After last night’s very enjoyable victory, the Reds will send former Diamondback Micah Owings to the mound to face his old mates. Unfortunately, Arizona will counter with Dan Haren and his 1.84 ERA. The guy has just been great this year.

This would be a mini-landmark win, frankly. It would secure a series victory to start out this road trip, and it would just be nice to beat a really good pitcher. Sort of a validation of the Reds recent good play.

Either way, we’ll be here discussing the game (unless my buddy talks me into going to see Star Trek; any of you seen it?). Enjoy!

Baseball-Reference Game Preview

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  1. Chris Wilson

    Star Trek? Over the Reds? Come on. I can honestly say that I have never seen a Star Trek movie! Now Star Wars, I’ve watched a ton. But Trek? Never!

    Go Reds, Go Lakers tonight!

  2. Chad Dotson

    I haven’t left yet.

    Same lineup as last night:

    Taveras, cf
    Hairston, ss
    Votto, 1b
    Phillips, 2b
    Bruce, rf
    Hernandez, c
    Nix, lf
    Rosales, 3b
    Owings, rhp

  3. earl

    I am sure glad Walt Jocketty with the Cards made that trade for Mark Mulder and gave up Danny Haren and Kiko Calero. Both of those guys would have helped to make St. Louis pretty dominating if they were around, especially Haren. Calero has been more up and down, but he would have added bullpen depth.

    It might be something to remember with the Reds young pitchers.

  4. jason

    Im a hardcore movie buff myself, but have never seen 1 Star Trek flix. Though I plan on catching Sunday afternoon, the reviews are quite stellar for this new reboot.

  5. jason

    Last nights game was great, but the best thing about it for me was how we yet again bounced back after a rough loss the following day (Florida 14 inning affair; Milwaukee 15 run whooping; St. Louis nail biter 10 framer). Really does say a lot to me about this teams mental makeup.

  6. earl

    One thing I noticed looking at the stat sheet is that Brandon Phillips has already drawn 14 walks. The guy has never gotten over 40 in a full season, so that while he is still a pretty wild swinger, the guy is working the count a bit better this year.

  7. Y-City Jim

    Of the Star Trek movies, only the Wrath of Kahn and First Contact were the only two I really cared for. I plan on seeing the new one though.

  8. Y-City Jim

    The May offensive stats for the Reds are interesting. The question is how long and how well can they sustain that production especially when they reinsert Gonzalez into the line-up on Friday?

  9. jason

    Yeah, really have a hard time seeing Hairston exiting this lineup anytime soon with the numbers he has been putting up of late. Maybe last year wasnt a fluke..

  10. Y-City Jim

    I know the Reds pitchers have hit a lot of hitters (14) this season but do they ever trail MLB leaders Boston (24) and NYY (23).

  11. Y-City Jim

    Phillips strikes out on ball 4.

  12. mike

    remove a slumping 3B because of injury
    replace a non-hitting SS because of injury
    and finally replace 2 left fielders who weren’t hitting with someone who is

    and have your leadoff hitter get hot. Taveras’s OPS in May is .950!

    have your slumping cleanup hitter start to hit, 1.059 OPS in May!

    and the offense starts to score!

    only one team in May in baseball (including the AL) has a higher OPS than the Reds.
    the ex-Reds, err, I mean Washington

    MAY Reds leaders
    10.7 Votto (11th in baseball, top 1B for May so far)
    10.2 Taveras (15th, 2nd only to Beltran for May)
    8.9 Phillips (27th, 2nd only to Burriss)
    8.2 Bruce
    8.2 Hairston

  13. Jimmy James

    I’m worried about facing Haren.

  14. Mark in CC

    The thing about the ex-Reds (Washington). They are still losers. The new Reds aren’t.

  15. mike

    Washington looks like the Reds from 2000-2007.

  16. Y-City Jim

    14-pitch 1st inning for Owings, 7 strikes, 7 balls

  17. Mark in CC

    He has to be a little pumped up to pitch and hit versus Arizona.

  18. Y-City Jim

    Nasty breaking ball by Haren to Nix.

  19. jason

    Micah looking sharpish through 2. Nice.

  20. earl

    One thing the current Reds are not as bad currently at as the Ex-Reds is that they are not a K machine. Washington’s lineup is filled with guys that strikeout about 1/3 of the time. Those kind of lineups seem to get completely voided by good pitching, just ask your average Yankee fan how the playoffs have worked out since 2001.

  21. GregD

    The pre-game stat:
    Reds hit 16 HR in April & 17 already in May.

