I was thinking about this the other night, and I thought it would be an interesting question to pose to you guys and gals out there in The Nation on this off-day….

A brand new Reds fan approaches you because he/she knows you are obsessed with the Reds (he/she saw you hitting F5 on the game thread at work one day). That new Reds fan has a question:

“What are the 10 things that all true Reds fans should do before they die?”


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  1. nick in va

    Go to opening day, including the parade.

  2. Matt WI

    Sign on to Redleg Nation. (this thread has the potential for the makings of a t-shirt as well)

  3. Jason McGlone

    The first thing to do is get a feel for Reds history. If that doesn’t get you excited, nothing will. So, the first half of the list is dedicated to that…

    1. Go to the Reds Hall of Fame. Ignore all the stuff about Danny Graves.
    2. Watch the 1975 World Series.
    3. Watch the 1976 World Series.
    4. Watch the 1990 World Series.
    5. Just to get a taste of failure, watch the 1999 play-in game vs. the New York Mets. This should plant firmly on your tongue a serious distaste for Al Leiter.
    6. Learn about Marge Schott. She’s more interesting than you might think, as awkward as she was.
    7. Learn about Pete Rose. People still go ga-ga over him here, even though we try to ignore everything he says now. Please, Pete–just let us remember the good ol’ days, huh?
    8. Watch the Bengals. Nothing should get you more excited about baseball season.
    9. Read Reds blogs. You only get so much opinion about baseball from the beat writers.
    10. Read John Fay and Hal McCoy. Be nice to them. They’re both gems–just really great beat writers and have lots of game-knowledge. Just to add a silent eleventh, you should also mourn the loss of C. Trent Rosecrans as a Reds writer. He was supposed to be the voice of the future, and Clearchannel screwed the pooch.

  4. jrs1972

    1) Do the whole Opening Day thing

    More in no particular order:

    Visit the Reds Hall of Fame at GABP
    Go over to Dalton Street and find where Crosley Field once stood
    See if you can find a rare Pete Rose Chocolate Drink can
    Listen to Marty and Joe call the 1990 World Series
    Learn the names of the Big Red Machine by heart
    Get angry over Davey Concepcion being left out of the HoF
    Argue with someone over Pete Rose’s eligibility to the HoF
    Watch a game from the Diamond Seats
    Watch a game from the Bleachers
    Compare Glenn Bragg’s guns to Big Klu’s
    Lament the trades of Frank Robinson and Tony Perez

  5. jdb

    Argue intelligently and passionately for or against Pete Rose joining the Hall of Fame.

  6. RiverCity Redleg

    Visit the Reds’ HOF/Museum.

  7. RiverCity Redleg

    Spend the xtra $ and get really good seats at least once.

  8. RiverCity Redleg

    Write a letter to the commissioner to have Pete Rose reinstated. Or at least allowed in the Hall of Fame.

  9. Chris Garber

    FWIW Kurt, Adam Dunn’s career numbers with runners on 3d and less than 2 outs: .270 .414 .551 (965 OPS).

    In other words, better than his career norms. But by all means, boo.

  10. RiverCity Redleg

    Tell somebody younger than you how great the Big Red Machine was.

  11. Kevin DeLong

    Head First Slide….Pete Rose/Hit King Style!!!!!

  12. Matt

    Visit old Red’s landmarks in person (the parking lot that was once Crosley Field, Pete Rose’s old house on the westside, etc.).

  13. Matt WI

    Watch the 1990 World Series from start to finish.

  14. RiverCity Redleg

    Tell everone you were at the game for Tom Browning’s perfect game (doesn’t matter if you were actually there or not).

  15. Go Lightning

    Play them recordings of Nuxhall calling a game.

  16. Kurt Frost

    Hello Chris Garber, I would like for you to meet my friend…his name is Sarcasm.

  17. RiverCity Redleg

    Find a copy of the old Saturday morning show “the Baseball Bunch” with Johnny Bench and learn how to bunt between the bananas.

  18. Matt WI

    Find some archived tape of Marty and Joe in their prime. “This is the old left-hander, round third, and heading for home”

  19. RiverCity Redleg

    Make fun of a Cubs “fan” for not knowing his own team’s lineup, aside from Derrick Lee.

  20. Matt WI

    You mean Kerry Wood and Mark Prior aren’t on the team anymore? What about Moises Alou? No? Oh man.

