Okay, we’ve talked about doing t-shirts for a while, but we’ve never come up with a good idea that would work. So, we need your help.

We’re thinking the shirts will be red, with a Redleg Nation logo, but we need some witty phrase or slogan to go on the back. That’s where you come in.

Let’s hear your suggestions for something to put on the back of the shirt. Preferably, it should be something that would make you laugh if you were walking behind someone at GAB and read it on their back. (In the alternative, feel free to submit a proposed mock-up of the shirt, if you want to go that far).

We’ll give a free t-shirt to the person who comes up with the slogan that gets selected (whenever we actually get the shirts printed). We are hoping to set up a Redleg Nation get-together at Great American Ballpark later this season, and we’d like to have these printed up well before that.

Okay, get to work….