  22. GregD

    2009 Nationals (so far) = 2005 Reds
    One of the top offenses in the NL, but by far the worst pitching.

  23. mike

    GredD you are right on about the 2009 Nationals

    team ranking in baseball comparing 2005 Reds, today’s Nationals, and today’s Reds

    3rd 2005 Reds
    4th Washington
    18th 2009 Reds

    7th 2009 Reds
    27th 2005 Reds
    29th Washington

    3rd 2009 Reds
    24th 2005 Reds
    30th Washington

    12th 2009 Reds
    28th 2005 Reds
    30th Washington

    the similarities are stunning between the 2005 Reds and current Nationals

  24. GregD

    Isn’t there a limit to the number of days you can retroactively DL a player? So, if A-gon is put on the DL tomorrow, they can’t retro it back to last Monday (or whenever it was)?

  25. jason

    That wouldve hit the Toyota Tundra at the GABP.

  26. Y-City Jim

    Ball is bouncing the Diamondbacks’ way tonight thus far.

  27. Y-City Jim

    The GABP physics would have caused it to carry another 20 feet.

  28. Y-City Jim

    Not pretty but it got the job done.

  29. mhopp

    Whew and BP came through…I’d never have guessed but I sure like the approach the Reds are taking at the plate

  30. Jared

    That stolen base led directly to a run. Lets steal a few more, Dusty?

  31. Y-City Jim

    Phillips was lucky because that was stupid base running.

  32. mhopp

    Another high five for Team Phillips!

  33. GregD

    There is no smart and stupid. There is only HAVOC

  34. Mark in CC

    Big hit versus Haren. He is up to 60 pitches. The Reds are doing a good job this year building up those pitch counts.

  35. Y-City Jim

    Thom Brennaman: “Reds are playing a brand of baseball that hasn’t been seen in Cincinnati for quite some time.”

    You mean, winning baseball?

  36. mhopp

    This probably will be the only inning that Haren will allow runs. He is a tough pitcher…Great running and team-work for the REDS!

  37. Y-City Jim

    There is no smart and stupid. There is only HAVOC

    How right you are. HAVOC rules!!!

  38. Y-City Jim

    HAVOC is to baseball as the Force is to Star Wars.


  39. mhopp

    I saw Votto clutching his chest in the dugout earlier…that really concerns me

  40. Y-City Jim

    Let’s hope it is just some after effects of the flu mixed with the Arizona heat that can be remedied with some hydration.

  41. mhopp

    These D-backs announcers have been talking about Votto the whole game…they too have a man-crush on him.

  42. Mark in CC

    Let the HAVOC be with you just doesn’t have the same ring.

  43. GregD

    Thom Brennaman: “Reds are playing a brand of baseball that hasn’t been seen in Cincinnati for quite some time.”

    Thom is wrong. They’ve always had these HAVOCy type players. Right now, they are about middle of the NL pack in stolen bases, and among league leaders in sac hits. It’s been the same in 2007-2008. 2006 tied for 3rd in SB.

  44. jason

    Im working the radio and tv right now in hopes of hearing something on Joey.

  45. mhopp

    GredD…they just never won playing this :p type of baseball

  46. GregD

    Captain Votto, I notice sometimes when you are creating havoc or-or openin’ up a can of whoop-ass, as you like to say, you seem to be sweating quite profusely. I was wondering if, perhaps, you might need the services of an experienced waterboy.

  47. jason

    Come on Jim Day, find out whats going on with our MVP.

  48. Lyon88

    They’re winning the one and two run ball games. They won when they weren’t hitting earlier in the season. I think that’s what Brennamen means.

  49. Mark in CC

    Owings out pitching him. He has something to prove tonight. I bet he is going to be trying for a big fly too.

  50. GregD

    Found an answer on Gonzalez…via Fay’s blog:

    Alex Gonzalez declared himself fit to play. “I’m ready, man,” he said. “I’m good. I’m ready to play.”

    But as is Dusty Baker’s policy, Gonzalez was not in the lineup. “I’m big on when a players says he’s ready giving a few more days,” Baker said. “We have the off day (Thursday). I know he’s champing at the bit. He says he feels great. I’ll give another few days to practice and get his stroke.”

    Monday was the first time Gonzalez took batting practice since straining his left oblique. He’d clearly like to be in lineup tonight. “Nobody likes to sit out,” Gonzalez said.

    The other factor is Jerry Hairston Jr., who started at shortstop Tuesday, went into the game with on a seven-game hitting streak in which he was hitting .414 with six RBI and 10 runs scored.

    “You knew Hairston was going to do well,” Baker said. “Nobody is Alex at shortstop. But again, this is an example of having interchangeable parts. It comes into play almost everyday.”

