May is here, and it finds the Reds back on the road again. Tonight’s tilt against the Bucs is the first game of five on this trip. Bronson Arroyo will face Zach Duke.

Lineup — with more Phillipy goodness in the cleanup spot — is below the fold; discuss the game here!

Willy Taveras cf
Jerry Hairston Jr. lf
Joey Votto 1b
Brandon Phillips 2b
Jay Bruce rf
Adam Rosales 3b
Alex Gonzalez ss
Ryan Hanigan c
Bronson Arroyo p

229 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    How does Gonzalez rate hitting ahead of Hanigan?

    Hope the weather gods cooperate. Some of this stuff going through central Ohio looks headed toward Pittsburgh.

  2. Y-City Jim

    That was a whimper of a half inning from the Reds.

  3. Jimmy James

    Not much of a first half of the first inning.

  4. mhopp

    Matt Maloney was pitching well but then and old friend…Willy Mo blasted a 3r HR off him :emotion:

  5. Y-City Jim

    Nice save, Joey!

    Finish the Buccos off here, Bronson.

  6. Y-City Jim

    If the wind is picking up then the cold front must be approaching Pittsburgh. Probably a rain delay coming up in an hour or so.

  7. Y-City Jim

    Gonzalez looked pathetic on the K.

  8. Mark in CC

    I am going to be there tomorrow. Hope the weather gets through tonight but I’m not very optomistic.

  9. Jason

    Bronson adjusts his junk way to much for my liking.

  10. Mark in CC

    Arroyo really throws some puss up there.

  11. Kurt Frost

    I’m going to see Wolverine. NBC is releasing their decision on whether to renew Chuck on May 5.

  12. Mark in CC

    I like the Pirates uniform erseys tonight.

  13. Mark in CC

    Rick Sweet must have gone to the Dusty Baker school of managing. He took out his clean-up man Gomes in the 6th inning in a double switch.

  14. Y-City Jim

    I thought the Chuck decision was Monday (May 4), which would make sense since that is when Chuck airs.

  15. Y-City Jim

    Is Wily Mo a 1B full time now?

    Does Bailey pitch tomorrow?

  16. Mark in CC

    Lost the sattelite signal. Stupid rain.

  17. Mark in CC

    Looks like this is only his second game.

  18. BenL

    The pirates’ announcers just pointed out that Votto leads the league in percent of his teams RBIs that he produces. He has 26.7% of the Reds’ RBIs.

  19. Y-City Jim

    “It’ll stay in the park” – drink

  20. Chris Garber

    I heard Wolverine is terrible, Kurt. Stick around and watch GG.

  21. Chris Garber

    I am signing up for Twitter as we speak. Just to read what Brantley has to say. I will not bet tweeting or twatting.

  22. Chris Garber

    Grande paying no attention to what’s going on, of course.

  23. Chris Garber

    Mark, I am w/ you on the PIT shirts. They look awful. And cheap. And they’re rocking the softball uniform bit.

  24. Mark in CC

    Way to make the pitcher work Bronson.

  25. mike

    I’ve been too busy to pay attention to the game but just looked. 3 singles through 5 and that’s the entirety of the offense?


    oops make that 4 hits, 1 double, happened as I was typing

  26. brublejr

    That might be the furthest ball Taveras may hit all year…

    BTW, Votto is a stud…why do other teams pitch to him, I will never know. :love:

  27. Y-City Jim

    Note to Pirates broadcast team – Votto’s RBI percentage just went up some more.

  28. GRF

    Votto is unbelievable.

    Normally would not like the sacrifice there, but the way Hairston is hitting…

  29. Chris Garber

    Comical passage in McCoy’s article today. BP just has no clue whatsoever:

    Phillips, in his inimitable way, wants the Reds beat writers to quit focusing on his problems and the struggles of Edwin Encarnacion and write more about Cincinnati winning games.

