Topic of discussion for today’s game: Brandon Phillips should be benched — or traded — if he can’t be bothered to give an honest effort in exchange for the millions he’s being paid.

We can understand struggling at the plate; even the best of players go through slumps. We cannot understand why he shouldn’t be required to run out ground balls, or hustle … well, ever.

If Brandon Phillips is the Face of the Franchise, we’re in bigger trouble than we thought.

Anyway, discuss that, and the game, right here….

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  1. Jimmy James

    1. BP not benched, and I don’t think any of the reporters even mentioned the lack of hustle AGAIN to Dusty.

    2. Chris Dickerson is starting AGAIN. Laynce Nix still on the bench.

    Dusty Baker is a functional retard.

  2. Jimmy James

    Willy Taveras cf
    Chris Dickerson lf
    Joey Votto 1b
    Brandon Phillips 2b
    Jay Bruce rf
    Ramon Hernandez c
    Adam Rosales 3b
    Alex Gonzalez ss
    Johnny Cueto p

  3. Jimmy James

    Nyjer Morgan lf
    Freddy Sanchez 2b
    Nate McLouth cf
    Adam LaRoche 1b
    Brandon Moss rf
    Andy LaRoche 3b
    Jason Jaramillio c
    Brian Bixler ss
    Jeff Karstens p

  4. Jose

    Lineup should be

    Rosales- 3B
    Votto- 1B
    Bruce- RF
    Nix- LF
    Phillips- 2B
    Hanigan- C
    Janish- SS

  5. Dan

    I didn’t see the Phillips play in question… Was it clear loafing or are we being a little over-critical?

    Did the announcers say anything about it?

  6. al

    agreed on dusty. i’m not sure that janish should be our starting shortstop though. gonzo has looked better at the plate and his defense is adequate mostly. janish looks great in the field, but he’s never hit anywhere, and i don’t know that he’s ever going to.

    though i’m generally fine saying do the opposite of what dusty is doing and you’ll probably win, so, sure, start janish.

  7. doug

    It will be interesting to see how long Brandon Phillips can stay in the #4 spot while not hitting at all. I frankly could care less about him not running out a groundball on the infield. Sure, people gave Griffey crap for it… but they shouldn’t have. The difference that it makes is so minuscule its not worth making a fuss over. I am more worried about getting absolutely nothing out of the #4 spot in the lineup between our two best hitters.

  8. Jimmy James

    BP didn’t run after he hit a popup, and of course, the Pirates dropped it. Then a throw at 2B was dropped, and BP took his sweet time picking it up and allowed a runner to score from second.

    I’m sick of Brandon Phillips.

  9. CeeKeR

    I’m not sick of Phillips (yet) – but I am sick of his lackadaisical attitude. He seems to have reverted back to the player that the Indians couldn’t wait to get rid of – not the excellent, hustling player that he has showed flashes of as a Red in the past.

  10. Jimmy James

    I’m just sick of everything about Brandon Phillips. He thinks he is so much better than he really is. But, generally, I agree with Doug’s take. I’m not usually bothered by this stuff.

    What we have here is different, though. Dusty said in the papers that he had resolved the situation with BP over the lack of hustling. Then, last night, BP basically flipped Dusty the bird.

    How will Dusty respond? Well, by ignoring it and hitting BP fourth again. Of course.

  11. doug

    If you are sick of Phillips, thats fine… but be sick of something that matters, like his inability to hit right handed pitching, or his inability to lay off a slider down and away, or his tendency to try and hit anything and everything if someone is on base and grounding into more Sean Casey Specials (double play) than Sean Casey.

  12. Jimmy James

    Oh, I’m much more sick of that crap, Doug. I’m with you.

    I’m just irritated with how people got on Junior about it, but BP is considered the Golden Child who can do no wrong. I want to see him called to account for his petulant behavior.

  13. Kenny

    Am I the only one who is concerned with BP’s influence on the younger guys?

