From the LA Times:

Manny Ramirez has tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs and will be suspended 50 games starting today, The Times has learned.

The test result and suspension is expected to be announced later today.

Thoughts? Opinions?

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  1. Kurt Frost

    According to ESPN he loses about 1/3 of his salary. It might be wrong but I get a little joy from that.

  2. Sultan of Swaff

    The blowback on this is gonna be big. Selig will use this as proof that the drug testing program is working, but you have to ask–why are these guys still willing to buck the system? Is it because the program has a million loopholes?

  3. Bill Lack

    And if that’s true, how stupid is Ramirez?

    My solution? Lifetime ban for major leaguers…first time you’re caught. No appeal. I’d be more lenient for minor leaguers, but big leaguers? Nope…one and done.

    ‘Course, this would never get past the MLBPA…

  4. jason

    On deck for the busted on steroids alley, Albert Pujols.

  5. nick in va

    Too bad the Reds don’t play the Dodgers until after Manny comes back.

  6. Dan

    So could this be amphetamines? Or if it’s 50 games does that automatically mean it’s some kind of steroid/growth hormone type thing?

    (One thing I’m bummed about is that between this and stupid Brett Favre, SportsCenter is going to be UNWATCHABLE for the next 5-10 days. Oy…)

  7. Dan

    You know who anchored the very first SportsCenter…

  8. Matt Steele

    This was certainly disappointing news, but at this point, I don’t really care. I like baseball steroids and all… players have always cheated and will always search for ways to cheat. I still remain skeptical about how *much* better steroids can make a player

  9. GregD

    One and done? No way. 50 games is pretty significant. What’s the 2nd offense? A full season?
    Third strike and you’re out?

  10. jason

    “When IS Sportscenter watchable?”

    My sentiments exactly, Sultan.

  11. Bill Lack

    Greg…why not? Want to stop it? That would stop it…and I’d have no mercy on big leaguers…NONE. Manny’s still going to make what…$18M or something this year? Yeah, he’ll really miss that other $8M..

  12. Dan

    Bill, would you give the death penalty to people who shoplift? That would put a stop to that too.

    (I’m being facetious, but you see my point…) 👿

  13. Bill Lack

    Not in this case…I don’t see your point. This isn’t a minor infraction, this has been a plaque on the game for over a decade, they made a decision to test and even got the union to allow testing.. (and they wouldn’t have if management has wanted to do what I suggest), but my point is, even with all the attention paid to this, one of the biggest stars in the sport decided that he was smarter than the rules…so, let him go find a new way to earn a living. I’ll bet you wouldn’t have another superstar get caught.

  14. Dan

    Any sympathy if there is someone who legitimately took some supplement that they thought was clean but it turned out it was not?

  15. RiverCity Redleg

    off subject, but Laynce Nix is getting the start tonight, according to Mark Sheldon. It’s about time.

  16. RiverCity Redleg

    Bill, there’s way too many extrenuating circumstances to say one and done, no appeal (IMO). Maybe one full year no pay for first and lifetime ban for second. Or as I like to call it, the “Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me” Rule.

  17. Bill Lack

    For major leaguers? Not from me…these guys make tons of money, they could investigate before they take this stuff, talk to the team doc, the league, etc.

    For minor leaguers, maybe a little more, they don’t have the same resources that the major league guys do.

    IMO, it’s just like when they get caught drunk driving, I just don’t understand it. All of them, every one, makes enough money to hire a driver if they’re going out partying, yet they get caught time and time again.

    Stupid..just stupid.

  18. Bill Lack

    RCR, what extenuating circumstances are there? Give me an example of a time when they couldn’t have done their due diligence and found out whether something was ok to take or not?

  19. JasonL

    I think people get too worked up about this. Or, at least, they don’t get worked up about all the amphetamines and what not that have been in the game for years and were used by players like, oh, you know, Willie Mays.

  20. jason

    Yes, Nix is FINALLY getting a start tonight. Dusty is a front runner after all.