    “At the beginning of the season, everything was flowing, everything was about the team,” Phillips said. “It was all about winning. First thing you know, everybody is writing about Phillips not hitting and Edwin not hitting. Everybody started paying attention to me and everybody started paying attention to Edwin and everybody lost focus about winning.

    “You can write anything you want about the bad things, just make sure you don’t write it real big, make it the big issue. … There is no point in people asking me if I’m OK because all I care about is winning and I will hit,” he said.

    So if I’m following . . . the team was winning early, but then articles came out about BP’s and EE’s struggles, and the team(?) lost its focus on winning. ?

    What I remember is they started 1-3.
    BP didn’t even arguably have bad numbers until April 18 (.200 .366 .333 699 OPS), when the Reds were 5-5.
    Presumably, this is when “everybody started paying attention” to his struggles.
    Since then, the Reds are 6-5.

    As usual, I have no clue what Brandon Phillips is trying to say.

  30. mike

    haha Taveras ALMOST goes yard

    the last time the dude hit a HR was a couple hundred AB ago.
    June 13th 2008. And he played for colorado!

    This is also a guy who’s had more than 30 SB 4 seasons and 68(!!!) last season
    So far with the Reds he has 5??

  31. Mark in CC

    Since lefties aren’t bothering Votto don’t think I would be afraid to put votto and Bruce back-to-back.

  32. Chris Garber

    Mike, that’s havoc for you.

  33. Chris Garber

    I would not be afraid to put BP back to back with a wooden bench.

  34. brublejr

    Phillips makes almost as much sense as toothpick

  35. Mark in CC

    Other than sometimes playing a little shallow on defense I can’t find to much fault with Taveras at this point.

  36. mike

    The one thing that does bother me is that EE seems to be the main scapegoat and really very few people have hit on this team.

    Hernandez, Phillips, Hairston, Gonzalez, and EE all have UNDER a .650 OPS.
    The only starters with an OPS over .750 are Votto and Bruce

    singling out 1 or 2 players when pretty much everyone is hitting bad is a bit odd

    on the other hand I expected the most from EE this season and still think he could end up the 2nd most productive hitter on the team so it might be why I notice his poor hitting the most.

  37. Jimmy James

    Starting to really sting the ball this inning. Hopefully we can break through, but it’s going to be on Gonzo’s shoulders.

  38. david

    Taveras can play shallow because he can usually make up the ground.

  39. david

    EE has a great OBP and probably should bat second.

  40. Mark in CC

    I bought a Rosales Spring Training Jersey at Reds Fest. Looks like a good pick-up.

  41. GRF

    That Phillips quote makes no sense. “Ever since you talked about me not hitting, the team has not been winning?” It may be the lack of hitting and not the talking that is the connection Brandon.

  42. david

    So… Is there anyway to DFA Gonzalez and can Rosales play SS?

  43. mike

    The problem I have with Taveras is that he’s been one of the least productive CFers in the NL.

    I could only think of 3 CFers who have hit worse than him

    if you are happy with that…..fine

  44. Chris Garber

    Terrible pitch to swing @ with bases loaded.

  45. Jimmy James

    Rosales came up as a shortstop, until he hurt his shoulder. I don’t think he’d be Gold Glove caliber at SS, but he can man the position.

  46. Chris Garber

    Not sure class rank is an appropriate metric, Mike. There are some good CFs in the NL, and some guys playing out of there asses, early. It’s also not really fair to compare Taveras with Matt Kemp, Carlos Beltran, or even Mike Cameron.

    I knocked the signing more than almost anyone, but dude has a .351 OBP, and that’s okay.

  47. Y-City Jim

    Phillips seems selective with who he is defending. Why no defense of the others? Just shut up and do your job, Phillips. Maybe McCoy can start writing about Votto and Bruce being the Faces of the Franchise. That really ought to tick off Phillips.

  48. Chris Garber

    Jimmy, if they’re willing to put Hairston at short, Rosales can do it.

