Yes, we’re all worried about Joey Votto’s ongoing troubles with dizziness. The doctors may be confounded, but credit Y-City Jim for thinking outside the box for a solution to the problem:

Thinking about Votto. I think they should have him do that routine of putting his forehead on a bat and spin around it ten times. If he does it enough times, the dizzy spells won’t seem that big of a deal. Another option might be for him to do that routine in the opposite direction. It might undo the dizzy spells.

Brilliant. I love me a dizzy bat race.

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  1. Glenn

    Ah..the old dizzy izzy remedy. I’m familiar.

  2. nick in va

    Whatever the fix I hope they find it soon. Does Dr. House have any available appointments?

  3. pinson343

    I do some ballroom dancing, and I do that “routine in the opposite direction” (as directed by my instructors) and it actually works.

    That is, if I get dizzy from doing waltz left turns, they have me do right turns or just spin around in that direction. Clears it up right away.

    Don’t think it would help Joey though.

  4. mike

    I didn’t see it posted elsewhere but Votto has been diagnosed and it’s very good news.

    He’s got an inner ear infection

    this from hardballtimes
    After two weeks of testing for everything imaginable it came down to the simplest of the simple. Inner ear infection.

    First, Votto had an upper respiratory infection that caused him to miss four games and it is believed that when the team flew to Phoenix from Cincinnati that brought on the inner ear infection and caused his dizziness and loss of focus. Then when he flew to San Diego from Phoenix it happened again.

    Votto has not had any of the symptoms since he returned from San Diego to Cincinnati and took indoor batting practice today. Manager Dusty Baker said he’ll do all the pre-game activities with the team Friday and see where he is.

  5. Jeff

    Votto is actually very lucky. Inner ear infections can be quite serious. An ear infection ended the career of Nick Esasky, if I recall, and last year I had an inner ear infection with six weeks of dizziness and vertigo like Joey Votto has had. I’m now deaf in that ear. I hope for Votto’s sake he has no complications from this.

  6. Russ

    I notice you don’t approve comments if they disagree with you.

  7. Chad Dotson

    I notice you don’t approve comments if they disagree with you.

    Is this spam, or are you just trolling? Why would you say something so ill-informed?

    First, I don’t show where you’ve ever tried to make another comment here (and I looked in the spam filter to see if one of yours was caught; didn’t find one).

    Second, 99% of comments don’t have to be approved to show up here. The only time anyone has to have their comments approved is if (a) it’s their first post or (b) they have violated the commenting guidelines at some point in the past. (

    As such, the vast majority of comments are published as soon as the “Submit Comment” button is pressed.

    If you would take a look around, you would see TONS of comments that disagree with me (do a search for “Adam Dunn” if you are skeptical). I don’t care if there are disagreements, as long as they are civil.

    Sheesh. I don’t know why I even bother….

  8. preach

    Last year I had chronic ear infections and suffered migraines and dizziness due to them. Come to find out my eardrum was damaged and my body was trying to repair it by generating tissue which became debris and presto: infection. Went through some surgery, was off a few days, a few more days with some pain pills, and now I am much better. In my experience (although Votto’s health care is surely better than mine)diagnosing the infection wasn’t the hard part; it was diagnosing the cause that was the issue.

    After reading the comment by Russ I began thinking about ear infections. huh.

  9. mjk

    I know this is a long shot, and I’m not saying it’s NOT inner ear, but I’ve had inner ear issues, busted eardrums most of my life. Do I experience dizziness? Yes. But never for that amount of time. Maybe I shouldn’t put this out there, but I have a feeling he’s suffering from panic attacks. That’s something most people dont’ want everyone to know about. Or it’s possible, if he’s back in the line-up today, that the airplane flight messed with it again. Either way, hope he’s 100% real soon. He’s a hard working guy who is probably frustrated himself.