The Reds return home and attempt to get back to their winning ways tonight. That’s a tall order, since tonight is game one of a series against the defending champion Phillies.

Even worse, Phillies ace Cole Hamels will toe the rubber for the visitors. Fortunately, the Reds will counter with Johnny Cueto, who has been nothing short of spectacular this season.

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  1. Kurt Frost

    I am heading up I-71 as I type this. My wife got free tickets right behind the dugout and two tickets into the Riverfront Club. I get to watch McDonald in person.

  2. jason

    Ok, I could bang on McDonald again here, but there is some news GOOD NEWS to share with you all here at RN:

    NBC has renewed the ‘O’fficial Show of RN in Chuck!!!! It wont air until March, but it is renewed.

    I feel Happy!..Yeah. Yeah. Yeah!!

  3. preach

    I had a feeling we would be seeing McDonald start. Don’t tell me we aren’t working personal agendas here. Well, I guess that’s not new. Anyone have the rest of the lineups?

  4. Kurt Frost

    We are 4 rows from the field. I must confess its a little frightening to be this close.

  5. Brian


    Rollins SS
    Utley 2b
    Ibanez LF
    Howard 1b
    Werth RF
    Victorino CF
    Feliz 3b
    Ruiz C
    Hamels P

  6. jason

    Taveras CF
    Hairston 3B
    Phillips 2B
    Bruce RF
    Hernandez C
    Rosales 1B
    McDonald LF
    Gonzalez SS
    Cueto P

    Rollins SS
    Utley 2B
    Ibanez LF
    Howard 1B
    Werth RF
    Victorino CF
    Feliz 3B
    Ruiz C
    Hamels P

  7. Brian

    Taveras CF
    Hairston 3b
    Brandon 2b
    Bruce RF
    Hernandez C
    Rosales 1b
    McDonald LF
    Gonzalez SS
    Cueto P

  8. jason

    Kurt, I agree with you on “frightening” at first, but enjoy the view man. Truly great seats once you settle in.

  9. Matt WI

    I hope we beat Hamels tonight… he’s Roy Oswalt in training against the Reds.

  10. Mark in CC

    Just got in, any word on Votto?

  11. jason

    From Reds spokesman Rob Butcher via e-mail just now, regarding Joey Votto:

    Reds head athletic trainer Mark Mann said, “Joey has undergone a series of tests at the Scripps Clinic in San Diego and here in Cincinnati, and we have more tests scheduled over the next few days. After those additional tests, we will be more prepared to discuss the cause of his dizziness.”

  12. mhopp

    Wasn’t Willy T’s BA about .315 this time last week?

  13. jason

    Correct me if Im wrong, but wasnt this game supposed to be in HD tonight?

  14. Matt WI

    Thom just said Votto saw a specialist at Hyde Park and there was no official word

  15. mhopp

    And the best Reds hitter to come through their system in my memory is still out with “dizziness”. The “not knowing” is killing me…I have a man crush on Votto, as do many Cinci fans. :love:

  16. mhopp

    Time to switch to watching the minor league games I guess.

  17. Mark in CC


    Welsh is sure a lot better now that he isn’t pitching anymore.

  18. mike

    Willy T’s batting average was high a week or so ago and his OBP had reached .381, which is amazing
    But he’s hasn’t reached base in his last 15 plate appearances, which has only been 2 games and 2 other PA and his OBP is down to I .350 now

  19. mike

    mhopp the Reds lineup is close to a minor league lineup
    so if you want to watch the minor leagues just keep watching Reds ABs

  20. Mark in CC

    Rosales is too spazo for first base.

  21. mhopp

    Kurt: was his name David Weathers that caught that bat?

  22. mhopp

    Announcers said Phillies are tops in SB% so what does Dusty do? Benches the better of the two defensive catchers

  23. mhopp

    More than half of this line up is batting below .250 and none are above .300
    :poke: :poke:

  24. jason

    Last week at this time I had a hard time believing this pitching staff was capable of going through a losing streak of 4-6 games, lets hope that theory doesnt fall on its face a week later.

