Aaron Harang’s on the mound, I’m at the ballpark sitting next to my son, and things are great. Enjoy the game and discuss it here!

Lineup below the fold (Phillips is back, Votto still sick).

Taveras CF
Hairston SS
Bruce RF
Phillips 2B
Nix LF
Hernandez 1B
Rosales 3B
Hanigan C
Harang P

111 Responses

  1. jason

    What kind of a crowd you predicting tonight, Chad? Did it look like a solid walk-up crowd?

  2. Y-City Jim

    Is it real windy there? The winds in SE Ohio has been pretty gusty all day.

  3. Chad Dotson

    Crowd looks okay now, not huge yet. Still 20 minutes before game time, though.

    Wind is definitely swirling.

  4. Y-City Jim

    Thompson off to a good start for the Bats tonight. Maybe he can lower that 7+ ERA.

  5. Y-City Jim

    Hairston bring his .269 OBP to the #2 spot again tonight.

  6. Chad Dotson

    2 guys wearing Keppinger jerseys within a couple of rows of me. What are the chances?

  7. jason

    Any body else notice that GG now winks when uttering his welcome of “Hi, Hello, and Welcome…” speel? I guess “anybody else means you tonight, Y-City.

  8. Chad Dotson

    Seats are starting to fill up. Upper deck is 75% full right now. Could be biggest crowd since opening day.

  9. Y-City Jim

    I missed George’s wink.

    That must be some nasty flu bug that Votto has.

  10. jason

    Good to hear, Chad. I was really wanting to make the 3.5 hour trek down for the 4th time this season, but just hit Braves series and have the Indians series coming up in 2 weeks. Enjoy the game.

  11. jason

    Yeah, the Winking Flu of Sri Lanka really is making its way thru the tri-state area something fierce.

  12. Y-City Jim

    I’m contemplating taking in a game during the Indians series. Kids will be home from college so I’ll take them and their gang.

  13. jason

    Ok, Stanton is weird, but if you eye a Majewski jersey that would really be a big bowl of odd.

  14. Y-City Jim

    I bet Goodwill has some interesting Reds jerseys.

  15. Y-City Jim

    Billy Demars wasn’t a big fan of Eric Davis waving that bat around.

  16. Y-City Jim

    What is the number of beards per capita in baseball versus other pro sports?

  17. Y-City Jim

    Why do we bunt a base stealer over?

  18. jason1972

    This Bruce kid might develop into a serviceable major leaguer.

  19. al

    heck of an AB from bruce right there.

    down 0-2, fights to 3-2, burns a bunch of decent pitches, deposits one deep.

  20. jason

    #24, im thinking the same thing. not the first time this year thats crossed my mond, Y-City.

  21. Y-City Jim

    I bet Phillips hustle more to the toilet the last few days than he has hustled on the field all season.

  22. Y-City Jim

    Bruce on course to hit 40+ homers.

  23. CeeKeR

    So far, this is the Lohse that the Reds remember pitching for them…which is now a good thing!

  24. Y-City Jim

    So are you meeting with Twittering Jim Day while you are in Cincinnati this weekend, Chad?

  25. Y-City Jim

    How many Cardinal fans in the crowd tonight?

  26. JerBear

    Man Jay Bruce is having a pretty good year so far. I know he has tons of potential, but I thought he’d struggle. If Votto continues his pace and Jay Bruce lives up to his potential in this 2009 season, we just needs some of the other guys to have decent years and the offense could actually be good. This is an exciting team to follow right now with the young talent.

    On another note…since Nix has been inserted in the starting lineup it seems he has kind of dissapeared offensively. Left field may be a problem all year. I hope Nix can pick it back up, but the odds are against him. We’ll see.

  27. Y-City Jim

    This lead off hitter getting on each inning is getting old.

  28. Y-City Jim

    Geesh!!! Taveras scared the crap out of me!!!

  29. Y-City Jim

    If someone wins that Tundra truck due to a Red hitting it with a HR ball, does the dealer take the dent out of it?

  30. DennisC

    GG said on the broadcast a few weeks ago that they’ll repair all the damage (assuming someone can actually hit the thing)

  31. Y-City Jim

    Good grief. Lead off hitter of the inning is on again.

  32. mhopp

    Drew Stubbs 2-4 tonight now over .300 ba and D.Thompson pitched better with 6 ip 2er 1bb and 4so at AAA. Lets hope we could get Stubbs as a back up righty OF instead of the current one and he would bring some more of that SPEED.

  33. mhopp

    Any idea on when Votto can come back? That must have been some virus.

  34. Tom Diesman

    Stubbs had better be picking up the pace at AAA (.297 .381 .392 773), because Chris Heisey is rocking it at AA (.382 .484 .657 1141).

  35. Tom Diesman

    I heard Hal McCoy saying on the radio broadcast earlier that both Votto and Gonzalez could be back in the lineup on Monday.

  36. mhopp

    Heisey is a tough Ombre at Carolina…he is really kicking but down there and has more power that Stubbs for sure.

  37. mhopp

    I think the Reds have improved since Lohse was with them.

  38. Tom Diesman

    Nix hit it too hard and cost himself an RBI. The big brute!

  39. Mr. Saturday Nite

    Ahh… this is the Kyle Lohse I remember…

  40. Tom Diesman

    This is the Kyle Lohse we know and love!

  41. mhopp

    Harangatang looked like he hardly swung at that one but it worked!