    Gonzalez was available.

    “If it’s a double switch or something,” Baker said. “But I’ve got to give him plenty of time to get loose. I’ve got to see him myself in practice.”

  51. Y-City Jim

    Perhaps Votto is HAVOCing into the toilet right now.

  52. jason

    How does FS Ohio NOT have a camera on Votto during that ordeal?

  53. jason

    We can only hope thats it, Y-City. We can only hope.

  54. mhopp

    I still can’t believe the D-backs gave up Owings for the Dunn deal…who is their GM?

  55. Waiting on a call up

    I believe the GM is the guy who just took over as manager, AJ Hinch? The talking heads were making an ordeal because he has no managing experience and has only worked as a suit in this league.

  56. EKyRedsFan

    I can’t believe they traded Owings and Buck and didn’t seem to be all that interested in resigning Dunn.

    Also, I don’t think you want Hairston’s weak arm over at third.

  57. Lyon88

    Can’t say enough lately about Taveras.

  58. GregD

    Owings was coming back from shoulder surgery. Those are pretty unpredictable to bounce back from.

  59. Mark in CC

    I don’t know if them not even attempting to sign Dunn says more of economy or the player. But GM should be in trouble over it.

  60. GregD

    Yes, Rosales played mostly 1B in 2007 while recovering from an arm (elbow, I think) injury.

  61. Lyon88

    When was the last time the Reds had two catchers play at the same time as much as Hernandez and Hanigan have played lately?

  62. EKyRedsFan

    Better there than at third. He’s always been considered to be better at 2B than SS or LF, but he’ll never get any time at 2B with the Reds.

  63. GregD

    Did FSN Ohio show this (from Fay’s blog):

    “The local TV showed Votto in the dugout wincing in pain after his last at-bat. “

  64. Mark in CC

    At the Futures Game in Dayton AR took a lot of fielding practice at 1B.

  65. nick in va

    I’m late to the party. Good to see the good guys on top, but I hope Votto is ok.

  66. EKyRedsFan

    True about the economy and true about the GM needing his head examined. And what did Washington end up giving Dunn anyway? If I recall correctly, it wasn’t a bad deal for them.

  67. Y-City Jim

    Sweet performance thus far for Owings.

  68. jason

    GregD, no FS did not show or saying anything like that.

  69. Y-City Jim

    The one clip made it look as if Votto was about to upchuck.

  70. EKyRedsFan

    Does JD go find out what’s going on with Votto? No, he goes and sits by himself in the outfield. But I’m sure that was FSN’s call.

  71. jason

    Thanks, Jim Day for going into the clubhouse to find out what happend to our MVP. Send Daddy Waggs! Send Jessie!! Just get down there and find out something!

  72. GregD

    Ryan Zimmerman, again in his first at-bat, extends his hitting streak…now at 30 games.

  73. jason

    Remember when B.P was slumping? Yeah, he doesnt either. Get Some Team Phillips!!

  74. mhopp

    Reds beating up on one of the best pitchers in the game? Team Phillips AGAIN!! Give me five TeamBP!

  75. GregD

    Haren getting some ball hit off him deep this inning.

  76. Jared

    We all knew coming in to this season the Reds were going to have a kickass offense.

  77. GregD

    67 pitches through 5 for Owings…if he doesn’t shoot himself in the foot here defensively, will he make it 7 innings (or more)

  78. mhopp

    Any ideas on who the Reds might draft? I’m hoping they take Alex White from UNC since he’s from where I live. Good kid.

  79. Lyon88

    Lakers 43, Rockets 24 – middle of second quarter.

  80. mhopp

    Jared: We all knew coming in to this season the Reds were going to have a kickass offense.

    We did? Do I detect sarcasm?

  81. GregD

    What did Baker tell him? “Don’t make me bring in Janish!”

  82. jason

    Alright Alright!!! Way to be Micah Owings!

  83. mhopp

    D-backs really suck…I feel a sweep considering this is their best starter by far going tonight.

  84. EKyRedsFan

    Chad, if you’re reading this, I have a question for the Jim Day interview(a serious one, actually). Hopefully it hasn’t been recorded yet.

    How does he go about getting information on players during the game? Who does he talk to, where is he allowed to go in the clubhouse?

  85. mhopp

    Thank God Votto is okay…wonder if he’ll hit a pinch-hit home run tomorrow?

  86. jason

    Jim Day really is amazing, I see a Pulitzer in his future.

  87. GregD

    If he can remain pitch efficient, Owings might go 8 innings.
    He’s sitting on 80 pitches through 6.

  88. EKyRedsFan

    We absolutely should sweep this team and we have a darn good chance at sweeping the Padres too.