  49. Jimmy James

    80 pitches through 6 innings for Bronson.

  50. mike

    Rosales started out in the minors as a SS and played his first 2 minor league seasons as only a SS. Then he got hurt and mostly played 1B because of some arm/should injury

    He’s still played more games at SS in the minors than any other position.

    I have no idea how well he plays the position but he has played it a good amount and was only moved to another position because of his injury. Then of course when he got well, the Reds had a handful of good SS in the minors so I think that’s why he has been splitting time between 3B and 2B.

    speaking of all this is this Cozart guy a prospect? For a SS he’s hitting GREAT at AA

  51. Chris Garber

    GG just said Dave Wandstaadt was in the booth “eatin’ peanuts.” But the way he said that second word, combined with his little giggle. . . Well, it sure sounded like Wandstaadt was doing something different.

  52. Jimmy James

    True, I can’t imagine Rosales would be worse than Hairston. But Dusty has his own ideas about who can play what, and he’s decided that Hairston is a shortstop. Who knows what he thinks about Rosales?

  53. Jimmy James

    As to Taveras, I’m very satisfied. No one expected him to be Beltran (I wish!), but he’s getting on base, so I’ll take it.

    And since I mentioned Beltran, I think he is one of the most underrated players in baseball history. Go look at his stats.

  54. Jimmy James

    Hanigan has always been a pretty good OBP guy, hasn’t he?

    Thanks to the Pirates for being the Pirates on that sac bunt.

  55. mike

    .351 is OK. Nothing special but OK so I agree somewhat.

    looking at some NL split averages I noticed something odd looking at OBP

    OBP in the NL
    .358 Average NL CFer
    .351 Taveras
    .340 Average NL hitter
    .330 Average NL leadoff hitter

    anyone see the odd thing here? So the average NL leadoff hitter has a lower OBP than both the average NL hitter or the average NL CFer? Guess people still don’t believe the leadoff hitter should get on base

    But this shows that Taveras as a leadoff hitter is getting on base better than most leadoff hitters.

  56. Matt WI

    Brantley left me thoroughly confused on Arroyo’s bunt. He was talking about a sacrafice and a fielders choice at the same time.

  57. Jimmy James

    Someone mentioned it earlier, but I have to point out my agreement:

    Bronson Arroyo plays with himself more than a 13 year old boy.

  58. EKyRedsFan

    Sometimes you wonder what is going through the heads of some fans. That last one wasn’t fan interference, but I’ve seen a lot of that this year.

  59. Y-City Jim

    Now we all know why Cleveland couldn’t get rid of Phillips soon enough. They had listened to his self-indulgent dribble for long enough.

  60. Jimmy James

    And AMEN on something mentioned earlier: the Pirates uniforms look just awful.

    Not as bad as those red vests they wore last year. Worst uniforms in baseball.

  61. Mark in CC

    Janish is hitting .350 and plays a better shortstop. Now I have no illusions that he will hit that way all year or on a regular basis, but right now, this weekend, Rosales and Janish should both be in there, and stay until they prove different.

  62. Y-City Jim

    The Pirates should give that fan the game ball. If that ball had been caught then Votto scores.

  63. Chris Garber

    FSN is really pimping the Twitter and Facebook feeds. Just a ridiculous idea, since they don’t have any remotely useful content at either place.

  64. EKyRedsFan

    The Pirates unis wouldn’t look AS bad if they would’ve left the numbers off the front.

  65. mike

    I agree that Beltran is underrated but I wouldn’t say he’s THAT underrated

    Looking at career active CFers he comes just after Jr and Edmonds but is not even close to either. But he has been better than some CFers who get a lot of press. A Jones, Damon, and Cameron and he’s light years more productive than those guys.

  66. Y-City Jim

    There aren’t enough seats for all the guys who need to take one.

  67. mhopp

    Good grief Tavares is a whole lot better than you know who was last year!

