This is what we’re all afraid of:

It looks like back spasms are still bothering Edinson Volquez. His side bullpen session was cut very short by more soreness on Wednesday. Afterwards, the Reds starter went into manager Dusty Baker’s office and told him he shouldn’t make his next start.

Volquez was to start on Friday but was moved back to Saturday today after Baker first heard Volquez was still sore. Bronson Arroyo will start on Friday against Cleveland.

“I was feeling it. I threw only a couple of pitches and still felt it on my left side,” Volquez said.

I will predict now that Ramon Ramirez will make that start, rather than bringing up Homer Bailey like the Reds should do. Walt Jocketty is scared stiff when it comes time to make any kind of transaction. He’s certainly not going to bring up two players from the minors in the same week!

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  1. D.Nelson

    How do we know what the GM is thinking? Again how did such an idiot put together all those winning years in St. Louis?

  2. mhopp

    I’m trying to think about how he put together those teams in St. Louis myself and I continue to look at the manager…we have Dusty Baker and St. Louise had Tony LaRussa who puts the best team out there every day. He always does better with the players than he is suppose to, year after year.

    What’s wrong with bringing up Maloney? The guy has been pitching great, looks like another losing season because they can’t make the right moves. Sick of it, just sick of it.

  3. jason

    Wow. Last week at this time we were buzzing right along on all cylinders about to sweep Arizona on our way to brooming San Diego, and now….

  4. preach

    Don’t panic yet. Things have actually gone better than expected to this point, we have some injuries. Definately some questionable moves, but I think we have shown enough at this point to demonstrate that we can be buyers and not sellers.

  5. GregD

    I said yesterday that’s why I thought they brought up Ramirez instead of Fisher or Viola. He still could keep Ramirez up for relief and bring up Maloney or Bailey to make the actual start…we’ll see….

  6. GRF

    All this does is further demonstrate McDonald is a “luxury” on both the 25 and 40 man rosters we cannot afford.

  7. AnnapolisRed

    Greg-Don’t you know by now that some people on this board panic first.

    D. Nelson-I’m with you.

  8. Balrog

    The Bailey love is nearly reaching Dunn-love levels of silliness. He’s got nearly a 7 ERA in the majors and he’s not exactly tearing it up in the minors. If the guy can only manage a 4.5 ERA in AAA, how bad do you think he’ll get shelled once he’s pitching to big leaguers? Shouldn’t he have to earn his spot? What a great lesson to teach to the kid; just be mediocre and you’ll get promoted because you were good back in high school and there’s still a CHANCE that you won’t stink as a pro.

  9. Jose

    Bailey’s season stats
    Apr 09 COL 0 1 13.50 0 5.1 9 8 1 5
    Apr 14 TOL 0 1 6.75 0 2.2 3 2 3 3
    Apr 21 @COL 1 0 3.00 0 6.0 6 2 4 3
    Apr 26 @TOL 1 0 2.84 0 6.1 4 2 2 15
    May 02 @BUF 1 0 0.00 0 7.0 5 0 1 5
    May 08 SWB 0 1 4.50 0 6.0 7 3 4 2
    May 13 @DUR 0 1 6.00 0 6.0 6 4 0 4
    May 18 @NOR 0 1 3.00 0 6.0 6 2 2 6
    Totals 3 5 4.57 0 45.1 46 23 17 43

    One bad game doesn’t mean anything
    he’s better than Arroyo

  10. Balrog

    One bad game doesn’t mean anything
    he’s better than Arroyo
    Let’s not forget the game he got himself thrown out of for throwing at batters after giving up home runs. Showed a lot of maturity. Stuff the main club really needs.

    He’s better than Arroyo…if you compare Arroyo’s major league stats to Homer’s minor league stats, then yeah, you’ve got a point. Since that would be asinine, no, you still don’t have a point.

    Honestly, with the hype surrounding this kid he should be dominating AAA. He’s put up mediocre numbers; his two BAD games notwithstanding, he’s still not wowing anyone.

    No one has learned from his last two stints for the Reds? He hasn’t shown improvement, yet NOW he’s supposed to magically be better? The eternal optimism provided for some of the home-grown guys is refreshing at times, but sometimes it clouds the obvious; he’s not ready yet.

  11. AnnapolisRed

    Balrog-I’m with you, I don’t get the clamoring for Bailey either. I have serious doubts that he will be nothing more than a AAAA pitcher. Hope I’m wrong.

  12. Bill Lack

    I’m constantly amazed at how many people are ready to throw a 22 year old pitcher with #1 starter stuff under the bus.

  13. Balrog

    I’m constantly amazed at how many people are ready to throw a 22 year old pitcher with #1 starter stuff under the bus.
    How many failed stints does he need to have before it’s obvious that he’s not ready? I’m not saying he’s not talented, but what’s the rush? He’s looked mediocre in AAA; what tells you that he’s going to do BETTER against major leaguers?