Time for a recap of today’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 1
San Diego 3
WP: Peavy (3-5)
LP: Arroyo (5-3)

–Leading off and playing CF, Chris Dickerson doubled and homered. He had half of the Reds’ hits on this terrible day.

–Swept by the lowly Padres. Good grief, that’s bad. In just three days, the Reds erased all the good feelings generated by the sweep at Arizona.

–After that great game in Arizona, when he had four hits, Willy Taveras has done nothing but make outs. He has not gotten on base in fourteen straight plate appearances.

–Bronson Arroyo’s stuff was nonexistent today. How he battled through 7 innings, I have no idea, but the Reds really needed that out of Arroyo. He did everything he could, and I can’t blame today’s loss on him.

–Jake Peavy is good.

–We’ve discussed it before, and it was mentioned in the game thread, but I really think the Reds best lineup includes Jonny Gomes and Laynce Nix platooning in left, and Willy Taveras platooning with Dickerson in CF. Of course, despite crushing lefties in AAA, Gomes can’t catch anyone’s attention in Cincinnati. Free Jonny Gomes!

–Is Walt Jocketty asleep at the switch? How many games are the Reds going to play with a 22-man roster?

–Nine straight games at home now. Time for the Reds to start playing well at Great American Ballpark.

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  1. brublejr

    This strech is very crucial to the season. They have to take care of business before heading to the road against the Brewers and Cards.

    Why is it that California kills the Reds? Just seems every year going to SD, SF, and LA there is no wins in return.

  2. Dan

    Maybe they just didn’t want to deal with flying Gomes to the west coast for a game or 3?

    Now HAS to be the time. They’re back in Cincinnati now so the trip is short. DFA McDonald, call up Gomes.

    I’ll re-post these numbers from earlier today (unchanged since Louisville got rained out):

    Gomes (2009 overall) – .269/.346/.555

    Gomes (2009 vs. LHP) – .379/.486/.936

    Come on Jocketty… Do the right thing. Get a true lefty masher on the roster. Not EVERY outfielder has to be able to play centerfield! It’s OK…

  3. Sultan of Swaff

    Masset is headed to the DL, so I gotta think Homer is on his way up since Owings can’t go Tuesday. McDonald has to go too–the bench is terrible.
    Generally speaking, I’m not digging the charged tone of some of these recaps. To say Arroyo’s stuff was ‘nonexistent’ is laughable. 3 runs in 8 innings is great, especially since he saved the bullpen. In the big picture, today was a win.
    And it’s not fair to jump on Tavares. The dude is still hitting line drives, they just didn’t fall in. Let’s take Bruce to task if we want to play the blame game. He stunk nearly the whole trip–a trip that would’ve been 4-2 if it weren’t for a sh*tty ump last night. Makes me think the support here is a mile wide and an inch deep.

  4. Dan

    By the way, note that even Dusty doesn’t seem to want to use McDonald anymore. It’s May 17th and McDonald has 11 plate appearances in May.

  5. Chad Dotson

    And it’s not fair to jump on Tavares.

    Not fair? That’s just a silly comment. What I stated was a fact.

    No one — NO ONE — has defended Taveras here more than I have. He has been treated more fairly here than anywhere else.

    In the future, I’ll try to ignore any facts that do not reflect positively upon any player. You know, to be fair.


  6. Steve Price

    Jim Day said yesterday on TV, he was expecting Pedro Viola to get the call up from Louisville to take Masset’s place. He also said that when Encarancion returned, he expected McDonald to be the odd man out.

    I feel like it was just his opinion, but they seemed to be reasonable moves. Since Masset was supposed to be the long reliever, it would seem that we need a long reliever, and that’s not Viola.

    You know how I feel…it should be Bailey pitching long relief from the bullpen for the rest of the season with some spot starts.

    About Tavares…I felt the opposite…may be I’m just watching at the moments he’s hitting weak pop ups to the otufield.

  7. Steve Price

    Oh, when I said reasonable moves….I didn’t mean the best moves; just what I would expect.

  8. Chad Dotson

    To say Arroyo’s stuff was ‘nonexistent’ is laughable.

    I’m afraid your reading comprehension needs some work, Sultan.

    Go read my comments about Arroyo again. Notice I didn’t put it under “Negatives.” Saying his stuff was “nonexistent” was a compliment. If you’ll read a little more closely, you’ll see that I gave Arroyo immense credit for being able to battle on a day when he didn’t have his good stuff.

    I also said that he gave the Reds exactly what they needed.

    Frankly, if you would read my comments about Arroyo again, you’ll see that I said EXACTLY what you said. I’m not sure how you missed the point so completely.

  9. Glenn

    I also expect that by tuesday’s game there will be some roster moves. Hopefully McDonald goes and Gomes makes the short trip to Cincy.

  10. Chad Dotson

    I think the Reds have already announced that Cueto and Harang are going on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ll try to find the link.

  11. Ben

    yeah, I’m confused abotu Sultan’s comments. what are you complaining about? i think we’re all happy with what Arroyo did today. and he DIDN’T have his good stuff today. i don’t see where anyone said any different.

    i think you mis-read the recap.

    sometimes i think people just want something to complain about. sultan DOES have the best avatar of anyone here, though. gotta give him that!

  12. preach

    Does it concern anyone else that we don’t have a backup first baseman? How hard is that to accomplish? I’m a little scared that using Hernandez too often out there is going to tempt management to run with three catchers again.

  13. pinson343

    Dusty said something about bringing up a lefty to replace Masset, so looks like it will be Viola. It concerns me that Viola has walked 10 in 15 innings. Masset last pitched on May 7, he’s note even close to ready, and the Reds have taken this long to DL him ?

    Masset earned his promotion to late inning short relief by pitching well. And we really missed him this past weekend. With Weathers so shaky lately, late close leads have become vulnerable. Viola wouldn’t seem to be the solution to that problem, seems he’ll be a 3rd string LOOGY. I would go with using Rhodes less as a LOOGY (part of Saturday nite’s frustration) and more of a full inning setup man, which he was doing well.
    Also Burton seems to be coming around, we had a nice situation with him as the 8th inning guy last year, prior to his injury.

  14. pinson343

    I disagree with platooning Dickerson and Taveras, at least for now. Sunday Taveras was tired and slumping, and playing Dickerson made a lot of sense. But one good game doesn’t make him our starting CFer vs. RH pitching. He was until recently playing that role in LF, and that didn’t go too well.

    Taveras was having a good season until this past weekend.

  15. pinson343

    Let’s hope Votto is OK. The Saturday and Sunday games were indicative of what this team would be like without him.

  16. JerBear

    Taveras is gonna probably be up and down all season. It might be hard to have a consistent offense with he and Hairston Jr. in the 1 and 2 holes. They are just inconsistent hitters. Too many balls in the air for guys with speed like those 2.

    Man I’d be surprised if we take two of three from Philly. We’ll see. Boy they desperately need Votto in this lineup. He changes the whole dynamic of the lineup. You start to realize how valuable he is the more he misses games.

  17. Chris

    Yeah, Votto is the only consistent guy in the lineup. Well, Gonzalez is consistently bad. But BP, Bruce, Willy, JHJ, and EE (when he’s back) are all streaky hitters. That leads to series like we saw in Phoenix … and San Diego.

  18. Steve Price

    Rosales predominantly played 1st base is last couple of years in the minors

  19. Bill Lack

    Steve, last year he played only 19 games at 1B, 66 at 3b, and 25 at SS. The year before he played 1B almost exclusively.