  68. Mark in CC

    I really don’t mind the single P on it.

  69. EKyRedsFan

    The new white outline on the P looks better on the jerseys than it does on their hats.

  70. Chris Garber

    Mike (72), How did those numbers look for full season last year? Did leadoff men do worse than the league average?

    That’s an interesting question, given that your best OBP guys should NOT be leading off, most times (think Pujols, Bonds, etc).

  71. Chris Garber

    For a guy who played a big chunk of his career in NYC, Beltran is underrated.

  72. Chris Garber

    Pitching and defense. Awesome.

  73. Chris Garber

    Does he really think this tub of guts is going to steal?

  74. mike

    oh here is a little more on Beltra, Taveras and CFers. Here is the active RC/G (adjusted for position not league average) for active CFers with at least 2000 PA. I chose RC because it includes steals and some people like Taveras steal a LOT.

    1 Ken Griffey Jr. 2.52 7.53 5.01 9694
    2 Jim Edmonds 2.29 7.44 5.14 7323
    3 Grady Sizemore 1.86 6.94 5.08 3195
    4 Carlos Beltran 1.66 6.74 5.08 6596
    5 Curtis Granderson 1.29 6.45 5.16 2268
    6 Johnny Damon 0.68 5.79 5.11 7524
    7 Andruw Jones 0.64 5.80 5.16 6934
    8 Vernon Wells 0.51 5.55 5.04 4722
    9 Jose Cruz Jr. 0.40 5.59 5.19 2380
    10 Randy Winn 0.39 5.54 5.16 2327
    11 Mike Cameron 0.37 5.50 5.13 6476
    12 Aaron Rowand 0.32 5.31 4.99 3465
    13 Milton Bradley 0.17 5.18 5.01 2229
    14 Torii Hunter 0.00 5.09 5.09 5571
    15 Gary Matthews Jr. -.02 4.99 5.01 2780
    16 Mark Kotsay -.03 5.02 5.05 4135
    17 Marlon Byrd -.12 5.06 5.19 2126
    18 Juan Pierre -.17 4.89 5.07 5233
    19 Coco Crisp -.53 4.62 5.15 2655
    20 Willy Taveras -.63 4.43 5.06 2234
    21 Corey Patterson -.95 4.18 5.14 3728
    22 Darin Erstad -.95 4.12 5.07 2337

  75. Chris Garber

    Good stuff, Mike.

    “Here comes Brandon Phillips.” Yay!

  76. brublejr

    I LOVE seeing the groundballs…not to mention making the plays on top of it!

  77. Y-City Jim

    Way to bear down, Bronson. Refreshing to see Reds pitchers got fall apart when a little adversity sets in.

  78. Chris Garber

    Good for BP. Of course, I will dispute GG’s statement that he “lined” to 2b last time.

  79. brublejr

    Nice job Phillips…I really hope is getting going.

  80. Y-City Jim

    Remember we are focusing on the team so we should say nothing about the Phillips HR.

  81. mike

    last year for a full season leadoff guys had a higher OBP than league average
    .331 league average and .342 for leadoff hitters

    Interestingly enough, last year leadoff hitters had a higher OBP than #2 hitters but were less productive overall (OPS+) which is sort of the way it should be. But this year #2 hitters so far have a SUPER high OBP while leadoff hitters low.

    small sample size?

  82. Chris Garber

    Grabow vs. the Reds: Pretty much owned everyone except Hernandez, who’s 1 for 1 w/ a HR against him.

  83. brublejr

    That’s right Jim, we can’t focus on Phillips

  84. Chris Garber

    Guys like BP make me really glad I didn’t put my journalism degree to use.

    That, and I’d probably be out of a job.

  85. Y-City Jim

    George talking about the Pittsburgh police officers that were killed in April on the weekend before Easter. I was in Pittsburgh that morning. Terrible tragedy especially the off-duty officer.

  86. Chris Garber

    RIP Danny Gans.