  21. RiverCity Redleg

    Complain constantly that the Reds’ players are being overlooked by the mainstream media for the all-star game and for post-season awards just b/c they play in Cincinnati and they deserve it more than the guy in Chicago/LA/New York

  22. Dan

    Watch footage of Eric Davis and his lightning-quick “swing and recoil” jacking a yellow-seat HR to left.

    Then find footage of Davis going up over the wall to rob a HR. (Jack Clark seems like a likely victim of this.)

  23. daedalus

    Bill, I celebrated election night at Greg Rhodes’ house. He is a very nice guy. He’d probably meet with you if you asked him.

  24. Bill Lack

    I’ve met Greg a number of times…he’s a SUPER GUY and will talk about the Reds forever. The interview that Chad and I did with him for RN Radio is one of my favorites…that’s why I think it’s something that every Reds fan should get to do, meet him.

  25. Matt WI

    @Dan… speaking of, I actually tried to find Eric Davis footage (specifically his WS homer) a few monthgs ago but could find nothing on youtube or mlb.com archives. Anyone have a good source for something like Dan suggests?

  26. Bruce

    Meet Pete Rose the HIT KING!

    Throw darts at Selig photo!

    That is all that is needed!!!

  27. Chad Dotson

    Great stuff. I’m going to bump this post back up to the top of the page. Lots of great suggestions worthy of discussion.

  28. Shelby

    Remember the Wire to Wire season where we swept the roid brothers in the world series. 1990 was great, my two best friends were A’s fans and I watched every game of the series with them talking trash all the way till Todd Benzinger caught the last pop foul out of the game. Also realize that these Cubs fans that come up and run there mouth about you being a Reds fan have no idea that we grew up, (for the most part) hating the Dodgers, Giants, and Padres. The Cubs were not even on our radar till the league decided to set up new divisions. Now you can hate the Cubs and their fans and relish in the fact that they pitch us more home runs in Wrigley than they care to count. Forgive Reggie Sanders for being 0 for a lifetime in the post season.

  29. Bill Lack

    Learn about past Reds greats like Jim Maloney, Deron Johnson, Leo Cardenas, Rawley Eastwick, Clay Carroll, Jack Billingham and Freddie Norman and know the names of some Reds “not so greats” like Mel Queen, Billy McCool, Pat Corrales, Bill Plummer, and Ted Savage.

  30. tretrov

    1. be able to quote the starting lineup from the 75 team in order.
    2. be able to explain why Cesar Geronimo was really a much better centerfielder than andru jones EVER thought about being.
    3. Explain why the 75 team was better than the 76 team
    4. Be able to explain why the 76 team was better than the 75 team
    5. Explain why there is no equal to JB
    6. Explain how the loss of Tony Perez destroyed the big red machine
    7. Be able to tell who replaced Perez
    8. Be able to recite who was the better pitcher in the 39 season(no it wasn’t vandemeer)
    9. Take in the opening day parade
    10. Eat a Gold Star chili dog at the game while washing it down with an ice cold budweiser!

    Know and do all that and you can enter our conversation:

    by the way for all you newbies

    1. Rose
    2. Griffey
    3. Morgan
    4. Bench
    5. Perez
    6 Foster
    7. Concepcion
    8. Geronimo
    9. Billingham

  31. Y-City Jim

    Go stand where Crosley Field used to be.

  32. Dan

    Oh boy, Y-City… not sure I’m going to be able to take you seriously anymore w/ that new avatar of yours… 😉

  33. Jared

    I was too young to know what Marge Schott was all about until I kind of lost interest in baseball after the strike. So I read up. She’s something else.

  34. Sultan of Swaff

    ‘Get over Adam Dunn’—Nice one, Matt.

  35. mike

    my list

    the first 5 in order
    read “The First Boys of Summer” by Gred Rhodes & John Erardi
    read “Big Red Dynasty” by Rhodes and Erardi
    Watch the 1975 World Series
    Watch the 1976 World Series
    read “Redleg Journal” by Rhodes and Snyder

    absolutely ignore recent history 2001-2008

    Make a trip to Cincinnati to see a game and maybe more important than the game itself go to the Reds HOF! The Reds HOF is GREAT!

    Watch a Nationals game and see a great hitter and one lots of Reds fans love to hate for some reason.

    Do not listen to games on the radio or listen to the sound while watching a game on TV.

