Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

St. Louis 4
Cincinnati 6
WP: Cueto (3-1)
LP: Piniero (4-2)
S: Cordero (9)

–How good has Johnny Cueto been this year? Tonight, he went 7 innings, gave up 5 hits and just a single run. His ERA on the year is down to 1.59. Has anyone in the majors been better than Cueto this year (other than Zack Greinke and Dan Haren)?

–Great way to start the series against the division leader! Kudos to this lineup full of castoffs, has-been’s, might-be’s, and never-was’s. They’ve done well for two straight nights. If it’s all the same to you, however, I’d prefer a lineup built around Joey Votto.

–For the first time in a while, Willy Taveras had a good game from the leadoff spot. He was on base three times out of four, but am I the only person wondering why Taveras never steals a base? What happened to HAVOC!?

–Ryan Hanigan keeps plugging away, getting a couple more hits (and gunning down a big baserunner in the 9th). Adam Rosales had a couple of hits, as well. As we’ve said before, you gotta have these bench players contributing like this for the Reds to have a chance.

–The old David W******s (I don’t even want to type his name) made his 2009 debut in the 8th inning tonight, giving up a homer to the first hitter, a base on balls to the third, and an RBI double to the fourth hitter. Yeah, it was inevitable that he was going to do this at some point, but why tonight? Why against the Cardinals? He turned an easy victory into a nail-biter. Classic W******s.

–Jerry Hairston is pretty much rotten, but he had a couple of hits and a couple of RBI tonight. Great to see a contribution from Junior.

–Let’s be honest: the Reds are not going to win a ton of games with an infield of Hernandez, Hairston, Janish, Rosales, and Hanigan. I’m glad we’ve escaped the last two days relatively unscathed, but after the starters, this team is very thin.

–Did I mention that Johnny Cueto is great?

–Laynce Nix had an ugly night at the plate, but he made a couple of pretty good plays in the field.

–Hurry back, Joey Votto!

–I will be at the games tomorrow and Sunday. Stop by and say hello.

27 Responses

  1. Glenn

    That goodness Dusty wised up and gave the hook to stormy before he lost the game.

  2. pinson343

    Bringing Weathers in after Rhodes had pitched to 1 batter was over-managing. And let Hannigan swing away in the bottom of the 8th, with Janish and Dickerson coming up next.

    Are we really only playing with 22 players ? What if the Cards had tied it up ?

    Speaking of overmanaging, I hope Tony LaRussa has a sleepless nite.

  3. mike

    Crazy stat about Cueto’s season so far

    The Reds have played less than 30 games and tonight was Cueto’s 5th game allowing 1 run or less.

    Only 5 Reds pitchers have had more games allowing 1 run or less in the Reds first 30 games of the season. All these pitchers had 6 starts allowing 1 run or less in the Reds first 30 games

    Volquez in 2008
    Soto in 1985
    Rijo in 1989
    Maloney in 1969
    Arrigo in 1968

  4. mike

    I think we all thought that was a stupid move to send the runner in the 9th, down by 2 with 0 out and I kept thinking LaRussa was an idiot

    but what if the runner went on his own?
    he for sure won’t be in the lineup tomorrow if so

  5. Chris

    Anyone see Granderson’s catch to save the game in CLE? Robbed Sizemore of the typing HR in the bottom of the 9th. And it was a legit, Eric Davis-style rob.

    I am mainlining the MLB channel right now.

  6. RiverCity Redleg

    You gotta love the pitching all around so far this year. Everyone on the staff has shown brilliance at one point so far. Except maybe Herrera.

  7. Chris

    Nobody missed any news in the Jay Bruce interview. I think that’s a good way to put it.

  8. Chris

    Matt Williams saying some remarkably dumb things on the D’Backs broadcast. “You gotta hit singles. Sure, you could hit 30 HR, but you get 600 ABs. It’s what you do with the other ones that matter.”

    Williams: Exactly 7000 career ABs. 378 HR. In other ABs – he hit .227.

  9. nick in va

    How I would love to see a sweep, but I’d be really happy with 2 out of 3 too. This is a big series. I’m trying not to get pumped about the win tonight.

  10. CeeKeR

    Re: I think we all thought that was a stupid move to send the runner in the 9th, down by 2 with 0 out and I kept thinking LaRussa was an idiot

    but what if the runner went on his own?