    He was in Bull Durham – the guy who gets released about midway through, foreshadowing Costner’s release later.

  87. Y-City Jim

    I see Rosales has learned to run the bases the Cincinnati way.


  88. Chris Garber

    Collinsworth was always sneaky fast.

  89. Y-City Jim

    The humidity may be making Arroyo’s junk more effective than usual.

  90. mike

    Rosales really has been patient at the plate. That’s a good sign that he will be able to adjust and carry over some of his hot AAA hitting

    3 BB already? Hell bat him 2nd to give Votto more RBI opportunities.

    Just noticed something looking at Reds batting order #s

    These #s can’t be right can they?

    .564 OPS Reds #8 hitters
    .545 OPS Reds #9 hitters

    out pitchers are almost out hitting our #8 hitters?!?

  91. Y-City Jim

    Are Owings PHing numbers figured in there?

  92. mike

    Gonzalez is our primary #8 hitter and no PH numbers aren’t in there

  93. Chris Garber

    Most likely, Mike. (Owings + 4 stiffs) > )Gonzales/Hernandez)

  94. mhopp

    I like this infield…makes pitchers like Arroyo a lot better.

  95. mike

    I take that back, for some odd reason they have Owings PH numbers in there…that’s a bug

  96. Chris Garber

    GG is really slobbering on BP tonite.

  97. Jimmy James

    Re: GG slobbering on BP…that’s why he gets a pass from everyone for all the things he does that hurt the team.

  98. Y-City Jim

    I like this infield…makes pitchers like Arroyo a lot better.

    A sopping wet one?

  99. mhopp

    What was it that someone said about BP…”they’re tire of his ______.” Seemed like that was Votto’s ball

  100. Y-City Jim

    Interesting the Reds broadcast team going on about Dave Wannstedt. Most Pitt fans would fire him in a heartbeat.

  101. mhopp

    Yes, rain makes Arroyo better. No I mean Rosales, Gonzo, BP, Votto and Hanigan…they’re all plus defensive players

  102. Jimmy James

    I dunno, Mike. I think that’s always the 2B’s ball if he can get to it. 2B and SS take priority in the infield…or at least, that’s always the way I was taught.

  103. mike

    Chris, yea, Owings + 4 stiffs (Arroyo hasn’t gotten a hit yet this year has he?) have been as good as, Gonzalez, Hanigan and Janish but it’s really skewed towards Gonzalez

    OPS PA in the #8 spot
    .439 60 Gonzo
    .785 16 Janish
    1.750 4 Hanigan

    and I see why now their #9 spot split is so high. If a the pitcher is PH for the PH PA are included. So included in the #9 spot split are Nix 4 for 14 PH numbers
    Harnag, Volquez, and Arroyo are a combined 0 for 34

  104. brublejr

    I like Hannigan…I wish he would get to play more :love:

  105. Y-City Jim

    So is Weathers or Rhodes closing this thing?

    Hanigan is batting .412 now. He’ll be sitting on the bench tomorrow.

  106. brublejr

    Agreed…Gonzo shouldn’t be in the lineup, but if he is it should be in the 8 or 9 (if Owings is pitching) hole.

  107. brublejr

    Hannigan is also the better defensive player…which makes him all around better, yet only gets to play when Bronson pitches…Maybe Harang and Owings should have complained the same way Arroyo did in ST, then maybe Hannigan would get a fair shot.

  108. Chris Garber

    Torre is batting pitchers 8th now too. I bet you Dusty does it before the end of the year w/ Owings.

  109. mike

    you can’t ask much more from bench/part time players than this

    .976 Nix
    .866 Hanigan (before today)
    .866 Janish (before today)

    those #s are GREAT for part time/bench/PH players

  110. Chris Garber

    I tried to say “Havoc!” but the system said I’d already said that. Once per night, apparently. 🙂

  111. Y-City Jim

    Back to Phillips – A big part of the team first aura comes from guys like Janish, Hanigan, Nix, etc. not complaining about not playing more.

