Yet another recap

Pittsburgh 8
Cincinnati 6

WP: Ohlendorf (3-2)
LP: Owings (1-3

–Fourteen hits is fourteen hits.  Very few of them were hard-hit, but that’s still a lot of hits for this club.

-They kept finding ways to score, despite being down early.  

-Two infield hits from Willy Taveras.  His OBP is now over .350, and that’s better than I expected.  That said, if you’d told me Taveras would’ve been on base >25 times and only attempted 5 steals, I wouldn’t have believed you.  

–The effort level, at least from this club’s veteran “leadership.”  Brandon Phillips failed to run out a popup that Freddy Sanchez dropped.  Brandon Phillips was in no hurry to pick up a dropped throw at 2b, allowing the runner to score from second.  Ramon Hernandez was in no hurry to chase down a wild pitch from Burton, allowing Nyjer Morgan to go first to third and score on a sac fly.

-The defense.  Only one error charged, but several other plays weren’t made.  If you’re going to build a team around pitching, defense, and “the little things,” you’re in trouble when you can only do 1 of the 3.

-Owings again failed to really keep his team in the game.


-Pathetic.  Seventeen baserunners and no attempted steals, sacrifices, or even a pickoff?  (Granted, Hernandez was running on a 3-2 pitch, and should’ve been thrown out at 3d for the first out of the inning.)

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  1. mike

    14 Hits! 14 Hits
    That’s the most hits the Reds have gotten in a game this year

    They had 13 in one game in Chicago (7-1 win in one of their best games of the year)
    The 16 base runners is the 2nd most the Reds have had this year. They had 19 in the 7-9 loss to the Mets

    I think what’s most surprising is that with this terrible offense I thought the game was over but the team made a valiant effort to come back. I honestly didn’t think they had the bats to make that sort of comeback

    September 19th 2008 was the last time the Reds had more than 14 hits

  2. Chris Garber

    I was going to look that stuff up, but figured Mike would get to it. 😀

    I am pretty sure they had 17 baserunners, counting BP’s reached-on-error, but didn’t go through the play by play to confirm it.

    Like Mike, I figured the 0-5 deficit was insurmoutable.

  3. Fighting Fascism

    We def. got out-havoc’d today. The Pirates made more things happen by playing small ball and it was the difference in the score. Hopefully the reds were paying attention.

    Phillips just hasn’t been playing a high caliber of ball. He knows he is failing as a cleanup hitter and he is letting it affect other parts of his game that he should be excelling at (running the basepaths, making difficult defensive plays, etc).

    If Lincoln continues to stink I think you start tinkering with the notion of moving Owings to the bullpen and promoting Bailey. But will magement be willing to admit signing Lincoln was a mistake? In all liklihood they sit on their hands until an injury occurs.

  4. preach

    I think another positive has to be David Weathers. You can do nothing better when you come into a game with bases loaded and one out than induce a ground ball to third. And then after the error (should have been two errors on that play)he got a fly ball out. Really outstanding job which will go unappreciated because of the defensive lapse.

    Laynce Nix is also a positive. He just plays the game well. I hope he gets more opportunities.

    I didn’t review the game thread, and wasn’t able to catch the game until the sixth so hope I’m not repeating too much.

    Should have been another one in the win column.

  5. AnnapolisRed

    Totally agree on the lack of hustle. Sad to say the Phillips lack of hustle didn’t even rile me because I’m so used to it, but I was really ticked off at Hernandez, that cost the Reds a run. Totally agree on Weathers, superb job. Nix needs to be in there every day and so does Hanigan.

  6. mike

    Way off topic but how the hell can Seattle bat Jr 3rd?

    the guy is older and in worse shape than my 170,000+ mile, 1996, ford escort that’s been in two accidents

  7. JerBear

    Just testing to see if this works. New to this site. Looking for some Reds talk and this looked like a good site to chat during the games…My first thought. The Cardinals are like 18 times better then anyone in the Central Division. My second thought…When will Todd Frazier be ready to play left field in the majors? 3rd thoughts. We should have signed Luis Gonzalez to play left field. That may be a crazy thought, but I was pushing for it in the offseason. Now he is sitting at home with nothing to do, and we are throwin anybody and everybody out there in left field.

  8. Bill Lack

    I just wonder…Baker is known as a “player’s manager” and said last week that Phillips lack of hustle had been addressed…and then, Phillips does the same type of thing about a week later…how long before Baker actually deals with this publicly? Why would you let a player show you up like this?

  9. Y-City Jim

    On the subject of BP’s lack of hustle, I fear some of this has become instinctive thus how do you break the instinct?

    The greater problems are 1) a SS who is using the ML to do a rehab assignment and may still stink once he is 100%, 2) a catcher whose bat has come around somewhat but is horrid defensively, and 3) using an absolutely horrid LF combo in Dickerson/Hairston all in the name of speed. While adding Janish, Hanigan, and Nix/Gomes full time doesn’t make the reds world beaters, it does make them significantly better defensively and offensively. Plus as I recall, Gomes has a wonderful enthusiasm for the game.

  10. Dan

    You’re kidding me… Brandon didn’t hustle AGAIN? (I didn’t see any of the game.)

    Did the announcers say anything?

    Moreover… what the hell? I hardly know what to say about this. Why does someone do this? Kids who play little league and out-of-shape 40-somethings playing softball hustle. What causes a major leaguer, making millions, in the prime of life, not hustle? Serious question.

    He needs to be benched, fined, something. You can’t have a culture that brushes this off. (Well, you can, but then your a team that stinks and doesn’t care.)