According to Baseball Prospectus, Homer Bailey’s superior outings of late have come as a result of going back to an old delivery, which BP says puts more “downward bite on both his fastball and breaking ball.”

You know I feel he should be in Cincinnati right now, pitching out of the bullpen. Since he’s at Louisville, I’m all for him making a couple of more starts there. However if he remains dominant, I stand by my assertion that I would rather he pitched out of the bullpen for the Reds for this year and prepare for next year’s rotation.

Now, some may feel that Homer may be trade bait for a power bat. I’m all about great position players having more valuable than prospect pitchers, but not for an old position player. If we’re not getting a young slugging outfielder, I don’t feel the need to deal Bailey. But…if the Reds have had Bailey go back to a delivery they wanted him to initially change, may they be dressing him up for a deal?

I say two more successful minor league starts and let’s see what he can do out of the Reds’ bullpen in preparation for next year.