    Nice job, Willy.

  112. al

    a bunt an an error! the greatest of all plays!

  113. Chris Garber

    Here’s a guy who stinks, but lucky for him, there are guys stinking worse.

  114. Chris Garber

    Why is he taking such huge swings, anyway?

  115. EKyRedsFan

    you would think GG would prefer “small ball” to “little ball” since it rhymes.

  116. al

    is this going to be twice hairston fails in this situation tonight? i thought you put people in the 2 hole because they didn’t do that.

  117. brublejr

    great and much needed insurance run ❗ Havoc at its best.

    No Chris, Dusty will not do that because that goes against what was done when he played. 😀 If Owings is the best RH pinch hitter then there is no reason he is batting 9th in the lineup.

  118. Y-City Jim

    These are tough times, Chris. The HAVOC’s have to be rationed.


  119. Y-City Jim

    Who the heck are those five people clapping in unison?

  120. Y-City Jim

    Hairston is shaping up to be this year’s edition of Corey Patterson.

  121. EKyRedsFan

    first time i’ve seen Votto IBB all year. the first smart move concerning votto by any club we’ve faced all season.

  122. brublejr

    Why can’t Rosales hit second to get on in front of Willy and then Nix play LF and bat 6th. This is what I would like to see tomorrow 💡 (but it will not happen):
    CF Taveras
    3B Rosales
    1B Votto
    RF Bruce
    2B Phillips
    LF Nix
    C Hannigan
    SS Janish

  123. Chris Garber

    GG called that “chanting” earlier.

  124. brublejr

    I meant get on in front of Votto…

  125. Y-City Jim

    Brandon “Team” Phillips at the plate with the bases juiced.

  126. mike

    EKyRedsFan you are right. Hairston was a pretty big flop and last year at age 32 had his best year BY FAR.

    He had a GREAT season last year. I still don’t believe it happened.
    His previous 3 seasons combined he had a 62 OPS+ and last year he had a 127 OPS+
    This year has been horrible.

    so will he start hitting again or did he return to his 2005-07 performance?

  127. Jimmy James

    “Very satisfying at-bat right there for Phillips,” says Welsh after the SF.

    “Get ’em up, get ’em over, get ’em in,” says Grande.

    Take a drink.

  128. Y-City Jim

    Hairston is a better CP candidate. He’s batting 14 points lower and is batting in the 2-spot. If he was leading off, he’d be a lock.

  129. brublejr

    I like that Jim, “Team” Phillips…has a ring to it :clown:

  130. EKyRedsFan

    My bet would be on the latter. I’m sure it’s not the first time a guy going into a FA year has posted above-average numbers. No doubt he’s heading back to normalcy.

  131. mhopp

    Hairston back to the average of his career…look at the back of his card and you’ll see.

  132. Y-City Jim

    If they interview Phillips on post game, I’m going to do my part to focus on the team and turn the TV off.

  133. Chad Dotson

    I’m going to put together a page of acronyms that are used on here regularly, like GG (George Grande), etc.

    Any suggestions for additions to the list?

  134. mhopp

    Time to sit Bruce again…terrible at-bat

  135. Y-City Jim

    Beating the Pirates on a regular basis would be a major sign of improvement for this team. It would also likely lead to a Dusty Baker contract extension.

  136. Jimmy James

    That was the worst AB from Bruce since the first week of the season.

  137. mhopp

    Who’s the hitting coach at Sarasota? None of the prospects are hitting good…Alonzo or Soto

  138. Chris Garber

    Somewhere, Jeff Brantley is jabberring about how hard it is to pitch in non-save situations.

  139. Y-City Jim

    I don’t see why there can’t be co-winners of the CPOY Award.

    The Hairston/Gonzo duet is certainly making a case for it.


