It’s an interleague edition of the game thread. Bronson Arroyo is on the mound, the Reds are at home, and Jonny Gomes has been freed. Two or three wins this weekend, the return of a healthy Joey Votto, and all will be right in Redleg Nation.

I won’t be around for the first few innings; my daughter has a softball game. I have to have some priorities. I will, however, be following the game thread, so keep me updated.

Discuss the game here! (Tonight’s lineup is below the fold)

Taveras CF
Hairston 3B
Bruce RF
Phillips 2B
Nix LF
Hernandez C
Rosales 1B
Gonzalez SS
Arroyo P

104 Responses

  1. EKyRedsFan

    After the debacle in San Diego, I’m hesitant to say “let’s sweep these bums!” But seriously, the Reds should, by all accounts, win the “Ohio Cup” series. The Indians are flat out bad. Let’s hope the matchup on paper translates onto the field.

  2. Tom Diesman

    Yes! A Brantley free radio broadcast. Life is good!

  3. Matt B.

    I wish Toothpick had started Votto today since he has been cleared. Screw this whole “he needs to get his feet under him” crap. The offense needs help immediately.

  4. Tom Diesman

    Yeah, we are a pretty meek looking offense with half of the “Votto and Bruce and what’s the use.” offense not in there.

  5. Matt B.

    Exactly. Even if Votto isn’t 100 percent, he still strikes fear in opposing pitchers and thusly helps the rest of the offense. If a budding star has been cleared to play, then play him. It’s not that hard for most people to understand, but Dusty can’t seem to grasp that concept.

  6. Matt B.

    Boo Jeff Kellogg for helping the Indians avoid the wild pitch.

  7. Matt B.

    Man, Reyes is all over the place. Do the Indians really not have anyone better to start? This guy doesn’t have remarkable stuff and can’t seem to find the plate, either.

  8. Tom Diesman

    Taveras is going to have to really pick up the pace on the SB to reach his Willie Mays Hayes 100 SB goal for the season. We are just about to the 1/4 mark and he’s at 11. He’s on pace for what, about 45 SBs?

  9. Matt B.

    Wow, this is embarrassing for Reyes. Twelve balls and one strike. Something has to be wrong with him. He bounced the last two pitches by about five feet.

  10. Tom Diesman

    It’ll more embarrasing for us if he gets out of this inning with us just scoring one run.

  11. Matt B.

    Tie game, 1-1. Good job, Phillips. I would have liked him to take the 3-1 pitch, though, considering Reyes’ control.

    Ah, Willie Mays Hayes is simply too good to be caught. I wonder how many homers Pedro Cerrano had.

    If the Reds only get one run off Reyes after this inning opened, the Reds should be equally embarrassed.

  12. Matt B.

    Great minds think alike, Tom. And so do we. 😉

  13. Tom Diesman

    So who we got starting tonight, Jekyll Arroyo or Hyde Arroyo? He getting any bite on the breaker tonight?

  14. pinson343

    DeRosa is not the player he was. Last year he batted .800 against us.

    Love “Votta and Bruce and what’s the use.” One game thread I said we need something like “Spahn and Sain and prey for rain.”
    Looks like that’s the winner.

  15. brublejr

    Man, would have liked a better AB by Bruce there.

  16. Matt B.

    It would be helpful if the Reds’ batters actually swung at pitches in the zone instead of free-swinging at all the pitches out of the zone. Apparently, many of them are having difficulty grasping the concept of a base on balls tonight.

  17. pinson343

    Bruce looked awful on 3 off-speed pithces. I know he’s had some problems with off-speed stuff, but has it been that bad ?

  18. brublejr

    That was a great way to turn an inning around in a hurry.

  19. EKyRedsFan

    It doesn’t look like this guy has any idea where the ball is going after it leaves his hand.

  20. brublejr

    Reyes couldn’t throw a strike if the zone was the size of billboard.

  21. brublejr

    ugh…would have been nice to have a better AB there…

  22. EKyRedsFan

    Welsh made a great point. How does a guy walk 6 guys in 3 innings and only allow one run?? That looks really bad on the Reds offense.

  23. EKyRedsFan

    Leave it to AGon to golf after a ball 15 yards out of the zone when a guy can’t buy a strike. What an idiot.

  24. brublejr

    whew!…that was a really close one

  25. brublejr

    wow…Already ran Reyes out of the game…too bad they couldn’t take advantage of him not throwing any strikes at all.

  26. EKyRedsFan

    So the Reds had a chance to blow up the scoreboard against Reyes and they laid an egg.

  27. brublejr

    Basically, although it is kinda tough to hit when the pitcher is so wild…but that is not a good excuse.

  28. EKyRedsFan

    When a pitcher’s that wild, my goal would be to force him to throw a strike or else take a walk. The entire team should have that goal, but Gonzo was going fishing. Oh well.. doesn’t matter now.

