Tonight’s the night to get back on the winning track!

Aaron Harang will pitch against this guy tonight. I have a good feeling about it, despite signs all around that things are crumbling (Votto, Volquez, etc.) A win tonight and another tomorrow will cure all ills.

Discuss it here!

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  1. Matt B.

    I like how Moyer is statistically better against RHBs in his career and yet, McDonald starts over Nix. Wonderful, really.

  2. mike

    Matt I thought the same thing. Not only statistically better against RHB but it’s always been known he’s not tough on lefties.

    it’d be fun to be a reporter and ask Dusty……WHY

  3. jason

    Ok, second night in a row where the game is scheduled to be in HD, but isnt. Grrr.. Anyone else having this issue….again?

  4. BigRedMike

    I have the MLB package and it is on HD on Fox.

  5. Matt B.

    Too bad Dusty doesn’t answer questions from fans, and too bad none of the reporters seemingly have the stones to ask and/or confront him or Jocketty about their questionable moves.

  6. Chad Dotson

    I haven’t checked tonight (I’m on the deck, listening to Marty), but I had the game in HD last night (DirecTV).

  7. taoistlumberjak

    Dusty Baker must think this is like playing MLB2K9 on easy.

  8. BigRedMike

    Yes, it is FS Ohio. George is on fire tonight.

  9. Jared

    I don’t understand all the clamoring for Bailey at this point. He’s looked “meh” at best in Louisville and has gotten rocked a few times.

  10. Chad Dotson

    Alex Gonzalex is “hitting” sixth? Tonight’s lineup has to be the worst lineup in MLB. Poor Harang.

  11. Chad Dotson

    Bailey is still the best bet of anyone in Louisville to be good on the major league level right now.

    You’d prefer Ramon Ramirez?

  12. jason

    Ramirez will start Saturday Night in place of Volkkie, and Ill be at the GABP to witness it!!! Looks like an 0-4 start to the season for me at the ol’ ballyard.

    I feel unlucky! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

  13. Jared

    Doh. I was ignoring Volquez. Make that “I don’t understand all the clamoring … as long as the 5 guys we’ve got now are healthy.”

  14. jason

    Hannigan is on the board!! Way to be Hanny!!

  15. mhopp

    I’d prefer Ramirez or Maloney…there goes Hanigan, good thing Dusty has kept the .326 hitting catcher on the bench most of the season. :poke:

  16. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, Jared, I don’t think anyone’s clamoring for Homer to replace one of the current rotation, if they’re healthy. Arroyo is the only one doing poorly, but no one is suggesting replacing BA (unless he’s traded for a hitter, of course).

  17. mhopp

    Ramirez has proved himself at the MLB level and also has been improving with each start at AAA. Bailey has been given chance after chance based on his “prospect value” and has yet to prove himself decent at either AAA or MLB level.

    I just believe that you either perform or there needs to be someone else to play…just the problems with McDonald instead of Gomes as Gomes is the clear choice…Ramirez a more difficult one.

  18. jason

    Ill be sitting in the Terrace Outfield-Section 102 on Saturday. This is the only section I havent tried out since the park opened in 03′ mainly due to the first few years being addicted to the Sun/Moon-Section and any 400-Section, but also bc I like to be able to see scoreboard. Has anyone ever sat in the Terrace Outfield? Thoughts?

  19. mhopp

    Isn’t Jamie Moyer old enough to have grandchildren at Jay Bruce’s age?

  20. Chad Dotson

    That’s a joke, right? Ramirez has “proved himself at the major league level.”???

    Right. Let’s just ignore the fact that Bailey has been better than Ramirez every year, and is four years younger. Sure, give me the “proven” major leaguer who has played in a grand total of 5 major league games.

    Forgive the sarcasm, but I prefer to look at 100+ games rather than a handful in assessing a player.

    Bailey has been better at every level, at a younger age at each level, and he’s been better this year. Maybe Homer isn’t ready for the big leagues, but Ramon Ramirez is staff filler. He’ll never be as good a bet at Homer, period.

  21. mhopp

    Dusty Baker is this woman’s fav player? Good grief I hope he’s not her fav manager! :poke:

  22. jason

    Ok, somebody fill me in on what GG is doing with those lovely ladies in the booth? He loves that Dwight Schrute look, doesnt he?

