Let’s take a trip around the interwebs…..

–Justin takes a look at the Reds’ hitting and pitching stars of the year thus far, using a very interesting way of compiling that info. Check out how well Danny Herrera scores out. Good stuff.

–Johnny Cueto: he’s pretty good, huh? Cueto says that he was tipping his pitches last year, but that he’s corrected it and that’s part of the reason he has been so successful in ’09.

Whatever he’s doing, it’s working. He’s 3-1 with a 1.59 ERA. Yes, folks, that’s the team’s fourth starter. Wow.

–Did you see our old friend Jason LaRue last night? OMGReds has a great description of him.

Mark Sheldon says that Willy Taveras is getting it done at the top of the order. I don’t know if I’d go as far as Mark, but I’m not entirely disappointed in Fast Willie. His OBP is .348, and if it stays in that neighborhood, I won’t complain. His defense has been good, except for one terrible play a couple of nights ago.

I just want to know where the successful base-stealing Willy Taveras went. He hasn’t been creating much havoc.

–The Reds are ranked 18th in the latest Yahoo! Power Rankings. There are two teams with winning records rated below the Reds.

8 Responses

  1. Glenn

    Taveras has been a suprise, and Herrera has come out of nowhere.

  2. CeeKeR

    Taveras has been a pleasant surprise so far, especially after the debacle that was CP last year…I think we were all fearing the worst!

  3. EKyRedsFan

    MLB Network is picking up Fox’s broadcast of the game tonight for those who are out of FSOhio’s viewing area.

  4. pinson343

    In the Sheldon article, Taveras explains his reduction in steals with pitchers using the slide-step against him. Is the slide-step THAT effective ? But I don’t mind a hit and run, worked like a charm yesterday when he easily scored on Hairston’s double.

    And as Taveras says, the pitcher going with a slide-step and a fastball shows he’s getting into the pithcers’ heads. I think we have to give him credit for some Havoc.

  5. doktor

    Regardless of Taveras’s current stolen base numbers, the big thing he is getting on base and scoring runs, on pace for 100+ runs scored despite the lousy 1st month of hitting as a team. And besides, as others have mentioned, WT production is light years ahead of what Reds had last year in Patterson. If WT can continue to hit .280 with .350 OB%, Reds should be happy with that production in setting the table for Votto/BP or whoever is in the heart of the order.

    Additionally, its interesting that Votto/Phillips/Bruce are all 3 currently on pace for 100 rbi. Not expecting all 3 of them to make/break 100 rbi, but interesting given Reds offensive team ranking, currently 12th in NL.

  6. al

    i was thinking about this last night: i think maybe bruce should hit 3rd, with votto 4th. my reasoning is that votto doesn’t seem to be hitting for much power, but he’s “vottomatic” when guys are on base.

    i think having votto behind him might mean bruce gets more strikes, and he’s the guy that will take guys yard if they start pumping fastballs. no one will want to pitch around bruce with votto following.

    it’s a small change, but it might maximize what we get out of those two. file it under never-gonna-happen though.

  7. Steve Price

    Without Taveras successfully stealing, his OBP becomes less meaningful. His low OPS was partially explained away by saying his singles were like doubles to other players. If he’s not stealing, OPS becomes that much more of an important stat for him (more than just batting average) since he doesn’t have the power to get himself into scoring position with the bat.

    His lack of steals also highlights the poor hitters we’ve had hitting in the two number two slot. If those guys have high strike out ratios, there are no “productive outs.”

  8. Steve Price

    I think the Bruce power argument is better suited for him batting fourth, with Votto remaining in the number 3 slot. The number 3 hitter needs a higher OBP than the clean up guy.