Chad’s gallivanting around the Tri-State metropolitan area, so this is the closest thing to a recap you’re likely to see.

St. Louis 3
Cincinnati 8
WP: Harang (3-3)
LP: Lohse (3-2)
S: None

–Harang!!!  The big fella had a big day.  He dedicated a Miracle League park that he paid for, threw a gem, and got a legit base hit and 2 RBI.  With the single, Harang joins the exclusive 30 hit club for his career.

— Long-struggling Jerry Hairston and Brandon Phillips each got 2 hits.  BP also walked.  JHJ homered.  If those two guys can get it going – BP especially – this team might actually be able to make some noise.

— The Reds are now only 1.5 games out of first place in the NL Central.

— Honestly, none on the field.  Every single Reds starter reached base.  Weathers and Masset each threw a perfect inning in relief.

— FSN “sideline” reporter Jim Day didn’t stop by and see Chad.  That’s negative.  

–The Cards, losers of 5 of their last 7, are looking more and more like April was an abberration.  When you look at the non-Pujols portions of that lineup, and the career lines of that rotation, it’s still hard to see them contending. 

— That can be said about the Reds too, to be fair.  But I’m slowly – veeerrry slowly – starting to at least understand how this team could contend.  I think it’s as simple as this:  I’ve never actually seen a Reds team with excellent pitching, so I didn’t know what it would look like.  When I heard “good pitching,” I pictured Harnisch, Parris, and Villone.  Truly outstanding pitching, which this team is getting right now, really can keep you in contention.

— I don’t have the slightest idea how to explain these two fellows, witnessed by Chad at GABP tonight:

Where would you even find these things?

Where would you even find these things?

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  1. Mike Martz

    Times are hard and the economy has went belly up, can’t blame those two guys for shopping the bargain basement shops to get their Reds jerseys! 😀

    Wow the Reds are looking pretty good! With the youth movement playing so well this early, I can’t wait to see how they perform after the all star break and on towards playoff time!


  2. Bruce in the OV

    I think its safe to say BP is no longer struggling.

    Last 11 games: .390 4 HR 13 RBI

  3. Chris Wilson

    Worst game I have ever attended in my life. Should have been a memorable game, taking my 5 year old and 5 month old to his first game. However, some idiot in the row behind me felt the need to dump beer on us all going for a ball tossed into the stands by Jay Bruce. I missed over 2 innings trying to get my infant son cleaned off and clothes changed. Great win, but my mind was elsewhere from the 3rd inning on

  4. Chad Dotson

    Thanks for grabbing the recap, Chris. Tomorrow could be a lot of fun if Volquez is throwing well.

  5. Jose

    whats funnier
    is in my section there was a dude with a Jaun Castro jersey sitting two seats away from a keppinger jersey…
    then in front of me was a drunk man with a flask…

    haha gotta love them drunk reds fans

  6. Chad Dotson

    What did your RN plug say, Jim?

    And Day didn’t really stand me up. A little miscommunication is all. We’re going to try to work it in tomorrow, I hope.

  7. JerBear

    Keppinger and Stanton jerseys…I am a huge Reds fan, but that is taking it a bit too far.

  8. Chris

    I can’t believe anyone even makes those things. Juan Castro?

  9. Chris

    ChrisW, I would’ve been hard-pressed not to slug that dude.

  10. Chad Dotson

    I thought he was going to slug him, and I was going to have to keep Chris W from killing him (even if it would have been justified). Admirable restraint from Chris W.

    The drunk guy was just a moron, acting like a 5 year old trying to get a baseball tossed into the stands.

    I didn’t get any beer on me, though, so I had a great time! 😀

  11. Chad Dotson

    One more thing: the atmosphere was really great. It’s nice to see a full stadium, even if there were more than a few Cards fans.

    Too bad it takes a bobblehead to get people out to the park. I will never understand the passion for those things.

  12. Jose

    THERE IS ONLY 30,000!!!!!!!

    Thank you…

    Apparently they do make Castro Jerseys…
    unless it was a game worn jersey and he got it for 5 bucks from a hobo…

  13. Fighting Fascism

    You know remember our contest about worst jersey and I admitted I had a Felipe Jersey sewn up back in 05… suddenly I don’t feel so foolish. Seruously though, those jerseys are not mass produced — Only Griffey and Dunn qualify in that respect. Any other one had to be a custom job, possibly even the real deal.. perhaps they got them from a Reds auction or something I don’t know but those are nice sewn jerseys from the picture.

  14. pinson343

    Keppinger did have some good months with the Reds, but Stanton ?

    Brandon Phillips: “It felt like it was the Field of Dreams out there. If you win, they’ll come.”

  15. pinson343

    Harnisch, Parris, Villone, the stuff of 1999. Steve Parris was one of many Reds to have a career year that year – others that come to mind are Eddie Taubensee, Pokey Reese, Scott Williamson, Ron Villone (arguably).

    BTW I recall someone on the blog the other day guessing it was John Smiley who pithced the playoff game we lost to the Mets – it was Steve Parris, Smiley was traded away in 1997. Also that comment said something about Jack McKeon saying the Reds would have won the game had Harnisch pitched. That was an odd statement, if he made it. Harnisch won the game against the Brewers the day before, pitching thru elbow pain. He managed 5 innings or so and Villone finished it.

    Why doesn’t McKeon ever get any grief over the way he overused Scott W. that year ? He was using him 3 innings at a time to pile up wins, and then Scott got tired out, blowing a lead in that critical loss to the Brewers on the final Friday nite. Williamson had arm problems for the rest of his career.

  16. Fighting Fascism

    Just like how Dusty is riding Arthur Rhodes… no way he survives this abuse… dude pitched 49 innings the past 3 years combined and now he is on pace to pitch 110 innings or so this year. No way his arm stays attached to his torso. But I am enjoying it while it lasts. Really with the number of players we have capable of playing multiple positions I think we need to carry an extra pitcher. We don’t have a legit long man. Bring in Bray as another lefthander to absorb some of Rhodes innings. I want the old man to be able to pitch in the playoffs.

  17. brublejr

    This was such a great game. I love beating up on the redbirds. Harang looked very good and if this offense can do what they have been doing this week, we can expect some great things. Let’s hope for the sweep, and have a productive west coast swing!

    @Chris W…That is the main reason I don’t attend many games, I also get stuck around some drunken idiot that ruins the game for me.

  18. per14

    Great win.

    Not to be negative, but I’ve got one: Our starting catcher is our back-up first baseman. Ramon botched a ground ball that lead to a run.

  19. Dan

    Hey FF,

    Rhodes has pitched 81 innings the last 3 years combined, and he’s currently on pace to pitch 59.3 innings this year. I think he’ll be fine.

    I actually like how Dusty’s been using him — it’s definitely not overuse, but he’s not treating him like a LOOGY only, which I’m happy to see. Rhodes is good. Yes, he’s more effective vs. lefties, but he gets righties out too.