    LaRussa was quoted in the write up saying he put the steal sign on… I’d say it was a major screw up by a manager who doesn’t screw up all that often (at least, not on the diamond…)

  11. pinson343

    When LaRussa does screw up, he does it big time.
    I’ll never forget a recent All Star game, the NL has the bases loaded and two out in the 9th, 1 run down, KRod can’t get his breaking stuff over, and LaRussa has his own man, the best hitter in the NL, ALbert Pujols, sitting on the bench. So what does he do ? He lets Aaron Rowand hit, who takes a fast ball right down the middle for a strike and then, on another fastball, hits a lazy fly ball to RF to end the game.

    Afterwards LaRussa says Rowand was the man he wanted in that spot and he was saving Pujols for extra innings.
    Albert wasn’t too happy and said so.

  12. earl

    I went up to the game tonight and had a blast. It was looking pretty dim around 6pm as it kept on raining, but I have to hand it to the model at the National Weather service, they nailed it.

    The Reds have had a good week in that last years club probably would have spiraled and lost four or five in a row after losing a tough one in Miami and then Arroyo having his twice a year start where he gets totally clocked. To come back and win two games with their catcher at 1st and a total replacement player lineup is pretty cool. By odds it won’t hold up, but become a winning team you have to win a few that by odds shouldn’t be your day and with quality pitching, any day could be your day.

    The Reds did do a good job of keeping Pujols out of the game, I was scared to death of him with a 2 run lead going into the ninth (I think he got Coco last year one time blowing a win for Volquez). Pujols also made a mental error playing into the crowd boos while not keeping an eye on Cueto who took second on him. Don’t know how obvious that was on TV, but from the seats I had, it was real obvious.

    I’ll be back next at Great American for one of the games of the Cubs series in June.

  13. Jose

    Im going to get my man crush bobble head doll tomorrow

  14. al

    The league is going to find out fast the more he plays:

    You do NOT run on Ryan Hannigan. He nailed someone earlier in the game and the ump blew the call, and that was the first would be base stealer to be safe running on Ryan all year.

    who is this kid? i love it.

  15. jason1972

    I had that “here we go again” feeling when Weathers started to immediately struggle. My initial thought was to cringe because I knew Dusty would leave him in until he gave up 5 runs. To my shock and delight though, he only left him in long enough to make it close.

  16. russ

    I always thought Larussa is a great Coach but tonight game he was dumber than Dusty and that’s hard to do.One Hanigan was catching.Two its late in the game, one run is not going to do it. You steal when you are down by two?
    Very poor coaching in my opinion. Keep up the good work, we need it to equal out Dusty.

  17. Andy

    Why were Weathers and Rhodes pitching in this game to begin with? Five runs is a pretty good cushion, did Dusty really need to use two of the best bullpen arms? I’m especially perplexed at Rhodes’ use as LOOGY they day after he he had already pitched an inning. Considering that and the fact that Weathers threw a lot of pitches, I really hope we don’t blow a lead in today’s game because neither are available.

  18. earl

    Wow, Aramis Ramirez dislocated his shoulder and the Cubs went out and got Ryan Freel, probably to play some third. That is a big loss for the Cubs and makes things a bit more interesting in the Central, as he is really key to their lineup. I bet they wish they hadn’t shipped of DeRosa now.

  19. NYCRedsfan

    as for weathers, i’m glad he got this 0.00 ERA nonsense out of the way on a night where we had a cushion. it’s impossible that he would go all season and not give up any runs. at least it didn’t cost us a win.

  20. pinson343

    CoCo won’t be available for tonite’s game either, unless he goes 4 days in a row. Dusty did a bad job with his handling of the bullpen last nite, as many have pointed out.

    I didn’t see the Weathers pitches until watching videos after the game. The HR and double he gave up were batting practice pitches, right down Broadway, belt high, nothing on them. And Chad, you were too easy on your friend Weathers. You omitted the line drive single he gave up after the line drive double. After that, the game was in real jeopardy.

    Weathers usually manages to get the job done, and had been perfect this season, but I’d rather see him used on a matchup basis in the 7th inning. If Burton is back in form, use him in the 8th inning, he did very well there before his arm injury last year. Rhodes won’t stay at 0.00, but he’s a good pitcher, he attacks the hitter. And I’ve been impressed with Massett.

  21. AnnapolisRed

    NYC-I was thinking the same thing. We all knew one of these outings were coming from Weathers and was glad it happened when we were up 6-1. I agree with those complaining about Rhodes and Weathers even bein in the game up five runs. Massett and Burton could have easily closed that out. I think Dusty got caught up in the fact they were playing the Cardinals.