomes LF
    EdE 3B
    Hanigan C

  22. Glenn

    McD seemed like a nice kid. Glad he got to fullfill his dream of being a major league player, but he just wasn’t cutting the mustard. Best of luck to him…just not against the Reds.

  23. Chad Dotson

    Decent lineup, per14. Two issues, though. Neither of the #2 hitters can hit. And why put your second or third best hitter 7th?

  24. pinson343

    Yes, hope McD lands on his feet. Don’t think he’ll get another shot at the Major Leagues, but who knows ? Maybe the Cardinals will pick him up and he’ll bat .300 and torment us for years.

  25. David

    Couple of points.

    1) We are talking about the 25th man, right? I’ve never seen Reds fans so enamored with the 25th man. I think you are going to see Gomes used in the same way McDonald was used. He might get a spot start here or there, but primarily he will be a ph. Let’s not start shouting platoon just yet.

    2) Bailey/Fisher to me is the much bigger story. Our bullpen is looking as thin as Calista Flockhart. Here’s hoping Fisher can do something and Bailey doesn’t give up a 7 spot in the second inning as per usual.

    3) This team is still a game above .500 for the month and just 2.5 games out of the wildcard. This during a month in which the Reds’ best offensive player has mustered just 31 ABs. I’m very happy we are where we are right now.

  26. Chad Dotson

    McD seemed like a nice kid. Glad he got to fullfill his dream of being a major league player


  27. Deaner

    Saves a few more kids around the Cincy area from getting neck tattoos…

  28. GRF

    I think we all wish McDonald the best. Got to play in the bigs and always appeared to be trying.

    As for Gomes, yes he is the 25th man and I do not think anyone is treating this as the equivalent of Roger Clemmons showing up at Yankee Stadium. Still, nice that our best RH pinch hitter may not be a pitcher anymore.

  29. per14

    I wouldn’t construct the line-up that way either. But, in “Dusty world,” that’s probably the best we’ll get. The problem is that this team doesn’t have a number 2 hitter. If Dickerson was swinging the bat like he did last year, I’d put him in LF and make him my 2 hitter.

    I’d probably do it:


  30. GregD

    25th man? With the injuries to this team lately, Hairston seems to be back to the infield “fulltime” and the RH outfielder (McDonald) has been platooning in left with the LH outfielder (1st Dickerson, now Nix). I would imagine we’ll see Gomes platooning in left vs. LH starters (which the Reds face Sat & Sun this weekend.)

    If the “25th man” is an outfielder, I’d say it the LH bat that isn’t starting in LF…currently Dickerson.