    He’s the face of the franchise, and the organization wants his smiling mug on everything they do. Everyone wanted to talk about what a great clubhouse we have without Junior and Dunn….why isn’t anyone concerned about BP’s complete lack of effort and commitment, and how that is affecting the younger guys on the team?

  14. Jimmy James

    What a stupid FSN Ohio text message question for the fans….who is the best golfer on the Reds. Dear lord, FSN is moronic.

  15. Jimmy James

    And, yes Kenny, that has crossed my mind.

  16. Fighting Fascism

    I will be reporting on the Reds over at for the rest of the season, but I’ll still be commenting over here as well.

    Dusty is clueless. Rosales gives you a tough at-bat everytime. he has excellent discipline and does not swing at pitches outside the zone. yet he is hitting behind Ramon Hernandez while a struggling Dickerson is locked into the #2 spot.

    Its obvious to me what is going on. Dusty’s philosophy is to stick with it. He does not adapt as the season progresses. he wants people in a certain role and he will keep them there come hell or high water. I don’t know if he does this to keep his high paid players happy or because he feels the law of averages is on his side. Either way its extremely frustrating for the fan. Narron may have been guilty of tinkering too much, but at least he was trying to make adjustments and get more out of his players. Dusty handles the bullpen better than Narron did but other than that he is just crazy in the head.

  17. Jimmy James

    Pretty good story on the Reds fantasy camp there on the pregame show. I really need to go to that some day.

  18. Jimmy James

    Pirates have worn 3 different uniforms in this series.

  19. Jimmy James

    Good to see Dickerson take a walk, but what does Laynce Nix have to do to break into this lineup?

  20. renbutler

    “Accidentally” run over Dickerson in the parking lot.

  21. al

    baseball is weird this way, some managers are really slow to make changes for fear of losing the clubhouse.

    i think these last two starts for dickerson have to be some sort of final test. if he can’t get it done vs. two righties in a row, then he won’t be able to say anything when he’s on the bench next time around.

    that’s my guess.

  22. Jimmy James

    The Reds didn’t score in the first, but if they can’t put up some runs today against this joker on the mound, I’ll be surprised.

  23. Jimmy James

    Hope you’re right, al…and that’s a good point. there are always things going on in the clubhouse that we aren’t privy to.

  24. Jimmy James

    Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce! HR #6!

  25. al

    only a solo shot, but nice to see. this team needs to hit more homers.

  26. Jimmy James

    Reds would have had more HRs with Dunn in LF rather than Dickerson.

    I’m just sayin’….. 😀

  27. Jimmy James

    Rosales weirds me out. But I’m really starting to like the kid.

  28. al

    cueto: continues to deal. breaking balls are just vanishing.

  29. Jimmy James

    Get us a shortstop WHO CAN MOVE LEFT OR RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Jimmy James

    No excuse for Gonzo not coming up with that ball. That’s just pathetic. A high school shortstop would have fielded that. It was only a step and a half to his right.

  31. renbutler

    Is that good enough, Jimmy? 😉

  32. jason

    Jimmy James: Your 1 comment (about reporters not asking Dusty questions about B.P s lasck of caring) was exactly what me and my brother were discussing this morning, couldnt agree more. Way to be Gonzo! GReat Grab!

  33. Jimmy James

    Okay, Gonzo made up for it a bit with that play, going back to catch a popup.

    Still, the poor guy has no range. He has no business rehabbing in the majors.

  34. jason

    I really have looked closer for motorcyclists over the last month.

  35. renbutler

    I agree that the previous play made AG look old and stiff.

  36. Jose

    to Renbutler


  37. Jimmy James

    Gonzo knew I was picking on him. I deserved that. 😀

    And that smiling mug of Grande is killing me every time I see it in the game thread.

  38. CeeKeR

    Taveras has really impressed me lately, even without absurdly high stolen base numbers. If we could “fix” left field, we’d have a decent team.

  39. renbutler

    Speaking of Grande’s giant head, how do I upload an avatar?

