For the Paul O’Neill fans in our midst…from The Sporting News

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  1. Matt WI

    Did O’Neill really slip “Grease” in as a favorite movie? Did he sing songs in the lockerroom?

  2. Andy

    Favorite team growing up was the A’s, because they had cool uniforms? Respect lost, Paulie.

  3. Tom

    Big Paul O’Neil fan with the Reds. Bad trade to let him go after the 92 season but Sweet Lou convinced Marge to do it. He’ll always be a Yankee after four WS titles with them.

  4. RiverCity Redleg

    I’m a big Big fan as well. Hated to see him go. Always seemed very grounded. I also like his guest appearance on Seinfeld when Kramer promised a kid in the hospital that O’Neill would hit three HRs in a game.

  5. earl

    I always liked Paul O’Neill. I thought it was a pretty dumb trade and he kind of proved it right in NY especially winning that batting title. Those Yankee’s clubs were definitely not the same after the blue collar guys like Paul O’Neill and Scott Brosius retired. Paul O’Neill has 5 world series rings, which is more than about 99 percent of the players to ever play the game can say.

    The Reds are about due to have a day to bring back the guys from the 1990 World Series club. Maybe they did and I missed it, but all of them are out of baseball as players so it would be cool for them to have a reunion. Maybe in two years.

  6. pinson343

    I loved Paul O’Neill as a player. He had a conflict with Lou when Lou wanted him to be a pull hitter.

    In the 1990 championship series, the turning point was, with the Reds down by a game and holding a precarious lead, O’Neill catches a fly ball in right field and guns down Bobby Bonilla going to third. Killed the rally, killed the Pirates.

  7. Bill Lack

    In the 7th game of that series, in the 7th inning, Lou had Luis Quiones PH for O’Neill…and he got a hit..who’d thunk it?

  8. nick in va

    I remember going to the Towne Mall in Middletown and getting O’Neill’s autograph when I was a kid. I’ve still got it. Too bad it’s not on a picture. It’s on a blue notecard or something. I hated to see him go too.

  9. pinson343

    River City Redleg, O’Neill was excellent on that Seinfeld episode. Most people (like SteinbrennerO can’t play themselves on tv.
    His interactions with Kramer were great.

    Kramer promised 3 HRs, not 2. And when the second “home run” was ruled a triple and an error, Kramer went back and told Paul he’d have to catch a fly ball with his cap the next game.