  42. Tom Diesman

    Harang must be hanging out with Owings!

  43. Tom Diesman

    You can tell Harang is not used to being out there on the bases. 🙂

  44. mhopp

    Harang looked like an old man running the bases

  45. mhopp

    10 days into May and the Reds could be 4 games over .500 ? and won 3 in a row without their best hitter when hitting has been the problem this year? This could be an interesting year…Go Reds!!

  46. Mr. Saturday Nite

    I’m really looking forward to what this team will be able to do when Votto returns.

  47. Mr. Saturday Nite

    Think Harang is tired from running the bases?

  48. CeeKeR

    RE: mhopp

    You are correct – a win today would be huge, not just in terms of a series win but also where it would leave the Reds at the point in the season… Plus if there is a nice crowd tonight, a win will help convince more people to go out to the ballpark in future games.

  49. Tom Diesman

    Hernandez got ate up by that one. Oh well, he’s hanging pretty tough out of position.

  50. Chris Garber

    Chad, why did you start the wave during a rally?

    Remember when Cincinnati was known as a “Baseball Town”?

  51. JerBear

    Uh…Jerry Hairston Jr. where did you come from! If little Jr. even approaches his numbers from last year the offense is a lot better.

  52. jason

    I love beating LaRussa. I love beating the Redbirds. I L.O.V.E Harang getting run support and helping his own cause! Go Reds!! Im starting to really have a feeling about this team…

  53. Tom Diesman

    It’s Chad’s lucky night. His favorite reliever is up in the pen. It’s going to get stormy at GAB soon.

  54. jason

    Oh yeah, and a VottoMatic bobblehead!

  55. Tom Diesman

    Havoc I tell you. It’s havoc!

  56. Chris Garber

    Gotta get Weathers straightened out, Chad.

  57. Chris Garber

    Everybody must be out seeing Star Trek tonight.

  58. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, but we don’t have to get him straightened out on my watch. I’d rather see Janish pitch.

  59. CeeKeR

    Not a bad idea to let Weathers go right after ’em after last night’s performance. Kudos to Dusty on that one.

  60. Y-City Jim

    Sure enough I leave to run some errands when the Reds bust it open.

    Love to see the Reds handing it to the Cardinals. A sweep tomorrow would be icing on the cake.

  61. Y-City Jim

    If Jim Day stands Chad up again tomorrow, we should Twitter him to death.

  62. GregD

    If the Reds hang on, this would pull them to within 1.5 of the Cardinals.
    They’re 0.5 back of Milwaukee, and tied with the Cubs.
    The Brewers are currently beating the Cubs…if that holds, they’d be a game up on the Cubs.

    The 2nd place team in the NL central is the current WC leader.

  63. mhopp

    and this one belongs to the Reds! So much for Hernandez being able to handle the pitchers better than Hannigan!

  64. Y-City Jim

    Yes, sir!!! Beautiful win by the Big Red Pitching Machine!!!

  65. GregD

    Does this mean Votto is the reason they lose?

  66. GregD

    By Chris W’s baby, you mean his Joey V bobblehead doll?

  67. Y-City Jim

    It will be interesting to see how the Cubs fare without Ramirez for a month and a half.

  68. Y-City Jim

    Does this mean Votto is the reason they lose?

    If Votto bashers existed, I’m sure they would say it was so.

  69. mhopp

    Re: Votto causing losses…I don’t think so. I think often times other players play harder when the best player is out of the line up. This is great as it gives Dusty the ability to shift people around if necessary. :p

  70. Y-City Jim

    Watching the GE commercial that lists GE’s accomplishments. I see nothing about how many Americans they employ.

  71. GregD

    Last night, I believe, was the first successful steal vs. Hanigan this year.
    No one had even attempted a steal on him in his previous three starts.
    He also threw out another theft attempt last night.
    So far he’s thrown out 4 of 5 stolen base attempts.

  72. GregD

    I was joking about the record without Votto. The idiocracy on WLW and HOMER used to always give records w/ and w/o Griffey. w/ and w/o Freel…it was usually “they lose with Griffey and win with Freel, get rid of Griffey.”

  73. Y-City Jim

    I don’t know how well my son has been able to follow the Reds while in China the past couple of weeks. He may be pleasantly surprised when he gets back on Tuesday.

  74. CeeKeR

    Of the starting 9, only Hanigan didn’t have a hit today… I’ll take the offense every game!

  75. Y-City Jim

    Love the Spongebob Squarepants, GregD!

  76. GregD

    Thanks! It took a bit of searching, but I finally found a SBSP baseball avatar!

  77. GregD

    I love that they’ve been able to shut down Pujols 0-for-8, two strikeouts in the first two games.
    I believe only his 10th and 11th strikeouts of the season.

  78. Y-City Jim

    So tonight was a sellout. Must have been a big walk-up crowd.

  79. Y-City Jim

    Watching the highlights. Loved the enthusiasm of Rosales crossing the plate!

  80. Y-City Jim

    Check the scrolling text. I texted a Redlegnation plug.

  81. Chris Wilson

    Worst game I have ever attended in my life. Should have been a memorable game, taking my 5 year old and 5 month old to his first game. However, some idiot in the row behind me felt the need to dump beer on us all going for a ball tossed into the stands by Jay Bruce. I missed over 2 innings trying to get my infant son cleaned off and clothes changed. Great win, but my mind was elsewhere from the 3rd inning on.