  40. CeeKeR

    I’m stuck at my work office grading final exams – so I only have GameCast today. How close was Taveras on that steal attempt?

  41. Jimmy James

    Replay showed Taveras was safe, but it was close.

  42. CeeKeR

    Ah ok, thanks. I don’t know anything about the Pirates (er, Buccos) catcher…

  43. renbutler

    I think they just nipped Taveras.

  44. CeeKeR

    Votto’s hitting .391 away from Cincinnati… Imagine if he heats up in the home ballpark – wow.

  45. Jimmy James

    Almost as many Reds fans as Pirates fans in the stands today.

  46. al

    what in the world is dickerson doing at first base?

  47. Jimmy James

    Wow, this is just a great AB by Votto.

  48. CeeKeR

    That’s 57 pitches for Kastarns so far. Nice to see the Reds forcing a pitcher to work.

  49. Jimmy James

    2 on for Brandon Phillips. wonderful.

  50. al

    i would love for bruce (a lefty) to be up right now. back to back lefties seems like a great thing to have against, you know, a righty.

  51. Jimmy James

    BP pops it up to 3B. Is he the best cleanup hitter in the majors, or not?

  52. EKyRedsFan

    “now, al, you know they’ll just bring in a situational lefty late in the game and mow em down.” Dusty Baker

  53. Jimmy James

    Ramon was stupid to try to advance to second there, but I’m not complaining. He cleared the bases!

    31 pitches for the Buccos that inning. Good stuff.

  54. al

    can’t complain about the result, but man, hernandez may be the slowest major leaguer i’ve ever seen.

  55. EKyRedsFan

    I wouldn’t fault him for trying to take 2nd because that was clearly a double. He’s just reaaaaaaally slow.

  56. al

    i’ve always figured that if we forced the other team’s manager to bring in a situational lefty, then we’re doing pretty well.

    better to plan how to hit the starter, rather than how to not get put away by the loogy in the 8th. but that’s just me.

  57. CeeKeR

    3 runs in though, so I’ll cut him some slack. At least he tries and actually knocked in the runs unlike someone else…

  58. renbutler

    Jimmy, thanks for the avatar info. I’ve uploaded my 11th-grade yearbook photo.

  59. Jimmy James

    Scoreless three innings for Cueto.

  60. CeeKeR

    Cueto made contact – that’s not bad for him. No one will ever confuse him and Micah Owings (both in terms of pitching or hitting I’m afraid)!

  61. Fighting Fascism

    Votto hits lefties better than he hits righties (statistically speaking) so the lefty-lefty thing makes no sense to me.

  62. jason

    Hearing Welsh correct GG was both funny and awkwardly unexpected.

  63. EKyRedsFan

    GG was talking about how it’s the Pirates’ goal to finish above .500 this year. Welsh said basically that their goal isn’t to be a mediocre team that it’s to get to contend for the division and make the playoffs, etc.

  64. jason

    What inning will we first hear GG utter this phrase:

    “Well, Johnny B. Good on this afternoon, Chris.”

  65. al

    now i know the pirates aren’t a good hitting team, but man, cueto’s slider looks unhittable right now.

  66. jason

    EKyReds: If that is Conan Obrien in that hilarious skit he did years ago as your new avatar, I tip my hat in your general direction ny good man.

  67. EKyRedsFan

    jason… i don’t have the answer but you know it’s coming. just have your drink ready.

  68. EKyRedsFan

    jason, it most certainly is. and it’s one of the funniest skits i’ve ever seen.

  69. Kenny

    It’s glove day at PNC Park, and those are pretty nice looking gloves they gave out.

  70. jason

    This is me appreciating your avatar and good taste in late night television.

  71. CeeKeR

    Phillips only gets hits once the Reds are ahead…

    –> How long ’til we hear that, and does it sound familiar?

  72. Kurt Frost

    Im listening to the XM feed and the Pirate announcers were so unexcited when Votto scored I wasn’t sure if he scored or not.

