Micah Owings heads back to the mound tonight in Pittsburgh as the Reds try to take game two of this weekend series against the Buccos.

The Pirates are a pain in the rear, and I guess you could call them a nemesis of the Reds. Which brings to mind a quote from another one of my favorite movies. Can you name the movie without googling it?

Do you know what “nemesis” means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.

The last time I put up a quote, someone answered in the first comment. This one is a little tougher, but it’s another great movie.

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  1. mike

    that one is a lot tougher. I had no idea. Looked it up and have never heard of the movie
    I won’t wreck it by giving the answer since I had to look it up. 🙂

  2. al

    i think i would like to be dusty baker’s nemesis. dickerson in left.

  3. mike

    I think a bigger deal than Rosales below Hernandez is Dickerson at the top of the lineup at #2 instead of Rosales.

  4. Plowboy

    HAHA Yeah, great movie. Had to look it up, though, since I couldn’t place it.

    Hate to be a spoiler, but I’ll give a hint to the rest of the guys anyway….the star of this movie is our own BP 😀

  5. CeeKeR

    Maybe Baker was thinking that Rosales could be on in front of our star hitter, Owings.

  6. Chad Dotson

    “Boy, they’re having a tough time getting any offense out of that left field spot, huh?”

    Pirates announcers mocking the Reds just now.

  7. jason

    Hi, Hello, and Welcome Everybody to another night of watching Dickerson tank at the plate.

  8. CeeKeR

    Pirates appear to have caught onto the “walk Votto, pitch to Phillips” strategy. Can’t argue with them.

  9. Jimmy James

    Well, this isn’t starting out well.

  10. CeeKeR

    Phillips – can’t hit and can’t field. Someone give him a day (or week) off.

  11. Jimmy James

    Am I wrong to think that BP should’ve caught that ball?

  12. jason

    Has anyone else been to PNC Park? The reason i ask is because I went last year and though the backdrop of the city and area around the park are perfect, I felt like the park as a whole felt very minor league. Anyone else with me on this or have an opinion to share on PNC?

  13. Kurt Frost

    When are the Reds going to get a manager that can make a lineup and/or put the catcher in who can actually throw someone out?

  14. Jimmy James

    One run in, bases loaded, no outs, top of the first. This is just bad.

  15. Chad Dotson

    Everyone I talk to says that PNC Park is the best park in baseball. I’ve not been, however.

  16. CeeKeR

    Jason: I’ve been to PNC park quite a few times, but I attribute the “minor league” feel of the park more to the team that plays there. By mid-summer, the Pirates are usually out of it so I think the organization resorts to gimmicks to keep the fans going out to the ballpark. That said, I haven’t been to a better ballpack than PNC – even with the Pirates playing I love the place.

  17. mhopp

    I went to PNC park several times and thought there wasn’t a bad seat in the whole place…felt very minor league-ish in that it was small and great seats.

    Anyone know of a logical reason to bat Owings last or is it Dusty Baker backwards mentality?

  18. Jimmy James

    If Cris Collinsworth and a horse had a baby, would they name it “Adam Rosales”?

  19. al

    michah owings doesn’t really seem to have much in the way of ‘stuff.’ 88-89 without much movement with the fastball, 85-86 without much break on the slider, and around 80 with the change.

    there may be something to this outfielder idea.

  20. CeeKeR

    Pirates announcers saying Owings should be the Reds left fielder if he doesn’t make it as a pitcher…

  21. jason

    CeeKer: I can totally see where your coming from on the “minor league” front, I did go in late August last season. I think it was the concourses and lack of energy in the park that led to that feeling. Again, outside the stadium (bars, restaurants, walkways around the river, clemente bridge, etc.) is something I would LOVE to see in Cincinnati w/ The Banks project, just top notch all around.

  22. mhopp

    No need to watch any more…see you guys later

  23. Jimmy James

    25 pitches. One out. 4-0 Pirates. Runners on first and third.

    Can the Reds score five runs today?