  23. mhopp

    I don’t think Ramirez is a long-term better pitcher than Homer but Homer has been his usual on and off self at AAA this year. Ramirez has gotten better with each start this year, and strictly at the MLB level Ramirez has an ERA of about 3 while Bailey’s is somewhere around 5.

  24. mhopp

    If Bruce can hit lefties he’ll be the player the Reds want him to be for sure

  25. Y-City Jim

    Alright, 3-0 Good Guys!!!

    Nice contribution by Harriston!!! 🙂

    It’s so great to hear MLB’s answer to Mr. Rogers back again.

  26. mhopp

    Why doesn’t someone tell George in private how to pronounce Hairston?

  27. Jimmy James

    There won’t be a single day in the next 15 years that Ramon Ramirez is a better bet than Homer Bailey. Bailey is, what? 4 years younger? And he’s already better than Ramirez is RIGHT NOW.

    There are fifty pitchers just like Ramirez in AAA right now, and most will never make the major leagues. Bailey has a chance to be special.

  28. Y-City Jim

    I like how Moyer is statistically better against RHBs in his career and yet, McDonald starts over Nix. Wonderful, really.

    You ever feel Dusty is just trying to stick it to all of us know-it-alls?

  29. Jared

    So I got an Acer Aspire One netbook which I was planning to use more for’s gameday than anything else, and I can see rougly half of what I want in the Flash app. And if I use IE to zoom out, it makes the gameday area smaller but it doesn’t zoom out, so I basically just see less. Ugh.

  30. BigRed Tube

    I just had a case of Deja Vu I could have swore I just saw Mcdonald in the lineup again! :emotion:

  31. Y-City Jim

    Why doesn’t someone tell George in private how to pronounce Hairston?

    Someone needs to take GG aside and tell him how to pronounce Walt Jockerty too.

    Don’t you figure they have and that he just keeps doing it?

  32. Y-City Jim

    Alex Gonzalex is “hitting” sixth? Tonight’s lineup has to be the worst lineup in MLB. Poor Harang.

    Imagine where Mendoza would bat in this line-up with Dusty at the helm.

  33. Jimmy James

    You ever feel Dusty is just trying to stick it to all of us know-it-alls?

    Yes. Every single day.

  34. Chad Dotson

    Just came inside and I’m getting the game on HD here. Again, DirecTV.

    Still no HD, Jason?

  35. Mr. Saturday Nite

    My wife – Mrs. Saturday Nite – has one of those Aspire One netbooks. I hate it. Not only do you need binoculars to see the screen, you have to cross your arms indian-style to type.

  36. mhopp

    I do feel that Dusty puts who HE wants in the line up just to SHOW the fans who is in control. I know this makes him look like a sociopath but really I think he may be doing this. Gomes has 9HR and has been coming on strong over the last 10 games, in younger and ALMOST as fast as McDonald yet he still plays him and leaves Gomes in the minors. You’ve got to believe Jockerty is just giving him this last chance because Dusty is in love with the “could have been” player.

  37. Chad Dotson

    I’m using an Asus eee right now. I like it, for email and internet, only. Tough to type, until you get used to the smaller keyboard.

    Tough to watch on it, but it’s okay in a pinch.

  38. jason

    HD is on as of 8:05pm after another fussy phone call to Buckeye Cable. All good.

  39. Y-City Jim

    Good to see Gonzalez making long outs versus short outs.

    Where’s the eyes rolling emoticion when I need it?

  40. BigRed Tube

    Does anyone know if the drug test managers as they do players? I want to know what Dusty was on when he filled out this lineup card!

  41. Y-City Jim

    Gonzalez and McDonald are beginning to make Corey Patterson seem good.

  42. mhopp

    Here’s to McDonald :poke: :emotion: :-(( ❗

  43. mhopp

    “Does anyone know if the drug test managers as they do players? I want to know what Dusty was on when he filled out this lineup card!”

    This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs…any questions?

  44. Y-City Jim

    If Dusty is doing drugs, they certainly aren’t performance enhancement ones.

  45. mhopp

    What ever drugs they are they sure have unwanted side affects for good players and Reds fans

  46. Jared

    mhopp, I don’t know if you were joking but Jamie Moyer really is old enough to have Jay Bruce’s grandchildren.

  47. Y-City Jim

    How did that bloop fall? That was a pretty high bloop.

  48. Mr. Saturday Nite

    The Reds should trade Gonzos with the Muppets. Not only would the Muppet Gonzo have a better batting average, he could shoot himself out of a cannon during the national anthem at “and the rockets red glare.”