  140. mhopp

    Uh oh, Cordero in non-save…why? Why not give stormy some time in…he needs it more :emotion: :emotion: :emotion:

  141. Y-City Jim

    TP – “Team” Phillips or toilet paper. Take your pick.

  142. Jimmy James

    Didn’t the stats show that Cordero has been better in non-save situations than save situations?

  143. Chris Garber

    Very good point, Bruble. There are others, too. Juan Castro, for example.

  144. EKyRedsFan

    To be fair, at least Jeff Brantley can speak from true experience on save situations vs. non save situations.

  145. Y-City Jim

    Did McLouth pull something or does he have to poop?

  146. Jimmy James

    FOF: Brandon Phillips, the face of the franchise.

  147. mike

    oh ouch……Patterson is one of my least favorite Reds of all time

    Actually he IS my least favorite Red of all time. Right up there with Milton, Reese, Goodwin, Castro, Taylor, Roomes, and Householder just to name a couple. The list of horrible pitchers the team has had in the last 10 years is so staggering I don’t even remember all the names off hand.

  148. renbutler

    I hope Cordero is on a short leash should this start to look ugly.

  149. EKyRedsFan

    The more you see Cordero the more you have to really believe he wasn’t 100% healthy last year.

  150. Y-City Jim

    SPFOF – Self-Proclaimed Face of the Franchise

  151. Chad Dotson

    Jeff Brantley’s career ERA in save situations: 3.39

    Jeff Brantley’s career ERA in non-save situations: 3.22

  152. mike

    Re: “To be fair, at least Jeff Brantley can speak from true experience on save situations vs. non save situations.”

    yeah, just like Morgan can speak to getting on base since he got on base at one of the highest clips in Reds history

    and like, I might be a VERY, VERY good bowler, doesn’t mean I can speak to it or coach it

  153. EKyRedsFan

    How about Eddie Guardado? He looked great his first year with the Reds and SUUUUCKED the next year.

  154. al

    that’s 19 scoreless innings for reds pitching, going bac, to burton’s 9th in the loss to houston.

  155. Jimmy James

    And this one belongs to the Reds!

  156. EKyRedsFan

    why can’t someone who was succesful or has experience at something not speak about it?

  157. Chris Garber

    Brantley’s point was actually correct about Cordero last year (check out his numbers in blowouts), but IT WAS A TIE GAME when he made the comment.

  158. Y-City Jim

    Jeff Brantley’s career ERA in save situations: 3.39

    Jeff Brantley’s career ERA in non-save situations: 3.22

    Wouldn’t that be great to call into the Banana Phone?

  159. al

    obviously, i meant consecutive scoreless innings.

  160. Jimmy James

    Did McLouth pull something or does he have to poop?

    My favorite comment of the year.

  161. Chris Garber

    Good question, EKy. But it happens.

  162. al

    i’ll tell you what, i think this reds team is going to win a lot of games if they keep shutting people out.

  163. Y-City Jim

    that’s 19 scoreless innings for reds pitching, going bac, to burton’s 9th in the loss to houston.

    Thinking about the tradition of Reds pitching, that’s unbelievable.

  164. brublejr

    @Mike #194…I agree with all those outside of Reese…I liked watching Pokey have to play 2B/RF because Dimitri was sitting on the wall and couldn’t catch the ball unless it was hit directly to him. I was interesting how much ground he really could cover…but he really was terrible at the plate

  165. EKyRedsFan

    That’s great… I’m just saying if JB talks about a closers attitude towards non save situations, i’m going to probably buy in to what he’s saying since he knows about it from experience. he was talking about how a lot of closers need the adrenaline of a close lead to perform their best. now whether that should be what they need in order to pitch well, i would hope not. in fact, i would think a tie ballgame should bring out the best in a closer as much as a close lead.

  166. Y-City Jim

    Will Bruce be back in the clean-up spot tomorrow against the RHer?