  24. CeeKeR

    Well, this game is basically the over. The Reds hardly ever score more than 4 runs…

  25. mike

    Chad it’s written in the 70s “book” that Baker lives by.
    You put your not so good, can bunt, speedy, contact hitter there.
    Of course Dickerson isn’t a contact hitter and more importantly IT’S NOT THE 70s!

    I do find it interesting that more recent lineup studies suggest that you bat your best hitters at the top of the lineup unless you happen to have a good OBP guy without power.

    I just ran the lineup toy with the current lineup and current #s. Remember Rosales and Owings numbers are inflated and have a very low number of PA but still.

    Optimum lineup with todays starting players

    5.66 R/G

    the lineup Dusty threw out there is 5.14 R/G
    again these 5+ R/G are probably because of Owings and Rosales inflated #s

  26. CeeKeR

    Hey, the first inning is over already! Wow. At this rate, Owings won’t make it long enough to get an at bat.

  27. mike

    I’ve never been to PNC park but have been to all the older parks (a good number of new ones I haven’t been to).
    So far my favorite park is AT&T in SF

  28. jason

    Well, Game 7 of the Bulls v Celtics is on at 8pm if this onslaught keeps up.

  29. Y-City Jim

    Pirates announcers mocking the Reds just now.

    We’ll see who is mocking who in a few months. Why is Nix not out there?

  30. jason

    mike: ive never been to AT&T, but it really does look to be amazing.

  31. Y-City Jim

    Has anyone else been to PNC Park?

    It is a nice setting down by the rivers but the park design is sort of vanilla for me. Love the chili cheese fries there!

  32. jason

    So, the Chuck finale was great (even if the show gets cancelled), but I dont know how I feel about his new “kung Fu” intersect.

  33. mhopp

    That’s it I can’t take it anymore…I just noticed that Dusty not only has Owings at #9 but Rosales at #7…I can’t wait until he’s gone…terrible manager, just terrible.

  34. jason

    Do all of you have high hopes for the Bank Project maybe being something like what PNC has outside the park?

  35. mhopp

    Rosales with a single…unreal how dumb this manager is, that way the best hitters will have less times at bat, kind of like reverse psychology only it’s baseball.

    Nix not in there? We wouldn’t want all the hot hitters in there, got to give them a rest and be fair to the others.

  36. CeeKeR

    Good job Gonzalez – getting hit by a pitch is a great plan – let Owings try to make up for his pathetic first inning.

  37. CeeKeR

    well, I guess I ought to just grade final exams instead of wasting my time with this game.

  38. mhopp

    time to bow down to the porcelain god

  39. Y-City Jim

    Which is Dusty’s dumbest decision of the night? Dickerson at No.2, Hernandez at No. 6, or Rosales at No. 7? Perhaps we should choose between there being no Nix, Hanigan, or Janish in the line-up.

  40. jason

    Rosales should be in 2 hole, no question.

  41. Kurt Frost

    I’m not real sure about the kung fu intersect but it will be fun to see where they go with it…if it doesn’t get cancelled

  42. Y-City Jim

    I am really tired of seeing Gonzalez rehab at the MLB level.

  43. mike

    Not only is AT&T not have a bad seat in the house but one thing that has always stood out are the lights they use. Everything is SOOO clear during night games. The view is great outside the park, it’s surprisingly warm (for SF) (Candlestick was HELL). The stuff behind LF for kids is super. The walk around the park is nice. I use to work right next door and could hear the crowd in my office when something big happened in the game.

    It’s not perfect. the walkways for food/drink are somewhat narrow so it can get congested when you go get food and the food selection is crappy and VERY, VERY expensive. There was a better food selection in Cincinnati’s new stadium which is a shocker.

    Use to be nearly impossible to get tickets but now with no Bonds, no economy, and the Giants offense being one of the few worse than the Reds you can walk up any day cept a Dodger game and get good tickets

  44. Y-City Jim

    Spongetechs.com??? I get the feeling the Pirates sponsors may be sadder than even the Reds.

