Sorry for the late recap.  I was doing family things, and Chad’s on his way back from the game.  




St. Louis 8
Cincinnati 7 (10 innings)
WP: Franklin (1-0)
LP: Cordero (0-1)
S: Chris Perez (1)

–Votto is back!  Joey returned with a monster PH homer in the 7th.

— Owings!  Our 5th starter is our best pinch hitter.  After an awkward-looking, but very tenacious plate appearance, Owings hit a game-tying HR with 2 out in the bottom of the ninth.  He even took a curtain call.

— Adam Rosales hit his first career HR.

— Seven runs is always a good thing.  So are five HRs.

— Phillips reached base 3 times.

— They lost.

— Francisco Cordero simply cannot pitch in a non-save situation.  Jeff Brantley says this all the time, but it makes no sense that a guy can’t pitch when the game is tied.  He started off the 10th by walking the #8 hitter, was given an out when the Cards couldn’t get a bunt down, then gave up a monster double – and the winning run – to Colby Rasmus.  

— Chad continues to find the strangest Reds fans: