Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Philadelphia 12
Cincinnati 5
WP: Blanton (2-3)
LP: Owings (3-5)


–Everything that happened today.

–Good grief. Let’s just forget about this game, and about losing five of six. There are still six games left on the homestand, and the Reds can get things back on track.

19 Responses

  1. Chad Dotson

    Actually, Ryan Hanigan and Jay Bruce getting on base three times each was a slight positive. For Hanigan, he just keeps doing what is asked of him. I’m very happy with that young man.

    For Bruce, he’s beginning to look better at the plate. That’s fortunate for this offense.

  2. wanderinredsfan

    I sure hope to see Bailey perform up to par this Saturday. It would be great to see Bailey light a fire under Owings and Arroyo. Perhaps they need someone pushing from below to inspire better performance on the field.

  3. preach

    Phillips is having a very positive month, and has a shot at being player of the month. The fact they came back from 6-0 early on was a good thing, I guess. David Weathers for Cy Young.

    On another note: I was listening to Thom and Marty banter during the game, and they were talking about the cowboy’s ability to ride a horse. How about redlegnation offer to sponsor some sort of Cowboy ‘tests’, nothing too tricky, for Brantley to do. My guess is that we could get a letter read on the air. If it is something that we could actually work out I know I would throw in a few dollars. Or we could offer to sponsor something else (that might make a good off day thread). Just thinkin’ out of the diamond.

  4. mhopp

    Can someone tell me why we have Ramirez at the MLB level instead of Maloney? I mean one of the concerns at the beginning of the season was a all right-handed rotation and Maloney has been doing well but yet he isn’t called up….WTH?

  5. RiverCity Redleg

    I’m surprised Maloney didn’t get the call up for Saturday.

  6. CeeKeR

    The best positive that I heard today was that Votto has an ear infection which was causing the dizziness (as opposed to something much more serious). He should be good to go within a day or two now that they figured out what’s wrong (according to the crack staff at ESPN).

  7. pinson343

    For me the news about Votto overshadowed the game, what a relief.

    Maoloney’s been pitching a lot better than Homer, but I hope Homer pitches well and stays up here for good.

  8. pinson343

    The 5 run rally was a positive. BP has been smokin’.

    I expected Owings to get hit hard by the Phillies good LH hitters. We need a lefty in the rotation against a team like this (Maloney, of course). Yes I’d like to see both Homer (if he takes advantage of this opportunity) and Maloney on the Reds staff.

    I’d like to see Owings in the bullpen. The bullpen is looking thin right now, only Rhodes and Cordero are pitching well.

  9. mhopp

    Here is Maloney by the numbers on top of him being a lefty:

    IP 44.1 H 44 R 14 ER 13 HR 3 BB 6 SO 38

    GO/AO 0.90 AVG .257 W 3 L 2 ERA 2.64 G7 GS7 CG 1

    VS left: 2.25 ERA,

    VS right: 2.78 ERA, 32.1 IP, 28 H, 3 BB, 33 SO, .233 AVG

    Also worth mentioning is Carlos Fisher righty mid reliever with 2.0 ERA and Robert Manuel with 3.27 ERA that was named the best southern league reliever last year and had a rough start this year but has come around. Neither Bailey or Ramirez have done much at either level when you look at the numbers (Bailey has been on and off). Is this yet another example of where Dusty wants a guy or guys who have more MLB experience vs. going by the numbers? We saw how Ramirez did today and it wasn’t too pretty…who’s running the show here? I say Dusty is still having a lot of influence on decisions so it may be a rough next month or so with injuries.

    I must admit I was glad they opted to put Volquez on the DL rather than have him try and pitch through it…back spasms can get rather bad…even if it’s just musculature, muscles do have a “memory” in that once they’re hurt they are easier to get hurt again especially the small muscles in the back…I wish Mr. Volquez a speedy but timely recovery.

  10. mhopp

    Does anyone have a list of top Reds prospects and how they rate from 1 to 25 ?

  11. Glenn

    How low is WJ going to let Lincoln and Burton stink up the joint the way they have this year?

  12. mike

    I agree Glenn
    in particular with Frasier pitching great and Manuel pitching very good.

  13. mhopp

    Frasier? Who’s that mike? You mean Fisher?

  14. AnnapolisRed

    Glenn-I agree with you, particularly Burton who pitches in key situations. Lincoln isn’t as much a concern as he’s basically a mop-up guy.

  15. GregD

    Is this yet another example of where Dusty wants a guy or guys who have more MLB experience vs. going by the numbers? We saw how Ramirez did today and it wasn’t too pretty…who’s running the show here?

    Ramirez worked two full innings and two batters in a 3rd inning.
    – In the first a solo HR to Utley.
    – The second a hit batter.
    – The third a walk that later scored with Herrera on the mound.

    He struck out 3 of the 10 batters he faced.

    Not a bad outing, IMO.

    I have no problem with Bailey being ahead of Maloney on the pitching depth chart.

  16. Glenn

    Don’t get me wrong, I hope they turn things around, but right now I’m wondering if McDonald and Lincoln are even on a big league roster this time next year.

  17. WORLD

    I have on good authority from Louisville that the general feeling of the Reds is that Maloney doesn’t have major league velocity or stuff. The only way to find out, of course, is to get him up to the Show but there are definitely reservations about his assuming the spot in the rotation that his minor league success would deem earned by now.

  18. preach

    It’s a shame that with Burton’s velocity and Lincoln’s curveball they have done what they have. Those pitches can be devastating.

    You know guys like Weathers who do not have that same type of stuff (although his slider definately looks improved this year)has to just shake his head.