  45. al

    they just put up homer bailey’s line today. looked pretty good. how short is owings leash do you think?

  46. Y-City Jim

    Looks like Bailey has his act together again after those first two starts.

  47. al

    we need runs this inning. owings could conceivably settle in, but we need to get back in the game. even 2 would do for now.

  48. jason

    MIke: Good to know, thanks. I used to look down on GABP, but I feel they are making improvements year after year, which is nice. Though the scoreboard is wayyyyyyy to busy.

  49. Y-City Jim

    Dickerson scared me on that fly ball. He waved Taveras off then gave way. I’m sure Taveras called him off but from the spectator perspective it was scary.

  50. al

    as to what dusty’s worst mistake was, i think it’s not playing the best team he’s got. lineups can have an effect, but not as much as just putting nix and hannigan in the game.

  51. jason

    What farmers use the internet AND watch Reds games? Maybe im sterotyping, but i doubt it.

  52. mike

    looking at current defensive numbers (UZR)
    Gonzo has been one of the worst defensive SS in baseball and Janish one of the best
    This as a couple of us said at the beginning of the season matches what we see.

    Gonzo’s defense was already in decline before his injury

    and Janish, to my surprise has hit well in his few opportunities
    and only 5 starting hitters in baseball have hit worse than Gonzo

    gee, tough decision for Dusty

    I think the same thing about Janish as I do Nix. They won’t hit in the majors in the long run but right now they have absolutely NO competition on this team so there is no reason to not play them until they fail

  53. jason

    Well, Dustys boy just won him another start or 80.

  54. Y-City Jim

    Well, Dickerson probably just locked himself into the line-up for the next month with that display of speed. Of course, he may suffer a concussion at any moment.

  55. Y-City Jim

    What were the odds on “Mine That Bird?”

  56. jason

    Right, Jessie? Drink. Why does he always ask Jessie and Daddy Waggs questions we can never here answers too? Ugh, im cranky tonight.

  57. jason

    50:1 odds. wnd biggest upset in Derby history.

  58. mike

    al I agree. Lineups have mostly a small effect as opposed to potentially playing 3 different players who are all producing at a higher level right now.

    This seems like such an easy decision.
    Do we expect Gonzo, Dickerson, and Hairston to start crushing the ball? NO!!!!

    A better way to put it, we aren’t talking about replacing Bruce with Nix. That would be stupid even if Nix is currently hitting the ball. We expect Bruce to hit well and Nix not to hit. But Hairston?

  59. CeeKeR

    The Pirates still don’t want anything to do with Votto… A 3-run homer from Phillips would help make up for that error (that they called a hit I think) in the first inning.

  60. Y-City Jim

    Drive in a run, “Team” Phillips.

  61. al

    uh oh, are reds fans going to start hating votto because he’s getting walked? dunn’s curse.

    bruce needs to step up here, he’s getting himself out a lot in spots like this.

  62. Y-City Jim

    Ever notice that the motorcycle in that PSA is riding in the berm in the first shot then out in the middle of the lane in the second shot? Maybe the PSA should be telling motorcycle riders not to drive in the berm. Also the car driver looks like a young Harold Ramis.

  63. Jimmy James

    Who cares how many times he strikes out, as long as he produces?

  64. jason

    Y-City: YES! My brother and I just spoke of this same thing.

  65. jason

    For the 2nd time tonight…

    Why does GG always ask Jessie and Daddy Waggs questions we can never here answers too? Maybe Jessie and Daddy Waggs are figments of GG’s imagination.

  66. Y-City Jim

    Unless one of those four candidates can knock the catcher over like Rose did in the AS Game, none of them remind me of Charlie Hustle.

    Speaking of Pete Rose, wonder what horse his money was riding on today?

  67. al

    i give owings and bailey one more start. if it goes the same way as tonight, i make a change.

    this team needs a good 5th starter, and i don’t think owings’ jimmy haynes-esque is going to get it done for any sustained time.

    at the plate, who knows?

