On May 6, 1892, the Reds and the Boston Beaneaters battled to a 0-0 tie in a pitcher’s duel between Boston future HOF pitcher John Clarkson and Reds starter Elton “Icebox” Chamberlain. Apparently, the sunlight was so dazzling and at such an angle, it was blinding to both hitter and pitcher.

Chamberlain was 19-23 for the 1892 Reds, starting 52 games and completing 49 of them. This was the last year of the 50 foot distance between pitcher and batter before the National League increased the distance to 60’6″ for the 1893 season. Chamberlain won 159 big league games, 45 with the Reds.

Hall of Famer Clarkson, who won 53 games one year and 49 in another season, won 25 games in 1892, 8 for the Beaneaters and 17 for the Cleveland Spiders. Clarkson won 328 lifetime games