(1) What is frustrating about Brandon Phillips is that he is not hitting, very often he isn’t even trying, and yet everyone — including himself — wants him to be the Face of the Franchise.

Take a look at this piece of nonsense by Hal McCoy. It was printed the day after BP once again refused to give anything close to an honest effort in a loss to the Pirates. So what does McCoy say about Phillips? He smiles a lot, and he drinks milk! What a role model!

(2) John Erardi has a great look at Pete Rose’s move to 3B that really sorta triggered the Big Red Machine into overdrive. It’s a move that you can’t imagine almost any star today making.

The story is spurred by this upcoming book about the BRM by Joe Posnanski, our favorite sportswriter here at the Nation. Poz looks deeper into that Pete Rose story here. All this stuff is in the must-read category.

(3) Now those are some great stirrups!

(4) .297/.458/.581. Great pictures, and I agree with the sentiment.

(5) The Pirates broadcasters, however, think that Brandon Phillips is the epitome of a hustling ballplayer. Sheesh.