  68. Y-City Jim

    I was always puzzled by the Daddy Waggs thing because there is a Daddy Waggs at Columbus radio station, WLVQ-FM. He was in Detroit at one time but got fired for playing bootleg Springsteen over the air.

  69. Nathan

    Sorry guys….she saw me reading the game thread and wanted to surprise me. How I do love that woman. I should never have shown her this site though. 🙂

  70. jason

    GG just had himself a joygasm seeing his boy “Case-Man”. Awkward.

  71. Jimmy James

    LOL, that’s hilarious, Nathan. I was wondering what that comment meant!

  72. al

    how rosales ever hit a HR in AAA i’ll never know. that does not look like a swing to go yard with.

  73. Y-City Jim

    While it is great that Casey stopped by, do we need to cut from game shots to show him with CW and GG over and over again?

  74. Jimmy James

    Rosales forgot to take his Ritalin today. Watch him.

  75. mike

    wonder if we could get Swisher for Owings and a minor league reliever or some such package

  76. Jimmy James

    Pete Rosales hitting .667 now?

  77. jason

    Y-City: NO! Its awkward as well. Chris hasnt said a word.

  78. Y-City Jim

    That was chancy sending Hernandez to 3B.

  79. Y-City Jim

    Do you believe in miracles!!!!!

  80. jason

    WOW! Just like that! Gonzo!! Im waiting for GG to say CaseMAn led to comeback…..Yep, there it is. HA!

  81. Chris

    Listened to Brantley on WLW while I was in the shower. He’s just awful. I had absolutey no clue what was going on. I don’t really understand why they insist on alternating.

  82. mike

    Well Rosales did only hit 51 HR in over 1700 Plate Appearances in the minors

  83. Y-City Jim

    I think you may be right, al. Keep Casey prisoner in there, and being stuck in the booth with GG would be prison.

  84. Jimmy James

    They just showed Casey’s “Career Resume”, and it said this at the bottom:

    “Player with fighting spirit & competitive desire to win.”

    what the heck does that mean?

  85. Chris

    What in the world is GG talking about? He just said the Reds haven’t had a guy like Taveras since Barry Larkin or Mike Cameron.

    What possible category links those three? All I can think of is “guys who haven’t been i my kitchen.” (+5 if you know where that quote comes from).

  86. Y-City Jim

    McLouth almost over dove that ball.

  87. brublejr

    Chris, yes Brantley is not very good at all.

  88. mhopp

    May 2nd, 2009 at 7:46 pm

    as to what dusty’s worst mistake was, i think it’s not playing the best team he’s got. lineups can have an effect, but not as much as just putting nix and hannigan in the game.

    That’s just it, The Dustmaster’s ideology is to give everyone a chance no matter how you’re playing. This is silly you MUST go with your best line up!

  89. Chad Dotson

    McLouth is a good player, and he made a good play there…but he is one of the worst fielders ever to win a gold glove. Ranks right up there with the Rafael Palmeiro travesty.

  90. brublejr

    I wouldn’t go that far Chad…Palmeiro basically didn’t even play in the field that year at all…At least McCouth is playing the field.

    But yes, he should not have won it.

  91. brublejr

    I agree Mike…it is bad enough to listen to the cowboy let alone have to look at him 🙂

  92. Plowboy

    😀 Actually, I was getting ready to compliment Chad and Jason on their “choices of avatar”.

    In Redleg Nation, one must maintain a sense of humor.

  93. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, but at least Palmeiro could field his position when he DID play. McLouth was not only decidedly not the best, greater minds than mine have said he might have been the WORST at his position defensively last year.

    Equal travesties, at least.

  94. jason

    …did anyone just see Jim Day do what he just apparently did in the booth?….omg. did i just see that? he will be fired if i did see what i just saw..

  95. al

    phillips should not be bunting here, or he shouldn’t be the clean up hitter, one or the other.