  89. jason

    Totally off topic here, but does anyone know when the HOF Marty B. plans to walk away from the booth? The though alone makes me sad, but I was curious if anyone knew his plans, if any for the long term future.

  90. GregD

    That’s why Owings shouldn’t be the first RH pinch hitter off the bench.

  91. GregD

    Watching Owings run back to 1st base reminds me of the ol’ SNL skits with Mike Meyers playing a hyperactive kid on chocolate.

  92. mhopp

    Looks like Cueto will still be 2nd in ERA in the NL after this game. And the way the D-backs look, he should have no trouble lowering it tomorrow…and he’s only 23, and a RED LEG!

  93. jason

    Wow, nice drop of the hyperactive kid tied to the jungle gym skit on SNL. Old school.

  94. EKyRedsFan

    Did anyone catch Welsh say last night that the Reds have won 9 of their last 11 in Ariz.? Pretty impressive stat there.

  95. mhopp

    Hairston must have been purchased at Best Buy, he can play multiple positions and do a little of everything.

  96. taoistlumberjak

    Don’t you mean Steve Nebraska?

  97. Mark in CC

    Cardinals lost but too early to scoreboard watch.

  98. mhopp

    and the Team Phillips Show must go on!

  99. mhopp

    WTF is this? Owings hit the guy and then leaves?

  100. jason

    This is me tipping my hat (for those interested im not wearing one, but if anyone is interested thats just a big bowl of odd. i digress…) in the general direction of our #5 starter in this 2009 season, Micah Owings.

  101. mhopp

    I’m going to be pissed if that hit batsman costs the loss.

  102. mhopp

    There’s no way I’d let Rhodes pitch to Upton, a right-hander.

  103. mhopp

    Oh dddddear it’s a storm coming in, better than Rhodes though in this situation.

  104. mhopp

    Upton had 18 game hit streak coming into today.

  105. mhopp

    Stormy does have a way of making it interesting and exciting. He wants everyone to get their $$$ worth

  106. jason

    Is that what hes doing? If so, he should be doing pretty well for himself.

  107. mhopp

    Doesn’t Eric Burns look like The Lawnmower Man from the 1990’s movie?

  108. earl

    Wheww….oh Coco don’t make me loco.

  109. mhopp

    I was thinking Bruce and Dunn are a lot alike but Bruce is definitely a better fielder.

  110. jason

    Ok, i realize this is probably getting a tad redundant, but I love seeing the fun these guys are all having together in the dugout this year.

  111. mhopp

    Reds were 17-23 this time last year and 15-23 the year before.

  112. Jared

    Ok, as long as you’re in the lineup, you’re in the game, right? So could a reliever come in to face someone who is a bad matchup for Owings, while he moves to left field, and then back to pitch with a new guy in left?

  113. mhopp

    Coco 23 out of last 23 SVO? didn’t know that until now…let’s make it 24 of 24!

  114. jason

    And this one belongs to the Reds!!! 5 Games over .500!

  115. EKyRedsFan

    everyone thinks he called the first pitch a strike and it was a ball. everyone got confused there.

  116. jason

    Are You Kidding Me!!! What a Game!! Go RedLegs!!! HAHA! Yes!

  117. mhopp

    So did Owings get taken out by Dusty for drilling that guy or was he tossed?

  118. mhopp

    Sarasota, Carolina, Louisville and Cinci all win today. Pretty darn good day if you ask me.

  119. earl

    It looks like the first game ever for the starter tomorrow. Sometimes that is tough as no one knows a thing on the guy.

  120. mike

    I’m not 100% sure on these numbers but Coco recorded his 24th save in a row without blowing one as a Red

    With tonight’s save he passes two great Reds closers.
    John Franco who had 23 saves in a row 7/1988-9/1988 which is one of the most unhittable streaks ANY pitcher in baseball history has had. During Franco’s streak he had a 0.32 ERA and allowed only 14 hits in 28 1/3 IP.
    Clay Carroll who also had 23 saves in a row 5/1972-8/1972

    with his 24th consecutive save without a blown save Coco now sets his sight on the Reds record which is 26 by Rob Dibble.

    In 1990-91 Dibble saved 26 in a row but also struck out 58 in 37 IP in one of the most dominant pitching streaks ever.

    The NL record, of course is unreachable. Gagne saved 84 games in a row without blowing a save which spanned 3 seasons. No pitcher has come ANYWHERE NEAR that many. 2nd is Tom Gordon with 54 for Boston.

  121. EKyRedsFan

    That’s in AA though. He’s going to be facing a little different batters tomorrow.