I came across a website that listed “all” the trades and deals the Reds have made from 1901-2001. I’m not going to vouch for total accuracy (I found some wrong information), but it is really interesting to see who the Reds have traded with over the years and the players they have dealt and acquired. I also saw that we traded with different teams at different times during history. One would think there was some bond with that team, or at least a bond between the management of the two teams, and those bonds would change over time.

Here’s the total number of deals completed by team:

78–St. Louis Cardinals
58–Chicago Cubs
54–Brooklyn/LA Dodgers
53–Boston-Mil-Atl Braves
49–Philadelphia Phillies
45–NY-SF Giants
37–Pittsburgh Pirates
32–New York Yankees
31–Chicago White Sox
29–Cleveland Spiders/Indians
24–St. Louis Browns/Baltimore Orioles
22–New York Mets
22–Detroit Tigers
18–Boston Red Sox
15–California/Anaheim Angels
15–Montreal Expos
14–Houston Colt .45s/Astros
13–Phil-KC-Oak Athletics
13–San Diego Padres
12–Wash Senators/Texas Rangers
11–Wash Senators/Minnesota Twins
8–Colorado Rockies
8–Kansas City Royals
7–Seattle Mariners
7–Florida Marlins
5–Milwaukee Brewers
4–Toronto Blue Jays
4–Buffalo/New York (Federal League)
2–Arizona Diamondbacks
1–Tampa Bay Devil Rays

The Reds have dealt most with the Cardinals, and then the Cubs….if you go to the website, you can click on each team and find out the specific players included in each deal. I decided to look them up by decade to find out who we were more or less working with during those periods of time:

1900-1910–Cubs, Giants, Pirates
1910-1920–Dodgers, Braves, Giants, Red Sox, Yankees
1920-1930–Dodgers, Phillies
1930-1940–Cardinals, Phillies, Giants
1940-1950–Cubs, Braves, Pirates
1950-1960–Cardinals, Pirates, White Sox, Indians, Red Sox, Orioles
1960-1970–Braves, Phillies, White Sox, Orioles, Mets, Angels, Athletics, Senators-Rangers, Senators-Twins
1970-1980–Cardinals, Padres, Yankees
1980-1990–Cubs, Tigers, Expos, Astros, Royals
1990-2000-Indians, Mets, Angels, Rockies, Mariners

I’m not certain what all this means. The Reds worst teams came during the 1900’s, 1930’s, and 1950’s, and there were times it appears we were dealing with the championship teams. It seems that we gave up some real talent during these years, so may be were dealing for bigger name players hoping it would help attendance.

I was most surprised by the number of trading partners of the 1960’s. We were a contending team during all this time, so we must have been looking for the right combination and it finally struck in the 70’s. Two different management teams supervised the Reds during the 60’s. The Bill DeWitt team managed the early 1960’s and the Bob Howsam team took over in the mid-60’s. Both GMs mastered multiple trades to build their pennant winners.