  96. brublejr

    Wow…Bailey: complete game shutout. He really has started to turn it on…only 5 hits, 5 K’s, and 1 BB. Great night for him again.

  97. mike

    Votto has gotten a hit in 17 of the Reds 23 games
    an extra base hit in 10 of the 23 games
    and reached base in 20 of the 23 games

  98. brublejr

    The thing with McLouth is that he is not a centerfielder at all. I don’t think he would be all that bad at a corner…but no doubt he should not have won it.

  99. Y-City Jim

    I missed the Jim Day thing. I was out moving vehicles in the driveway. What happened?

  100. jason

    I dont want to get kicked off RN so im probably going to word this strangely, so here goes…They panned to booth (again) and Jim was in background unknowing of camera being panned on booth and looked to have performed a sexual gesture with his hand and mouth…twice. You mopping up what im spilling?

  101. Y-City Jim

    I figured it might be something of that nature.

  102. brublejr

    Jason, hopefully someone has that on DVR to verify that…I would think there would be hell to pay if he did do it.

  103. Y-City Jim

    I do have to give Owings credit for coming back from that horrendous 1st inning. Maybe he can hit the game winner. He probably has a better shot than most of the other hitters in the line-up.

  104. mike

    Owings have “come back” in this game?

    He’s still not throwing strikes, he still hasn’t K’d a single batter, and he’s allowed 9 base runners in 4 1/3

  105. Y-City Jim

    Being exposed to Hal McRae last year seems to have worked miracles for Felipe Lopez. His numbers are incredible.

  106. renbutler

    I just checked the DVR, and it sure looks like Jim Day is doing what Jason said.

    However, it was ambiguous enough that he might have been doing something else.

  107. Y-City Jim

    Actually I think he has allowed ten base runners but five of those were in the 1st inning. Allowing five more over four innings may not be a thing of beauty but in relative terms I call it a comeback.

  108. Y-City Jim

    Jim Day better hope it doesn’t show up on YouTube.

  109. renbutler

    Did you see that curly headed dude doing his Jim Day impersonation in the row behind him?


  110. mike

    Speaking of Lopez I noticed something yesterday

    Lopez has been the top run producer for Arizona this year
    Ross has been the #2 run producer for Atlanta
    Konerko has been the #4 run producer for the White Sox
    Cantu has been the #1 run producer for Florida
    Keppinger has been the #1 run producer for Houston
    Cameron has been the #1 run producer for the Brew Crew
    Brendan Harris has been the #3 run producer for Minn
    Branyan has been the #1 run producer for Seattle
    Dunn has been the #1 and Kearns the #4 run producers for Washington

  111. Y-City Jim

    mike, that would seem to indicate that all those teams have a better hitting instructor than the Reds do.

  112. renbutler

    Not a hot dog, but a very long, skinny sandwich.


  113. Chris

    There’s obviously not room, or money for all those guys. (And Konerko and Cameron have been gone 10 years.) But I really don’t understand why they just gave away Cantu and Keppinger.

  114. Y-City Jim

    First extra base hit of the night for the Buccos, correct?

  115. Chris

    From Twitter:

    JimDayTV Sean Casey: one of my Top 5 PERSON I’ve ever covered, he is top, top shelf as a person.

  116. Y-City Jim

    The No. 5 spot is certainly in better hands this season than last.

  117. mike

    Y-City Jim. Not exactly about the hitting instructor

    In Konerko, Cantu, Cameron, and Dunn’s case they are doing what they normally do…Dunn not a better hitter than he was with the Reds, he’s just respected now for what he does.

    Ross, Lopez, and Keppinger have hit in the past but have been inconsistent and have had trouble after injuries

    Harris use to be a prospect

    Branyan has hit in the past as well but he’s crushing the ball this year so maybe a hitting instructor there (or regular playing time) has helped but he could also go back to his usual shouldn’t-play-every-day roll soon

    I noticed it mostly that the Reds sure could use 1, 2 or 3 of these bats
    Didn’t we give Cantu away for free?