  49. mhopp

    Yep, he has to be the oldest in the majors…born in 1962. He has like 7 children but no grandchildren yet

  50. mhopp

    Willy was safe for sure. I got a speeding ticket today, about the same as arguing with an umpire :poke:

  51. Y-City Jim

    Well that blown call just cost the Reds a run. How can you be in that position and miss the call?

  52. Jimmy James

    Wow, Jay Bruce wasn’t even born with Moyer made his major league debut.

  53. Y-City Jim

    Thinking about Votto. I think they should have him do that routine of putting his forehead on a bat and spin around it ten times. If he does it enough times, the dizzy spells won’t seem that big of a deal. Another option might be for him to do that routine in the opposite direction. It might undo the dizzy spells.

  54. Jared

    He might not make it through this at bat at his age

  55. Mr. Saturday Nite

    For that matter – Mrs. Saturday Nite was born the year Moyer made his debut

  56. mhopp

    That’s the best at-bat by Bruce…and Harriston is out, dam it

  57. renbutler

    How can you make such terrible judgments sending runners like that? There was nothing special at all about that relay.

  58. Y-City Jim

    Berry is an idiot. That was even a bad throw and Harriston was out.

  59. Mr. Saturday Nite

    You could send Votto to Kings Island and have him ride the Diamondback a couple of times. That’ll snap him out of it.

  60. mhopp

    Billy Hatcher is only a year older than Moyer

  61. Y-City Jim

    Brilliant, Jim. Are you a doctor?

    It resembles some of the diagnosises (aka guesses) I have received from many a doctor. :p

  62. Y-City Jim

    You could send Votto to Kings Island and have him ride the Diamondback a couple of times. That’ll snap him out of it.

    Right. It’s a fight fire with fire concept. Who has Dr. Kremchek’s number?

  63. Y-City Jim

    I might prescribe some cat juggling as well. I’m getting a kickback from PetSmart and Steve Martin.

  64. Mr. Saturday Nite

    Jim, I think the CDC could use a guy like you.

  65. Jared

    I think I’m about ready to call it. Netbooks are horrible for watching gameday.

  66. Y-City Jim

    Alright, Harangatang!!!

    Speaking of Ramirez, does it really matter who we throw against the Indians? If the Reds don’t sweep them this weekend, I am going to be highly disappointed.

  67. Mr. Saturday Nite

    7 strikeouts for Harangatan! Sweet!

  68. Y-City Jim

    I think I’m about ready to call it. Netbooks are horrible for watching gameday.

    You have me curious. I want to try it on my son’s iPod Touch to see what it looks like.

  69. Y-City Jim

    George, it isn’t that long of a trip from the mound to 2B.

  70. Jared

    The problem is that you can’t zoom out with flash. If you could it would be just fine. But it turns out if I use fullscreen mode I can just fit enough of it to see what I want. Can’t do anything else, but I can accept that with a 10″ screen. I’m not holding out much hope it’ll have a good enough connection when I go out to the garage in a minute, though.

  71. Jared

    My wife is making fun of me because I’m sitting at my desk with 2 24″ monitors and I’m looking at the 10″ one.

  72. Y-City Jim

    So it won’t let you use the zoom function?

  73. mhopp

    Is anyone else having problems with MLB.TV?

  74. Jared

    You can zoom in and out with IE and FF, and it changes the size of the space the Flash is in, but the flash inside it stays the same size so you see less of it.

  75. Y-City Jim

    Especially considering the opposition, Harang has been very impressive. It’s not like he’s facing the Reds.

  76. Y-City Jim

    Do you think it is simply the screen size or is it a software issue?

  77. mhopp

    Doesn’t Ryan Hannigan look like Kevin Bacon?

  78. Chad Dotson

    Great outing for the big guy. Exactly what the Reds needed. Now let’s hope the bullpen can close it out for him.

  79. Matt WI

    howdy gang… just got on. Looks like things are well in Reds land at the moment.

  80. Y-City Jim

    Did Dusty possibly learn something from his mistake in Harang’s last start?

  81. Chad Dotson

    “Harriston” is really irritating me at this point. If George Grande wants to be a professional broadcaster, he should really make an effort to pronounce names correctly.

  82. GregD

    How do bats still fly out of players hands with the gallon of pine tar they put on those things?

  83. Y-City Jim

    Two perfect throws? What are you smoking, George?

