Baseball Prospectus updates Drew Stubbs on Tuesday in their “Future Shock” column:

Drew Stubbs, OF, Reds (Triple-A Louisville)
Stubbs was batting .176 just two weeks ago, but he’s 21-for-48 since, including a 7-for-11, four-double weekend that upped his season stats to an impressive .329/.409/.451. That said, he’s a little confusing as prospects go. He’s not the Drew Stubbs that was a first-round pick in 2006, he’s not an exciting power/speed package anymore (a huge contact problem has been corrected with a much shorter swing), but the power aspect of the equation is gone for Stubbs, who has yet to go deep in 23 games this year. Regardless, he’s hitting, he’s drawing walks, and he’s still one of, if not the best defensive center fielder in the minors. He’s not less valuable, he’s just different.

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  1. RiverCity Redleg

    International League player of the week last week.

  2. Dan

    Ha! Excellent way to sum it up, Chris!

  3. jrs1972

    He could still be one of those 15 HR type guys. I would take that if he plays great defense and gets on base to create Havoc.

  4. redfaninduesseldorf

    Does he take Taveras place next year? Is this another of the perils of the two year contract?

  5. Dan

    Whoops… I just had a comment vaporize, and when I try to repost it, it says “It looks like you’ve already said that!” Have you all seen that before?

  6. Dan

    In my opinion, the likely path for Stubbs at this point is…

    –2009 – September callup

    –2010 – 4th outfielder on the Reds (sort of like the Cardinals are using Colby Rasmus) – getting decent playing time – 300ish PA’s?

    –2011 – starting CF

    Would you all agree w/ that?

  7. Dan

    Good Lord… I’m getting rejected over and over again when I try to post something w/ links in it, so I’ll give up on that… Basically I was just trying to say…

    Stubbs is interesting and tricky to project. I’ve heard for a long time that Stubbs might be comparable to Mike Cameron, which I’d love.

    I’ve never laid eyes on Stubbs, but from his stats I’ve got a new (and somewhat pessimistic) comp to throw out there — Chad Curtis.

    This would be a better post if I could link to the stats of Cameron, Curtis, and Stubbs, but I think I’ll shy away from that for now and stop here…

  8. george

    I saw Drew when Louisville was in Buffalo..He’s a very smooth outfielder,had a few hits and showed great speed. He almost beat out a couple routine groundouts. As long as he makes contact he’s going to pressure the defense.

  9. redfaninduesseldorf

    Dan’s timetable alleviates my concerns about Taveras. Let’s hope Taveras remains the “new version”.

  10. pinson343

    Dan, I agree with your timetable for Stubbs. Let’s hope it happens.

    One nite, every time I submitted a comment, I’d get the message: “It looks like you’ve already said that.” The comment would vanish but then would show up when I re-loaded the site.