  29. brublejr

    Bronson has settled down and looking pretty good…knock on wood.

  30. Tom Diesman

    Maybe we can get a couple on this inning and then have Votto PH for Arroyo.

  31. BigRedMike

    Walks clog the bases, cannot have that.

  32. Tom Diesman

    Go figure, Gonzo has both our hits tonight. Is he hitting .200 yet?

  33. BigRedMike

    I am pretty sure that Agon is still under .200. Bad break for the Reds, Rosales would have scored easily.

  34. Tom Diesman

    Dusty’s trying to squeeze a little more havoc out of this club! Who besides me would have PH for Arroyo here?

  35. Tom Diesman

    Pop up to 2nd base, well that just craptastic.

  36. Tom Diesman

    Two runners in scoring position with one out. I want hitters up there to give me the best chance at getting both those runs in.

  37. EKyRedsFan

    The Reds are doing everything in their power to keep this game close for the Indians to win.

  38. EKyRedsFan

    Yeah, I get that, but I’d be happy with one run out of the pitcher and letting him throw another inning or two.

  39. Tom Diesman

    The DP ball in Arroyo’s friend tonight. Let’s score a run already.

  40. brublejr

    whew…nice DP. I just don’t like the fact the Reds should be up in this game and they are letting this team hang around. These are the games you get up early and put them away if you want to be a good team.

  41. Tom Diesman

    Arroyo is at 98 pitches through 7 innings.

  42. Tom Diesman

    LHP in now for Cleveland, Gomes for Nix up 4th this inning?

  43. brublejr

    At some point this offense has got to get some key hits, Right?

  44. brublejr

    whew…another close one…let’s go offense help Bronson out here.

  45. Tom Diesman

    Arroyo is just a 105 pitches still. As long as they don’t get to his spot in the order this inning, he’s due up 5th, he’ll probably get the chance to finish it out.

  46. EKyRedsFan

    Bronson usually gets great run support.. thus his nice W-L record despite a bloated ERA.

  47. brublejr

    Why couldn’t have he made it from the start!

  48. Tom Diesman

    Dude should have been here all year long instead of McDonald.

  49. brublejr

    It’s a shame that his bat was wasted for a month and a half in Louisville…exactly the type of hitter off the bench this team needed very badly.

  50. mike

    curious that the Reds have only 2 hits, neither have had ANYTHING to do with the run scored and the Reds are still in the game.

    Related to that it’s very difficult for a starting pitcher to get a win while striking out so few batters. In 2008 and 2009 a Reds starter has gotten a win only 6 times while striking out 2 or fewer batters. Arroyo is 2 of those 6 times.
    Reds starters with 2 or fewer strikeouts in a game from 2008-2009 are 6-30 with an additional 8 no decisions

  51. Tom Diesman

    And Rosales should have been here all year instead of Janish also.

  52. brublejr

    He really needed that hit, hopefully breaks him out of his slump.

  53. Tom Diesman

    Is Votto on deck? Is he available to PH tonight?

  54. Mark in CC

    Just walked in the house to see the Rosales hit. Very nice. Theradio isn’t bad tonight. I think the louisville guy keeps Marty from being to obnoxious and negative. He is great when he broadcasts that way.

  55. brublejr

    YES! Who is this and what did he do with the real Alex Gonzalez?

  56. EKyRedsFan

    I can’t complain about Alex Gonzalez tonight. It’s usually one of my favorite things to do.

  57. Mark in CC

    Rosales would have been meat if the throw goes home.

  58. Chad Dotson

    The Louisville guy is great on the radio tonight…I agree, Mark. I’m going to post about it later.

  59. Tom Diesman

    Kelch is also very good at play by play. Always nice to know what is happening. You don’t get that with Brantley.

  60. Tom Diesman

    Must not be, righty against righty. The Dickerson PR for Gomes seemed kind of useless at the time, and now it would have been nice to bat Dickerson here.

  61. Mark in CC

    He is good Chad. He almost has a voice that sounds like Steve Stewart but with a knowledge of baseball ans personality.

  62. Tom Diesman

    Coco against the heart of their order.

  63. Chad Dotson

    Plus, he describes the game like Marty used to do regularly (and like Marty still does when he isn’t talking about irrelevant stuff). They’re a good combo.

  64. brublejr

    Nice, One down!

    And yes Chad they are a good combo on the radio.

  65. Mark in CC

    Baerga probably weighs about 300 lbs now.

  66. brublejr

    And this one belongs to the Reds…Not a good offensive day, great performance by Bronson.

  67. Mark in CC

    State Champs! State Champs! State Champs!

  68. Tom Diesman

    Another nice day on the mound for the Reds. If this pitching holds up and we get Votto and Encarnacion back into the lineup, things could get interesting.

  69. Mark in CC

    Jonny Gomes help create the winning run. Bye Bye McDonald.