Am I the only one who can’t wait for tonight’s game to start? Why do they have to start games so late out west? Why can’t this season be scheduled for my convenience?

So many questions, so few answers.

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  1. taoistlumberjak

    Does anyone know why they start at 7:40pm Arizona time? I would have thought that, like most other teams, they would start in the 7:05-7:15 range.

  2. daedalus

    yeah, why can’t they start at 7pm? can’t mlb make some rule that when east coast plays west, it starts on the hour and we can reciprocate by starting games at 7:30 when they’re in town?

  3. nick in va

    I really like afternoon games so I can listen at work. Why can’t there be more afternoon games?

  4. Andy

    Arizona isn’t on daylights savings, so they’re actually 3 hours behind eastern right now. The games start at 6:40 local time. Unless you’re suggesting they start 20 minutes later 🙂 ?

  5. Sultan of Swaff

    This road trip is setting up nicely for us. The Reds will have an off day tomorrow to rest while the Padres have to play the Cubs, then hop on a plane home. We’ll also get the benefit of missing Jake Peavy and Chris Young. Now we just have to take advantage.

  6. Kurt Frost

    I like the later starts. I can mow the grass, go on an hour bike ride, cook dinner, play some Call of Duty and then watch the game.

  7. GregD

    I was hoping that the Padres were on the same schedule as the Reds and we’d miss Peavy, too, but has Peavy vs. Arroyo as the Sunday game matchup.

    Harang vs Correia on Fri
    Volquez vs Geer on Sat

  8. RiverCity Redleg

    Yeah, the Padres play tomorrow and we don’t. It means we’ll have to face Peavy, but could work out better b/c they’re in Chicago and will travel back to the West Coast to play immediately. While we’re already out West and will have a travel day in between.

  9. Chris Wilson

    I am thinking of moving to the West Coast. All Reds games would start at 4 when i get home from work. All west coast games would be at 7. I could watch all the games and still be in the bed by 10-11:00.

    On normal nights, the Reds would be over with by 7:30 (West coast time) and I would still have my evenings free to do whatever!

  10. Matt WI

    Chris might be onto something here. It would also free up Saturday in the late afternoon and evening during college football season (assuming one has allegience to a midwestern or eastern team of coruse). But why wouldn’t anybody want to spend all day watching college football (after baseball sesason is over)?

  11. Jared

    That’s really late.

    So I just caught the end of the Braves-Mets. Mike Gonzalez gives up a leadoff double to Reyes, a sac bunt to Castillo, and then strikes out Beltran and Sheffield on 10 pitches, 1 of which was in the strike zone. Yeah, with a guy on third in the bottom of the 12th, down by one.

  12. renbutler

    It worked out nicely on Monday, because I play poker with a few other Reds fans at 9:30.

    It worked out nicely on Tuesday, because I got home from playing volleyball at 9:30.

    It works out okay tonight, becaues I will get home from playing volleyball at 10:30.

    Problem is that there aren’t enough 9:30 and 10:30 games. :p

  13. EKyRedsFan

    I agree with Kurt. I like to do things during the evening, then wind down with the game on the radio and perhaps a cigar. Especially on warm evenings.

  14. pinson343

    Chris (11) is on to something. In terms of following the Reds, I love it when I travel to the West Coast.

  15. jason

    Ugh, slogging through the work week here as well with these 1230am final pitches. Looking forward to tonights game as well as game 7 Pens V. Caps. Tomorrow I will be crashing HARD at 7pm to catch up on much needed zzzz.. On a sidenote I was rear ended this morning on my way to work, spilling coffee all over my vehicle and suprised everyone by brushing it off so easily, I really do chalk it up to our Redlegs Rolling through May for my attitude and demeanor being so mellow and easy after said accident. Go Reds! 😀

  16. WishboneD

    I’m a late-nighter, so I don’t mind playing at 10p. It also gives me a chance to watch the 7p games on nights I’m inclined to watch 5 or 6 hours of baseball. I’m with Virginia Nick, though, I’d like more day games to listen at work.

  17. Chris Garber

    The west coast is ideal for watching sports, now that there’s easy access to everything online or through a cable package.

    I bought a Tivo in ’03 so I could watch the Reds when I got home from work – in about 50 minutes. I also had XM, so I could listen at work if I wanted it live. Then I could turn over to the Padres game that was starting at 7:00.

    But the best, by far, was football. First, you’d have a game on as soon as you woke up on Saturday. No wasted mornings of housework or sitting around. You could watch live football all the way through 11:00 PM or so, when the last west coast or Hawaii game ended.

    Sundays are even better. Games start at 10:00. No pre-game shows, or Meet the Press — just football. Best part: The second games are over by 4:30, and you can actually do something with your Sunday afternoons and evenings (if you don’t watch the primetime game). 60 Minutes is “at its normal time” every week.

    The only downside is when the playoffs are on, or Monday nights, when you need to rush home from work to be in front of the TV by 5:45. But you never have to stay up past midnight to watch anything, either.

  18. earl

    There was a couple of good quotes on the stories on Yahoo on the Reds today.

    From Hal McCoy’s column

    But Hairston sniffs something special with the 2009 Cincinnati Reds.

    “I hope I have four or five good years left in me and I can do it in Cincinnati because I want to be a part of a team that wins, man,” he said. “You hear so many stories about teams going to the playoffs, how great it is, what the feeling is — and I want that feeling.”

    Adam Rosales on the errors last night –

    “I know I will play good defense, but I’m kind of hyped up, in case people can’t tell,” he added. “I have to be patient. What’s frustrating is that pitching and defense is so important, and that’s why I’m putting too much pressure on myself.”

    The hyped up is pretty funny. 😀

    This is on the Yahoo Reds team report.

  19. mhopp

    With Cueto on the mound it’s worth waiting for. I didn’t think last night would go so good considering the match up…Go Reds!