    Know these names

    Tony Perez
    Joe Morgan
    Heinie Groh
    Barry Larkin
    Frank Robinson
    Pete Rose
    Charlie Jones
    Johnny Bench

    Dolf Luque
    Will White
    Bucky Walters
    Eppa Rixey
    Noodles Hahn
    Jose Rijo

    John Franco
    Jeff Shaw
    Clay Carroll
    Rob Dibble

  36. redsfan7434

    Run around the bases just like Rosales on run the bases day at GABP and take a head first slide into home even if people look at you like you are an idiot(because inside they want to do the same thing)

  37. jrs1972

    Jose Rijo, probably my all time favorite Reds player.

  38. EKyRedsFan

    I agree with nick in va. The number 1 thing a Reds fan should do before they die is go to Opening Day and see the Parade. 2-10 is a little more difficult, but visiting the Reds HOF is definitely in there.

    One should also know the names associated with these numbers: 1, 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 18, 20, and 24.

    One should also go to at least one Reds vs. Cubs game at GABP just to get that disgusting, foul taste in their mouth for the Cubs and their idiot fans. Then they’ll realize they’re not lovable losers, they’re just losers. After that, they’ll hate them forever and be a true, well-rounded Cincinnati Reds fan. (This actually happened with my brother.)

  39. per14

    Be able to explain in 15 words or less how badly the Reds were screwed in 1981.

  40. daedalus

    (bill – yeah, i don’t know why i wrote that. shouldn’t be reading blogs at work, i guess.)

  41. Big Doofus

    I remember having an encounter with Marge and one of the Schotzy dogs at the ballpark. I must have been around ten years old and I saw her walking around with the dog. Not knowing any better, I reached down and started petting the giant dog. It only took her a few seconds to tell me not to pet the dog (and she enunciated it perfectly even with the cigarette in her lips).

    That’s my Touch With Reds Greatness #1.

    I also had a Johnny Bench signed baseball–however, I’m the one that signed it and I did it when I was ten years old (a magic age for me, I guess). It was so obviously NOT signed by Johnny Bench unless he had the handwriting of a 4th grader but I’d still have grown men ask me about it.

  42. mike

    I had a signed baseball from Johnny Bench as well
    A friend and I went to some sort of old-timers game but I’m not sure what was going on because it was in the early 80s and Bench was still playing but was playing in this game.

    It was at a little minor league park someplace outside of Buffalo, NY. We arrived a little late and as we were getting near the bleachers one of the batters hit a foul ball. It was right to me and I caught it. It was only after I caught it that I realized Bench was at the plate. At the time he was my second favorite player. Second to Tom Seaver. After the game we were hanging out talking and a few of the old-timers were hanging around talking and signing things. There was a tap on my shoulder, I turn around and it was Bench.
    He said to me (I was probably 14-15 years old), “great catch, want me to sign it”

    I’m trying to think of the other Reds I’ve met and actually had a conversation with.
    Bench, Morgan and Deion Sanders are the only ones I can remember.

    oh, duh, Bill Scherrer! How could I forget him. He grew up near my home town and was my best friends uncle. We grew up playing catch with him. When he was in the minors we would play catch with him when he was back home. He was a good friend and had a very nice career in the majors and with the Reds. He eventually left the Reds for Detroit and pitched in the 1964 world series with Detroit.
    I’ve lost touch with him but last I knew he was still part of the Detroit organization.

  43. mike

    man I’m having trouble typing AND reading. first I type 64 instead of 84 then I read another persons post thinking he said the 76 team was better than the 75 team when he said the opposite

  44. preach

    1. Use the term “leatherpants” a lot.
    2. Play the George Grande drinking game. I don’t drink alcohol, but it’s still a hoot with anything.
    3. Cringe everytime someone brings up trading for middle relief.
    4. Make sure to tell younger fans that Marty wasn’t always bitter.
    5. Ask yourself over and over again why in the world you thought Kirk Saarloos was going to be a fine addition (Maybe that one’s just for me).
    6. Remember how you screamed in horror when it was announced we acquired Eric Milton. (I got that one right, unfortunately).
    7. Come up with your own Reds themed ideas for JTM commercials.
    8. Look both ways twice for motorcycles.
    9. Ask yourself how in the world Jim Day is still employed.
    10. Leatherpants.

  45. WORLD

    Well fellows, this could be my last post.

