Okay, we’ve talked about doing t-shirts for a while, but we’ve never come up with a good idea that would work. So, we need your help.

We’re thinking the shirts will be red, with a Redleg Nation logo, but we need some witty phrase or slogan to go on the back. That’s where you come in.

Let’s hear your suggestions for something to put on the back of the shirt. Preferably, it should be something that would make you laugh if you were walking behind someone at GAB and read it on their back. (In the alternative, feel free to submit a proposed mock-up of the shirt, if you want to go that far).

We’ll give a free t-shirt to the person who comes up with the slogan that gets selected (whenever we actually get the shirts printed). We are hoping to set up a Redleg Nation get-together at Great American Ballpark later this season, and we’d like to have these printed up well before that.

Okay, get to work….

27 Responses

  1. Ramrod

    Problem I see with a dusty quote (while humorous) is it will be out-dated at some point, and it’s probably a little too inside for an average person to get. Then again, who really cares about that!

  2. nick in va

    I’m a Top 25 Commenter at RedlegNation.com. And yes, I do have a life.

  3. jason

    Any GG line would work for this guy, but Y-City’s “Ask me about the George Grande Drinking Game” is def the way to go if you ask me. If no GG on the back then “SAVE CHUCK!!” will work.

    Sidenote: We really do have to get everyones input on a real GG Drinking Game. I think response for it would be great. 😀

  4. jason

    And EkYReds suggestion of GG’s mug on the back of the shirt would be great as well.

  5. Red

    I’m a big fan of Chris Sabo’s Goggles’ unofficial 2009 slogan: “It’s probably going to happen (maybe).” Any chance of an epic team up?

  6. Jimmy

    “Get em on, get em over and get em in.”
    -George Grande every inning of every game

  7. Behind In The Count

    Rain saves “Dusty” Again!!

  8. Behind In The Count

    Nick in Virginia, can you find your way to Pound?

  9. nick in va

    I reguarly pound my head against the wall or desk and am frequently told to go pound sand, but, no, I can’t find my way to Pound. In fact, I’m ashamed to admit, I can’t remember being much further southwest than Salem. I’m close to Richmond.

  10. Jose

    If you experience epileptic seizures or heart attacks during Red’s games, Redleg Nation may be right for you, if you have trouble with Dusty syndrome, corey patterson-aitis, call your doctor before using Red Leg Nation.

    Side Effects- You may experience bladder problems, headaches, anger, and the possibility of a man crush on Joey Votto…

  11. Anthony Wilson

    If Marge Schott and Marty Brennaman had a baby…..this is what it would look like.

  12. per14

    I kind of like Creating HAVOC since 2005. But yeah, that might not resonate after the Dusty era.

  13. Anthony in Indiana

    I spent all day on redlegnation.com and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. Oh and I lost my job.

  14. Anthony in Indiana

    If I see Jeff Brantley I’m NOT calling him cowboy……even if there’s a fire.

  15. Plowboy

    We Heart Dusty!

    Or if that’s too subtle, let’s just call it like we really see it:

    We Heart Dunce-ty!

  16. Plowboy

    Oh yeah, in reference to EKyRedsFan #1, I was listening to McAlister on the way home today, and he’s just NOW bringing up the HAVOC nickname for the starting pitching staff.

    Somebody on here finally alerted him to it?

  17. johnny Be Goodehe s

    Warning: Clogging the bases may result in double plays and/or stranded runners.

    Possible side-effects include working the pitch count and scoring more runs.

  18. Jose

    hahaha i love that one Johnny be goodhehe’s

  19. Andy

    My friends and I joke around and call Dusty “Toothpick.” I think we should create a fiction character that is a toothpick and have several of Dustyisms: ” I was misconstrued,” “I ain’t no front runner” etc on the shirt.

    I like ekyredsfan’s idea about “face of the franchise” too. Good stuff!

  20. Grant


    Redlegnation: Ain’t no frontrunners

  21. Abner

    Redleg Nation:

    Blogging the bases since 1995.

  22. Abner

    Oh, and sent PDF T-Shirt Design to Chad via email, too.