This is what we’re all afraid of:

It looks like back spasms are still bothering Edinson Volquez. His side bullpen session was cut very short by more soreness on Wednesday. Afterwards, the Reds starter went into manager Dusty Baker’s office and told him he shouldn’t make his next start.

Volquez was to start on Friday but was moved back to Saturday today after Baker first heard Volquez was still sore. Bronson Arroyo will start on Friday against Cleveland.

“I was feeling it. I threw only a couple of pitches and still felt it on my left side,” Volquez said.

I will predict now that Ramon Ramirez will make that start, rather than bringing up Homer Bailey like the Reds should do. Walt Jocketty is scared stiff when it comes time to make any kind of transaction. He’s certainly not going to bring up two players from the minors in the same week!