  118. renbutler

    As Owings was walking off the mound, the PA played the sad, walking-away music from the early ’80s Incredible Hulk TV show.


  119. mike

    The #5 spot is in better hands than it has been in nearly 20 years!

  120. mhopp

    We’re they making fun of Herrera by saying “some say he’s 5’4” ??

  121. mhopp

    hahahahh serves them right, they were making fun of him, go Danny H!!

  122. Chris

    I really don’t see any point at all to having this guy on the roster. None.

  123. mike

    as we approach the end of a 5-3 game lets not forget yesterday’s discussion of scoring 4 runs per game vs 5 runs per game

  124. mike

    Chris Ole McDonald is playing the roll that in the last couple years was played by the Reds carrying 3 catchers. It’s just waste of a roster spot on a player that won’t get used much all in the name of saving a few pennies.

    there is no other explanation

  125. Chris

    Are we really going to call him “Daniel Ray” every time? What is he – Billy Bob Thornton?

  126. jason

    Is it me or has Welsh really aged badly over the past year? Yes, I know he shaved that mustache, but he is graying something fierce.

  127. mhopp


  128. Y-City Jim

    I’m no Phillips fan but he needs to chew out Rosales for that play.

  129. Y-City Jim

    Is it me or has Welsh really aged badly over the past year? Yes, I know he shaved that mustache, but he is graying something fierce.

    He’s turning into George Grande 2. Resistance is futile.

  130. Chris

    Yeah, I don’t like Philiips much (no secret), but that’s not his error.

  131. jason

    Ugh. Rosie just looked bad there. I agree, B.P should chew out on that one. 😐

  132. mike

    actually mhopp only 1 runner has reached base out of the 1st batters stormy has faced this season. He’s faced 7 batters, they are 1 for 7 with 3 Ks and 0 BB

    stormy creates messes (that he has been getting out of some how) almost every outing for sure but rarely is it to the 1st batter

  133. renbutler

    Philips absolutely SHOULD HAVE made that out at second.

    Rosales didn’t make it easy, but there’s no excuse for dropping that throw.

  134. jason

    Y-City: I was afraid of that, he has turned a lil chirppier this year.

  135. mhopp

    Rosales has played well, no excuse but at least he’s contributing largely.

  136. mhopp

    Both of these teams deserve to lose! :p

  137. renbutler

    Votto or Rosales would be standing at second right now.


  138. CeeKeR

    Why didn’t Phillips end up on second? He’s probably lucky he even got to first on that dropped fly ball.

  139. Chris

    They keep apologizing for calling him out for this. It’s getting to be a regular thing.

    No consequences for the Face of the Franchise, though.

  140. Y-City Jim

    George, stop focusing on Phillips. You’re hurting the team.


    Nice job, Bruce.

  141. Jared

    It seems like every time I see a “clutch” situation, Hernandez is batting. Great.

  142. Y-City Jim

    Even Hernandez might have been on 2B on that play.

  143. jason

    Ok, changed to Bulls game for a minute. Someone catch me up on runners and how we got on?

  144. Y-City Jim

    Buccos – drink (we need it on a night like tonight)

  145. Y-City Jim

    Sanchez dropped a popup that any other base runner than Phillips would have been standing on 2B. Phillips had to have an emotional outburst at home plate so he only made it to 1B. Bruce then singled, sending Phillips to 3B.

  146. Chris

    FoF hit a routine popup to shallow RF. Freddy S just dropped it. FoF pouted his way down the line.

    Bruce rolled a hit through the hole.

  147. CeeKeR

    Hairston pinch hitting – going for HAVOC I see instead of the homerun…

  148. Y-City Jim

    If Owings was still in the game, we’d have a chance to tie here. Dusty should have double switched and moved him to LF.

  149. Jared

    Too bad Micah Owings has already been used! His bat would be better than Hairston right now.

  150. Y-City Jim

    A homerun would be really nice about now.

