Why is Slyde harshing our dream mellow? Dude, why?*

Just let us enjoy ourselves, Slyde!

*If you don’t know what that means, you aren’t watching the commercials they show during SpongeBob Squarepants.

3 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    Was 2006 the infamous year of “pitching to contact?”
    That would explain the walk increase this year.

  2. mike

    first, he’s the 3rd person on another site to use the phrase HAVOC
    and he even used HAVOCY….or was say HAVOCEY?

    next…of course he didn’t ask the big question. If the team is going to fall, who is playing over their head? How will they fall?

    I’m a huge fan of Cueto and stood up for him this spring when people were asking why him in the rotation instead of Bailey. But even if he has the GREAT season I think he will have, his current level of performance won’t continue. Cueto can have a great year and still not pitch like he has, which is like a Cy Young candidate. Right now only Haren and Santanta get a vote before Cueto does in my book.

    The bullpen probably won’t continue their level of play either

    but I don’t think that’s enough to bring this team down.

    to be honest, if EE comes back and starts hitting like he can and if they trade for a LF this team could even improve more

  3. pinson343

    Let’s not forget that in 2006 our bullpen was so bad that WK made a number of desperate moves to shore it up, including the infamous one that hurt our offense.
    The one good move was for Eddie G., but he hurt his arm.