  73. EKyRedsFan

    “1864 rules baseball and costumes. Some say a waste of time, others say an incredible waste of time.”

    lol.. conan kills me every time.

  74. al

    yeah, i really like how he’s pitching. seems like the first couple he relied on the slider and good control, staying in the low 90s.

    once everyone started looking for that, and as he got looser, he adds to the fastball and blows people away.

    he’s put on a clinic his last 3 starts.

  75. Chad Dotson

    Okay, I just watched that Conan skit.

    Yes, absolutely hilarious. Couldn’t have been funnier if they had added Triumph.

  76. Jimmy James

    How many pitches has Cueto thrown?

  77. EKyRedsFan

    it’s so funny when you know conan is out-right mocking them and they can’t do anything but go along with it.

  78. GRF

    Stuck on the computer, but the pitch data is making it look like Cueto is having one heck of a day.

    Was the base running in the 3rd as bad as the play by play makes it look? From the thread it just lloks like Hernandez was trying to stretch it.

  79. jason

    When that airplane goes overhead is the tops for me.

  80. Jimmy James

    Hernandez was just trying to stretch that hit…but he’s so slow, he should have stayed at first and not even tried. Dumb decision, but it drove in 3, so I’ll take it.

    The Reds just give up SO MANY free outs, it’s frustrating.

  81. al

    87 pitches through 6 for cueto, with 9ks and 1bb.

    should go 7 easily, 8 maybe.

  82. al

    eh, the hernadez thing was fine. he’s supposed to go in that situation to draw the heat off of the throw home. it didn’t matter in this case, but he played it right. and i’m sure his 1st base coach was telling him to go.

  83. al

    dickerson is getting exposed right now. he’s looking a lot more like the guy with all kinds of tools and not that much skill that we heard about.

    he just doesn’t look like a good hitter.

  84. Y-City Jim

    Speaking of mocking, are the Pirates announcers being all high and mighty again today?

  85. Chris

    That Conan thing was great. Thanks for posting.

    Conan understands the first rule of comedy: Everything is funnier with old timey chase music.

  86. mhopp

    I think Dickerson will be on way to minors…unless Dumpy Baker has something to do with it :-((

  87. Chris

    Once again, I may be outing myself as a commie, but I do not believe this tired, cynical schtick “honors America” very much at all.

  88. Y-City Jim

    Perhaps they should put old timey chase music to Dusty Baker interviews.


  89. EKyRedsFan

    how long of a tryout are they going to give C-Dick?

    “4-6-yessiree 3” drink up.

  90. Jimmy James

    1.71 ERA. Just awesome. :love:

  91. Chris

    I was listening to a Bill Simmons podcast with that Rick Rossner guy (writer for Kimmel, featured in a Domino’s ad as one of the smartest men in the world).

    Anyway, he said one of his first gigs was as a writer for those “Animal Attacks” shows. He was only allowed to write the comedy bits . . . which were the same footage as the tragedy bits, just speeded up.

  92. EKyRedsFan

    they should put the old timey chase music when they show the reds highlights. it would really enhance the “havoc” imo.

  93. Chris

    Does Cueto look heavier than last season? Watching him today, he looks 15 lbs heavier.

  94. Y-City Jim

    Perhaps the “God Bless America” renditions should be followed by “This Land is Your Land” since it was Woody Guthrie’s rebuttal to “God Bless America.” BTW, Woody was a commie. 🙂

  95. mhopp

    BP with hit now that Reds are up 5-0

  96. al

    does brandon look a little better today? running and everything, amazing.

  97. Y-City Jim

    That’s because “Team” Phillips is clutch.

  98. Y-City Jim

    Didn’t they just talk about the Reds Hall of Fame two days ago?

  99. al

    never mind on phillips, where the hell was he going?

  100. Y-City Jim

    If you are using Benny Hill music, you are morally obligated to include some titillation.

  101. Nate

    I’m only able to watch on gamecast…what just happened w/ BP getting doubled up?