    Come on. Let’s think small ball and HAVOC.

  151. jason

    Chris: Thanks. Hairston!!! Again!!! I was a big fan of his last year, but why not Nix there!!!??? I dont care what side he bats from!! What did Nix do to make Dusty this against him???!!!

  152. mhopp

    you know, why is this worthless manager sending his buddy Hairston up there instead of Hanigan? I am so sick and tired of Dusty Baker and his favoritism..he makes me sick!

  153. jason

    Why not Nix? He is the guy with HR ability, and in that situation thats what we need.

  154. Y-City Jim

    Could someone arrange for Dickerson and Hairston to collide with each other so they can both get concussions? That may be our only hope of getting a Nix/Gomes combo.

  155. jason

    I hate to keep harping on that Hairston call, but that call really gets my goat. Makes 0 sense to bat Hairston in that situation instead of Nix or Hannigan.

  156. mike

    to be honest I sent up Janish in that spot.

    1. Nix can not hit lefties AT ALL
    2. Janish has produced at the same rate as Nix
    3. eh always nervous about using my backup catcher
    4. Hairston hasn’t hit all year
    5. our worst hitter was already used as a PH 🙂

    Janish might not hit a HR but he had the best chance of keeping the rally going

  157. CeeKeR

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dusty fired. The team isn’t even trying right now.

  158. mhopp

    Nix doesn’t hit lefties too well. Dusty is the most incompetent manager I’ve seen. Other managers really didn’t have the talent this team has…I’m just sick of him NOT putting the best team on.

  159. Chris

    Unbelievable. I kept hearing how getting rid of Dunn and Griffey was going to fix the attitude. Now it’s just lesser players giving poor effort.

  160. Chris

    The thing, CeeKeR, is that Dusty doesn’t seem invested in this job, at all. It’s not that I want a Bob Boone type, pushing every button and pulling every lever. But Dusty just seems to be “I filled out the lineup card and pulled on the wristbands. My job is done.”

  161. Y-City Jim

    Why is Dusty using the entire bullpen? I have a better chance of winning the Kentucky Derby by running on foot myself than the Reds of scoring four or more runs in the top of the 9th inning.

  162. Y-City Jim

    It’ll stay in the park – drink (hic)

  163. Chris

    What is this music playing during those highlights? Sounds like the Bob Newhart Show.

  164. Y-City Jim

    Dusty won’t get fired. Mr. Potato Head and Walt Jockstrap are mesmerized in the Dusty Baker reality distortion field.

  165. Steve Price

    In The Fielding Bible II, it says that Hernandez allowed more wild pitches (on what observers thought were catchable pitches) than any other catcher. I don’t think he “should” have blocked that pitch; but I do think he should’ve gotten to the ball and prevented that extra base.

  166. mhopp

    Chris: In most situations it MUST come from the top! Dusty doesn’t have the fire and they’re just not going to win. .500 at very best and most likely better than last year.

    I know why Dusty never won a world series. Because when the chips are down, he’s still trying to be fair to his buddies.

  167. Y-City Jim

    Two hits for Willy “HAVOC” Taveras tonight. Neither left the infield if I’m not mistaken.

  168. CeeKeR

    There’s no doubt that Hernandez should not have allowed that to become a 2-base wild pitch. He just walked after it. Just like no one bothered to go after the ball when Phillips dropped the throw at 2nd a couple innings ago. Little things like that ought to reflect upon the manager…but apparently Walt and the boys like Baker enough that they don’t care no one is trying…
    And now the leading power bench guy is up with 1 on and down by 4. Nice work Baker.

  169. Y-City Jim

    That hit by Nix would have been convenient last inning.

  170. CeeKeR

    Votto going for the 5-run homer on that swing… Just get a hit Votto…

  171. Y-City Jim

    Free Nix/Gomes/Hanigan/Janish!!!!!

  172. mhopp

    Hmm I had turned it off but see it got a little interesting…votto at plate!