  84. mhopp

    Team Phillips with a 3 bagger despite falling down on swing! :-*

  85. Y-City Jim

    That’s probably a HR for Team Phillips if he hadn’t fallen down (again).

  86. Jared

    Well, the screen size wouldn’t be an issue if Flas would zoom with the rest of the page or if Gameday wasn’t just so big. Its just a bad circumstance. But fullscreen on a 10″ screen works out. Not sure what the resolution is on the 9″.

  87. GregD

    How many times has he fallen down? I’ve seen him do it twice.

  88. mhopp

    I was thinking about buying one of those notebooks but I know I won’t now. Glad you guys brought up the subject.

  89. Y-City Jim

    T-shirt idea – Face of the Franchise t-shirts with a picture of Team Phillips falling down.

  90. mhopp

    Good idea Jim, maybe we can have a picture of Darnell McPatterson on the back as the butt of the Franchise

  91. Y-City Jim

    Gameday should have a defensive screen option that tracks the range a player covers. It would have to have a zoom option to trace the range of some players.

    BTW, it seems FSOH is getting some new sponsors for the Reds games. I’m seeing new commercials instead of the same old one 25 times a night.

  92. Y-City Jim

    Is that a young Kris Kringle at the plate for Philadelphia?

  93. mhopp

    all of the Reds top 4 in the line up tonight have 2 hits each. That’s 8 hits and a walk…not bad

  94. Mr. Saturday Nite

    Jared: it seems your problem could be summed up as “fat guy in a little coat” only with software and computers and stuff.

  95. mhopp

    Does anyone agree that Hannigan looks like Kevin Bacon?

  96. Y-City Jim

    Then there is the bottom 4 (minus 1).

    I have to check the Hanigan appearance next time up. Perhaps it’s the six degrees of separation.

  97. Y-City Jim

    Arthur Rhodes has been a good acquisition.

    Especially with the continuing medical drama of Bill Bray.

  98. Y-City Jim

    Do sports cameramen ever show ugly women? I think there is a discrimination suit waiting to happen.

  99. Y-City Jim

    Daddy Wags – drink

    George is making up for taking off that road series.

  100. mhopp

    Jim, I’ve noticed that too. Perhaps they need to hire more women to do the camera work thereby reducing this from happening.

  101. Kurt Frost

    I just sat in front of the computer and went to ESPN to check out the stats from the game. The Reds have two starters in the lineup tonight hitting UNDER .175

  102. mhopp

    GONZO GOT A HIT, GONZO GOT A HIT!! :love: :love: :love:

  103. mhopp

    McPatterson got on base so I guess that guarantees a multi-year contract in Dusty’s eyes

  104. Y-City Jim


    By swinging at a ball half a foot off the plate and at his ankles.

    McDonald shows off his offensive prowess by getting HBP.

  105. GregD

    I don’t see the Kevin Bacon thing.
    Though I do find myself hankering for some bacon.

  106. Matt WI

    Thom and Marty won’t stop talking about how Marty knows it’s the finale of “American Idol.”

  107. Y-City Jim

    No, on the Kevin Bacon/Ryan Hanigan connection. He does resemble someone but I can’t figure it out yet.

  108. mhopp

    Yonder Alonzo has 34 RBI’s at Sarasota after a 4-2 win.

  109. Y-City Jim

    Zero calorie, zero fat, vegetarian, and kosher. It has to taste like crap or else contain hazardous waste of some kind.

  110. mhopp

    Carolina loses 5-2 and all runs are unearned with 4 errors…ugh :poke:

  111. Y-City Jim

    Yonder Alonzo has 34 RBI’s at Sarasota after a 4-2 win.

    and Gomes is hitting .281 with nine doubles and nine HRs. Yet me still have Ronald McDonald playing.

  112. Y-City Jim

    Smiling side of the scoreboard once again.

  113. GregD

    Carolina loses 5-2 and all runs are unearned with 4 errors…ugh

    Sounds like big leaguers in the making

  114. Matt WI

    Great job by the team all the way around tonight. Nice to see Harang get right. Rhodes, solid as usual. Cordero… just don’t ask him to go in with a tie or a lead and it’s golden.

  115. Mr. Saturday Nite

    And CoCo doesn’t have to load the bases to get out of the 9th!

  116. GregD

    I don’t put a lot into team record when individual players play, but it seems like they’ve won more than they’ve lost when Hanigan is behind the plate.