    Anyway, here are some things that I did do in life as a Red:

    1. Took some ground balls hit to me by Roy MacMillan;
    2. Played a great practical joke on Pat Zachary which cannot be described here;
    3. Tried a chaw provided to me by Ed Bailey;
    4. Spent many a quiet moment reading the Bible with Doug Flynn;
    5. Spent 15 years as Joe Nuxhall’s amigo and there are too many tales to relate here;
    6. Discussed sobriety many times with Jim Maloney;
    7. Exercised non-sobriety with Jimmy O’Toole;
    8. Caused Ron Robinson to want to kill me;
    9. became Brad Lesley’s friend and his son Luke’s mentor;
    10. and all the rest….wow…..a lot of stuff

    I’ve been a lucky man. Not sure that I’ll be here much longer. So, bon voyage mes amigos.


  46. Dallas

    Complain ad naseum about every off-season move the team makes. Forget that you were completely insufferable once the season starts and the team does well.

  47. mike

    wow world ….who are you?

    I’d love to know what sort of people Jim Maloney and Ed Bailey were.
    I never got the chance to see them play but are among my favorite Reds from the past that i’ve read about.

  48. WORLD

    Mike: e-mail the world at [email protected] and we’ll discuss that.

    2nd Ten list:

    1. Had Jr. state in Sarasota clubhouse that he “wanted to put a cap in my ass.” Mark Mann came to my rescue.
    2. Had about a million cocktails with Billy Hatcher one night in Chicago.
    3. Did some deep talking about Baltimore Baseball with Lee May.
    4. Snuck into Shea Stadium locker room to surprise Bernie Stowe. He couldn’t believe I got in there.
    5. Plant City jaunt on field with Dibble- a gas- he was wonderfully profane to all the fans who asked for his autograph.
    6. Good times with Todd B., a wonderful human being.
    7. Almost represented Pete in his troubles way back when. Hisa best friend (at that time) from DE was my client (guess who?) and I would have gotten him in the Hall of Fame. Trust me on that.
    8. Gave George Culver a seatback that I broke off from the last game in Connie Mack Stadium in 1970- where he pitched his no-hitter for the Reds. Also spent a weekend with him in Maine where he was the manger of the AAA Maine Phillies and watched him almost get fired as Steve Bedrosian was on rehab assignment and was to pitch the 9th inning but Maine pitcher (former major league pitcher trying to get back upstairs) was tossing no-hitter and George told Philly front office caller on the phone to “stuff it” when told to take him out anyway and put in Bedrock. Played cards with those guys that afternoon before that gamed and had a ball.
    9. Dropped a popup as a catcher in a fantasy game where Russ Nixon said, “World, next time toss away your glove and hold on to your mask.”
    10. All the rest. Friendship with Billingham. Jack, he’s something else. Borbon, mi amigo. The best for sure. Receation of Chico Ruiz from Bobby Wine, Chris Short, Mahaffey, Amaro, Taylor, Rojas, Allen (the best), Callison (a Prince if there ever was one), Corrales, Gonzalez, et. al. Darrell Cheney humor.

    More to come.

    Goodbye everyone.

  49. WORLD

    World might be full of it but maybe not. E-mail Bernie Stowe and ask him who he found in the Mets’ Clubhouse.

    11. Had dinner with Pat Darcy a week after I went to Fenway for the first time (a tour- the World Series game with walk-off was the night before). Asked Pat (Zachary’s buddy) what did he remember about the 1975 World Series game.

    He said that he told Sparky that his arm was so beat from an earlier start that he couldn’t wipe his ….. well, you know. Sparky had him stashed in the pen and Darcy thought he was safe but there weren’t many pitchers on the staff and the call came down about the 9th inning and he had to warm up. Yikes!!! Anyway, as you know, he did well for a while but Fisk hit that historic (infamous for you Redlegers) dinger to win the game. I asked Pat between bites of his filet (politely asked to be sure) what he remembered about those moments after the ball rung off the foul pole and he said, “Not much World. I just wanted to get off the field.” I pressed him on that and asked him if he recalled what the organist played as Fisk danced around the bases to the most hysterical applause of the Century to date.

    He said that he had no clue that the organist played anything.

    Question for the evening- What did he play???

    See you guys.

  50. mike

    #5 cracked me up “wonderfully profane”

    #9 is great as well

  51. Jose

    I am dying to know who you are
    why won’t you tell us?
    we at RedLegnation can keep a secret, (if you want to be left alone its all good)
    but its cool reading all this by you.
    I am a history buff and love to hear old stories
    you sound like an interesting dude.
    you played for the reds? a coach or something?

  52. Chris Garber

    Goodbye, Cruel World. (Had to say it).

    It says here that Dallas Green went to Delaware, though I don’t suspect you’re talking about him.

