–Hal McCoy talks about how Laynce Nix has been an important part of the Reds recent success. Most noteworthy is that Nix basically admits that he doesn’t read Redleg Nation every day!

He was surprised to learn that he is a player fans clamored to see in the starting lineup when he was a bench player.

“Didn’t know that,” he said. “That’s nice. Great to hear I have supporters.

“All I do is try to have good at-bats every time, and things will work out,” he added. “I’ve been working on some things with (batting coach) Brook Jacoby on timing mechanisms, pulling the trigger. My swing feels good, and I’m trying to keep it simple.”

Dusty Baker said that he took a chance by letting Aaron Harang hit in the seventh, and “it didn’t work out.” Ummmmm, ya think?

–Justin has looked back at the Reds’ first-round draft picks since 1965. Other than the Barry Larkin selection, it is a series of incredibly poor picks.

In this MLB mock draft, the Reds (represented by Doug Gray) selected pitcher Kyle Gibson from the University of Missouri. I can’t say I would be disappointed if this came to pass.

–C. Trent recommends a very worthy charity.

–Kyle Lotzkar, one of the Reds top pitching prospects, is hurt again. This isn’t good.

–Have you listened to the latest episode of Redleg Nation Radio? It has the best interview we’ve ever conducted!