  173. mhopp

    first pitch swinging against a righty? I’m calling it for BP!

  174. CeeKeR

    Votto with another hit – HE’S the face of the franchise. …unless Phillips homers here 😉

  175. Chris

    I agree 100% CeeKeR. I think scouts or managers watching tonight’s game would see a big problem with the effort level.

  176. Y-City Jim

    Didn’t the Reds have their way with Cappes last year?

  177. Chris

    Twitter wisdom:

    RedsCowboy: Let’s just say the REDS have had their chances..

  178. mhopp

    This is getting vawy vawy interesting!

  179. Y-City Jim

    If Bruce delivers big here, I will start training for the 136th Kentucky Derby tomorrow.


  180. Chris

    Jim Day’s Twitter:

    We’ve got a very special story on Reds Fantasy Camp tomorrow on Reds Live, hope you tune in at 12:30.

    — A “very special” episode of Reds Live. In my mind, it has Brantley and GG in an apartment with Gordon Jump.

  181. Jared

    If Hernandez delivers, you better start training for an ultramarathon Jim.

  182. renbutler

    No DP, Ramon.

    Let’s at least get Rosales up.

  183. Steve Price

    How big is that lazy effort by the catcher now?

  184. Jared

    As long as Hernandez doesn’t ground in to a double play I’m 100% certain Rosales wins the game. So I’m 25% on this.

  185. Jared

    In fact, I dare say Hernandez should either not swing at all or bunt.

  186. al

    you know, really, you have to put this game on the defense. the phillips missed dp ball in the first, and the rosales missed dp ball later led to 4 runs.

  187. Chris

    I swear to God – once Dunn left, they all lost the ability to criticize poor effort. Of course, Dunn always gave an honest effort, which never stopped him from being the scapegoat.

  188. mhopp

    So much for interesting, Hernandez should be sitting and Hannigan in line-up but no it’s Dusty’s team

  189. Y-City Jim

    It’s up to you, Rosales. Do I run in next year’s Derby or not?

  190. Steve Price

    When will grande realize that Votto didn’t score?

  191. renbutler

    At this point, a loss would be heartbreaking.

    Just make a win happen, Gonzo!

  192. Chris

    I think that fans of other teams will very quickly come to hate Rosales. He looks, to be honest, pretty goony. He doesn’t even hit the ball all that hard, really. Yet he’s going to be a Bill Hall type against some teams.

  193. renbutler

    You saw the good ones, now don’t swing at crap.

  194. mhopp

    Can we have Dusty investigated? He just does not care about putting the best team out there.

  195. Steve Price

    Gonzalez was 3-3 lifetime vs. Capps with one double before that,

    Hernandez was 1-2

  196. Fighting Fascism

    The play that bothers me most and that was the breaker IMO was the bunt for a single by McLouth. I don’t understand what happened there… it looked to me like they had him, but Votto stepped off the bag before the throw arrived. Please someone explain to me what happened there. I know the error after that allowed 2 runs to score, but the whole situation was set up by that bunt for a hit.

  197. mhopp

    The catcher was standing up when he swung…no excuse for the lack of coaching on this team

  198. Chris

    FF – IMO, it was just a bad throw by Hererra. But Votto’s footwork isn’t the greatest, and he might’ve been able to hang on there.

  199. Fighting Fascism

    Yea hwne I watch Votto he cheats constantly stepping off the bag before the ball arrives… on a close play like that he is not going to get the benefit of the doubt. I concede it was a poor throw but watching the replay they had him beat if Votto stays on the bag.

  200. Y-City Jim

    When will grande realize that Votto didn’t score?

    The game has been over for 15 minutes and he probably still doesn’t know.

  201. Gary Maloy Jr.

    I like this quote (while we’re talking about the Pirates…)

    Clemente back, back, he’s at the wall, it’s gone!

    Who said it and when, and who hit the home run – and in which situation?

    Good luck

    BTW – three shutouts in four days. We have to be pleased. I know I am 😀