  167. mike

    >>why can’t someone who was succesful or has experience at something not speak about it?

    oh for sure they have the right and can’t speak all they want

    but more than often what they say is wrong

    what comes out of Morgan and Brantley’s mouth most of the time is idiotic

  168. mike

    that’s CAN speak all they want not “can’t” speak all they want oops

  169. Y-City Jim

    Remember when Todd Benzinger came up with the Red Sox. Ted Williams was quoted as saying what an incredible hitter Benzinger was going to be.

    Expert or not, sometimes opinions are skewed.

  170. Jimmy James

    he was talking about how a lot of closers need the adrenaline of a close lead to perform their best.

    I get what you’re saying, and I don’t even disagree with you.

    But if that’s what Brantley is saying, I’m not sure why we should take his word for it, since HE didn’t need that adrenaline of a close lead. He pitched better in non-save situations.

  171. brublejr

    yeah but Benzinger caught that last out in the 90 WS real well 🙂 I think that is all he will ever be remembered as.

  172. Chad Dotson

    I will always have a soft spot for Benzinger, only because of that one little catch against the A’s.

  173. mike

    Benzinger ended up being one of the worst hitting Reds 1B of all time

    Comiskey, George Kelly, Wally Pipp or Benzinger take your pick

  174. mike

    Yes he caught the ball in that last game
    He was also 2 for 11 in the series 🙂

    I was always surprised the Reds played him in 161 games the year before

  175. EKyRedsFan

    Jimmy James,
    And I understand what you all are saying and I would like to see how many games he pitched in non-save situations vs number of games in save situations. I’m no Reds historian, stat geek, or JB authority and I’m more than willing to admit when I’m wrong. I’m just not as quick to jump on everything the guy says.

  176. EKyRedsFan

    Hey, that’s great and thanks for the stats. Like I said, I’m more than willing to admit if I’m wrong and apparently I am. The reason I even make an issue of it is that no one seems to give the guy a break. Chris Welsh was talking about batting tonight and no one calls his resume into question. And of course I’m sure that’s because everyone likes CW and no one seems to care for JB. That’s cool too. To each his own.

    I officially retract my original argument on behalf of Jeff Brantley.

  177. mike

    I’m not that quick to jump on everything Brantley says because I don’t listen to Reds baseball games anymore.

    I haven’t listened to a single game on the radio since halfway through last season and when I watch the games on TV I watch with the sound off unless they have the road announcers on. 🙂

    I have the baseball package on cable so I can often watch the games without Reds announcers but even then I listen to music most of the time instead. I just had a realization 1.5 years ago that they never gave me ANY incite into the game and often annoyed me. I’ve enjoyed baseball a lot more without sound

  178. Jimmy James

    It’s not just Brantley…Mike’s right, most of these announcers are miserable. Brantley’s typical, in that he likes to say things that make him sound smart, but what most of these announcers dont realize these days is that we can look up the stats. We can find out whether they’re talking out their a** or not.

    In the past, these announcers had more access to information than we did, so everyone took their word for it.

    I actually think Brantley would have been fine if he hadn’t been paired with Marty so much early on. Now he thinks that he has to be like Marty: critical, relentlessly negative, and frankly, to talk like a blowhard. he thinks he has to make grand sweeping statements to get attention, rather than just calling the game.

    Marty, however, is a darn talented broadcaster, and he can get away with that stuff. Brantley can’t.

  179. mike

    I think you are dead on Jimmy James

    I think of the famous Dodgers announcer and how GREAT it is to listen to him. When he needs to do the color part of the game (since he broadcasts alone) he fills it with history and tidbits and relates players to the past and it’s wonderful.

    the relentless negativity (often misplaced as well) combined with grand sweeping statements just got to be too much for me to take anymore.

    the first game I watched in silence without even listening to music was a great reminder of how much I enjoy watching the game. When I was curious about something during the game (just like tonight’s great statement by al pointing out 19 scoreless innings) I just grab the laptop and do a search (or two or three).