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Reds reliever Bill Bray will return to Cincinnati next week for Tommy John surgery.
He’s been on the DL since April 6 with an elbow strain. He’s currently in Sarasota where he was attempting to rehab the elbow. He appeared in three games for AAA Louisville this year.

The next chapter in the seemingly never-ending tale of the injury problems of Bill Bray. He just can’t seem to stay healthy.

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  1. BenL

    Last year I was starting to think that that trade had turned out alright for us… but wouldn’t you love to have Felipe Lopez at SS right about now?

  2. GregD

    Well, there’s an open spot on the 40-man roster.

  3. pinson343

    Well that opens up a spot on the 40 man roster.

    No team would love to have Felipe Lopez at SS, noone would play him there.
    But he seems to be doing OK at 2nd base.

  4. Sultan of Swaff

    I feel bad for the guy. In all honesty, Viola had passed him up on the depth chart.
    BenL–Lopez is the worst SS in Reds history, he was absolutely brutal. Lazy too because he was handed the job w/o having to earn it. He doesn’t even play SS now.

  5. Travis G.

    That’s too bad for Bray, but he’s still young enough to come back. Nowadays, guys are almost better after they get a new elbow ligament.

    But, hey, at least we got Terrelle Young back.

  6. Matt B.

    I remember when he first came over, management and beat writers were donning him as the closer of the future. Oh well, I still hope he can come back and be productive. I wonder if they’ll consider re-working his funky delivery.

  7. Dan

    Poor Bill. He must be pretty bummed.

    He’s still very promising. I love his 12 K per 9 innings in the minors.

    I’m not sure how this surgery is going to change that though…

  8. BenL

    Hairston is far from the best defensive SS, and Lopez was a good bat his last year with the Reds. He is looking good again, and it’s starting to look like we might have gotten nothing out of that trade.

  9. brublejr

    @Ben you have to remember that he got run out of Washington for laziness and suckiness also…only after he got to Stl. did he do well. He is playing well this year so far, but nobody would play him at short because he is simply awful there. Also Ben, the best player the Reds got in that trade was Daryl Thompson.

    Tough break for Bray, but TJ is not that great an issue anymore…usually throws harder after the surgery anyways. That leaves Viola (who has been outstanding) left in the wings if Rhodes or Herrera go down.

  10. BenL

    I was forgetting that Thompson came over in that trade. Good point. Time will tell, I suppose.

    All I’m saying is that a guy with Lopez’s offensive production (at least when he’s not in DC) at SS would be welcome, especially with the Reds’ current situation. I guess I have a selective memory though because all I remember about his time with the Reds is his offense.

  11. AnnapolisRed

    Ben-Lopez might be my least favorite player in history. Would not want him back for anything.

  12. Chris Garber

    I was one of the few who liked Lopez, though his defense was frustrating. The only thing I can say about that trade, with 1000% confidence, is that Royce Clayton is my all-time least favorite Red (other than Dan Graves).

  13. Matt WI

    Wow, Royce Clayton in the same setence as Danny Graves for least favorite Red? That’s some angst against Mr. Graves there.

  14. preach

    there are some first base coaches he picked off who don’t care for him very much either.

    He was always good for a few souveniers for those above the first base dugout.

  15. pinson343

    Why all the hatred for Danny Graves ? He was a decent closer from 1999 thru 2002. Then came the 2003 starting pitcher experiment. I can’t prove it but believe him when he says that affected his arm. In terms of saves, he had a great start in 2004, but was not the same in terms of giving up more HRs and blowing more saves. He wasn’t able to even finish that season, then came the 2005 disaster.

    Some people say he didn’t care about losing. I don’t buy that, he was a competitor who would come right after a hitter. He did have the closer’s mentality, after you blow one you have to forget about it.

  16. GregD

    People think too much of Graves last season when they think of Graves.

    I also don’t recall that there was a lot of dislike for Lopez until HIS last season. I thought his defense was notably worse in 2006 than 2005.

    Thompson was a throw-in. A talented pitcher in A-ball with a lot of injury history. That still seems to be true (the injury part), which makes his ML upside a great risk. He’s been injured and not pitching well in AAA this year when healthy.

  17. Mark in CC

    He reminds you a little of Eric Williamson. The both have or had mechanics issues which make them good at hiding the ball and being effective relievers, but they put excessive strain on the arms. Remember when Williamson had the arm surgery he can back saying he was going to change his mechanics but he slowly went back to the old way and hurt his arm. Bray seems to be the same way.

    Earlier in the year Homer B said he was going back to his old pre-Dick Pole way of pitching and he has been effective. My fear is however is that he will again have those nagging injuries because of it.