  25. mhopp

    Louisville Bats lost their 7th in a row today…Thompson left with shoulder tightness

  26. mhopp

    How often does Votto have the dizzy spells? Anything that particularly causing them?

  27. mike

    worse than that mhopp.
    there are only 3 players on the 25 man roster with an OPS of .800 or better
    and 2 are out, Votto with his problem and Nix on the bench

    well I guess there are 4 players if you count Owings

  28. mhopp

    Bruce is worse against lefties than Phillips is against righties.

  29. brublejr

    Man, I don’t feel good about tonight’s game. BTW, if the over/under on McDonald getting a hit tonight is .5 hits what do you take? I think I would be going with the under.

  30. Matt WI

    I’d give him credit for a SF though.

  31. Mark in CC

    I though Hernandez played a heck of a first base, that would put Rosales at third and McDonald on the bench with Hairston in left. Wasn’t that pretty good in Arizona.

  32. mike

    I’m wondering when the manager is going to realize just how bad Gonzo has been


    only 9 players have been worse in the entire major leagues
    surprisingly enough one of those is Rollins

  33. Mark in CC

    Hernandez is so solw I am not sure he is in scoring position at second without at least a double.

  34. mhopp

    Mike: Does the name Corey Patterson come to mind?

  35. BigRedMike

    It is hard to believe there are 9 players worse than Agon. He will play no matter what due to his salary.

  36. mhopp

    and heeeered McDonald!! Make me eat my words!

  37. Mark in CC

    If you want to show a kid how not to keep his head on the ball they should replay that Rosales swing.

  38. Mr. Saturday Nite

    Speaking of Corey Patterson… :poke:

  39. Mr. Saturday Nite

    I was referring to Darnell McPatterson

  40. mhopp

    I’d rather have Rosales on the bench and Hernandez at first with the better defensive guy Hannigan behind the plate.

  41. Mark in CC

    Soto was in Dayton Dugout Thursday night.

  42. mhopp

    Ah yes, Darnell McPatterson…I’m choking from laughing so hard! 😀

  43. mhopp

    I didn’t know that Soto was with the Reds this year in teh US? That’s good!

  44. jason

    Nicely done on the “Darnell McPatterson”.

  45. mhopp

    What’s the story on Jordan Smith and Alexander Smit? Both pitchers at AA that have dominated…Smit is a leftie too.

  46. brublejr

    Smit pitched fairly well in the WBC too if I remember correctly.

  47. mhopp

    Alexander Smit has been used as a middle reliever and has an ERA of about 1.50

  48. Chad Dotson

    Just got home from tee-ball. What have I missed (other than the great news about Chuck)?

  49. Mark in CC

    Do you think George’s dog had wonderful parents! Take a drink!!

  50. mhopp

    Now even though Gonzo got out at least it took 7 pitches instead of 2…I’ll take some 6-7 pitch outs but it’s the 1-3 pitch outs…thank God it takes at least 1 pitch to get an out.

  51. jason

    Mark: What did I miss w/ GG-Dog? Im listening to radio while watching tonight.

  52. Mr. Saturday Nite

    Just stating the obvious

  53. Chad Dotson

    If I ever accidentally attend this game with the dogs, I will leave before the first pitch.

  54. Mark in CC

    Talking about bark in the park and he has always had dog pound dogs and they have all been wonderfull. You put a players name in there and he is talking about the same way he does about prospects who all come from wonderfull families.

  55. mhopp

    Have to do something to bring people to the park so dogs help bring people out

  56. jason1972

    That “we’ll” be prepared to discuss it after further tests sounds a bit ominous. I am now officially worried about Joey Votto’s health. I hope the kid is ok.

  57. Mr. Saturday Nite

    Bark in the Park tickets = great gag gift for ex-girlfriends 🙂

  58. mhopp

    I’ve noticed Hamels is pitching behind in the count some tonight…a good line up could probably hit him.

  59. Mr. Saturday Nite


  60. Chad Dotson

    Have to do something to bring people to the park so dogs help bring people out

    It would keep me away from the park.