  102. Chris

    Awesome. Can’t believe I forgot to mention Benny Hill music.

    I did buy a two-disc TV Tunes set, for the likes of Sanford and Son and the Rockford Files.

  103. Jimmy James

    HAVOC for Phillips. It was a hard hit ball, but it was clearly holding up. You HAVE to wait to see if that ball is caught before going.

    Phillips is killing us.

  104. Y-City Jim

    This team runs the bases like there is two out all the time.

  105. Chris

    Essentially, BP pulled a Freel. Brandon Moss made a nice sliding catch on Rosales’ sinking liner, but BP had his head down and never even tried to get back to 2nd.

  106. Y-City Jim

    I’m sure Dusty is working on “Team” Phillips’ excuse as we speak.

  107. Chris

    Welsh: “Show me a #4 starter as good as Johnny Cueto. There isn’t one.”

    Me: “Show me a #3 starter as bad as Bronson Arroyo. There aren’t many.”

  108. Chad Dotson

    So what kind of video are you editing, Chris? Just home video?

    I just bought a new program for our home video (Corel Video Studio Pro), and I’ve been getting it all onto DVD. I’ve never really done it, but now I’m starting to think about what I could do with the NFL Films/Benny Hill stuff.

    Or maybe I have too much time on my hands.

  109. Chris

    Why does he need an excuse, Jim? Who’s going to question anyone?

    I find it sad, but unsurprising that the media herd following the Reds is so unassertive, uncreative (and yeah – lazy), even as their industry circles the bowl.

  110. Jimmy James

    At least BP’s average is above the Mendoza line for the first time all year.

  111. Y-City Jim

    I pray Arroyo does so well enough to make him trade worthy especially if Bailey continues to pitch well.

  112. Bill Lack

    Am I mistaken or did the “face of the franchise” pull another bonehead play last inning getting doubled off second base?

  113. mhopp

    Stubbs 3-4 with 2 steals today…like to have in in LF

  114. al

    what about this idea:

    promote bailey to the 5th spot, and move owings to the pen EXCEPT on days when there’s a lefty starting for the other team, when owings could start in left.

    a nix/owings platoon?

  115. Jimmy James

    Cueto: 1.65 ERA.

    And looks like his day is finished. Another great outing by the youngster.

  116. Chris

    I haven’t gotten around to it, Chad, to be honest. I have Premiere Elements, but it’s not the type of software that I was able to just launch and run with, so I’ve done very little. I found iMovie (or whatever comes on a Mac) much more intuitive, but I no longer have access to a Mac.

    To make something of the quality I’d like, I’ll need to spend a few hours logging the footage.

    This site made me a pretty cool animated Christmas time slideshow for just a couple bucks.

  117. Chris

    Bill, they didn’t show a replay to know whether BP was just being over-aggressive, stupid, or lazy. Not sure it matters, though.

  118. Y-City Jim

    Dusty was questioned about the dropped throw last night.

    Then the Pirates filled the bases in the seventh with one out. Andy LaRoche hit a double play grounder to third baseman Rosales. He bobbled it briefly, then double-clutched the throw. He still had time for a force at second, but Brandon Phillips dropped the throw and two runs scored for a 7-3 Pirates lead.

    Asked if Phillips was late covering the bag, Baker said, “The ball was bobbled and that messed up the timing, messed up everything. Brandon was trying to avoid getting killed (from the fast-closing runner).”

  119. Bill Lack

    Also, curious….anyone else see Fay’s comments in today’s Enquirer? He said that Phillips won’t hit below .200, but Encarnacion might? What’s up with that? They did ask Dusty about Hanigan and Janish getting more PT and Dusty said, “Where would they play?”

    Also had an Erardi article on Joe Postanski (sp?)’s upcoming book on the BRM.

  120. Jimmy James

    If Fay said that, he’s an idiot.

    Why does no one realize that Edwin is a better hitter than BP?