    “E-mail Bernie Stowe . . .”

    This struck me as the funniest thing in the whole thread.

  53. TheRumTrader

    1. Learn about the 1970s Dynasty
    2. Know that the Reds are baseballs Oldest Professional Team
    3. Listen to an old game called by Joe Nuxhall & Marty Brenneman
    4. Know about Crosley Field
    5. Know the Reds won the 1919 World Series
    6. Complain about Dave Concepcion not being in the HOF
    7. Understand why Johnny Bench is/was Baseball greatest catcher
    8. Try and conprehend the Frank Robinson and Tony Perez trades
    9. The greatness of the 1990 year and WS win.
    10. Understand the 1950s team name and colors change
    11. Know that Skyline Chili isn’t Chili at all

  54. tim

    Cincy fan living in St. Louis area. Tried to to be a birds fan growing up, but they sucked. I saw this 1975 reds team: pitching, speed, defense, hitting..it seemed liked Geronimo made 2 outs every inning. So needless to say I have been a reds fan ever since.
    I argue pete being the hall of fame all the time.
    Sat with Hal Mcoy at a blackjack table in the st. louis area 10 yrs back and he explained to me about Pete (my hero) and how he was no angel.

  55. tim

    Met Eric Davis and Deon Sanders in St. Louis. Eric was too busy giving his digits and room number to some skank. Barry Larkin was a total gentleman and took time to pose for some photos after the game

  56. tim

    Nothing new here
    1. Study the reds history.
    2. Meet someone from the Big Red Nachine in person.
    3. Get good seats at least once.
    4. Let cardinal fans know we’re not cheaters and send them on their way.
    5. If cubs fans wanna talk history…bore them with your knowledge (see point #1)

  57. pinson343

    What a great thread.
    “Be able to explain in 15 words or less how badly the Reds were screwed in 1981.”

    Actually, this can’t be done justice in 15 words or less.

    Of course, the Reds had the best overall record in baseball in 1981, yet were excluded from the makeshift playoffs that year, in favor of the Dodgers and Houston. There was no logical reason that the Dodgers, with their 36-21 “first half” record, should have been rewarded with a postseason spot while the Reds, with their 35-21 record, got nothing for that.

    But here’s a thing most people forget. Just a couple of weeks before the strike, the Reds led the Giants by 7-0 in the 3rd or 4th inning. In those days, you just didn’t blow a 7 run lead, plus the Reds had good pitching that year. Then the game got called because of rain. If the rain had shown up 30 minutes later, the game would have been official and at the time of the strike, the Reds would have been 36-21, tied with the Dodgers.

  58. pinson343

    Learn that the 1919 Reds were, contrary to popular history, were a very good team and arguably better than the White Sox.
    Learn about the pennant winning teams of 1939-40, 1961, and 1990. Also the 1956 team, which tied the ML record in HRs with 221.

    Learn about the great rivalry between the Reds and the Dodgers in the 1970’s.

    Learn how the Reds got screwed in 1999 when Davey Johnson (who Marge Schott had kicked out as Reds manager), now managing the Dodgers, let Gary Sheffield go home for the final two games of the regular season against Houston. He also didn’t start Kevin Brown in the final game, and put a minor league pitcher out there, who was shelled in the first inning. This handed the division title to Houston. Selig should have investigated.

  59. RiverCity Redleg

    Too bad the Brewers manager wasn’t mad at the Mets for anything, they absolutely took it to us in that last series. What made it worse was having to play in the wee hours of Monday morning to finish the rain delayed gamed from Sunday, then turn right around and play the playoff with the Mets later the same day.

  60. RiverCity Redleg

    How often do teams lose to two different opponents in the same day.

  61. pinson343

    Dave Johnson of course was mad at both the Mets and the Reds, and he figured that if he throws 2 games to the Astros, one of them is left out. When a reporter questioned whether the benching of Sheffield and Brown was related to this, Johnson reacted with extreme anger and challenged the reporter “to take it outside” right away.
    A sure sign of guilt.

  62. pinson343

    River City Redleg, You’re right about playing to the wee hours on Monday AM the same day we had the tiebraker game against the Mets, but the Reds won that game against the Brewers, behind Pete Harnisch, avoiding a sweep and extending the season.

  63. preach

    By all rights, they should have locked it up a lot sooner in ’99.

  64. fisch724

    Attend a Reds Fantasy Camp!!! If you ever thought about doing this, make sure you do it before you can’t. Best week ever! Thanks Reds!!