  61. mhopp

    I’ve been worried about Votto’s health since I saw him clutching his chest the first night it became apparent that something was wrong. I honestly think we should keep him in prayer.

  62. Mr. Saturday Nite

    59th homer allowed by Phillies pitching this season… that’s kinda sad

  63. mhopp

    They need to hammer him now while he’s reeling

  64. Mark in CC

    Think they have found the hole in Rosales’s swing?

  65. jason

    Im worried, but I am optimistic that its a minor case of vertigo that can be treated w/ modern medicine.

  66. Kurt Frost

    The ball busting down here this close is relentless. I don’t know how more players don’t snap.

  67. Mr. Saturday Nite

    Votto seems tough. He should bounce back pretty soon.

  68. mhopp

    While I am a dog lover, I must admit that the idea of a bunch of dogs being there may be a deterrent to me being there. I have to wonder what happens if a large dog has to go to the bathroom?

  69. Mark in CC

    I still think Hairston brought the Swine Flu back from Mexico in the World Games. In effects different people differently.

  70. Mark in CC

    I know my dog wouldn’t enjoy it either.

  71. jason

    What a difference a trip to SD can make for this guys mental mindset, unfortunate.

  72. Mark in CC

    The good news is I have Utley on a couple of Fantasy Teams.

  73. mhopp

    The same thing as last year…unreal

  74. Chad Dotson

    Earlier this evening, Chris W and I were discussing our fears that the San Diego series may be a tipping point for this team. If they lose two of three against Philly, things could start snowballing downhill, especially with injuries starting to take a toll (Encarnacion, Votto, Volquez).

  75. Mark in CC

    You just can not get by with Gonzo hitting .170 without EE and Votto in line-up. Everyone says Janish can’t hit but so far he has and his range is better.

  76. Mark in CC

    Votto is at the game. Do you suppose he drove himself? Kurt look out driving home.

  77. Kurt Frost

    They have been on the ump since the 2-2 pitch to Rollins. Now Gonzalez is getting it.

  78. mhopp

    Cueto gets a walk…like I said a good line up could hurt Hamels tonight

  79. Kurt Frost

    Give me an email address and ill email a video. They have had their funny moments.

  80. jason

    I was really get addicted to all the W’s we were putting up, such a sunnier outlook on everything when things are rolling. I know, I know, we get to high and get to low very easily after 8 years of losing, I know we couldve won and shouldve won all of those games (sans Peavy game 3) in SD, but still.

  81. Jimmy James

    Every time a girl gets near Jim Day, his butt clenches up tight and he gets visibly nervous. It’s funny to hear GG make fun of him about that.

    It’s clear that Day’s never had a girlfriend.

  82. mhopp

    GG just admitted he lets his dog lick him on the lips :poke: poor dog

  83. Jimmy James

    GG said he lets his dog kiss him on the lips. Chris told GG not to try that on him.

    I will never understand people who let their dogs lick their face and mouth. 😮

  84. Mark in CC

    Hairston needs to take one for the team!

  85. Jimmy James

    I love how Welsh is talking about how BP was dogging it until two weeks ago, when he started hustling. It’s true, he’s been hustling recently.

  86. Chad Dotson

    I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice that BP started hustling the very moment Adam Rosales joined the club.

  87. mhopp

    Ugh, come on Gonzo!!! Do something will ya!

  88. Mark in CC

    This has to be Hamel’s last inning.

  89. jason

    Ugh, maybe this whole watching with radio when GG is on habit Ive been on needs to change, at least for the inning they pick on our boy, JD. JD did say on the pre-game when showing his dog that it was his and his girlfriend “Stephanie’s” dog. This is me skeptical, unless “Stephanie” is the new word for “Mom”.

  90. Jimmy James

    It’d be nice to have Jonny Gomes batting here.

  91. Mark in CC

    Big Mac. Him starting alot in the next week is scary.

  92. Chad Dotson

    Poor McDonald. It just isn’t fair to watch him try to hit against Cole Hamels. Not fair at all.

  93. Mark in CC

    If the plan is speed and defense then maybe Stubbs will get the call.