  21. preach

    I heard a report on ESPN radio that said that more Dodger suspensions may be coming.

  22. RiverCity Redleg

    Bill, they could be taking an over the counter medicine or supplement and find out too late that it contains an ingrediant on the banned list. They could have been misinformed about the ingrediants. Clearly, their intent was not to cheat. While I agree they should still be punished, a lifetime ban seems a bit extreme in this case, esp w/out an appeal. JC Romero had a simular circumstance that would be a shame if he was banned for it.

  23. Bill Lack

    We’ll have to agree to disagree…these guys have been repeatedly warned, there are lists of approved products, there are resources for them to use…

  24. Bill Lack

    I’d love to see what one of our Spotlight guys thinks about this…if any of you guys read this, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

  25. GregD

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a clause in players contracts that allows a club out of a contract if it was found the player tested positive for a banned substance.

    That would give the individual clubs the option of how to “punish” the player. In this case, if the Dodgers didn’t believe Manny’s excuse and felt the $45 million was now spent on stats that were artificially inflated, they could cut Manny without owing him another penny.

  26. RiverCity Redleg

    I get what you’re saying and I have no problem with toughening the punishment. Just not quite that extreme. Plus, what about the possibility of a false positive (I don’t know if it’s even a possibility, but assume it is). I just hate to ruin a career if they are not intending to cheat.

  27. mike

    This could turn out to be one of the strangest cases of banning someone

    It looks like he took a sexual enhancement drug, prescribed by a legitimate doctor, that happens to be on baseball banned substance list.

    I find this very odd but can understand. I don’t personally take ANY non-natural drugs. I don’t even go to a doctor. But 6 months ago or so I got a bad sinus infection and ended up going to see the doctor. He prescribed me some stuff, a nasal spray. After I used it for two days I decided to look up info on what it was. Turns out there was a minor steroid in the nasal spray.

    Just a what if, but what if Manny went to the doctor and they prescribed it and he trusted them but it turns out to be on the banned substance list? What if he wasn’t trying to cheat?

    I know I know, we should all know what we put in our bodies but in this case it could very well have been the team doctor and for sure a professional.


  28. RiverCity Redleg

    Exactly, he should still be punished, just not executed, if it is the case that he wasn’t intending to cheat in any way.

  29. Surf City Red

    Coincidentally when the Reds visit the Dodgers July 22nd it’s Manny Bobble head Night.

  30. Drew Nelson

    Sorry but baseball needs to get over itself. Steroids were and are being used by athletes, and could someone please explain the big deal? So what if they chose that option, you can take all the stuff you want, doesn’t mean you will hit any better. I bet if Juan Castro used them he still would be a poor hitter.

    Baseball needs to worry about real issues like fewer and fewer african americans playing the game, the continual rise in ticket prices and such. Steriods is a non issue.

  31. Y-City Jim

    RCR, what extenuating circumstances are there? Give me an example of a time when they couldn’t have done their due diligence and found out whether something was ok to take or not?

    Such as the Latin Love Machine having to feed his children. :-*

  32. BenL

    If it is true that Manny was on gonadotropins (which is what the anonymous sources are saying) he should have known they are banned. They work my triggering your body to produce more testosterone, which itself is banned. HCG is a fertility drug, but it is well known to people who are knowledgable about performance enhancing drugs. In fact, it’s what Hairston was caught with a few years ago. It’s inexplicable that a Dr, knowing full well that Manny is a Major League baseball player, would choose to put him on HCG. Any Dr with half a brain would at least check to see if it was banned. If that’s his excuse, it doesn’t fly.

    Not that he should be banned forever like some are saying. I think the 50 day suspension is reasonable, but this is not a very understandable mistake to make if the reports are true.

  33. Surf City Red

    Besides the main use for HCG (Other than being used in conjunction with steriods) is a fertilility drug for women. I know he has long hair and all but I’m sure the doctor could guess he is not a woman. And he probably doesn’t want to get pregnant.