  121. al

    yeah, why’s fay picking on the guy with the broken wrist?

    hannigan should at least get bumped up to 2 starts per 5

  122. Y-City Jim

    Cueto is done. Glad to know that Dusty knew better than to run him out there again.

  123. Chad Dotson

    Dusty is going to play Gonzo 6 days out of 7 for the entire season, regardless of how poorly he hits or fields his position.

    Literally the ONLY thing that will keep Dusty from sticking with Gonzo is if he gets hurt again. Of course, that’s a pretty likely scenario.

  124. Y-City Jim

    They did ask Dusty about Hanigan and Janish getting more PT and Dusty said, “Where would they play?

    Someone should have responded with how about catcher and shortstop. Being a smart ass should be required of all sports media people.

  125. pinson343

    Dusty’s giving Laynce the day off from his PH duties ?
    Or is he saving him in case the Pirates tie it up ?

    If he wants to give Janish some ABs, he should have given him 4 ABs today. He’s playing Gonzo way too regularly.

  126. Jimmy James

    Nothing is required of sports media, Jim. It’s why most of them are incompetent hacks.

  127. Y-City Jim

    We need to hire Tonya Harding to work on Gonzalez’s knee.

  128. EKyRedsFan

    Anyone else see the throwback uni game b/t the Mariners and the A’s? When was the last time the Reds had a throwback game? I’m not sure if I would like it or not, but it sure would make for great game thread fodder.

  129. Chris

    I’m glad I don’t read those stories on a regular basis. Dusty’s nonsense, faithfully transcribed, just makes me frustrated.

  130. Y-City Jim

    Beautiful picture of the Pittsburgh landscape. Light years from those days when the skies were black with the soot of the steel mills.

  131. Jimmy James

    Arthur Rhodes has to give up a run eventually, doesn’t he?

    He’s looked dominant this year.

  132. Y-City Jim

    Rhodes covered the bag like a veteran on that one.

  133. Y-City Jim

    YEA!!!!! Reds win another road series.

  134. Jimmy James

    Alright, another win. Love ya’ Johnny B. Good!

  135. CeeKeR

    Great pitching performance again today (even if it was against the Pirates). Well done.

  136. Chris

    Those girls in the Conan video are too young, and (apparently) too cute to be involved in that sort of historical recreation nonsense. As much as I love baseball, it’s probably a half step below a renaissance fair(e).

  137. Chris

    Chad, I wasn’t sure if they were throwbacks or future uniforms (at least what they were wearing last night).

  138. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, who are those girls and how did they get dragged into participating in that 1864 stuff?

  139. EKyRedsFan

    They were throwbacks to their PCL days. Seattle Rainers and the Oakland Oaks. I thought Oakland’s looked like team Mexico’s WBC unis.

  140. Y-City Jim

    Do we give Hernandez any credit for how well the pitching staff is performing?

  141. Y-City Jim would have been huge in 1864.

  142. GRF

    Have to try and find something negative here, so why Rhodes there? Five run lead, and I think they have to be a little cautious with his workload.

  143. Jimmy James

    Good point, GRF. Of course, I’m thinking Rhodes is due to give up some runs at some point. Why not take the chance on it happening with a five run lead?

    I dunno, just trying to think like Dusty.

  144. pinson343

    Rhodes threw 8 pitches, 8 strikes, 7 fastballs and then a slider on the final pitch of the game. He knew what to do with a 5 run lead in the 9th: don’t fool around.

    We’ve had a lot failed “old reliever” pickups, but I liked getting Rhodes because he is tough on efties, thought he’d make a good LOOGY. He’ll give up a big HR to a RH hitter at some point, but for now we might as well enjoy.

    We haven’t played that well so far but a 13-11 record.
    Shows what good pitching can do.

  145. pinson343

    Just read comments 139-140. The team does run bases like there are 2 outs all the time. That was the case when we ran into the triple play. Philipps was running with his head down then, and headed for home while being doubled off second: no concern for where the ball was on a hit and run with no outs.