  94. Jimmy James

    Free Jonny Gomes. Please? Please?????

  95. BigRed Tube

    I just got home from work and saw that Mcdonald was in the lineup. Can someone please tell me this is a bad dream and i’ll be waking up soon!! 👿

  96. Jimmy James

    I bet tonight is McDonald’s last chance to prove himself before they send him down. I can see Dusty trying to give the guy one last chance.

  97. jason

    Jimmy James: We can only hope that is the case.

  98. mhopp

    The game isn’t over and Crappy Mcdarnelson may end up making a great grab in the outfield to keep the Reds from losing 5-3 instead of losing 4-3 :poke: :emotion:

  99. mhopp

    They’ve got to bench Gonzo soon, there is no sense in that

  100. Jimmy James

    I’m just not sure how you can expect to do much scoring with two black holes like Gonzo and McDonald in the lineup.

    It’s like using Corey Patterson and Paul Bako at the same time. Oh, wait….

  101. Mark in CC

    Dickerson looks like he might be getting it together.

  102. jason

    Good AB by Dickerson, not so much by Willy.

  103. Jimmy James

    Get a hit, JHJ, then Joey Votto can drive both runners in!

    (Crap…..) :emotion:

  104. Mark in CC

    Jerry “Mike Hargrove” Hairston needs to get in the box.

  105. Mark in CC

    I’d like to see Nix hit versus a lefty to see what he could do.

  106. Mark in CC

    Better score in the bottom with Lidge out there.

  107. mhopp

    Jordan Smith now 3-0 at AA with 6ip, 3H, 0BB and 4SO tonight…Heisey has been on a drag though and went 0-4

  108. Mark in CC

    Heisey couldn’t keep up the pace.

  109. jason

    Chad, the podcast interview from the other wknd reinforces my desire for procreating someday…actually the only reason, for Im not a “kid” guy, yet. Anyway, my significant other thanks you for it.

  110. mhopp

    What’s the line on Heisey? Is he highly rated?

  111. mhopp

    Well, no need to worry, it’s big Mac leading off the bottom of the 9th against Lidge :p

  112. Chad Dotson

    Thanks, Jason. I’ve never had more fun at a ballgame than I did two weekends ago when I took my 4 year old to two games. Just him and Dad. We had a blast.

  113. Chad Dotson

    Ugh, just realized, Gonzo and the pitcher’s spot are following McDonald in the 9th. That’s just bad.

  114. Mr. Saturday Nite

    Sounds like I came back from the Chipotle run at the right time. Let’s go McPatterson!

  115. jason

    Ok, I know there are a lot of Cowboy haters out there, but he really does make me LOL at least 3 times a game. I find him affable.

  116. Mr. Saturday Nite

    This is where they tie it up before losing it in extras after they’ve exhausted the bullpen.

  117. Mr. Saturday Nite

    Jason: every time I hear the words “Right Down Broadway” I can’t help but smile a little bit inside.

  118. mhopp

    Can you tell me why the $^&* Dusty doesn’t put in the lefty Nix?

  119. mhopp

    This way if they tie it, Nix will only bat once :poke:

  120. mhopp

    Good grief Willy, please do something to get a run or two in

  121. mhopp

    another sad game…they better do something about McPatterson…I can’t take another year like last year

  122. brublejr

    That stinks…a chance to win and throw away AB’s…I’d rather had Owings hitting than Taveras, especially right now

  123. Steve Price

    I’m going to say it…was that really better than watching Adam Dunn strike out, especially since he got on base over 40% of the time and had an OPS of over 950 in those situations?

  124. jason

    So frustrating, so very frustrating. Really wanted to start homestand with walk-off celebration, so frustrating.

  125. Mr. Saturday Nite

    It’s going to be a roller coaster year. Lots of winning streaks and lots of losing streaks. On another note: I’d like to think we’re close to seeing the last of McPatterson, but I doubt it.

  126. Steve Price

    I think it was an opportunity for McDonald to show something before he was sent away. Or, may be it was to keep Dickerson from looking bad at the plate.