Because Dan has been so consistent:

I’ll continue to post these numbers, with some confusion and frustration, daily:

Gomes (2009 overall) – .280/.353/.584
Gomes (2009 vs. LHP) – .379/.486/.931
Gomes (career MLB vs. LHP) – .266/.369/.510

I’ll also add this:

Gomes (career minors): .271/.395/.531
Gomes (career majors): .235/.329/.455

McDonald (career minors): .269/.331/.394
McDonald (career majors): .173/.225/.213

How can someone look at these numbers and decide the right thing is to have McDonald in Cincinnati and Gomes in Louisville? I’m really flummoxed.

If the goal is to have the best roster in Cincinnati, designating McDonald for assignment and recalling Gomes is a no-brainer. Platoon Gomes with Laynce Nix in left field, and let Gomes fill in at 1B as needed. Free Jonny Gomes!

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  1. Sultan of Swaff

    Stop flogging my eyes! I’m convinced, I’m convinced!
    The guy who needs some re-educations is Mark Sheldon. On Alex Gonzalex he writes in the mailbag: ‘The reality is Gonzalez has a $5.3 million salary this season and is one of the best defensive players around, even when he doesn’t hit’. Except for the fact that Janish is a better defender. So that leaves offense. While I wrote last week we need to give him more time, last weekend was all the convincing I needed to determine the guy is a sunk cost. Free Paul Janish!!

  2. GRF

    I liked the word flummoxed…

    And Sultan, haven’t you hear Dusty? No one is Alex Gonzalez at shortstop.

    Seriously though, I don’t know how much more there is to be said here. It really is becoming hard to come up with a reasonable explanation for McDonald being on the roster other than Baker/Jockerty not wanting to admit they made a mistake.

  3. Glenn

    McDonald is on the roster based on his performance during spring training. Gomes tailed off a little at the end of ST which I’m sure gave Dusty the feeling that he might really have something in McD. Well, ok, he played a hunch, it didn’t work out. Now Dusty needs to do the right thing and get Gomes up here and McD on his way to his next organization. (Probably the Newark Bears backing up Ricky Henderson)

  4. Mark in CC

    I can agree with most of this with the exception of the Gomes at first. I saw him there this Spring and he was beyond brutal.

  5. Mr. Redlegs

    Gomes is a platoon DH and nothing more. He’s absolutely beyond brutal defensively. And in late innings, when situational lefties can get ahold of him, he has to be replaced.

    But hey, he looks great on paper, in the minors and to fantasy-leaguers. MLB pitchers wore him loose after the WBC guys returned in spring training.

  6. Chris

    It really is becoming hard to come up with a reasonable explanation for McDonald being on the roster other than Baker/Jockerty not wanting to admit they made a mistake.

    He ain’t no front-runner. Why is that so hard for you people to understand?

  7. preach

    Um, Dusty, I could be wrong here but doesn’t choosing a guy based on a couple of performances in spring training as opposed to even a modest amount of work as a major leaguer define the very word “front runner?”.

    I’m not neccessarily saying that’s a bad thing and all, but can you help me out with your definitions? I’m just trying to follow you here.

  8. GregD

    Even early in ST, Maker had several positive comments about McDonald. They (Baker, Jock, coaching staff) are truly sold on his athleticism and their eyes are telling them something different than the back of his baseball card is telling the rest of baseball.

  9. Josh

    I may have missed something when Dusty originally said “I ain’t no front runner”, but can someone explain this phrase to me? I like to continue using it because its fun to make fun of ridiculous things Dusty says (his “homeies in Sacramento” for example), but I don’t understand what it means.

    Maybe that’s why its so funny, but maybe I missed something. Someone please fill me in.

  10. Phill

    Dusty is going to stick to his guns and not be swayed by the fans or media.

  11. EKyRedsFan

    Preach it brother! We can no doubt expect a similar response from Dusty to that he gave when asked about Laynce Nix over Chris Dickerson. He hates it when his genius is questioned by us know-nothing fans.

  12. Matt WI

    Free Jonny indeed. Of course, we have to have a 23rd and 24th man on the roster before we can worry about the 25th.

  13. pinson343

    Mr. Redlegs, why would Gomes have to be removed for a “situational lefty ?”

    We would want him pinch hitting against such a lefty.

  14. jason

    And dont look now, but McDonald is in the lineup tonight. Maybe he read the post and is proving again that he is no front runner.

  15. GregD

    Tonight’s lineup that should strike fear into the heart of Cole Hamels:

    Taveras CF
    Hairston 3B
    Phillips 2B
    Bruce RF
    Hernandez C
    Rosales 1B (they ARE aware he can play 1st base)
    McDonald LF (he is batting .353 vs LH – in a whopping 17 ABs)
    Gonzalez SS
    Cueto P

    After Bruce, that’s 8 RH hitters back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back.

    And don’t look now Dusty, but the World Champion Phillies are batting 3 left handed hitters back-to-back-to-back.

    Why can RH hitters bat consecutively in the lineup and not LH hitters?

  16. Steve Price

    Because Dusty batted right handed and left handers are affected worse 😀

  17. pinson343

    If you compare that lineup with the one that the Phillies will bring, it doesn’t seem fair to Cueto. It’s like he’s spotting Hamels 3 runs (at least).

  18. Balrog

    He ain’t no front-runner. Why is that so hard for you people to understand?
    Because it’s hard to hear you over the dead horse you’re beating.


  19. mhopp

    On this team it has little to do with winning and more to do on Dusty’s reverse psychological mentality.

  20. Mr. Redlegs

    You’re right Pinson. Situational righty. Just a mental block. The bases are clogging my brain.

  21. Behind In The Count

    Well, I don’t think Johnny is as good as Norris Hopper. Dusty never gave Norris a fair shake. I see Norris being an excellent 2 hole hitter against left handers and with his ability to bunt he could play havoc with the pitcher. I still marvel at how Dusty continued to play our useless centerfielder last season. I’m not even going to say P’s name. I’m so glad he’s gone…In fact, management saw it was Dusty’s mistake and moved him. They may have to get rid of Darnell since Dusty won’t admit he makes mistakes.